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Posted February 28, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Make your mobile phone’s user interface & operational efficiency like Windows Desktop or make it touch controllable or the iPhone like, or better even, work on your important documents through the actual Microsoft Word. Make your symbian small-screen mobile so personalized that it functions the way you like and when you like it without the need of too many applications hogging up your phone memory or them killing your Nokia mobile phone CPU cycles!

Today I am going to publish a different kind of post and will be reviewing two of the of the best platforms that will act as a new add-on of platform based mobile software to enhance the user experience by adding a completely new platform to the symbian OS operating system. They all have one thing in common and that is they all allows you to personalize your smartphone, its usability or UI.  In my opinion these are the next best thing to the standard applications like Quickoffice, Smartmovies, LCG Jukebox etc. Through all these fine applications you will be able to customize your Nokia the way you always wanted your smartphone to be without any hassle at all.

All these Nokia mobile software are exclusively made for symbian based  devices only and are not compatible to any phone that is not running the S60 OS.

The category I will be focusing is that of a different experience of the interface of the Nokia symbian operating system.

  • iPhone Experience on Nokia:

Symbian Plus was one of the pioneering applications that really redefined the way we can use our phone. I am sure that most of you have SymbianPlus already installed on your Nokia smartphone but if you dont then you can get it from the post of Series 60 or S60 Symbian Plus on Nokia symbian themes.

IPhone on Nokia

IPhone on Nokia

However though it will let you use your Nokia like an iPhone it will not fulfill the need of the Windows Desktop now will it?

  • Windows Desktop Experience on Nokia (Visually):

For that you will have to install the brand new add on software called Real Vista Desktop for Nokia (it also supports the visual elements of windows XP too) which can turn your Symbian menu into a full featured Windows UI phone. Real Vista Desktop is an add-on for the mobile version of the FlashLite player. With Real Vista Desktop you will be able to enjoy almost same visual experience of Windows Vista installed on your smartphone.

You can add new icons to the Start Menu, set up access points to be used, start the calculator, launch contacts and many other things from one single start up dock menu. Real Vista Desktop for Nokia mobile devices is a must have application if you are in love with your phone but not with how you have to navigate through. The download archive also features several different mobile phone backgrounds and themes so you can be quite sure that you will like em!

Check out some of the features illustration:

GDESK for Nokia

GDESK for Nokia


GDESK Ultimate for Nokia

GDESK Ultimate for Nokia



Download GDESK

  • Windows Desktop Experience on Nokia (Functionally):

To achieve the functionality of Windows Desktop on Nokia you will have to start off with the native core of Windows, MS-DOS. Yes that can surely be achieved with the help of the latest applications in the market today called the DOS BOX Emulator for Nokia symbian smartphones which lets you run DOS Commands, thus virtually letting you run any program that is based on the DOS Platform. This is a gigantic leap for the entire smartphones technology and you are welcome to be a part of it!

Through this most important mobile application you will be able to run softwares like Microsoft Paint, play games like Solitaire, Do Word & Excel document Processing, and virtually everything else that Windows 98 lets you do.

Can you imagine that? Just check out some of the unbelievable screen shots below:

Windows Setup on Nokia

Windows Setup on Nokia


Windows Desktop on Nokia

Windows Desktop on Nokia


Ms Hearts on Nokia

Ms Hearts on Nokia


Paint on Nokia

Paint on Nokia

You can also check out the demonstrations video below from you tube!!

So you see that this application is a big step for the Windows-Nokia platform integration and might play a vital step in the future starting from now! Please do not forget to check out the newly launched mobile phone store of Chaos Inc. Nokia Symbian themes that is located for you to take advantage of!

Download DosBox with the native Windows 3.1 package:



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The above mentioned smartphones based Nokia applications are compatible with Nokia N-Series, E-Series, S60 handhelds like Nokia N81, N82, N85, N80, N76, N75, E51, E50, E60, E62,N71, 6290, E66, E70, 5800 Xpress Music, N79, N78, N77, 5700, 5710, 6120, 6121, E61, N91, N96, N93, N92, N95, N96, N97, N95, N96, E65, E71, 5500, N73, E90, N97, N85 etc.

