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Posted September 25, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Sometimes when you want something the most because it is of that important to you, ironically you never get it! It has been the story of my life since I can remember and I am pretty sure that I am not the only one with this issue. While none of us can get rid of all the problems of our life with the push of a button, with the application installed on your handheld mobile and smartphones devices of Nokia and others, you will be able to get rid at least one sure problem!! Voice logging or call logging at office, home, outside or even in a courtroom can be the most important thing in your life and it is that easy to do it. However, most of us are kinda careless about it and when we need to prove what person X promised to person Y we never get it done!

Greetings occupants! With all that being already said I am presenting you today with a very useful and easy to use mobile call recording application or software. It is called Xelnex Lite and I assure you that it will make your life much easier to manage.

What is so good about Xelnex Lite that it is being featured by Chaos Inc.? Aren’t there already enough voice recording application out there in the Nokia software market? Yes there are and I have actually published nearly all the good mobile call recording applications in the past. Moreover, Xelnex is kinda more efficient than most of them, comes as much more handy while it is easy to implement and use!! With Xelnex call recorder Lite you will be able to record calls, all of them whenever you want without the push of any buttons of your cell phones.

Xelnex Call Recorder Lite has the ability to record incoming calls, outgoing calls and conference calls automatically. It can save those recorded cell phones call recordings in your memory card or phone memory which ensures that it will be able to use it till you run out of space. Xelnex Call Recorder Lite also ensures that you save your recordings in the most efficient manner, hence it has the ability to save your call recordings of for e.g. a conference call as mp3, wav or amr. While most call recordings sound more than clear if you use the amr version of saves but if you are recording a conference call then the quality of recording might get hampered. Hence, for conference calls I will personally advice you to use mp3 format. There is no restriction of time or quality as you can see and you can play the recorded calls straight in your Nokia multimedia player or via your Nokia PcSuite applicaton on the laptop/desktop. Of course call recordings can also be selected to be manual and not only automatic.

Since this is a lightweight application and goes easy on the flash memory, it does not crash at all in the background even when you are playing a Nokia based mobile game or browsing the web through Opera Mobile or your mobile phone’s default WAP browser. It also does not interfere when you are trying to launch another application with Xelnex running in the background which is really another important plus of Xelnex mobile voice logger software. The most important feature of Xelnex however is it’s built in option to turn off the annoying “beep” during call recordings. And to comply with different laws of different countries, Xelnex also have developed a pop up flash message which will warn and remind you about the laws when you turn off call beeping, so yes with Xelnex Call Recorder Lite you can be sure that you are respecting the laws and recording your calls “beepless” when and where it is applicable. Last but not the least is it’s one dedicated button to recall your call recordings so that you can review the recording or listen to it without ever switching the application!! All in all, this useful and lite mobile phones application delivers what it is supposed to deliver, record calls without any issues or sudden crashes quite discreetly.

Xelnex is compatible with all the Nokia 3rd edition Series 60 or S60 os N-Series and E-Series cell phones of Nokia and others. The list of phones for Nokia includes Nokia N96, N95, N93, N92, N91, N79, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, N71, N81, N82, N85, N6600, 6120, 6121, 5700 XpressMusic, 5710, 5610, 5500 Sport, Nokia 8800 Luna, Arte and Sirocco, 6300, 3250, 6290, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E66, E70, E71, E90 etc and more. Also it will not be effected by your cell phone’s network operator so all GSM and WCDMA based operators are supported including AT&T Wireless, Telenor, T-Mobile or T-Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Hutch, DoCoMo, Orange Mobile UK, Singtel, Airtel, 3G Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Digi, France Telecom, RIM, Telstra, Optimus, MTN Group, TIM Wireless, Telefonica, America Movil, TeliaSonera, MTS, Etisalat, Sprint, Nextel, Telkomsel, Zain etc. You can use this regardless if your cell phone is unlocked or locked and you are under a contract, or even if you are using a phone with pre-paid plans or post paid plans.


