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Posted August 29, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Adventure games get a new perspective with what I am publishing today here at Nokia Symbian Themes. If you are a fan of Hollywood movies then surely you remember the mobsters movies in the early 90s and even those in the year 2000. Movies like the Lucky Number Slevin or the Black Dahlia are good examples of modern day film noir making a good impact on the big screen. With those movies in mind, here I present you the first ever symbian mobile detective game that will make you addicted to your Nokia or N-Gage based phone for damn sure. It is called Dirk Spanner and the Fallen Idol (also known as Dirk Dagger and the Fallen Idol) and it is set up in the fictional and imaginary city called Dark Haven. A highly next generation game based on the platform of the N-Gage.

I am one of them guys who loves comics like hell and this game is based on that kind of environment completely. The stories, crimes and puzzles are hilarious to say the least but at the same time they are quite enjoyable to solve and does not bore you for even a single second. If you have played games like Secret of Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion or the Grim Fandango then you are going to love this one for sure. Since this is a completely 2D based mobile game the gameplay has to be the main punch-factor and it is. It features two leading private detectives or investigators namely Dirk Dagger and Harry Cannon. The most interesting part of the gameplay is the moving camera option to turn left or right within the game. For example, if you want to move to the left in the game then you simply point your camera to the left and you will see that the entire screen of the game moving to the left side revealing the entities around you. The objects you can touch are highlighted nicely and you can move them around at will. Not all the objects are highlighted with the same importance but remember that this is a puzzle based detective game and every clue is vital so do not overlook anything at any point of time.You cannot store objects in your inventory which is quite logical because most objects are huge and will ruin the “ironic reality” of this game. There are funny quotes that pops up every now and then to give you the sense of direction and you should use them to your advantage. One backdrop of this particular symbian game is that though the dialogues or subtitles are funny but as you progress into the higher levels they sometimes can become a bit repetitive, but really it does not matter because of the exciting creativity of this game. It’s like you are reading an interactive smartphones comic book when you are playing this game.

There are a couple of mini arcade style games that are built in within the episodes which was a wise thing to do as well because when you play them it suddenly takes a whole different turn from adventure style to arcade. This is a 1950s style game for which 2D seems to be the right choice. There are videos or scenes that will unfold themselves as you finish each episode or solve a puzzle, much like a PlayStation or XBox based games. The more you move with your phone the more Dirk Dagger (or Dirk Spanner) moves within the game and though it consumes battery like a monster, in my honest opinion, it is worth it. To keep things feeling like 1950s the overall sound and color tones of the game are designed like that. The audio effects specially are quite classic and soothing to the ears when you play it alone. Since this is a N-Gage based game you will always wonder how it lives up if you use the TV-Out functionality and port the main screen on the TV. Let me tell you it looks splendid on the TV screen so if you are using a Nokia N82, Nokia N95 or N95 8GB, N96, N81 8gb etc then make sure that you experience this game on the television! The bluetooth functionality is quite smooth as well mainly because of the simple navigation system of this game.

All in all this game is quite enjoyable no matter what kind of games you like because it is fun, crispy and full of mysteries and player interactivity. The 3rd edition, next generation based gameplay rocks and the 2D screen is really quite the creatively right decision that it is to be used in such a game. Please do not forget to subscribe to the RSS feed before downloading this cool game. All GSM & WCDMA network carriers like Verizon & AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Rogers, Sprint, Nextel, Virgin Mobile, Orange Mobile UK, Telstra, Vodafone, Cingular, Telenor, Airtel, Hutch etc are supported. All the N-Gage based Nokia S60 N-Series handsets and smartphones are all supported. Have a bash and take care amigos and senoritas! Adios!



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  1. does this come on my nokia c7 symbian 3

  2. Ahmer

    when i installed this game on my n73 1st it told error-1 than i closed ngage and started it again than than i installed it than the installation was complele than when i started the game it doesnt start!!!! wat should i do!!!!!!! plz help mee

  3. kingsley

    I dowloaded the metal gear solid mobile and the Resident evil: regeneration on my N96, unfortunately in the process of installing these games via the N-gage software it keeps saying ‘file corrupted delete?’ Please what is way out of this? Thanks…

  4. Ashafa

    Please how can I install this game on Nokia N95 8Gb? I need help doing this as I can not install it using Nokia Application Installer

  5. ibrahim

    Hi, i installed the N GAGE software on my phone and i have 2 games installed on it which are working just fine. But when i install this one it says low on memory. i have a nokia 6110 navigator, can i get some help???

  6. hi,can anyone help me pls? I’v got nokia n95 and i got the n-gage application as well but when im trying to download these n-gage games it keeps coming up as not supported,why? Or what can i do? Please please

  7. the great

    please i have trouble installing too, always sign me “corrupted file”.
    please help, i used Nokia N95 8GB.
    tx u

  8. phoenix

    thanks very much…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  9. mixa

    file is not corrupted,you need to hack you n-gage application,every game you try to install will be corrupted,mail me at treadyone@hotmail.com for help.