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  1. M.A.Rasheed

    thanks a lot

  2. M.A.Rasheed

    thanks very useful apps i got for my phone

  3. M.A.Rasheed

    thanks again and again

  4. M.A.Rasheed

    thanks again

  5. make the date of your phone16/12/2009

  6. wahabullah

    i have installed the dosbox but he not working. when i start it reqiured to z[ code what i do next.

  7. rahul

    expired certificate…..

  8. sathsih

    Hi i am using E71 and i am prompted that the certificate has expired.

  9. cristian

    awsome!!! :D:D:D windows 3.1 today , windows 2000 tomorow, and so on……great job

  10. Wesley

    I tried it but its saying Certificate expired

  11. Me

    Windows Vista looks great,but my phone says that sertificate is old.

  12. Nagesh

    Will the previous menu system be intact as it is now after installing… What i am asking is both OS would be available?

  13. naved

    Download New phot to go

  14. how does it install???????????????

  15. anonymous

    i have installed it and it works amazing on my cell phone.

  16. archimonde92

    i have nokia n73 and 6120classic, but i cant install them on my phones. there was “unable to install a protected file from an untrusted supplier” shown when i installing the sis file.
    Plz help me… and give me the instructions that how to install it…

  17. archimonde92

    I cant install its on my n73. When i install the sis file, there was “unable to install a protected file from an untrusted supplier” shown.

  18. bisa nggak downlond ggratis

  19. Mubashir

    It is written in README file that it contains a sis file for automatic installing.
    But it is not included and i cant install it manually.
    Plz give that sis file(no matter if it is unsigned) or give step by step manual instructions.
    Application seems interesting

  20. i want window visata desktop software with compatible to my mobile nokia e65 and can be update software and get full version to my mobile throuch pay send sms. to my mobile. and more software to my fon.pls try ur best.

  21. babigabi

    i have n80 nokia, i instal all the programs, but i don t know to configure the “dosbox.conf”, know someoane? pleaze!

  22. kesh

    Kindly send me the activte code to my email, and guide me how to install it pls!


  23. Boban

    How can i install this softvare on Nokia N80? Please help me!!!!!!!!!

    • Luke

      First you have to download package. After you must run it on your pc using dosbox. Next delete calmira for this windows. Moreover you must download windows install disks and windows display library disks and change display type to cga. At least copy this windows to data folder on memory card and change dosbox.conf. Set resolution to 416×352, memory to 2 and set path to place where you copy your windows. Note: using the newest version of dosbox you will get fullscreen desktop.

      Sorry for my english, I’m from poland and my english is not good.

  24. bablu

    how can i get this software for n70

  25. Aaf

    Hey every body. This programm is hacked to run in 65 mb modus. After my reasearch i found out that you need at least 65 mb on your phone memory. I tryed to innstall it on N73 me. But the slim version doesnt work it tells memory full…… If someone finds a way to use it onn N73 me please let me Know


  26. Hey please HELP!!!
    I have installed all the programs but then the read me says unpack Unpack

  27. i can not download programme on my nokia e71 more then 40% and error displayed unable to download. Pls help me to download this programme and run on my nokia e71
    Pls help me…

  28. aaf

    Hey please HELP!!!
    I have installed all the programs but then the read me says unpack Unpack ‘Win3.1-on-s60_v1.1.rar’ archive to your Memory Card. When i downloaded it from here it was Win3.1-on-s60_v1.1.part1 and Win3.1-on-s60_v1.1.part2 but the bouth haves the same files, And the same names in it. I cant copy if it is same name on the archive.

    Please, PLEASE. tell me how to do it the read me is a little bit confusing.

    Thanx. ps sorry my bad english.

  29. help!!!! help!!!! please help me i cant run this application on nokia n82 i have intalled dobox and after that i was run application but it displayed like ms-dos program…. plese tell me solustion of this prob.


  30. sam

    wat is d language to this software?
    cause after i install it to my phone(n82),the language is seem like not english,n it is blur
    how can i solve this problem?

  31. Sadiq

    Hi Chaos Inc,

    I have gone through the software and the provide read me and find it very confusing.
    Can you please give me instruction on how to install this app on N95 8 gb. My phn is tweaked with the hello carbide symbian hack and installserver .exe hack.

    Please do the needful.



  32. samir

    Hi downloaded doth the apps will install in a short n let u guys no…… thnx

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