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Posted August 5, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Take yourself into the edge of your seat in this breathtakingly awesome 3D action and adventure game Assassin’s Creed HD. It is considered to be one of the most legendary game in its genre, Assassin’s Creed HD (aka 3D) brings you much closer to what game play should always be like. This game offers an extensive set of levels which are entirely different from each other in almost every aspect.

There are various combo moves that you can perform to kill an enemy or to simply jump off from one roof to the other. What makes Assassin’s Creed such a successful action game for the Nokia N-Gage compatible platform and even for the iPhone?

There are two main reasons that Assassin’s Creed HD is simply way too much fun to play:

  1. an interesting storyline with great graphics
  2. fast paced action filled game play!

Storyline and Perks:

Assassin’s Creed HD takes place in the era of 1100 A.D. and you will jump right into the conflict between the Crusaders and the Saracens. You will play as the legendary and often deadly assassin, Altair. Your  sole duty towards your motherland is to save itself from being torn apart into pieces.

Your main skills are your acute ability of coming out as the victor in any exhilarating sword fights. While your fighting skills help you to stay alive from the blades of the enemies, it is in fact, your witty thinking and improvised high-flying climbing skills that help you to escape deadly situations and traps set by the enemies.

Some of your missions include stealing and pickpocketing precious maps, jewels, secret documents etc while some are to kill someone particular.

Throughout the game you will have to solve difficult puzzles, riddles and fight soldiers, other assassins etc before you can face the next level of this N-Gage 2.0 game. Level by level the game will unravel the mystery of how to eliminate your primal enemies.


Assassin’s Creed HD offers you with a total of 23 highly detailed and extensive levels before you can finish this game. This game is quite long as it is however it is very entertaining throughout, rest assured you will not be bored whatsoever.

A realistic tactical scenario based game  and you just can’t start out all guns blazing during the start of a level. Everything you do depends on your skill level  and to increase these skills you will have to collect magical orbs and trade them for points. These accumulated points can then be used accordingly to trade against specific skill upgrades which will make you a better assassin with every upgrade.

Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed

The overall graphics detail are truly astounding throughout the game and rarely you will have environment that are similar to any other level. Sword flashes and sparks are beautifully engineered to their impact to provide you the top notch flames. 3D based night and day based surroundings make this mobile game a gamers delight and such details are rarely seen on other games. Audio effects are at an acceptable level and should not irritate you even if you hear them a thousand times.

The variable speed game play lets you improvise moves within move, combo within combos and more often you will have to think outside the box to get out of a ‘one way out’ type of levels. When exploring a level your trails usually lasts a while, however in open environment they disappear quickly and makes it extremely difficult to go back when you are lost.

Assassins Creed - Mobile

Assassins Creed – Mobile

The high definition environment of  Assassin’s Creed HD lets you choose between multiple routes that you can take to reach the ‘final boss’ of a level. Each route has its unique characteristics which can be negative or positive depending on the situation. In some level you will face more number of enemies with a straightforward way to follow while in some the number of enemies will be much less but the route itself will be very difficult to pass and filled with confusing puzzles and traps.

There are several different ways you can terminate an enemy including a ‘stealth mode’ which I personally like. The stealth mode kill is highly useful and effective specially when you are the start of a level and do not want to attract too much attention. However, stealth kills are much difficult to perform as such kills are usually generated by 2 combo moves from your end and needs precision timing.

The other way is to choose and fight with swords/knives/daggers etc which does make a bit of noise but is easier to control and execute from both short and long distances. It is highly effective when your enemies are aware of you or when there are a number of enemies in front of you.

Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed HD is compatible with Nokia 3rd edition devices like N95 8gb, N73, N81, N82, N86, N85, N78, N79, N80, N95, N91, N92, N93, N96, N97 Touch UI, N71, N75, N76 from the Nokia N-Series, the E50, E51, E60, E61, E71, E66, E90, E65, E63, E62, E70 etc from the E-Series and 5800 Touch UI, 5700, 5290, 5320, 5500 from the XpressMusic edition smartphones.

Other Nokia smartphones like 6290, 6300, 6121, 6120 etc are also supported.



Download – Nokia Series 60 Symbian


Download – Smartphones

It will also work with Samsung OMNIA and SonyEricsson Xperia X1, PDAs like HTC Touch, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Storm,  Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Pearl and T-Mobile Dash.

Even the awesome Apple iPhone (iPhone and iPhone 3G) is supported as well.

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  1. David

    How to play 9level pls comment. . . .

  2. Mohamed

    Good game ,Thank you

  3. Kenneth

    Good game!

  4. Chima kentz

    I have played it once in my Nokia N70…it was really good. Now, i have Nokia E63 and i have downloaded it before now and it showed half screen. I hope this one will be full screen (320*240).
    Its a nice and really incredible game.

