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Posted May 25, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Welcome to the world of 3D mobile gaming! Remember those early days when technologies like VOIP, GPS, GPRS, 3G and even cell phones were simply extinct? Remember those days of Windows 98? Remember the famous Doom 3D and all its cheat? Guess what, Doom 3D or C2Doom have been ported for your Nokia S60 mobile phones including Nokia N95, N96, 6110, 5700, 5710, 6120 classic, 6121, N92, N71, N81, N82, E51, E61, 3250, N93, N91, N73, N80, E50, N77, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E90, Nokia N76, etc. The same old addictive game play with the same old ugly monsters for you to seek and destroy! The game’s graphics are simply magnificent compared to any other mobile games for the symbian devices. The guns remains the same, those huge chop guns to squash your opponent, big machine guns to rattle the flesh and bones and that .9 mm pistol for easy shooting. I am sure everyone will like this one a lot cause the puzzled walls and sudden flock of enemies are just so good to kill!

What more? C2Doom also allows you to use your bluetooth technology to the fullest! You can play the traditional hide, seek, kill with a maximum four of your best friends over the cell phones in the classic Deathmatch set up. Sneak up behind one another and BAM!!! Lol. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this game a lot cause I sure am in love with this one again.

The archives of this site is one of the places you can find even more games that I published in the past. Also the page of free symbian games have tons of free games already, if you didn’t check them out yet, I urge you to do so cause I’m positive that you will love it!


C2Doom Nokia Game Download

C2Doom Full Version Nokia Game Download


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  1. prince

    pls upload speedmoto android game for nokia c6-01

  2. Harshit

    Hey it works fine in c5
    and to fire follow these steps
    when the game starts and single player cooperative and deathmatch optionr are given you press the left soft key and select the option key mapper then in place of ctrl in extreme bottom left enter the key with which you would like to fire and then save your changes and then exit lo you are done cheers

  3. YE

    why can’t I use it.my phone is N85

    U hv 2 subscribe rss. So dont waste ur time & money.


    Please note that sis or sisx files are not for s40 type phones like the nokia 6300 as they are java only.
    most nokia smart phones can be anything from s60 to s60 v5 to the all new symbain 3^..if you get the pop up that the file is corrupt it will be you do not own a smart phone but if you had one will you even know it was a smart phone ???

  6. jignesh

    hi some n-gage files not supported my cell phone no 5320 xpress music

  7. AWAIS


  8. unknowndude

    ive installed and works great but how can i fire lol

  9. Blackheart

    It says that the app is not compatible with my N79 πŸ™

  10. Lonnie

    it said it wasn’t compatible with my E63 wich is an issue i have had with a bunch of the games they don’t want to install

  11. ffff

    doesn’t install in E90. I saved in memory card, extracted .sis and tried install, error occured ‘contact program vendor’ .

    • iz-03

      when I try to install c2doom on nokia 6630 it always display : file corrupt. I tried many different versions of c2doom and there was always the same error.

  12. ace

    Your website is really nice…. tnx in advanced

  13. area4689

    i need the key configurations of the game….thing is i keep on editing it, but it doesn’t fire(shoot a gun)….please help….=(

    game admirer =)

  14. snabs

    i cant shoot either πŸ™

  15. brian

    How do you shoot??????????????????????????????? please help somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks

  16. Bindi

    Hi i love your website it rocks … just downloaded doom to my 6120 classic but cant work out what button is used to press to shoot !!!! I can change from hand to gun move around but cant shoot lol

  17. Paul

    Really excellent. exact same as original pc version.
    In response to “Mahming”… certificate expired: go into settings and change date to a date a year or so earlier and that should fix it. also make sure that in tools–settings–applications–app.manager– the software installation is set to “all” and NOT “signed only”.

  18. Zteff

    Thx for all the games and stuff. But how do i configurate the controls in the game? Nothing works except for the movement keys and to choose fist (1) and weapon (2). Please help me someone!

  19. iaceka

    what do u mean by subscribe?i do it and i saw only some stupid things which leads me to google(nowhere).can u tell me what to do?

  20. jeje


  21. Amad

    Mas thank ya atas aplikasinya



  23. Mahming

    I can’t install, certificate expired…!
    Pls help.

  24. I just wanted to know how did you put that widget to show your recent post with the pictures like slideshow on your homepage…I was interested coz I also own a blog on celebrities and want to put such a widget…So it would be kind if you let me know…

  25. What exactly do you mean by its hard to download? Lol. I just tried to download it and it works perfectly….

  26. mimi

    thanks,what a nice game …

  27. What exactly do you mean by its hard to download? Lol. I just tried to download it and it works perfectly. O_O

  28. Catdog

    Its hard to download…hm…

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