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Posted August 6, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Being good at what you are should never be compromised and it applies when you are playing a game too! With that being said let me introduce you today’s topic, review and a brand new game for your smartphone S60 Nokia devices. Do you like games made out of the true events that took place in the history? Does your mind likes to shoot the enemy yourself or rather be a mastermind and give orders to defeat the opponents while you watch laying over a posh red couch? Today’s game is for those who likes to give orders more than carrying it out for someone else, …and yes, today’s game is all about the history that made the world a better or worse place in your mind, …..and yes today’s game is called the Age of Empires III Mobile.

The Age of Empires puts you in charge of famous battles that took place for real and changed the course of history, making themselves the most important chapters of our history. Whether you are visiting my portfolio blog from the United States, Scotland, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, or Bangladesh the Age of Empires will have something for everyone. This mobile game focuses on your thinking and strategic decision making ability in situations which is almost in dire straits. In most cases our heroes never have had the opportunity to have their food served to them in a golden dish with grapes or strawberry shakes around as refreshments and in this game you will have to walk in their shoes and make sure that you keep the history intact through your Nokia keys and screen. It’s all about the honor, pride and your personal will to succeed which will decide who is standing when the dust settles. Make no mistake that you will need enough knowledge about when to attack and how to attack, counter attack or defend in a possible booby trapped situation. Those who liked Commandos or any strategy based symbian game will absolutely love the Age of Empires.

The story line of this game is really superb and counts for half the marks of the game overall. The graphics overall is not the best or super high definition but then again they are not bad at all and more than enough details are their for your support and enjoyment. There is the classic information menu as well and overall I am not going to complain on the graphics part. In the S60 Age of Empires game you will get to choose which part of history you want to belong, who you want to be and which battles you always wanted to be in during your childhood or even now. You will be the famous ‘Knights of St. John’ and you have to build a new colony yourself with the help of your citizens and ultimately defend the entire Western Europe. After that you will have to make your presence felt by building an empire under your rule. The game is of course a remake of the PC and PS II/III based game the Age of Empires which I am quite sure you have played at least once or heard about it cause it sure made a hell of a success in the market. Don’t expect extreme similarities in terms of gameplay but for a mobile game, this one is packed with features and modes which is quite similar to the original Age of Empires. You can fight directly in battles after unlocking them one by one or choose to play from the beginning where you move on to different levels of difficulty when the odds stack up on you. I personally am not a huge fan of strategy based games to tell you the truth and am more of a FIFA game fan but I do like the Age of Empires mainly because when I play it I really have to use my brains.

You have more than 15 different stages to conquer, with different strategy dedicated to battles and resource managements. If you win battles then you will rewarded with points with which you can buy more resource for your colony or will be able to build different buildings, almost eight in total. You also have a handy pause menu along with an information pop up menu throughout the game which comes to be really handy after a few days of constant Age of Empires addiction. You also have a mini-map to help you guide and navigate easier. The overall sound effects are not bad and you might miss the 3D surround sound a lot but once again the story line really makes up for that. The situations you have to face to finish the game makes you realize how difficult it really is to win a war or to lose it. You can control your moves or decisions via the navigational joystick or at your wish as you can customize it which is a plus for this one. I don’t know if you will miss the heavy machine guns or 0.9mm automatic guns in this one, I know I didn’t. However for me, I rate it 4 out of 5 because I am really not a fan of strategy games.

Honestly speaking this game really depends on your likings about mobile or PDA games. It can really be a dream come true if you are a fan of Age of Empires years back and it can be a ‘so-so’ game if you don’t like that. Whether you want to use your N-Series or E-Series 3rd edition symbian cell phones to play games like Super Mario, SIM City or the Age of Empires is absolutely up to you. Like always this mobile game is free for you to play as long as you subscribe free to the RSS feed via a reader or your email to keep yourself updated about the latest downloads of Nokia Symbian Themes. Compatible with a majority of symbian devices like the Nokia E90, Sapphire, Prism, Luna, Arte, 8890, 8860, 6600 Slide, 3250, E61, E61i, E60, E50, E70, 6110, E71, E66, E62, E65, Xpress Music 5700, 5500, 5200, 5300, N71, N73, N78, N76, N75, N80, N93, N91, N92, N96, N95, N81, N82, 6290, 6120, 7360, N-Gage and a lot more. Also phones from 2nd editions like the N70, 6681, N72, 6680 etc are also supported. Hope you like this one a lot! All major carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Telstra, Rogers, Telenor, Orange Mobile UK, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Digi, Virgin Mobile UK, Hutch, Airtel, Sprint, etc and any other CDMA or GSM based operators.

Check out the screenshots below:

AOENokia Strategy Game

Nokia Strategic games download 3dS40

NSeries ESeries

Check out the Graphics and Real Time Game Play on a Nokia N73 Below:

The free downloads:


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  1. Shahmeer


  2. Ari

    is it compatible to S60v5? pliz give me AOE III which compatible with my N97 mini coz i’m a big fan of this game

  3. mohammad

    download for me age of empiresd 3 mobile

  4. nnamdi

    love this site every thing goes for free
    here keep it up

  5. Me

    L’ ho appena scaricato x SonyEricsson Vivaz che ha Symbian s60 5th, speriamo che funzioni bene 🙂

  6. Doesn’t work on my E90.

  7. koki

    ignore if the folder oppens or if it dosent just connect with the phone computer example: age of empires 240×320 or something like that and drag it from the program files or where u putted in to the phone memory card then close the phone window
    then do safe remove hardware etcetc

  8. Amyn Zahid

    hey guys…i’ve installed the game on my n96 & its working great……

  9. hunain

    con age of empires 3 be install in Nokia 6680 and Nokia N78

  10. den

    e71: installed succesfully, but doesn’t load.

  11. Sexkgp

    I have installed the 320 x 240 version but when I try to open it it doesn

    • Akash

      First if you have downloaded it from any website after download the game right click on the downloaded icon and go to properties then you’ll se in general two optins one unblock and second advanced click on unblock and change to read only file and again try on your mobile hope it works.It sucessfully worked on my mobile

  12. Duds

    Yup me too,
    installed succesfully on my E71, but when i open the application, it doesn’t do anything..
    help plz…

  13. ammy

    is it comatible to n70???????????????

  14. schnei

    can i download these games for my nokia 3600 slide??

  15. vikas

    I too hav the same problem as mentioned abbove by andrybong after instaling the game suceesfully on my e71

  16. andrybong

    Hi guys, I have installed the 320 x 240 version but when I try to open it it doesn’t do anything :s

    Nokia E71

  17. how to unrar the file this is the only missed step

  18. thanks for the game can’t wait 2 try it out!!!!!!!!

  19. none of ur games or applications r opeaning>>…..eiter they r in rar format or they r corrupted

  20. Lil Joe

    How to unrar this file???

  21. mila

    Thanks for the game! 🙂

    @ shakil & asif: dl to your pc, unrar and then transfer adequate resolution .jar file to your phone

  22. shakil

    please, i really wanna play this on my e90…still showing not supported…..thanks

  23. Nice game, thanks. I really love it.

  24. asif

    hi, pls help guys. I cant download anything from this site using my mobile(N81 8GB). It shows not supported when i press the download button. Whats wrong?

  25. shakil

    hi, i just tried to download this game, but apperently its not supported. I have a nokia e90 n been waiting for ages for games like this to come out. Plz help.


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