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Posted July 10, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

As a businessman there is nothing more irritating than receiving an unnecessary call when you are busy as hell with work. You know that if you reject the call then the caller will call you again and if you answer it then you will be kicked out of the meeting or at least everyone else will think ‘Does he/she ever concentrate on the most important discussions….. sighs… ‘. Well my dear friends of Nokia symbian themes, the problem is now solved with the next business focused set of applications I am going to present you today! As the title suggests it is called Webgate Advanced Call Manager, but wait I am also going to include Webgate Easy Reject, Webgate Voice Inbox and Webgate Advanced Device Lock Professional with it so that you do not miss out of anything!

Previously I also published Ultimate Portable Voice Call Recorder, which actually has a function similar to the Webgate Voice Inbox. However, it seems that the market demand is more for Voice Inbox. It is completely upto you and you alone that which one’s interface you like better. In the past I also publised the Private One SMS and Call Manager for 3rd edition phones which I personally use, so do give it a go to see how it compares to Webgate Call manager. They are both similar and efficient to say the least.

Let us look at the features of these applications at a quick glance, shall we?

Webgate Advanced Call Manager actually can reject or accept calls from a pre defined set of numbers which you can directly choose from the contacts via Black List or simply input it manually. You can additionally delete or hide sms from those numbers if you want to. Not only that, with advanced call manager you have the option to send a predefined set of SMS when you reject calls automatically, thus saving you quite a bit of trouble when you are really busy or want to avoid incoming calls from someone specific. This application is quite lightweight and runs in the background without crashing itself or without any slowing down your symbian operating system even one bit. Beside all these you can define it to accept calls only from contacts, or only from unknown numbers. The “hide call details and SMS” option actually works like the famous MUM SMS application for 2nd edition phones like the N70 or 6681.


Webgate call manager for Nokia

Now let us take a look at the best selling Webgate Advanced Device Locks Professional. This one is a utility based software for you smartphones and you can actually make you important files very secure, thus making sure that in case you lost your handhelds or it is somehow stolen, important details like your Bank account number or credit card numbers cannot be exposed. Or, if you use a push based Mobile E-Mail application then you can restrict who can access it by simply setting a password to open up the application. This will make sure that no one gets access to what no one should get access to! Not only that, you have the option to delete data remotely through this application, thus making sure that no personal contact details are being exposed to the thief through your phone. This is really very useful in terms of security of your data in the memory card or the phone memory of your cell phone. If the perpetrator decides to change the SIM card then you can set it up so that it secretly SMS you that new number of your stolen phone’s GSM SIM card and you can submit the details to the proper authority like the police immediately and proper actions can be taken.


ADL pro Nokia Download

With Webgate Easy Reject you can actually reject calls and SMS only, thus it is very much useful if you use another dedicated software or application for the file security of your phone. It simply rejects the call of a Black List number or accept the calls only from White List numbers. Lightweight and straight to the point, this is an application that can also reject SMS, incoming calls and video calls on the go! Basically, if you want someone to keep away from you and your cell phone then this application is the one, period!


Easy Reject or Reject CallsAuto Hide SMS Auto Hide SMS Nokia

Last but not the least is the Webgate Voice Inbox application. What this superb application does is build a virtual inbox inside your phone so that you do not have to call your voice mail box everytime someone calls you and leaves a voice message. But you will ask me now that aren’t the voice messages stored in the network carrier’s router or base station? No they are not with this application. What this application does is record the calls after a few rings (which you can decide how long it will be) automatically and tells the caller with the IVR function to leave a message. It doesn’t let the call get forwarded to the voice mailbox in other words and pulls the playback from your memory card directly thus saving you loads of otherwise incurring phone bills. That’s not all, just like a window pops up when you have a new sms in your phone, a window pops up here too telling you that you have a new voice message! How cool is that?


Voice Mail Inbox Nokia

All these applications are free to download and should work with any mobile carrier including but not limited to AT&T, Vodafone, Vodacom, T-Mobile, Go and Dash, Prepaid phones, Djuice, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Orange Mobile Uk, Airtel, Cingular, Telenor, grameenphone etc and more. All 3rd edition Nokia symbian phones like the Nokia N80, N71, N73, N91, N92, 5700 Xpress Music, 5710, 6110, 5500 Sport, 6120, 6121, 6290, Nokia N95, N92, N93, N96, N78, N76, E50, E51, E65, N81, N82, E60, E61, E62, E71, E70, E90, 3250 etc and more are all compatible with all these applications. PDA and palmtops are not yet compatible with this one so all you Blackberry and HTC users just hang on. So download them and enjoy! Do subscribe to the RSS feed before downloading though, cheers!



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  1. Bface.

    I’ve downloaded this wonderful application and i must confess that i really enjoyed it. The only problem i’m having now is the activation key as the one i downloaded is a trial version. I’m using a nokia n70 and my serial number is: 352753017488378. You can send it to that email address above.Thanks in anticipation.

  2. jumare

    hello! this is the best nokia software site i ever come across.keep on the good work

  3. Raj

    Its one of the most useful application in todays world. I appreciate all your efforts for all this whole heartedly. But instead of a trial version is it possible for you to give me key code? ill be obliged to you if you can please give it to me via email on raj_sakaria@rediffmail.com. As my IMEI No. is 356387029856268

  4. Benzmed77

    Merci c’est une bonne application

    • Neeraj

      Ishtaq bhai , there is no advance device lock app. In that zip folder sending u with call manager n other plz ..update it again..thank u

  5. @zonicool – Absolutely no virus inside!!!! Change your antivirus software to either Symantec or McAfee !!

  6. day

    why only trial version? the other file dont run

  7. maaz

    call manager is a useful software

  8. indra

    fully download but cant extract what happen?

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