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popular symbian HD Games part 1

Today I will be featuring part one of our 2 part post series that will feature all of the popular Symbian HD Games for Nokia Symbian smartphones. When this 2 part post of HD games ends (which will end after I finish publishing my next post) you will have access to 32 of the hottest Symbian high def games that are now available for Symbian Series 60 Symbian 3 Anna/Belle platform. What’s more? Well some of these games are even compatible with Symbian S60v5 smartphones so anyone with a 5th edition device are welcome to give them a try too. However, for even more Symbian^3 HD games that are available for this platform please find these at my earlier posts.

In part 1 we will feature super duper hits like Asphalt Adrenaline 6 HD, Eternal Legacy HD, Dungeon Hunter 2 HD, Need For Speed SHIFT 2 HD, Tom Clancy’s HAWX HD, Galaxy on Fire HD, Monopoly Classic, Moto X Mayhem, Hero of Sparta HD and  lots more. Without any further ado, let us start then!

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD : The popular Asphalt series brings back their latest racing buzz to life again through this fantastic racing game Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD. Drive your cars on international tracks of Los Angeles, Tokyo and many more. With the option to choose from over 40 types of the most popular high end racing cars and motorbikes from international car manufacturers, this game sure packs a dazzling high def visual punch that will please you every time you play it.

Bang! : Based on the original popular video game of Spin Vector, “Bang!”, this board game is a pleasant change from all the others specially when you are ok with board games or casino games. It supports hardware acceleration and offers 10 different characters to choose from, each with special abilities.

Crusade of Destiny : Crusade of Destiny is a 3D RPG game available for the Symbian^3 platform. It contains an engaging medieval storyline with characters that you have to gradually train and upgrade all throughout the game. With your magical powers and special skills you will surely enjoy this full scale RPG game.

CSI Miami HD : Already available for nearly all the other platforms of Symbian, CSI Miami brings the same classic characters including Horatio, Calleigh among others. Interrogate, flatter, follow all the suspects to find out the truth, and, with the help of your high tech lab gadgets you are sure to succeed. This game is compatible with Series 60 5th edition smartphones and newer.

Draw Slasher : Pirate Zombie Monkies, need I say more? This crazy monkey slashing madness of a game plays out on a lonesome and quiet island where you, the lone ninja lives. Now it is up to you to stop this madness. Slash your way all the way through herds of monkey zombies! It is a fun game to spend some time with, no complicated moves and such,  however it may seem to be quite repetitive after a period of time.

Dungeon Hunter 2 HD :  One of most acclaimed RPG based mobile game of recent years most you know do not need an introduction to Dungeon Hunter 2. For those of you who still didnt play this game and want to know what it is about, well, Dungeon Hunter 2 HD is both a solo and a 4 player co-op based dark adventure/action RPG game. Here you will take part in the open world of Gothicus and engage yourself in an exceptional storyline that is engaging & consists deadly twists, sudden shocks and deceptions. It is an astounding game all over and is worth the time!

Eternal Legacy HD : Another legendary 3D RPG adventure is Gameloft’s game Eternal Legacy HD for Nokia Symbian. With truly beautiful graphics and a thrilling storyline, this sci-fi and fantasy combo allows you to roam in a free world without boundaries. Overtime you will earn points and skills that will help you master combo moves and special perks. All in all, this is a must have game on your brand new Symbian^3 powered Anna or Belle based HD smartphone.

Fighter Pilot : Fighter Pilot for Nokia Symbian is an arcade style, side scrolling action game. Inspired from the Pacific War missions, you get to enjoy 16 different missions where your job is to ensure that the US Marines can properly push through the enemies stronghold with your dive bombers the only means to protect them.

Galaxy on Fire : The benchmark 3D action space shooter offers some of the most jaw dropping graphics you can ever experience on smartphones. Galaxy On Fire HD for Nokia also packs over 20 hours of gameplay, a detailed trading system, a fantastic original story and a great deal of other extras like weapon and shield upgrades etc.

