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Posted December 29, 2010 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games
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Lately I have realized how much distracted I was from blogging these days and for what? Sheesh! Nada! Nothing! Since then I compiled some of the hottest Symbian HD games that are available for Nokia Symbian OS so that I can offer them to you. Today I will feature 6 new HD games that will excite your senses and keep you engaged to your smartphones for a whole lot of days. Today I am featuring Avatar HD, Real Golf 2011 HD, SIMS 3 HD, Spiderman Total Mayhem HD, Raging Thunder 2 HD & lastly CSI Miami HD.

Avatar HD Nokia

Avatar HD – James Cameron’s Avatar HD comes full circle on your Nokia N Gage powered smartphones with some truly amazing high quality HD graphics and RPG gameplay. Avatar HD for Symbian^3 smartphones takes place around 2 decades back of the original Avatar story (the one you saw on the film). Your mission is to save Na’vi from the grasp of the human. You will have fight beasts and go into an epic adventure that are beautifully designed and put together spectacularly for the Symbian^3 N Gage engine. As Pandora’s last hope you will have master their way of living & fighting & simultaneously discover through 15  levels of gaming that takes you from the native village to the lush green jungle of Pandora.

Real Golf HD 2011

Real Golf 2011 HD – Real Golf 2011 HD is by far the absolute best Golf game I have ever experienced on mobile. Beautiful 3D graphics, pin point precision in terms of controls with great all around game play makes this an absolute winner. The game takes around 30/35 seconds to load up which shows the amount of graphical data being processed in between games. Real Golf 2011 HD allows you to change clubs in between shots to compensate for distance and wind speed, apply spins to the ball while in the air, control the power of a shot and even choose the professional real life player to represent you throughout the game. Real Golf HD really takes golfing to a whole new level for mobiles.

SIMS 3 HD Nokia

SIMS 3 HD – SIMS 3 HD takes you in a real life journey and lets you live the life you always dreamed of living. Destinies of the characters of SIMS 3 HD is controlled by you and it is you who have to decide whether or not it is worth fulfilling them. Unexpected turn of events like fire, earthquakes, accidents are also there to catch you off guard when you least expect it. Moreover, there are tons of surprise throughout the game to keep you busy even after a month’s play. With a rich virtual layout for their homes and an awesome lifestyle twist, SIMS 3 HD is a must have game for any HD simulation gamer.

Spiderman Total Mayhem HD Nokia

Ultimate Spiderman Total Mayhem HD – Spiderman Total Mayhem now goes HD for Symbian ^3 smartphones and it is a good thing too. This game includes all the fun of Spiderman Toxic City HD and triples it with new smarter moves. Quick, smart aerial combo moves (18  different kinds of combo specials are present!) are what will keep you alive when you are not swinging from one roof to the other. Swinging, landing & swinging again is just so much fun that you can get addicted to just that leaving the rest. The game offers multiple ways to control your superhero and offers lots of breathtaking actions all throughout its 12 elaborately designed levels. The game also implements the denting/crashing of civilian items but being the good guy I am sure most of you will avoid that, or, will you?

Raging Thunder 2 HD Nokia

Raging Thunder 2 HD – Raging Thunder 2 HD brings crashes, fireworks and customization to the ‘street racing’ genre. Though not as good as the previous Raging Thunder game for E90 this N97 version is not all disappointment. In a multiplayer 3D environment you will have to defeat similar racers who will do anything to get by you. Customized rides, upgrade performance kits, lighter suspensions and tougher opponents will take you in a ride of a lifetime, well somewhat! There are 5 single player racing modes including a time attack & survival or eliminator mode as well beside the usual circuits & sprints. You can also weigh your stats against other racers online if you want to!

CSI Miami HD Nokia

CSI Miami HD – CSIMiami HD is packed with a superb storyline which certainly is implemented quite well and be one of the best in its genre. Someone is found dead at South Beach Miami and it is your job to find the killer. You will have to explore the ever lively streets of Sin City Miami and look for people who may just give you clues someway. Adapted from the super hit TV series with real characters such as Horatio, Calleigh, Delko etc leading the investigation. You have countless number of scientific tools along with a handful, state of the art technologies at  your disposal to take advantage of while chasing down the killer. Handy tools such as swabs, tweezers, luminol are also present with you at your crime scenes which, when used timely, can tell you a lot of info at the spot!

Please subscribe to the Rss feed before you download these games, it is free and keeps we motivated! Among these six games, 4 of them are licensed to work with the Symbian^3 OS like the Nokia N8, E7, C6, C7 etc while the last 2 will work on any 5th edition N Gage 2 powered devices such as N97, N81, N85, N82, N96, N97 Mini, X6, X5 etc plus the with Symbian^3 smartphones.

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  1. eli

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    “Certificate Error, Contact the application Supplier.” what is that suppose to mean? its not working 🙁 what should I do? help please on 5800XM.

  3. Hello there, thanks for the games. However there are some games such as spiderman, avatar, hero of sparta, etc are showing certificate error. Can u plz adviceis there any solution for these errors.

  4. ferrari gt2 game install success but not open it iam use 5800.

  5. ferrari gt2 install success to 5800 and opening but not work last step . Iam very disapointed. Please help me.

  6. nikhil

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    This is the only awesome website which provides hd games for nokia n8,e7 and so on.

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    awesome website no other website provide free games including angry birds trilogy
    best site in the world

  13. Please anyone tell whether what and all games will work on nokia c5-00 please please.?

  14. You all get nokia C5-00 that phone will no problem in this games
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    i downlowd spider man & avatar game but it show certificate error for installing in my nokia N8 , what should i do?

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    i downlod hero of de spartas n avater both did not instal i face prob it says error in certificate so say how can i recovar it my fon is x7

  19. avater HD is showing certificate error for installing in my Nokia c6-01

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    When i download avatar HD game in N8. message shown me that certificate errore.

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    avatar hd doesn’t work. Myself and a mate both downloaded it. It downloads the full 133 meg and then you can’t find the installation file anywhere???

  23. dis is d best site ever made for games. thumbs up

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    please put sme new games like asphalt 5, 6, brother in arms, etc. in hd quality for nokia 5800 navigation xpress

  25. little

    about spiderman hd
    Hi i downloaded the 1st part of game(3 mb) and thn downloded the second part of the game from the link u provided. U said in that notes that
    ” install the file downloaded from my blog on your phone but do not launch the game after the installation is over. You will have to download a second file first to play the game successfully……………after the download is complete extract the files to any desired location and…………….BLA BLA BLA”
    Actually i didn’t understand…….can you please make me understand step by step.

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    this games are the best ever.super HD and 3D quality.love this site

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  30. all the games are super in nokiac7

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  38. How to use GPS for nokia 5233..?

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  42. Will spiderman works on my n95 replay plzzzzz cause i want that game 😀

  43. I tried to install all of then in my N8, but this error appear: “Error in certificate. Contact the… ”
    Whats happened?

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    y dont u sign n post da games???? we can dowload n play dem na……… pls post signed games

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    sims 3 rocks man its like playing on pc love it..

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    hello I want all these hd games in s60v3 format, would you post these hd games in version3, I an waiting for that

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    Thank you for all those lovely posts and keeping this website in such a good shape

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