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God Of War Symbian OSN80

God Of War Symbian OS Symbian OSN90

God Of War Symbian OS Symbian OSN93

God Of War Symbian OS Symbian OS N95

3D Real Billiards 2007 240Γ—320

Fish Labs HELI STRIKE Advanced Air Combat 3D

3styleSnowboarding_240Γ—320 N73

3 style Snowboarding 240Γ—320 N95

Air Strike 1944 240Γ—320 Symbian9.1

Air Strike 1944 352Γ—416 Symbian9.1

Ali The Penguin_Xmas Edition

Anarchy 2087 Symbian OS E65

Anarchy 2087 Symbian OS N73

Anarchy 2087 Symbian OS N80

Anarchy 2087 Symbian OS N91

Angel Down Symbian OS

Army Of Heroes 240Γ—320 S60v3 ENG

Army Of Heroes 352Γ—416 S60v3 ENG

Artificial Life V-Penguins S60v3.J2ME

Artificial Life Virtual Boyfriend S60v3 J2ME

Artificial Life Virtual Girlfriend

Asphalt Urban 3D Enhanced Version

Asphalt Urban GT 3D 240Γ—320_

Asphalt Urban GT 3D S60V3 352Γ—416

Backgammon 146 Symbian Real Dice

Beauty Center for E61

Beauty Center for N80

Blackjack 118 symbian 3D Real Dice

Blade Knight Tactics N73

Blade Knight The Two Cities N85


Brothers In Arms 3D

Bumper Car City Nokia N73

Bumper Car City N80

Resident Evil Confidential Report 4 240Γ—320 S60v3 J2ME

CAPCOM Resident Evil The Missions 240Γ—320 v1 S60v3 J2ME

CAPCOM Resident Evil The Missions 320Γ—240 v1 S60v3 J2ME

Resident Evil The Missions 352Γ—416 v1 S60v3 J2ME

Street Fighter II 240Γ—320 v1 S60v3 J2ME

Street Fighter II Rapid Battle 320Γ—240 v1 S60v3.J2ME

Chess 149 symbian Real Dice

Cocoasoft Life Rush 240Γ—320 v1.2.0 S60v3 J2ME

Cocoa soft Life Rush 352Γ—416 1.20

Call of Duty 4 E71 E66 E61

Call of Duty 4 E90

Call of Duty 4 Nokia N80

Call of Duty 4 N91

Call of Duty 4 N93

CallofDuty4 N96 N97 N82, N81, N95

Crash of the Titans N85 N95

Creed N73 N95 8gb, N95

CSI MIAMI S60V3 N73 240Γ—320 100

CSI MIAMI S60V3 N95 240Γ—320 100

Cubes N85 N81 N82 N73

Cubes N80

Dakar 2008 240Γ—320

Desert Sniper E51 E65 E66 E71 E50

Desert Sniper E-Series E61

Desert Sniper N-Series Nokia N73

Digital Chocolate 3D Tornado Mania 240Γ—320

Dracula 2 – Return to the Castle 240Γ—320

Duke 3D for All Nokia 3rd edition Symbian OS

Mobile Bejeweled S60 N82 N95 8gb, N96 E71 N95 J2ME

Mobile Burnout 352Γ—416 S60v3 J2ME

Mobile Doom RPG Series S60 Nokia N78 N95 N79

FIFA Game Mobile Pack 240Γ—320 S60 V5

FIFA Game Pack 320Γ—240 Nokia N-Series FP2

FIFA Game Mobile N-Gage Pack 352Γ—416.v1.0.2.S60v3.J2ME

Harry Potter And 0f The Order Of Phoenix 240Γ—320 S60v3 J2ME

Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix 320Γ—240 Nokia N-Series

Harry Potter And The Order Of Phoenix 352Γ—416 S60v3 J2ME

Nokia Mobile Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix S60 N958gb N95 J2ME

