Assassins Creed 2 High Def (HD) and Standard

Posted November 17, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

The follow up sequel to the popular action and adventure game Assassins Creed HD finally shows up after a long delay. Is the follow up version Assassins Creed 2 high definition (HD) as good as the first one or does it suck? Well in my honest opinion it is quite good so far comparing to its predecessor and considering the fact that I have only finished playing this game up to the 3rd level.

Assassins Creed 2 HD takes place in Italy and during the time of the Italian Renaissance in the early 1500s. You will play as Ezio who is the only son of a highly respected and honest nobleman. Both Ezio’s father and mother was killed brutally by the bad guys and conspirators who later on establishes that Ezio’s family is not as honest and kind as they pretend themselves to be, rather they are blamed by the conspirators as the one family which is doing all the wrong to the ordinary people of Florence, Italy. As you grow up you are trained to become the deadliest assassin and a street smart shadowy thief residing in the city who is willing to take down anyone as long as the price is right.

Unlike the PlayStation 3 version of the game where you are able to control almost every aspect of the environment around you, the mobile version of Assassins Creed 2 HD is limited to what you can control and touch. Nearly everyone you come across, when escaping from the enemy at any point, you will face one out of two consequences: i) Fight with them till death or ii) escape from their attention by jumping over them to the other side. As much as I can tell the HD version is also available for other PDA devices like HTC and iPhone beside the Nokia N97.

During a jump if your character even slightly touches their body in any way, you will have to engage in a man-e-mano battle and fight it all out. If you are a mobile game freak and the proud owner of a N-Gage 2.0 gaming compatible device then fighting is just super fun with multiple combos and you will love this game!

Assassins Creed 2 HD

Assassins Creed 2 HD on N97

Mostly, before you undertake any mission from the highest bidder of the market you will have the details of the enemy and special insights about their ammunition, weapons, combat expertise and the possible routes through which you can escape after a successful assassination is completed. This gives you enough insights of how you want to start a mission for e.g. whether killing the guards at the entrance is a good idea or not. Compared to similar mobile games for smartphones and PDA, Assassins Creed 2 distinguishes itself by providing you complete information without exceeding the standard memory consumption of your device.

Chopping, slashing and hacking the enemies are the best possible methods to kill any unsuspecting soldiers or guards, the same does not really work when you are escaping from them. Near the end of almost all the levels you may get frustrated because of the number of soldiers after you simply is overwhelming when you are fighting them with a blade or knife and simultaneously trying to escape within a limited amount of time.

Assassins Creed 2 HD Gameplay

Assassins Creed 2 HD (High Def) Gameplay

Assassins Creed 2 Standard Version

Assassins Creed 2 Standard Gameplay (240×320)

The overall pace of the gameplay speeds up when you are near the end of a level which is a smart feature that was lacking in the first episode of Assassins Creed. It certainly helps you significantly in terms of patience when you are stuck in a particular mission or a particular situation within the game. There are 9 different and detailed levels of action filled game play for you to enjoy in this game! Other than a very few objects, you can freely touch and engage with every single element of your environment. Simply put, in this Nokia game you will be the good guy who does all the bad stuff to protect the innocent people he cares about.

In Assassins Creed 2 you will have access to new combo moves and some new weapons that were not present in Assassins Creed 1. Some of these new combos are difficult to perform without previous experience but you can become a master at them if you just practice a bit. Plus, a translucent marker maps the combination of key-presses required to perform a move which comes in real handy.

Assassins Creed 2

Assassins Creed 2 HD

Assassins Creed 2 HD actually has a standard version that came out before the High Definition version of the game. The HD version of AssAssins Creed 2 actually was made for Brew based devices but as we all know that any Brew based HD game will work on any S60 Version 3 based symbian device.

Both the versions are compatible with a wide range of mobile phones and PDA devices. In particular Nokia N95, N96, Nokia 95 8gb, N96, N97 Touch UI, 5800 XpressMusic Touch OS, 5530, N91, N92, N93, N86,  N85, N81, N82, N80, N79, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, Nokia N71, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E63, E65, E66, E70, Nokia E71, E72, E75, E90, 6120, etc should all work with the standard and HD version of the game.

Download the High def or HD version of Assassins Creed 2 for Nokia N-Series and E-Series based 3rd edition and 5th edition devices (Fixed some bugs for HD versions) :


Download the High Def or HD version

Download the standard version of the game Assassins Creed 2 for Nokia E-Series and N-Series based 5th edition and 3rd edition smartphones and PDA:


Download the standard version of the game

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Did you enjoy Assassins Creed 2 HD? Check out the previous version of this original game!

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  1. Mohamed

    very nice game ,Thanks

  2. Dafuq Qufad

    Damn! this things fake. . .

  3. Rajendra

    Fake! Fake!! Fake!!! There’s no HD VERSION of Assassin’s Creed II here in this website!!! Bullshit!!!