GT Racing Motor Academy HD : A super hit game all over the world GT Racing Motor Academy HD does not need an introduction. There are over 100 different world class racing cars from makes such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Lotus, Mercedes Benz etc. You can compete in tournaments, go out for driving tests and choose from over 14 different racing tracks rally & racing from around the world. Motor Academy provides a complete racing experience that only a very few can offer.

The Impossible Game : Fluke Dude’s The Impossible Game is an insanely addictive time waster, literally! The only thing you have to do (or can do) is tap on the screen at the right time so that an orange square can topple over a series of obstacles. It is impossibly addictive ,so beware!

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD : One of the most authentic game of its genre, HAWX hits the Nokia Symbian platform finally. Fly your way over enemy tanks and rocket launchers on fighter jets such as the YF 23 Black Widow, F22 Raptors, Eurofighter Typhoon, SAAB’s Gripen etc. With cockpit views, multi-guided missiles and an easy to master 360 degree flying capability, HAWX truly is the best 3D game of its genre! One of my personal favorites of all time, on any platform!

Hero of Sparta HD : Another epic action game with an engaging storyline that is set on the era of the Spartans. As King Argos your journey will have you defend the kingdom of Greece from Hades to Atlantis and many others. Combo moves, upgrades makes this action game quite an epic one!

Monopoly Classic HD : This is the perfect companion and something you will never get tired about, it’s real Monopoly designed in high definition graphics. This absolutely brilliant game will bring back your childhood memories every single time you play it.

Moto X Mayhem : Moto X Mayhem is an excellent side scrolling, physics based motorbike racer where your primary objective is to cross obstacles and simultaneously perform stunts such as Wheelies, Front Flips Etc. The terrrains and stunt requirements are beautifully done which gets tougher as you progress in the game. Moto X Mayhem offers an accelerometer based control mechanism and implements realistic crashes, bike recoils which makes it a solid winner and an addictive racing game altogether.

The Need for Speed SHIFT HD : Need for Speed SHIFT HD comes with 70 of the best racing cars that are made by some of the biggest names of car manufacturers including a few from Audi, Porche etc. Shift Hd offers the exact same HUD view of each and every car and mimics the head movement, torque, G force etc. How a driver actually feels inside a car when it is racing down the tracks at 200 MPH is intelligently reproduced within this game. There are 24 international racing tracks where you can race and your eventual aim is to beat the 3 top ranked drivers. It should also work with S60v5 smartphones.

32 Popular HD Games for Nokia

32 Popular HD Games for Nokia

All games I have posted in part 1 of the 2 part posts are signed and ready to be installed without much fuss on the Symbian^3 smartphones and some are also ready to be installed on S60v5 mobiles. Because there are multiple versions available for some of these games, I have archived those  games in a single zip package which you may need to extract before installation. However, all of these games are either SIS or SISX games and neither of the posts include any JAR or DEB file formats.

Additionally, some of these games will also work flawlessly on the S60v5 platform (like NFS SHIFT HD, Asphalt 6 etc. ). In case you are using the S60v5 smartphones please do feel free to try them to see if it works. Feedback is appreciated as always.

If you need more games that are not featured here like Angry Birds, Real Golf HD etc then check out our HD Games archive. Also check out Part 2 of our  series on 32 HD games for Nokia and if you need even more then take a look at our article featuring 40 Symbian^3 and S60v5 SIS games for mobile.

Before you download these games, all I ask of you is to subscribe to the RSS Feed. It is free to subscribe, takes you less than a minute and keeps me motivated to post new contents regularly and update existing ones.

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    • Sperz

      dude u can download games like plants vs zombies ,dungeon hunter 2 HD, racing thunder for symbain to your computer and then move those games to your device it will work and if it doesn’t then try to download those games directly from your phone here are some websites Gameloft store, WAP.in , kuulwap, downloadplex, softonic etc ..

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    • the have dedicated graphics unit. First generation of Symbian^3 phones have dedicated Graphics controller with 64mb dedicated memory and 2nd generation one’s like 603, 701 and 700 have 128mb dedicated graphics controller. only 500 doesn’t have any graphics controller.