Nokia Mobile Medal Of Honor Airborne 240Γ—320

Mobile Medal Of Honor Airborne v7 N85 N95 J2ME

Nokia Mobile The Medal of Honor S60 N73.J2ME

Mobile NBA LIVE 2007 240Γ—320 v4.2.23.S60v3 N81 N85 N82 N97 J2ME

Need For Speed Pro Street 240Γ—320 J2ME

Need For Speed Pro Street 320Γ—240 v4.2.83 S60v3 J2ME

Mobile Need For Speed Pro Street 352Γ—416 S60v3.J2ME

NOKIA Mobile SimCity Societies 240Γ—320 S60 5th Edition J2ME

Mobile SimCity Societies 320Γ—240.v1.11.93.S60v3.J2ME

Mobile Nokia Symbian Sim City Societies 352Γ—416 S60v3 J2ME

Mobile Sim City Societies v4 7 S60 N82 N95 N81 J2ME

Mobile Sim City Societies v4 7 S60 352Γ—416 Symbian 9.1 Modified

Mobile Nokia The Sims Bowling S60 240×320 resolution J2ME

Mobile The Sims Bowling 352Γ—416 2008 S60v3 J2ME

Mobile Tiger Woods 2007 240Γ—320 S660 V4 J2ME

Mobile Tiger Woods 2007 352Γ—416 Symbian S60v3 J2ME

Mobile UEFA Champions League 2007 240Γ—320 Symbian Game

Mobile UEFA Champions League 2007 352Γ—416 S60v3.J2ME

Eidos Kane And Lynch Dead Men 240Γ—320.v1.0.21.S60v3.J2ME

Eidos Kane And Lynch Dead Men 352Γ—416 v1.0.21.S60v3.J2ME.

Eidos SolaRola 240Γ—320 J2ME

Eidos Sola Rola S60v3.N96 N95 8gb N95 J2ME

Eidos Tomb Raider Legend Tokyo v1.00 240Γ—320

Elements Interactive Li-Nuggz 240Γ—320 Nokia

Elements Interactive Li-Nuggz 320Γ—240

Elements Interactive Li-Nuggz 352Γ—416

Elite System Double Dragon EX 240Γ—320 v1.1.17 S60v3

Elite Systems R Type Racing 240Γ—320 S60v3.J2ME.

Elite Systems R Type Racing 320Γ—240 S60v3.J2ME.

Elite Systems R Type Racing 352Γ—416 S60v3.J2ME.

Euro Football 240Γ—320_N73


FANTASTIC 7 Nokia N-Series Game Download

FIFA 08 E-Series smartphones like E61 Download

FIFA 08 N73

FIFA 08 N80

FIFA 08 N95

Fifa 2007 Advanced 3D N-Gage S60v3

Fish labs Deep Submarine Odyssey Symbian Download

Full House Bingo NokiaN91 J2ME_

Full House Bingo NokiaN73 J2ME_

Full House Bingo NokiaN95 J2ME_





































God Of War Symbian OS Symbian OSE50

God Of War Symbian OS Symbian OSE60

God Of War Symbian OS Symbian OSE61

God Of War Symbian OS Symbian OSE65

God Of War Symbian OS Symbian OSE70

God Of War Symbian OS Symbian OSN73
























































Metal Slug 3_E50

Metal Slug 3_N73








Mission Impossible III – E62

Moto GP 2007_N73












































Real Dice_1_.Multiplayer.Championship.Backgammon.v1.44.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1

Real Dice_1_.Multiplayer.Championship.Chess.v1.46.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1



Real Dice_1_.Multiplayer.Championship.Mahjong.v1.32.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1



















