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Posted January 10, 2011 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Games

Continuing where I left off a couple of days back, today I will bring you 7 more HD games that are yet to be featured here at Nokia Symbian Themes. Just like before, all these games will work with Symbian^3 smartphones & some of these games will work on Symbian 5th edition as well. Without any further ado, let us jump into business and wrap up this featured post already.

GT Motor Racing Nokia

GT Racing Motor Academy HD – GT Racing Motor Academy HD is one of the coolest racing game that you can ever experience on your Symbian^3 smartphones. With that being said there are a few drawbacks of the game that are not A graded stuff like the surrounding environment of the tracks, the car modeling during a high speed turn etc. However, on the N8 it is extremely fun to play this game in hard mode where other racers are nearby and you have to constantly overtake them after they overtake you. Racing from inside the car is just awesome though, there are lots of details that are displayed around your screen and it very nearly feels like a real good simulator. There are over 100 unique cars including those from Ferrari, Audi, BMW & Lamborghini, 14 unique tracks, ability to customize/upgrade your car, NOS accelerated engines etc.  All told this game is quite promising and even though there are a few drawbacks and playing it should be awesome fun. If you want the 3rd edition or 5th edition version of this game then please download here instead of downloading from the first link.

Fuzzies HD Nokia

Fuzzies HD – Fuzzies HD is another cracker of a fun game much like the classic Lemmings that was available for the S60 v3 smartphones. A bunch of monkeys are in trouble and it is you, the command, who must lead them out of the trouble. In this strategy based game, in every level, you will have to rescue a bunch of monkeys who will be dropped in a hole, get stuck in a hole etc. If you like games where your job is to lead a group out of a dangling maze then you will love this game. It comes with a single player campaign & an online multi-player feature built in.

Iron Sight HD Symbian^3

Iron Sight HD – Iron Sight HD includes an unique blend of game play on your HD compatible smartphones with Symbian^3 compatibility. It is an action and strategy simulator with advanced AI (artificial intelligence) built in which generates a deeply engaging gaming experience. With constant fireworks and tactical challenges that you will have to pass through if you want to finish the game completely, Iron Sight HD is a blast from the start to the finish. It offers a wide range of weaponry support and a vast range of artillery inventory which can be utilized in a single player and multiplayer campaign.

7 HD Games for Nokia

7 HD Games for Nokia

Long  John Silver Nokia

Long John Silver 3D – Ahooooy pirates!!!!!!!!! If you love playing puzzle games or if you like Captain Jack Sparrow (or just even pirates) then wait no more cause this puzzle game is all that you wanted. Essentially an arcade puzzle game, your job is mix and match coins/emblems/coins/skulls on a 3 by 3 formation to reveal the spot X wherein lies the long lost treasures of Captain Silver. As with all Polarbit games, Long John Silver is also both single player and multiplayer based and only works with the .


OVI Maps Racing – Ovi Maps Racing is available for both S60 v5 & Symbian^3 smartphones and it is a free game as it is. It is an unique game (kinda arcade) and there is not another like it. Ovi Maps Racing lets you create your own track and let’s you race on it against AI controlled cars. After creating a track all you  need to do is race on it one time so that you can make a ghost opponent who you will race against from now on. Additionally you can also race on several other preset tracks and a set of default drivers. To create a track you will have to have OVI maps installed on your smartphones and it must also support GPS navigation.

Rally Master Pro Nokia

Rally Master Pro – Rally Master Pro is based on the original Colin McRae Rally that was previously available for the N-Gage platform. The overall 3D graphics implementation for this game is more than good and actually quite superb, however, the overall audio effects in the background is really not satisfactory. The controls of the overall car takes  a bit of time to get a hold of, especially if you are new to 3D racing games on your mobile. Weather elements like rain & snow will effect your racing and there are different types of tracks made of  dirt, grass, stone etc that will test your skill behind the wheel for sure. It will work with both the S60 v5 and Series 60 Symbian^3 smartphones.

Tron Tanks for Nokia Download

Tron Tanks 3D – Tron Tanks 3D is another free action game for the Symbian^3 smartphones and it is exclusively brought to you by Disney Entertainment. Tron Tanks is the revamped version of the 90’s classic arcade game Tron Legacy and it is also a push for the promo of the newly released Tron movie. It offers tons of weapon choices and upgrades with which you will have to shoot down enemy drones, turrets, tanks etc. You are also provided with power ups, a fair amount of ammunition and tips throughout the game which will surely keep you N-Gaged for a while. Rest assured, this fast paced game is surely something to scream about!

Before downloading these games please make sure that your smartphone is supported or not. I have specifically written the compatible operating system list for each of these games. Symbian^3 or Symbian platform 3 smartphones includes N8, C7, C6, E7, E8 etc while Series 60 5th edition (or S60 v5) N Series smartphones are devices like N97, N97 Mini, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800, 5230, 5233, 5250, C5, 5235, 5288, X6, Satio etc. Please subscribe to the RSS Feed absolutely free before downloading any of these games, that is all I ask from you.

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      Nokia 500 has no gpu ( it needs for 3d graphic acceleration) so it won’t really run newer 3d-games.

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      menu>installations>application manager>options.>settings
      software installation>all
      online certificate check>off
      good luck

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      sign here for free and then upload ur certificate and sign sis key. it will take 24 hours for process.
      further process u will get from the site…
      it works… gud luck

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