  10. usman

    great games, great graphic, indeed,
    work very well
    i recommend to hack your phone before install it , to avoid any errors when u install it.

    but if your phone already have n-gage application (ex. n81)
    you don’t need to do it,
    i use nokia 6120 classic, and its working very fine,
    cheeerrs Mr.chaos

    request brother in arms 3d pliss,
    waiting 4 you new release ^^

  11. torky

    i have n 81 8 gb?

  12. torky

    is there something missing that we need to know i did the trk method to get the private folders to allow the mobile signer to work on my mobile but this file tell me its corrupted when it opens the ngage application i need to know how its gonna work???

  13. torky

    the file is corrupted what can we do ?

  14. Trixo

    guys when i try to setup the game in my n-gage application i get a message that tells me that the file is corrupted

  15. Narutohtet

    Man you are amazing. I like collecting software for my phone and ur site help me a lot. Thanks man.

  16. Lalachai

    the game wont work with my phone’s camera, can anyone help me solve this problem please?

  17. lalachai


  18. G-UNIT

    i installed it nut when it starts it start in a blk screen help any1???

  19. G-UNIT

    i installed the game but when it start in a black screen n nvr loads help any1???

  20. G-UNiT

    i installed the game but when i try 2 play it it doesnt start it only loads in a black screen..he..lp any1??

  21. Nicky

    Hi Dude…thanx for ur advice..i had succesfully install it thru trk…!

  22. Dude

    @Tyler :
    Sorry for the late reply.
    I strongly recommend you to register at a symbian community forum. (doesn’t matter which one first, for after joining one, you’ll find the others) They have all kinds of toturals & FAQ’s you’ll ever need about symbian platform/modding/hacking/error fixing and so on. Plus frequently updates . You’ll find alot of usefull stuff, i promise you.
    But a word of warning, while many sites have both toturals AND cr@cked software/shareware , some of them only have freeware software. In short i’m sure as hell 99% of them will help you for the hacking part but not for installing cr@cked appz. Just make sure you read their rules before posting anything.
    As for your second question about benefits of hacking i would say: complete freedom in your phone. At least for me.

  23. Stigo

    Hey Guys,

    Really need help installing this game. I’ve extracted the files and there were these 2 .nfo files and 1 unreadable file (n-gage). How do I take it from here? Any help would be appreciated.

  24. Joe Jackson

    Hello, just wondering with these unsigned Ngage games can i connect to Ngage and play online with them? Just keeping ofline at the minute but will go online if i know its safe. Thanks in Advance!

  25. Tyler

    you wouldnt happen to know how to hack into your phone would ya? or where i can find intrustions on how to do it. ill look it up, but ultimately, your our best teacher for me and everyone who wants to have n-gage games on their phones. btw, wot other stuff can u do when u hack into your phone?

  26. Dude

    @Tyler :
    changing the file’s extension won’t work here man.
    When i said signing it , i was refering to the Trk method , not using for example signsis/mobile signer. That’s not gonna work here. maybe i shouldn’t call it signing.
    I apologize if i misled you. You need a pc for running the exe. File&transfering the game files to your phone. It CANNOT be done without a PC.
    Have you ever read the notes that usually come with these releases ? Almost all of them has a discription like “how to install”.
    If you ask me , as i said before the best solution is to hack your phone , to be able to install “anything” Unsigned on your phone. It means no more signing for every single app. Plus it gives you complete access to your system files/folders which are normally unaccessable. But at the end it’s your choice. You can buy all these games/appz with license of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Tyler Grummett

    ive done the huge process with being able to sign your games yourself. but that only works with .sis files, how do u do it with n-gage games? ive tried converting the file into .sis by renaming the file but it still said error load sis file. i dont know wot to do!!!

  28. Dude

    @Marco, Felf & Nicky : there’s nothing wrong with the file, neither with your mighty N82’s.
    This is not an ordinary mobile game in “jar” format. To run this and also all of the “N-gage” games on your mobiles you need to to SIGN them by yourself.or Better yet hack your phones to be able to run all Unsigned appz/games. It’s a one time procedure and won’t take more than 10 minutes at max (Unless you’re mentally retarded.)
    To learn more about hacking/signing GOOGLE is your best friend.
    Take heart pals. It is worth the trouble. Believe me.

  29. Nicky

    im using n82…n me too having the same problem…file corrupted ~~

  30. Felf

    I get the error ‘file corrupted’ when installing in my N82… Any clues?

  31. Marco

    I tried to install it in my N82 but I get an error message stating file corrupted! ๐Ÿ™

  32. stigo

    Somebody please help me to install the game..

  33. jeannette


  34. sokratus

    Will I be able to play it on my Nokia E51? Cuz most of the 19 MB games, they just don’t work.

  35. sokratus

    will i be able to play it on my nokia E51?

  36. Dude

    this one is great. and I mean it.
    Played it somewhile ago.
    Simply amazing.
    Great post Chaos.
    Keep up the good work.

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