PDA Call Recorder

Nokia Call Recorder Download

Mobile Call Records

Beep Off Nokia Download

Call and SMS Manager

Psiloc Xelnex Download


Xilnix Call Recorder Psiloc Nokia

Nokia PcSuite Mode


Download Nokia Call Recorder for Smartphones

Please subscribe to the RSS Feed before downloading and using this fantastic and efficient Nokia Series 60 based symbian os platform’s mobile application. Cheers and happy call recording!

P.S. – Xelnex Lite have re-branded themselves as VoxTrack, check out the rebranded new version of this mobile application in the post I made earlier.

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  1. qr

    can ayone kindly send me key for psiloc xelnex lite call recorder for N73 on my yahoo e mail qr_h2001@yahoo.com. i shall b grateful.
    imie No of my Nokia N73 is 357861014661176

  2. qr 2h

    can ayone kindly send me key for psiloc xelnex lite call recorder for N73 on my yahoo e mail qr_h2001@yahoo.com. i shall b grateful

  3. qr 2h

    anyone can kindly send me key for psiloc xelnex lite call recorder for N73 on my e mail qr_h2001@yahoo.com. i shall b grateful

  4. This is an android call recorder app that is feature packed & easy to use!

  5. murali

    its awesome

  6. cinu

    its not working in N96, certificate error

  7. samet

    yorum yapmak şartmı kardeşim.

  8. vipin gupta

    its not working on nokia e 71. showing some certificate error while installation. some body plz help??????????????????

  9. Manoj juneja

    All aplction not work on c3 01 tuch+kepayd why?
    I want call record and other app ns which work on my mobile.

  10. sanalkumar.a.b

    file does not support to mobile (Nokia x3). kindly help.

    sis file not match sir….please help…..

  11. sanalkumar.a.b

    file does not support to mobile (Nokia x3). kindly help. (sis not match)
    please help sir. please….

  12. jk

    I am using Nokia E 63, is it will work in e63. please advise.

  13. Mathew thomas

    Very good

  14. mobile call recorder download

  15. vinodh

    certificate error contact supplier

  16. Roy

    DARK Warrior, ssa ado :

    Deep/hard format your phone, and try reinstall again.

  17. i have e71 , I am getting beep while on recording. pls help me

  18. Mann Sandhu

    file does not support to mobile (Nokia E71). kindly help.

  19. M Hasrat

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooooooooooooooood.

  20. my e51 imei=358997011410680 ple send me code rameshkumar400se@ovi.com

  21. DARK Warrior

    this one how ever gave a message :

    certificate error contact supplier

  22. DARK Warrior

    most of the applications that i hav down loaded from this site do not install on the phone n give an error message:

    can not install a trusted application from an untrusted supplier

    can any one help me with this problem please…

    Thanx in advance

  23. San

    I am getting beep while on recording. Let me try this one first…

  24. sstoni

    thank you

  25. issa ado

    If i try to install on my n91 it show certificate error.please help me…thanks

  26. issa ado

    If i try to install it show certificate error.please help me…thanks

  27. kamal

    hey guys…i updated my n95 8gb phone firmware……it always give some error while installing ny binpda or symbian applications….even i cannot hack my phone thru drakarious ….it says component built in…..plz suggest me wat shld i do….the main purpose is i want xelnex lite software to install….
    if somebody help ne out or just pass me the licence code…thnx

  28. athar durrani

    with n82 being termed as unhackable, will this install on my n82 fw 31??

  29. naveen

    sir this software is not instaling in my nokia n73 mobile . it is a winarr format what the easy way of to change its sis format and also when i tried to do it it says certificate error contact aplicater suplier. plz help me to instal it becaz i liked the features of this software very very very much

  30. Furqan Zafar

    Will it work on my Nokia 5610?

  31. Gedit

    Certificate error…
    I am tired of people posting unchecked and cracked SW that wouldn’t work.. What’s the point?

    By the way, changed my date 2 years back… didn’t help. Certification error (not expired)!

  32. sam

    Hi am using Nokia N 70. It says File Corrupted.
    I tried uploading to my mobile couple of times more, yet it still says “File Corrupted.”

    Pls help.

  33. dhistud

    guys m using nokia e 71 & cant install cos it is in .rar format ,while d fone accepts only .sis format…help!!!

