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Posted May 24, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Welcome to the adventurous and frisky world of Bill Rizer, the classic Contra character from the 90s! I have been a hardcore fan of Konami’s Contra since I have playing the video games at my Nintendo or SEGA when I was way too young in my early teens. I still remember Bill Rizer and his infamous expeditions in the jungles of Galuga Island. Well guess what, in Contra episode 4 Lock n Load Mr. Bill Rizer have been called back to the stations of his island and this time around we can take the island with us in our pockets. I mean in our mobile phones of course lol. In the last episode both of our heroes were stranded alone after conquering the alien invasion by the Black Viper terrorist organization. This symbian game picks up right from where you left them off and in this one the weapons are better, the enemies are bigger and the roads are much more trickier. With newly designed weapons, a brand new character and an even more persistent faction, Contra 4 promises to deliver an excellent mission right inside your S60 Nokia handhelds and smartphones.

We have a new Contra character beside Bill Rizer, and his name is Solomon Caesar. Beside that we have entirely new 7 stages of pure action filled encounters with all kinds of evil. To help you with the fights you will get advanced weaponries like machine gun, laser powered rifle, spread rifle, fire gun and even a newly developed crush gun! Whichever one you choose, you always have to upgrade them in almost every step of the way with hidden power cubes. With every level of upgrade the power of the ammunition increases and kills the enemies faster than before. In every finale of the stages you have kill one ‘main boss’ to advance to the new one. We have the classic Wall Fortress Boss in the first one, one giant ugly alien boss in the second one, one half man and half tank boss, some other bosses and finally the evil and wicked Mr. Black Viper!

All in all this is a very promising game if you are a fan of games like Metal Slug, Lock n Load etc and you will absolutely love it even if you never played Contra before. Before downloading, please do subscribe to the RSS feed to support me, subscription is free and it takes a moment of your time! This game is compatible with any S60 3rd Edition Nokia NSeries or ESeries cell phones like the Nokia N95, N96, N93, N91, N73, N80, E50, E51, E61, 3250, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E90, Nokia N76, N77, 6110, 5700, 5710, 6120 classic, 6121, N92, N71, N81, N82 etc and more.


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Contra for Nokia

Contra Symbian Game DownloadContra Lock n Load Game Download

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  1. Adel

    How to download ? Please…

  2. shishir

    Its a jar file bro doesnt work in nokia n97….wat should i do nw bro?? keep the good work and i did subcribe to free rss feed…just nw help me with it and get more action games bro…thx

  3. nordan777

    @Chaos Inc.

    Thanks a lot for your advise bro, I’ll follow it ! Yes, on MyGsmIndia there’s also a forum about the permissions that E65 is “bound” to ask , and – if it ‘s not permitted – E65 gives a lot of strange responses, such as “file corruped” or even ” can’t install from ureliable source” …and worse than that.

    By the way, as I had the disgrace of being given as a present a
    MOTOROLA RIZR Z 8 ( I think Symbian v.2 UIQ 3) , can you please tell me wether there’s a site were I can find some apps for it ? I looked through in a hurry, but as soon as I google UIQ 3 I find .sis files, and they’re not recognized by moto installer . … :-(( …for not talking about themes. This time Z8 themes should be .UTZ ( as far as I could understand) but…no site seems to have anything !!

    God bless you bro, and enjoy !!


  4. @nordan777 – You are quite welcome bro!! Jar files needs a special permission for E65. There is a tutorial somewhere on the web so just please Google for it 🙂 Also check out the Forum Nokia Product Support Discussions for E-Series as this is actually a bug with the Firmware versions of E-Series.

  5. nordan777

    @Chaos Inc.

    Thanks very much for it but…well, I downloaded on my E65 and it says “file corrupted” ! What can it be ?

    Once again thans for your attention and care !!


  6. @pradeep – Download it and install it through PC or your phone application manager.

  7. Hi,
    How can i install this game,

  8. Adi

    great site man, i allready downloaded tons of games/themes/apps for my phone 🙂
    keep up the good work

  9. ashirbad

    hi this is great

  10. Satinder

    hey hw i can make official id for downloading of symbiansigned

  11. Hey How To Install This Game…

  12. hamdpera

    thx…. really good


  13. Ray

    i already install it in my n 82 buy can’t play coz n i try start the game but nothing happen i already try all the button at my hp still can’t play the game..
    pls help me..
    this is the best site for nokia ever..

  14. jack

    its jar or sisx?

  15. Hey,how to install this game…….
    Please Reply…
    This Site Is Great…

  16. Fizzi

    How do i install this game again. i mean where do i extract it

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