Snow Sports for Symbian OS Phone E61

Snow Sports for Symbian OS Phone N80

Snow Sports for Symbian OS Phone N95






Space Impact Symbian OS




















SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone E61

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone E65

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone E70

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone E90

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone N80

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone N82

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone N90

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone N91

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone N93i

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone N958Gb

SWAT Elite T for Symbian Phone N95




















Tibia me for Symbian OS
















Mophun Games Collection for Symbian OS9.1

Anarchy Boxing


The Da Vinci Code

Fatal Arena

Football Pro Contest

Golf Pro Contest

Golf Pro Contest 2

Joe’s Treasure Quest

Lock ‘n Load Combat Arena

Lock ‘n Load Rise of War

Lock ‘n Load 2

Martial Arts 3D

Rally Pro Contest 3D


Sky Force 1.22C 176×208 Symbian OS

Infinite Dreams Super Miners 176×208 Symbian OS

Infinite Dreams Sky Force Reloaded 176×208 Symbian OS

Sumea Extreme Air Snowboarding 3D Java Symbian OS

Mr. Goodliving Bounce Out Nokia Symbian OS N81 N82 N73 N95

THQ Worms Fort 3d 1.03 Nokia Symbian OS

Zing Magic Chess Version 2.00 OS 9.1

AMF Extreme Bowling Symbian OS 9.1 & 9.2 N81 N82 N95 N73

Slam Street 3D Nokia Symbian Game Symbian OS

Eidos Championship Manager 2008 N80 352×416 Symbian OS

Eidos Championship Manager 2008 N91 176×208 Symbian OS

Eidos Championship Manager 2008 320×240 Symbian OS

Eidos Championship Manager 2008 N73, N81, N95, N73 240×320 Symbian OS

SIMS 2 Castaway N73 N95 N81 N82 240×320 Symbian OS

Diamond Twister N73 N95 N81 N82 240×320 Symbian OS

SIMS 2 Castaway N80 E61 352×416 Symbian OS

Euro Cup 2008 Symbian OS N73, N81, N82, N95 240×320

Metal Beasts 3D Symbian OS 9.1 and 9.2

Rolling Ball Ver 1 Symbian OS 9.1 and 9.2

New York Nights 3d Symbian 9.1 and 9.2

Global Race Nokia N95 N73 N71 N80 N81 N82 E65 240×320

Space Impact Symbian OS 9.1 and 9.2 N95 N80 N92 E65 E61 N73 etc

Splinter Cell Double Agent for N81, N95, N73, N82, 5700, 5710 240×320

3D Bomberman Symbian 3rd Edition

Gameloft American Gangster 3rd Edition Download

Assassins Creed 240×320 N81 N82 N73 N95 E65 etc

Bigfoot Racing 3D Falcon Mobile Symbian OS 9.1

Cafe Hangman 3rd Edition

Capcom Resident Evil The Missions 176×208 N91 etc.

Capcom Resident Evil The Missions 240×320 N73 N81 N82 N95 E65 etc

Celeris Virtual Pool Mobile 3D 1.79 Symbia 9.1 and 9.2

Dakar 2008 240×320

Elements Interactive Flurkies 240×320 N81 N82 N73 N95 Music Edition etc

Gameloft Big Range Hunting N75 etc.

