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Posted June 28, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Greetings everyone! Today I am going to present you with one of the most famous and well known games for mobile devices. As the name suggests, it’s called Asphalt 3 Street Rules! I am sure many of you have heard of it and played the earlier versions as well. For those who didn’t here is an introduction. Asphalt 3 Street Rules is a racing game unlike any other.

High end graphics, fast cars and tougher opponents make this game one of the most well known game in the industry. You have the option to customize your ride, let it be a high end Audi TT, Lamborghini Diablo or even a bike! There are in total 8 real life tracks from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and more. Your target is to be the best of the best in the illegal underground racing world.

For that to achieve, (…just like in the Fast & Furious 2!) you have to beat down opponents who are riding in slicker cars and you also have to stay away from the cops and their helicopters! Within all these you even have the option to custom build your car completely. Change its light with Neon beams, install a carbon fibre body kit or even change the sparco seats!

The more you win races and points the more you are respected in the racing circle and the more other opponents hate you. You gotta race your way through the most infamous neighborhood of the cities without getting too much attention from the police. Of course you also have the option to free ride the neighborhood so that you know what comes when you turn a hard left and so on. Remember, respect and money are earned through drifts and pileups.

One thing you do at first when you get some fair amount of cash is to tame the beast inside your ride, aka the fuming engine. Though it will cost you a fortune but you will be better off if you change it at first go without any fuss. That way your RPM increases significantly and you will be ahead for the first few seconds after a quick brake when the cops are bumping your back!

I made a mistake of pimping the looks of the car and paid the price by being arrested in the game, not cool! Also, when going head to head with your opponent always try your best to push the opponent car on your right side from the sides rather than head on, that way they are easily pushed away from the race by getting off the street and you will start to win races almost as if you are way “off the hook“.

Asphalt 3 Street Rules HD Version

Asphalt 3 Street Rules HD Version

The TV helicopters will follow you in every step once the police is on your tail and to get rid of them you should use the Nitrous, or simply try your best to get in the backyards of a major street. The trees and tall buildings will make the helicopter lose you and the cops will have a difficult time finding you. The controls of the game is really superb and the way the overall car moves is even better, in smartphones its quite unthinkable to have this much fun with racing games.

Asphalt Street Rules HD

Asphalt Street Rules HD

The more you make the police bite the dust the more your rating as a racer will increase, however the more difficult it becomes to get away from police chases! But don’t be afraid to take risks, the game is all about risking it!

Anyway, this HD or high definition game is compatible with all the major platforms and the regular 3D version is compatible with nearly all S60 phones.

Buy it from Gameloft directly:

Go To Gameloft!

Go To Gameloft!

or download the game below:

Download 3D Version

Download 3D Version

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Phones of Nokia N-Series and E-Series S60 versions like Nokia N95, N92, N91, N93, N73, N80, E60, E65, E61, E62, E50, E51, E70, E90, Nokia N76, N75, N81, N82, N96, N78, 6120, N-gage, 6121, 5700, 5500 Xpress music Sport, 5710, 3250 etc. and more. All major network carriers like ATnT (AT&T), Cingular, Vodafone, Sprint, Hutch, Verizon Wireless, Airtel, Orange Mobile Uk, etc are all supported. Hope you enjoy this one!

Asphalt 3 Street Rules

Asphalt 3 Street Rules

Download the HD Version:

Download the HD Version

Download the HD Version

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  1. haider

    how to download this game there is no option so please gauide me

  2. sumonskd

    sumonskd asphalt 3 3d

  3. Thats ngage games are awesome. thats games are work in my nokia c5-00 5mp

  4. elar

    its not really working in my nokia c2-06 dude!!!!!!!!

  5. Naresh kumar

    i want asphalt 3 but not working on my nokia 5233 .plz tell me the solution

  6. seditsenek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kishore

    Asphalt5 installation problem in my nokia c7.
    Pls help me
    Thanks in advance

  8. Rakesh

    Is it available for E71 also, it syas not compatible with your phone.

  9. case

    Hi, when i try to install this game, it says
    “Update error”
    So what should i do?

  10. Jonathan

    My phone is Nokia E63, but after i download it,the game says this game cannot run in landscape mode. please switch your screen back to portrait mode, how i do this to portrait mode? are this game really working on E63?

  11. sachin


  12. rahen

    how to down load it?

  13. tochino

    yeaa. its great game. thanks

  14. Thank you guys for a terrific work you’re doing here! Bravo! Cheers from Romania!

  15. Reid

    Nice work!!!!!Hope more N-gage Nokia games comes out 😀

  16. Sylar

    Hey everybody…
    I wanted to tell you that while I was roaming the internet I found some awesome links for the entire NOKIA N-GAGE released games with a very good explanation about how to install the games.

    and here are the links:


    it works very well and without any problems except that it tells you that it is a trial game.

    but still,you can play the full game and submit your scores on the online rankings.


  17. art

    chaos , pls help..=)

  18. art

    guys , pls help me with this… i installed asphalt in my n95-8g after deleting the original asphalt in the appication manager.. then it worked… but later on , i reset my phone due to some problems , then i can no longer install then asphalt game.. huhuhu! pls help me, anyone.. tanks a lot.. =) love the graphics on this game… = 0

  19. Emmanuel

    i cannot unzip the file. wads wrond? can somebody help me? how did u guys get urs

  20. spiderman_276

    download game the nao vay

  21. juaNZZ

    do you have asphalt 3d streetrules for n70?? if you have please mail to me.. thank you..

  22. art kevin

    thank you gbenga.. =) nice game.. ! =) thanks chherz to all symbian users! =)

  23. Gbenga

    With regards to update error, what you need to do is to go to Application installer and remove Ashphalt 3 which came installed with the phone and then install the the new Ashphalt 3 posted here.

    For new user, to get to Application installer, go to menu – tools – Applications – Application Installer.

    Thumbs up to Chaos Inc for posting the game.


  24. ujjwal

    update error is comming tell me i need this game ver argent

  25. uzair

    hi im new
    I dnt undrstnd wts going on i cant get to download it where should i click to download a game to my N81

  26. Sorry for replying late my good friends but I have been terribly busy. I dont know why its not working on your N95 8gb, it worked in mine. I will take a look.

  27. Krishdivesh

    Hey it doesn’t work on my N95 8GB…it says “Update error”. Can u please do something. you r not giving any reply regarding this from so many days

  28. Rajkumar

    cant get download

  29. zeamaze

    im also facing the Update Error message when trying to install ? can someone please help me. Thanx in advance,

  30. JEETU


  31. jeetu

    it is saying update error, wat to do…….

  32. Nice game!, thanks 4 posting it!

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