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Posted May 31, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications


  1. Hi there! I just want to give you a huge thumbs upp for the excellent information you have here on this post.
    I am coming back to your website for more soon.

  2. chapoth gatkek


  3. karam daoudi

    on my nokia n95

  4. Got

    I want to download.

  5. iqbal

    its certificate has been expired

  6. andrew

    thanks maaaaaaaaaan so much

  7. n this latest version the messenger interface have been enhanced even more, you can do conference chat on the go and even chat in five different friends in five different windows at a time from your mobile phone or PDA.

  8. joel

    when i open the file it says certificate expired. help please.

  9. cum pot sa-l am si eu pe telefon

  10. il vreau si eu pe telefon

  11. shadi

    i downloaded it on my Satio and it said ” Certificate Expired”

  12. Kassy

    I practically live on MSN. I love this. I really do. I’m on pre-paid and spend hours on this with no reduction in my credit and I connect through my phone service providers interent. Lets call them Orange for now.
    When I open up this app on my Nokia E51 it comes up with “connecting via Orange internet.” Will I get billed by Orange at the end of the month?

  13. jesse

    the app can’t be installed on my nokia e63 .
    it says that the certificated is expired
    any solution? thx before πŸ™‚

  14. Talla

    i download for my nokia e65

  15. Suze

    hey, i downloaded this app for my n86.. I wanted to install it and all i got is ‘Invalid Certificate’
    why is it so hard to find a mobile version of msn that will actually install? Instead of ‘invalid jar file’ or some other error πŸ™

    • ths

      I got the same error! Any solution for that? I have a E51 and can’t find any solution for syncing that device with windows live!



  16. Aboobakar

    i download both download for my nokia e63 & the latest one said that its “Certificate expires” & the second one installer which is old one said that “Sign In failure” so is there any solutions of this; (

  17. KDK

    perfekt it works on my SE Satio ::D

  18. Betts

    I have an N97 and after I downloaded it says not compatible with my phone.

  19. Zviperco

    Does it work on Nokia N97?

  20. daniel

    Wifi access points dont show up, its only the data charge ones that do. Ive got a 5530xm. Thanks

  21. Manwar

    hi , its working on my nokia n80 but arabic language comes reversed ( left to righte ) any ideas ???

  22. Sid

    HI . i am have nokia 3120 classic and wanted to know if you can help me find msn messnger mobile application for that …much thanks

  23. Laurenn

    hi, i am just downloading the file now. . . but just realised that its for nokias!! lol, and i have a song ericsson! Oops, does anyone know if i should try and put it on my phone? and whether it will simply not work or will damage my phone.


    • Hello Lauren, it depends on your phone’s operating system. Even a smartphone like SonyEricsson with a Symbian OS operating system should work fine and will not harm your device in any way.

      However, for the sake of transparency always remember that on a Sony Ericsson if you install any 3rd party apps there is a 0.001% or less percentage chance of any sort of harm.

  24. kenny

    how come it doesn’t work on my nokia e63?

    • Hey Kenny, I only recently updated the version of windows live messenger for mobile which will work with your Nokia E63 Symbian edition phone.

      Feel free to try it again and thanks a lot for visiting the blog and for your feedback πŸ™‚

  25. nathan

    this is great i’ve been looking for this for ages and thanks to you i’ve got it on my N95 πŸ˜€ cheers mate

  26. Nikhoss


    What is your Mobile Theme please?? It seems to be great!

    Thx U!

  27. Gavin Chong

    Dear Sir

    This is Gavin from Singapore. I am having problem installing Windows.Live.Messenger in my E90.
    I have downloaded 1), 2) and 3) in phone now. However, I have mananed to install and when I download 2) shareonline_msn, it failed to download bcause I was asked to install the base package first, how can I install it? Lasty when I Download 3) Windows. Live. Messenger, the icon still appeared but it was not functioned. I can send or read msn chat from friend.
    Can you please help me to solve the problem? URGENT! Thank you.
    Kind regards
    From Singapore

  28. Ahmad

    i want a msn messenger that supports sending ofline messages……………………..for my mobile N73
    it shoul b other than ebuddy coz tha has a problem these days sayin PRINCIPAL NOT ONLINE
    can any budddy help?????

  29. GreatWall

    Hi, When I try to install dep.sisx on my phone it says that is already integrated in my phone. I have a N78.
    Does Anyone knows what do I have to do?


  30. dr goyal

    hi im not able to download any themes to my e90. Plz help.

  31. someone :)

    thank you for this man πŸ˜‰

  32. Attila Demir

    I downloaded MSN mobile,but I couuldn’t install it to my Nokia E90 by zip manager.Can you help me step by step.

  33. FeZaR Shaw

    thats really good.. thanks a lot

  34. Mav

    Hi it does not work on my N96 (T-Mobile) Help please.

  35. fatah

    this is excellent software

  36. sebastiaan

    Hope this will work

  37. hamza

    It does not show the sent emails in the sent folder? Secondly I have to synchronize manually to check for email, doesnt it have push email? if yes, how to configure that?

  38. @gg-gk – You are quite welcome!

    Thanks a lot everyone!! Your support for me is what really matters so thanks a lot for the support.

  39. gg-gk

    real thanx i was looking 4 it 4 alomg time
    &… it’s work in my n82 very will
    ^^ thanx ageain

  40. hunnain

    thx alot brother

  41. Tanfeo

    My E61i said file corrupted

  42. littleTassa

    working well on my Nokia N95

  43. Brandon

    it’s not working properly on my N82, seems like i can see my friend list online, but the message cannot sent trough. Anyone faced this problem before? HeLp~

  44. yoma

    This won’t work.

  45. Tim

    Working well on an N95 8G- except how do you enable push email? I can only sync manually.

  46. You will be charged exactly the way you would have been charged if you browse your internet through a wap or opera browser. No special charge except the internet charge πŸ™‚

  47. Daniel

    I installed it on my N82, after that, it apears a message. It says that soon i will be charged with a cost of using it. Is it true? how will i be charged? Thanks.

  48. To synchronize the emails you have to select it from the options menu after being signed in. It will ask if you want to set up and sync now, press yes and voila you are done.

    Those which needs certificates, well simply change the date back and install it or check out my tutorial section and I’ve written a detailed and easy tutorial on what exactly you need to do.

    Best of luck πŸ™‚

  49. ricky

    Some softwares need a CERTIFICATE. I dont no where to get from or what to do
    NOKIA 3250. Help me in this matter.

  50. michael####

    hi i have a samsung g810 whose os is s60 v3 but i cant seem to install this on there? pls help
    almost all other nokia s60 v3 apps install and not this.

  51. Andreas

    WLM works fine on a E51.
    Does anyone know how to set up WLM to synchronise mail automaticly?
    I cant find this option

  52. M

    Doesnt work on my nokia E65 either.

  53. haris

    hey i need windows live messenger for my N72 please anybody help me to find out the correct version for it.. because every time i download it from several web sites its format not support on my cell phone… but once i download it and it was working very fine and very charming.. but now i cant install it.

  54. Charlie

    How can i get it on my phone?

  55. You are most welcome, and thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  56. Fillipo

    Thanx 4 this n i luv ur themes 2

  57. Colin

    Works like a charm on my N95

  58. Y@nou

    not work on my nokia E65…

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