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    • Hermione Harkinian Branford

      None, sorry. I don’t think any of these games work on a Nokia n72, as these games are only for Symbian^3, Anna and Belle

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  72. really the games are awesome… but with some of them i get errors..what should i do???

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    please help me.

  78. jonas

    heroe of sparta not running on s60v5 se satio. Nothing happens after tapping the icon, same with avatar, assassins creed nd polarbit games. But nfsp shift hd works perfectly same with sims3 hd, galaxy on fire hd, pop hd

  79. jonas

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  80. johny

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  82. csi miami hd game hangs on 5800

  83. my 5800 says “certificate error contact the application supplier” if i try to install any of the games u posted

  84. Ra 1

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  88. Hello. I’m from Iran. Your site is very good. Thank you very much.

  89. Nyan!

    I heard about GT Racing Motor Academy having a newer version that is capable of Multi player racing (Bluetooth connection)…. Is it possible you to have it?? Thanks for the games! 😀

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  91. Avatar game certificate is error
    how can installing that…..???

  92. Vivek88

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  93. Sandun Geemal

    those games are not working Nokia X6 – Cannonball HD
    Iron Sight HD
    Red Bull X – Fighters
    Spider man Total Mayhem HD
    NFS Shift HD ( start the game coming error )
    Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X HD
    Monopoly Classic HD
    CSI Miami HD
    Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD

    i am not check other games..but this games working my X6 – Rally Master Pro (game running very slow ),Wave Against Every Beat

  94. Hanny

    I downloaded hero of sparta and realfootball all hd i installed them but when i tried 2 open the game the game jst refuse 2 open pls what should i do E71

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  97. Ehmz

    Why the asphalt6 dont work well? It keeps from laging.

    • armin

      1. download netqin mobile security from nokia ovi .and instal it .
      2. run sys optimization and click optimize .
      you will see number of running apps will reduce frome multiple apps to 3 apps
      3. clean up your c: drive . your c: drive should have over 400 mb free space.
      this steps results not freezing in asphalt6 playing.
      but for increase your frame rate :
      4. internal microsd speed is under 14 MB per second. you should buy a memory micro with over the 20 MB per second speed for example : Gigabyte 8GB class 10
      5. uninstall your asphalt and install it on your new microsd
      after applying these steps send me your result ..

  98. Ehmz

    Why the asphalt 6 alway lag? I thnk almost ten times i uninstall and reinstall 8 but still it lag over an over. Den i delete also some files on my cp, thinking dat it wil fix d problem but still no use. What will i do? PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME…

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    hi guy i need ur help have downloaded of hd games on this site that works perfectly fine,but i downloaded csi miami hd for nokia and after installation is lauch the game and i got the first gameloft screen and it goes dark and i can still here sounds that the game is in process.please help ….i have nokia n8

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  107. Ahmed

    I have the phone (Nokia 701) and I’m, loving it.
    but there’s a catch to all the loving.
    Many games that seem to work great on my friend’s C6-01, don’t seem to work as well or simply don’t work at all.
    An example of such a game would be Asphalt 6, it works but lags and the multi-player makes the phone freeze. Only removing the battery fixes that.
    Other games like Dungeon Hunter 2 don’t work past the first page. NFS Shift dosen’t go past the EA page.
    What I can’t understand is, if it can work on the C6-01 (680Mz, 256Mb), why won’t it work on the Nokia 701 (1Gz 512Mb).

    please help me

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    • Bro you have to download them on your PC first and then extract the files through winrar/7zip etc on your pc. After the files are extracted, connect your phone to Nokia PcSuite and double click the SISX/SIS file and it will automatically install it 😀

      • Hello bro, you really are the Savior for the gamers, thanks a million for all the games, bu there is a glitch!!! when im trying to install the hero of sparta or assasin creed or transformers, its not getting installed getting a certificate error!!! Can u please advise me wat to do???

        Thanks and Regards


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