  4. jimmy

    very nice game

  5. leandro

    para pega o assassins creed HD, no seu nokia 5530 5800 etc.. E só deixa a memoria limpa nehum jogo. Esperoter ajudado.

  6. erikas

    fuckin fake this! its all classic mobile 2d games, lols

  7. Ujjwal Agarwal

    awesome game!!
    one of the few games that runs great on m N96!!
    thanks buddy!!

  8. Wtf… It all not HD game… All file downloaded and extract are all standard version. Fake! Damn site fake!

  9. is this a full version or only a trial version??????????
    plz tell me….

  10. dolly

    is it full version or only a trial version plz tell me……

  11. oussama

    ye where is the hd one the second

  12. ey hw do i download nything from this site, ive tried 2 register bt wneva i try 2 download it says downloading failed try again. I am from Zimbabwe and i like this website so much and wana be part of it pliz help

  13. not opening on my nokia 5800 when i open nothing happenz

  14. Samson

    plz bro,can i play ngage games on me fone ? I v don me best,i v installed all the installable..i just cant open tels me code error 8 somtin like dat..or is it dat me fone is not compactible with ngage cus i use to see dat 2, i just need comfirmation u are broad in dis field,incase u no anybody usin it the model is nokia 6120c s60v3..give me hints give instructions..i cant w8,.tanks bro.

  15. Stan

    There’s no HD version of this game here. There are all standard jar files 🙁

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    • kgoputso

      nice guy dude i love it, info me when the is another latest one at kgoputso.matsabe at the rate of its aweeeeeeesome i love it. For n70

  18. meivoon

    Hey! They’re both jar games,not HD .

  19. Mesjach

    Is Assasin’s Creed II HD in 3D exist???

  20. Tarun Singhal

    i cant download that games…. pls help me out..

  21. harman

    hey, i downloaded a few games from this site. all were saved as either zip or rar files. now none of them are working on my nokia 5530 xpressmusic. my phone is not supporting these files. plzzzz help. i really need some games on my cell

  22. spam1408

    You have put sd version on both archives…….please hurry and upload the HD!!! i’m dying to play it 🙂

  23. ace

    its not working on my nokia 5530 Express music(touch screen)

  24. Nice game. This work on my nokia n86 😀

  25. Fede

    they’re both the same mobile version!

  26. acap

    can you help me..??which folder i want to save?????

  27. siddique

    it is very nice and awesome

  28. Lunatic

    The HD version is not released yet. I checked the Gameloft site and I didn’t found it. Well, we just have to wait for it’s release! I’m gonna buy this game!

  29. Omg

    there is no hd version

  30. Rishi

    jar files do not run properly on my phone(n73 ME). Please try to provide sis file.

  31. 10zen

    Thanks.. game works fine….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still play the previous version..n enjoy it.

  32. Shane

    oh not HD…:( thanks anyways…ill wait some more….

  33. Shane

    Thanks so much…finally working on my n86:D…U ROCK!!!

  34. Chakal

    I say again! All of the two links does not include HD version of the game because HD version have not published yet.

  35. i second the motion.. we are all suffering the same problem.. i am really excited to play this game..and we would appreciate a faster solution for this.. tnx a lot..

  36. Blackheart

    The HD version does NOT work. I installed it effortlessly on my N79 but when I launched it, it displays a pitch black screen with two lines of text at the bottom, the second of which is half bellow the screen! Apparently it says(it was a wearisome task trying to read it) that the app does not support the display mode. My first instinct was to turn the phone to landscape mode but this time the screen was completely black without so much as a dot.

    Please put up the correct version of the game before many more people end up wasting their time and heavily disappointed.

    But I must also compliment you for all the wonderful games, themes and apps that I would never have got hold of if not for you guys. Hats off for that!

    Hoping to see many more exciting stuff in the future:)

  37. 1ln

    ummm y isnt it working on my 5800 ?!?!
    it keeps telling me “this application doesn’t support this display mode. Please reset the screen to continue.” !!
    what the hell am i supposed to do here ?!?!
    anw can someone plzz help me !!

  38. Ryan

    thank you . it is a great game

  39. Salih Zeki

    The real Assassin’s Creed 2 HD have not released yet. This is standart version. Just for “s60 v5” mobile phones!

  40. Slimar

    Cool game, especially the walking on air glitch!

  41. nuranicell


  42. Mohammed Siddiq Panja


    I tried to rename the (HD) file to .jar and install it.
    The game installed cleen but when I launch it to play, it doesn;t work.
    Just as others have mentioned, I get a black screen with some thing written down below but only half of the characters can be read and they indicate incompatible resolution.

    Do we have a fix for this?

    Will appreciate a faster reply, I’m dying to try this game out.


  43. shane

    wana say thanks for the wide variety of games….im still very excited about the assassins creed 2 game….its not working…maybe it should be a .sisx file? instead of jar?

  44. shane

    Yea same here…i have the N86.

  45. kalashnikov

    dude it’s installed on my nokia e63 but the game won’t play just a black background appears on my screen

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