  5. i’m trying to download it into my nokia e51 but its not working

  6. Tapabrata Sarkar

    It’s not working on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

  7. hatim

    not working on e71:(

  8. Sunil

    Somebody please help me this is the coolest game i’ve ever played. I want to complete this game. I stuck in level 9 mission 1. I cant find a way to open that gate…

  9. faiz raza

    A/w bro….i download it on my e90 phone but when m show unable to install..please help me bro please…or is it work on the fullscreen of my e90 phone…

  10. sunny boy

    i downloaded it,tried to open it on ma nokia e63,but it won’t open….please someone should help me out.

  11. Kuru Zohny

    Its a good game and support in my Nokia 6700 slide but other Zap and rar file dont support in my Nokia 6700slide. So i request u to upload more sis and sisx file for nokia s60v3

  12. Kuru Zohny

    Nice & good graphic game. It completely support in my Nokia 6700 slide but i dont find other sis game for my device. Pliz! Upload more s60v3 sis game. Thanks for your gseat work. Keep it up.

  13. asifansari

    nice game

  14. asim

    not working in nokia 5233? Plz help me

  15. asim

    not working in nokia 5233…:(

  16. maxmega

    plz is nt wrking on my e71. Guy plz update more game for e71 .guy plz help i love assassin ,plz makes it wrk on e71

  17. zahr

    hai,,,its good game but i cant play on level 9-1 its very dificl, i cant find the way to walk…. please help me to play it, thank

  18. jack

    thank you for the game this is a good game

  19. Damn fake again! The HD version olo u! Nokia 5800 olo u! Not working 100% on nokia s60v5, work fast only on nokia n95 idiot Site!

  20. vikas

    bro i use opera 5.1 in mobile nokia 5233 touch screen.when i try to download always link failed.i m totaly confused that really here we can get games or not ?plz send me game by email if this possible. plz help me what wrong with me. Plz i hope u ll proper ans me. Thz bro

  21. vikas

    bro i use opera 5.1 in mobile nokia 5233 touch screen.when i try to download always link failed.i m totaly confused that really here we can get games or not ?plz send me games by email if possible my emai is vikasmehta9999 at gmail. plz help me what wrong with me. Plz i hope u ll proper ans me. Thz bro

  22. tanish

    hai plz send me game assassin’s creed HD . Plz send me this game by email on my mail id plz .me download nahi kar para hu failed hora hy plz

    Bro. When when i try to download any games from this side some times error shows acces denied and some times error shows download link failed. Plz help me what is d problem ? Cant i downld games ? What is d right mehtod. Plz

  23. answerer

    Hi idiot. So all you have to do is:

    1: download the .jar (or whatever it is in your case) file.

    2: open Nokia PC Suite that comes in a CD included with the phone (in my case)

    3: connect your phone to your PC by USB or Bluetooth.

    4: Sellect \Install Application\ on the Nokia PC Suite (in my case again)

    5: Browse the file you want and transfer it.

    6: in your phone accept everthing until it’s done.

    7: play and enjoy!

  24. i am an idiot

    how to install?

  25. John Ananiades

    plz help..i have 5530 and it tells me file not supported.plz email me on what to domy email is John.ananiades at the rate of

  26. awda

    how do u install this game on 5800???? please help me…

  27. luthfi fauzan

    hey, i can’t open this game on my 5800!!! : ((

  28. sikim sizin anavizi

  29. this game rocksin iphone! the characters are talking!

  30. madali lang yang lvl seven hagis ka lang bomba sa babae un ty!!!!!!!

  31. Gowindan

    Hi bro its not working in my 5800. The same problem is there with ferrari gt. Any solutions?

    • Memduh

      Yeah same problem here. It says Not compatible with phone. Continue anyway? and when you say yes it installs it. It just wont open it
      I spent a long time pressing Altair’s head out of anger. Anyway do I use the PDA one or the s60 one? if PDA then how do I install it?

  32. andresbaggio

    please help how can finish Assassin

  33. Hi there.. I own E71, and your articles help me much.. i can find a lot of good stuff here.. thanx & keep up the good work 🙂 regard from Indonesia

  34. Best games i ever played . my phone nokia e51

  35. Arie

    not working on my N97…..

  36. kerennnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. kind~words

    thanx from my heart , you are the best. I have got a request if you could upload the n-gage game ((metal gear solid)) from rar format to sisx or sis or any danm format works on n95 8gb. Please consider this comment. Goooood luuuuuccccck man.

  38. hellyeah

    not working on landscape screen (320×240) E63, E71

  39. NOCIV

    It is really great! And go on my E51.
    Thanks for your work!

  40. nokia freak

    hello i have the same problem i have istalled the nokia version on my 5800 andit do not open

  41. spdrman

    One of the Best Mobile Gme I have ever played….

    thanks for your lovely work…


  42. Help

    my cell and N 5800 and I installed the game and not open

    [obs I downloaded the file system]

    I did something wrong with me help!

  43. gud game thugh still its kinda old… i downloaded this around 2 years ago..but still its gud

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