Marble Madness 3D Symbian 9.1 and 9.2

MIG RPG Symbian OS 9.1 and 9.2 Download

MX vs ATV Untamed Symbian 3rd Edition Download

Pokemon Emerald 3rd Edition

Townsmen 5 3rd Editon Download for Symbian 9.1 9.2

Tropix Creative North Studios 3rd Edition Download

Vampent VSun Plus 1.01 Nokia 3rd Edition

Vampent VSun Plus 1.11 Nokia 3rd Edition Download

Super Ghouls and Ghosts Vampent Nokia Symbian Game Download

Final Fight Vampent Nokia Symbian Game Download

Super Mario All Stars Vampent Nokia Symbian Game Download

Super Mario World Vampent Nokia Game Download

3D Stereo Hunting v1.02 Nokia Symbian Game

CAPCOM.Onimusha.Puzzle.Dark.Castle.240×320 Version 1

CAPCOM.Onimusha.Puzzle.Dark.Castle.320×240 Version 1

Doraemon Movie Nobita’s Fantasy Adventure 240×320

Final Fantasy VI Vampent Game

K.O. Fighters (Boxing Game) 240×320 S60 Version 3

Herocraft Arcade Park 3rd Edition Symbian OS

Live Free or Die Hard 4 Symbian 9.1 9.2 OS 176×208

Live Free or Die Hard 4 Symbian 9.1 9.2 OS 240×320

Live Free or Die Hard 4 Symbian 9.1 9.2 OS 352×416

Metal Gear Acid Nokia Symbian 3rd Edition Download

Super Mario Planet Symbian OS 3rd Edition

Vampent vBagX V-1.25 S60v3 Symbian OS 9.1 9.2 Unsigned

Vampent vBoy Version 1.31 S60v3 Symbian OS 9.1 9.2

Namco Crisis 3D Nokia Symbian Game

THQ Worms Fort 3D 240×320 N81 N82 N95 N73 etc

Pocket DDR Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Edition Download

Elven Chronicles Nokia 240×320 Download

Erotic Slot 10 for Nokia 3rd Edition

Glu Mobile Zuma 3rd Edition Nokia

Download Guitar Legend Get On Stage Nokia N80 3rd Edition

Guitar Legend Get on Stage Nokia N95 3rd Edition Download

Guitar Legend Nokia 240×320 3rd Edition N73 etc

King of Sex City (18+ Adult Game) Nokia Symbian Game

Metal Slug Mobile All Edition Nokia Game Download

Minisoyo Star Craft Ghost 320×240 Download

Pocket Torch Four Elements Nokia Symbian 3rd Edition Game

Quake Nokia Game Download N95 5700 5710 N81 N82 Symbian 3rd

Shrek The Third Symbian Nokia Game 240×320 N95 N73 etc Download

Shrek The Third Symbian Game N80 Download

Strip for You Nokia Symbian Game 18+

Star Wars Imperial Ace Nokia 3rd Edition Game Download

Tennis Open 2007 Nokia 3rd Edition Game Download

Virtual Game Boy Advance for Nokia 3rd Edition

Virtual Babe Nokia Symbian Game Download 18+

War Craft Faction of Disaster Nokia 240×320 Game

3D Coaster Rush for Nokia 240×320

Contra Version 4 for Nokia Symbian Phones

Delta Force for Nokia 3rd Edition

Off The Road Dirt Motobike Motocross Nokia N95 N81 N82 5700

Panzer General N73 N81 E65 N95 etc. 240×320

Horror Game 7 Days Full Version Nokia 3rd Edition

Colin McRae Dirt 3D Nokia 240×320 N81 N95 5700 N73

Colin McRae Dirt 3D Nokia Other Versions N91, 3250, E61 etc

Fun & Mobile I Hate Guns S60 3rd Edition Download

Leisure Suit Larry Love for Sail Symbian OS 9.1 & 9.2

Orcs and Elves Multiscreen Nokia Game Free Download

Pro Moto Racing Nokia N73 N95 5700 N82 N81 E65 etc

Chess Genius V3 for Symbian 3rd Edition phones Download

Burning Tires 3D Nokia 3rd Edition Game Download

3D Arts Total Air Mayhem 1942 Nokia Game Free Download

BSure Sudoku on Ice 3rd Edition Download

Kill Drill Nokia Symbian 9.1 and 9.2 Game Download

Formula Extreme S60V3 Game Download

Mobile EA Air Hockey 1.4.87 NSeries ESeries Game

NightClub Empire S60 Version 3 Game

Quake S60 Nokia Symbian OS 9.2 N95 8b N81 N82 etc

24 The Game for Nokia N73 E65 240×320 Symbian OS

24 The Game for Nokia N95 N81 N82 Symbian Download

24 The Game for Nokia E61, E61i etc Download

24 The Game for Nokia N80 Symbian OS Free Download

Bit Side GMBH Revolution 2 Symbian OS Game Download

Four in a Line Symbian Mobile Game Download

Studio Cricket 3D Symbian OS Game Download

3D Battle Chess for Symbian OS 3rd Edition N91 176×208

3D Battle Chess for Symbian OS 3rd Edition 240×320 N73 N95

Prince of Persia The Two Thrones (New Version) Download

Holy Wars Sons of Enoch for Nokia N73 Download

Holy Wars Sons of Enoch for Nokia N80 Download

Holy Wars Sons of Enoch for Nokia N95 Download

Holy Wars Sons of Enoch for Nokia E61 Download

U Mobile Game Impossible Sudoku Version 1.03 Symbian OS 9.1 9.2

Age of Empires III Nokia Symbian Game Download

Andretti Racing 3D 240×320 Symbian OS Download

CapCom Devil May Cry Free Nokia Game Download

HeroCraft Arcade From Hell Nokia Mobile Game Download

Model Empire for Nokia N73 240×320 Download

Model Empire for Nokia N95 Download

U Mobile Game Crazy Spot Nokia phones Download

World Snooker Championship 2008 Nokia E50 Game Download

World Snooker Championship 2008 Nokia N73 240×320 Download

World Snooker Championship 2008 Nokia N80 352×416 Download

World Snooker Championship 2008 Nokia N93 Game Download

World Snooker Championship 2008 Nokia N95 Game Download

Gameloft Texas Hold em Poker 3D 176×208 Game for Nokia

Gameloft Texas Hold Em Poker 3D 240×320 Nokia Game

Game loft Texas Hold Em Poker 352×416 Nokia Symbian Game

Win at Texas Hold em Poker N73 Download

Win at Texas Hold Em Poker N95 Download

O2Jam for Nokia Symbian 9.1 and 9.2 OS Download

Real Dice Multi player Chess 1.49 Symbian Game Download

Paris Hilton Dice Quest N73

3D Juiced 2 Hot Import Night 240×320 Nokia

Astraware Boardgames Version 1 S60 3rd Edition

City Bloxx S60 Download

Evil Pinball 3D Nokia 3rd Edition 240×320

Ferrari World Championship Nokia S60 3rd Edition

Freestyle Moto X III Nokia Symbian OS 9.1 9.2 Download