  34. Cris

    Won’t install on my N 82 . It says bad certificate or some certificate issues.

  35. Lokko

    Hi, I have downloaded the application, but when i am trying to install it, it says certificate expired please contact the application supplier. The time and date on my mobile are valid.
    I am using Nokia E71.
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    • Will

      Whenever you got this kind of message “certification expired”, all you need to do is change the time of your mobile. Turn it back 1 year – Path: TOOLS > SETTINGS > GENERAL > DATE AND TIME.
      Good luck.

    • qudi

      change the time of ur fone to the last year bye

  36. Lokko

    I am using Nokia E71.

  37. Kriger

    Check if time and date on your mobile are valid

  38. Mehmood

    Hi! I have downloaded the software but when I want to install it says certificate expired! I am using Nokia e62. Please tell me how to install.

    Thanks & regards,

  39. sai

    hi this is really a great software which i want

  40. @tintin – No it does not work with 6300.
    Nokia 3250 Nokia E50 Nokia E70 Nokia N78 Nokia N93i
    Nokia 5500 Nokia E51 Nokia E71 Nokia N80 Nokia N95
    Nokia 5700 Nokia E60 Nokia E90 Nokia N81 Nokia N95
    Nokia 6110 Navigator Nokia E61 Nokia N71 Nokia N81 Nokia N96
    Nokia 6120 Classic Nokia E61i Nokia N73 Nokia N82
    Nokia 6210 Navigator Nokia E62 Nokia N75 Nokia N91
    Nokia 6220 Classic Nokia E65 Nokia N76 Nokia N92
    Nokia 6290 Nokia E66 Nokia N77 Nokia N93

    • Aabhas

      it doesn’t work with my nokia n81 . ..it says certificate”certificate error contact the application supplier”…. wt shud i do ?????? pls help me out !!!

  41. Please contact me via email with easier assistance on this software.
    Xelnex (pty) ltd
    South Africa

  42. tintin

    does this work with nokia 6300?

  43. Tyler

    hey, mines now saying that phone wont support this version and i have to download the latest one, but ive looked around and there is no latest one. please help

  44. i am a police inspector and i want use ur software

  45. Hi people,
    This is a product from our company. Don’t know where you got this copy of the application, but we can probably give you the real one to test. We also have the upgraded version of this software, Xelnex Enterprise. The big difference is that all the recorded calls are streamed to a secure hosting facility. You would access these files via our website with user name and password. There you can listen or download the file to your local pc. It is indexed by Date, time, duration and caller ID (CLI). Send me an email if you would like assistance.
    Kind Regards
    Xelnex Team
    Thinus Theart

  46. you hv to hack your phone to install this unsigned software.your secman will not work here.you hv2 install capoff and capon al

  47. inder

    while installing xelnex lite i get certificate error please let me know what do i have to do. also let me know whats binpds secman and do i have to download it before installing xelnex lite. and from where will i download it. please help



  48. ShaDow

    I’m looking for some software that will allow me to set the flag fall price of my calls, and also a rate per 30 seconds, and will automatically log and keep track of my call costs for the month. It’d be great if it included SMS too…

    Does such a program exist?

  49. i need a call recorder for personal use and this fitsd my requirements

  50. Juzza

    Could some one help us out with the installation? I have tried setting the clock a year back from the release date (23/09/08) but I still manage to get the ‘certificate error’ message, help?


  51. Jorge

    Hi!, first I want to thank you for the great work you do with your web page(to share info, app’s, games, themes about symbian), that is really cool.
    Xelnex it’s the app I was looking for, but I can’t install it, it gives “Update Error” (Error de actualizacion) during installation, I have a Nokia E65.


    Sorry I don’t speak/write english very well.

  52. inder

    while installing xelnex lite i get certificate error please let me know what do i have to do. also let me know whats binpds secman and do i have to download it before installing xelnex lite. and from where will i download it.



  53. Guru

    Although I have Binpda Secman installed, I still get a “certificate error” while installing xelnex. Could you help?

  54. guru

    Although I have Binpda Secman installed, I still get a “certificate error” while installing xelnex.

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