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Continuing where I left off in my last post, today I will feature the second and final part of the 2 part series regarding Symbian HD games for Nokia. Today we will be featuring the rest of the 16 games and will end our series post on HD games for now! If you need any other HD games then feel most welcome to check out my past posts where you will find all the other Symbian HD games that are available for Nokia and that are not included in this series (like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, SIMS 3 etc). I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am looking forward to posting it! Let us begin then, shall we?

Cannonball HD : Polarbit’s Cannonball HD is aimed to be a standard shooter that is suitable for anyone who wants a fun little, blood & gore-less shooter. A simple touch and shoot based game play allows you to learn the game play in a snap, though overtime you will realize that it is pretty hard to fully master. Shoot your cannons at pirates, monsters and anything that you see and oh, don’t forget to keep an eye on the points multiplier!

Iron Sight HD : Another one from Polarbit’s portfolio is the 3D multi-player action title Iron Sight HD which will also test your skill in both strategy and simulation altogether. In a futuristic world where the world has turned into a wasteland, your target is to destroy the AI enemy with the help of multiple weapons like homing missiles, artillery etc.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 : Most of us knows plenty about this one so not much to say that you probably don’t already know. Unlike titles like Real Football from Gameloft or EA’s FIFA, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is much easier to learn and play. It also offers a fluid game play with no lagging whatsoever no matter how long you have been playing it for. A negative aspect of the game is that it is not a full screen game and the menu status bar will always be visible whenever you launch it and play. I guess this is a bug which they will soon rectify. Other that this small glitch, this one is really something to scream about if you are a fan of the greatest game in the world.

Raging Thunder 2 HD : Raging Thunder 2 for Nokia is a high octane, adrenaline pumping 3D street racing game which offers all the thrills a solid racer should provide. You can also compete head to head with other online players. The single player mode offers multiple HD tracks, 5 different racing modes and plenty of other performance upgrades, visual customization and other tweaks. With a variety of cars available to buy and customize, this is a game any racing gamer fan can enjoy.

Rally Master Pro : With high end graphics and astounding sound effects, Fishlab’s Rally Master Pro is a nifty racing game that can have u you engaged with it for hours. Varied weather conditions and a total of 27 different tracks, Rally Master Pro for Nokia is definitely a game to look out for if you have any of the Symbian^3 smartphones.

Real Football 2010 HD : One of the best all around decent soccer game is none other than Gameloft’s Real Football 2010, which is available in both SD and HD format and it includes both single player and multi-player option. On any Symbian^3 smartphone you will be able to play the HD version and it is worth the download for sure mainly because of the great graphics and overall features. It includes 245 teams, multiple leagues when you are playing the career mode and special moves for some of the more exceptional football superstars.

Real Golf 2011 HD : Real Golf 2011 HD is by far the best 3D golfing experience you can have on your Nokia. There are 7 different courses from all over the world that you will be able to gradually unlock as you progress in the career mode. You can choose to play as some of the world’s best golfers out there and they all bear a striking resemblance to their appearance and unique skills.

Red Bull X Fighters : Red Bull X – Fighters by Gamelion Studios is a freestyle motocross game that offers superior graphics, realistic sound effects and an easy to master control scheme. For each stunt you perform you get points and there are over 50 different events that you can eventually take part to earn such points. Accumulating points will unlock all the hidden features and perks including new bikes and gears the game has to offer.

The Settlers HD : The Settlers HD for Nokia Symbian is a well designed, highly detailed strategic game. The story of the game takes place during the times of the Roman era where your primary goal is to create the biggest and the most efficient self sustaining settlement. You will have to occupy new lands and defeat your enemies to make your settlement bigger. Trading goods and services with nearby settlements will also help you gain money through which you can build an army to defeat the ones who are against your settlement’s progress.

Spiderman Total Mayhem HD : Spiderman Total Mayhem HD is already a big hit on multiple platforms including the iOS, Android and Symbian Series 60 3rd edition and 5th edition devices and it is now available on Symbian^3 as well. In Total Mayhem you will play as Spiderman to save NYC from the tyranny of multiple enemies like Venom, Dr. Octopus, the Green Goblin etc. Overtime you will also have the opportunity to unlock the black suited Spiderman and increase Spiderman’s overall power.

Shrek Kart HD : Join Shrek and 9 other popular characters like Donkey, Puss in Boots etc in this one of a kind fun kart racer called Shrek Kart. The game offers 10 different karts to choose from, 4 single player modes, 2 different multi-player modes, 11 power ups, special abilities and a lot more to keep your attention and interest.

The Moron Test : The Moron Test is a nifty little puzzler which will let you test your overall intelligence without making you feel bored. There are overall 400 different steps or level, each one more hilarious than the other, and which you will play to unlock your hidden naiveness. Laughter is guaranteed!

Transformers Dark of The Moon HD : Transformers Dark of the Moon is the only game that is based on the Transformers 3 movie. It was previously only available in JAR format but on the new Nokia E7 it comes built in as a revamped 3D game with much better graphics and sounds. You can choose to play as Optimus Prime and fend off the evil robots that follows their evil leader Megatron.

Vikings Can Fly : Vikings Can Fly is a magical love story where you will play as a young viking inventor named Bjorn who fell in love with a valkyrie. He doesn’t know where she is and the only clue he has is a trail of her perfume. Now he must follow that trail to fulfill his dream of finding her and in this quest cross an epic adventure through the kingdom of the Norse Gods, Asgard.

Wave Against Every Beat :Wave, Against Every Beat is an innovative, new generation space shooter which generates your enemy in real time corresponding the background music of the game. The more the beats, the more the enemies and the more the breaks in a song the less the enemy. As you progress further into the game, the enemies starts to adapt to your skills making the game harder every time you kill a wave.

Worms HD : The original award winning cute-tastic crawlies are back with Worms HD for Nokia Symbian^3 smartphones. Worms HD combines insane blasts & fiery guns with a whole lot of funny dialogs and serves it to you in high def animations that pleases your eyes and makes you play more! It is extremely addictive so if you haven’t tried Worms yet, then you haven’t tried one of the most hit game ever made.

32 Most Popular Symbian Games - Part 2

32 Most Popular Symbian Games – Part 2

This ends our 2 post series on 32 of the most popular Symbian HD games for Nokia S^3 and Series 60 5th edition smartphones. All the above games are compatible with S^3 Anna or Belle based platforms including Nokia E6, E7, C7, E7, N8, N9, X7, Nokia 700, 701 etc. Some of these games will also work on the S60v5 Symbian platforms so Nokia phones like 5530, 5800, N97, 5230 etc will work flawlessly. Most of the posted games are in signed SISX or SIS format so all you have to do is click and install, but a few had to be archived for reasons beyond my control. Those files are either in ZIP or RAR format and you have to download and extract them on your PC or Smartphones before installing them.

If you are in need of more S^3 or S^4 games then check out our HD games archive because there are even more games there. You should also check out the post Part 1 of this 32 HD games series. I hope you will share your feedback through our comments system. Cheerios!

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