Jamdat LMA Manager for Nokia

Los Angeles Rush Nokia Game Download

LEGO Racers 2 for Nokia 3rd Phones

LEGO Star Wars 2 for Nokia Phones

Lego World Soccer for 3rd Edition Games

Lemmings Return The Game for Nokia

Lemmings Original The Game for Nokia

Lie Detector The Game for Nokia 3rd Edition Download

Lift Boy 3d Game for Nokia

Kragesoft Lines for Nokia

Losing Your Marbles Game Download

Lost Planet Targ Zero Game Download

Lost The Episode The Game Download 3rd Edition 240×320

Luxor 2D Game Download

Pock Pock Hot Game download for Nokia S60 Version 3

Rambo Forever 240×320 for 3rd Edition

Real Arcade Trivial Pursuit Deluxe 3rd Edition Download

Splash Bomb 240×320 for Symbian OS 3rd Nokia Phones

The Dark Dimension: The Secret 240×320 Download

Trix Complex Card Game Download 240×320 Symbian

Urban Attack 3D Game Download for Nokia


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    • emal

      save to ur computer

      then extract the zip/rar file

      for those pc that dont hv winzip/winrar application u hv to install it 1st

      after extract the file,copy to ur phone memory card

      then it is ready to install

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      its easy just open the file in computer and extract them.
      if my help doesnt work i think chaos ink can help u better
      sorry my english is not good at all

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    • DarknesS

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      I hope i helped πŸ™‚

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    Originally Posted By Nokia Symbian mobile Games and Applications Free Downloads | Nokia Symbian Mobile Themes | Chaos Inc.[…] view and download the free mobile games follow the link to the Mobile Games page. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: “Nokia Mobile Games & Applications”, url: […]

    Thanx a lot, Sir…unluckily,some games appear to be removed…page not existing anymore !! And, Quake is messing E65 and N95…and if u try to disinstall them, they leave leftovers 1 kb big which cause the intervent of InstallApp every time you switch on the phone….how can we deal with this ?

    Bt best compliments for the ncest collection !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nordan777 ( italy)

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  215. @Lassiedog – Hi bro, these are the real versions and the files are all safe as they have been tested throughout before publishing! And thanks for the comment and question. I should have specified it somewhere that they are quite safe. Your participation is what makes this small mobile friendly community going. Keep in touch and Stay safe!!! Cheers!

    @Everyone – Thanks a lot everyone!! And also a big thanks again for letting me know about the mail links issue messing up the page. Peace!

  216. Have you tested all these games for spyware/malware and viruses? How do you know these files are safe to download?
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  222. Hi everyone, I am sorry that some of the games were showing as E-mail links. Actually a recent change on the site messed that up. I have NOW FIXED ALL E-MAIL Links πŸ™‚

    Cheers and enjoy!

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    Can someone explain how to install those games that we have to install? I tried following the below instructions but do not see the game appearing in my applications list, unlike when I install a .jar java game where the game will appear automatically.


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    tk cre man keep it up………..cheers…

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  253. Nokia 5700 user

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    I have been looking for it on MOSH too, nothing else than DJ and bowling there to.

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  281. Viv~

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  282. Lol… thanks a lot πŸ™‚ I am glad that you like the site! Your feedback is always welcomed and read. Do send your requests every now and then and I will try my best to get it for ya! Cheers!

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    There is nothing best for my n93i on the net
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    Brother Really a nice website, I cannot play the games in my nokia 6680. Skyforce 240*320 loaded but screen donot cover. Please suggest me to install tbe application so that i can play in my 6680

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    For N95-8g..shd i download the 320×240 or 240×320..
    Anyone who may help in this q?

    Great list..can’t finish selecting…cho cho

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    Luckily for’s foc here.

    Lord of war..awesome!!

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    Share with us which is the best games that you have tried out from the list/

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    It`s easy to install the games(after unzipping them) with the “Nokia Install Icon” but how to install a game, for example Lego Star Wars, that don`t have that install file?
    I try to copy all the single files to my E65, did not work, i also tried the Nokia Application Installer did not work, too.
    Maybe there is someone who can help me, thanx in advance.


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