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Posted December 3, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

There are quite a few applications that are out there to help you customize the home screen display of your symbian touchscreen PDA and Series 60 smartphones. There is Epocware’s Handy Shell which can help you quite a bit when you want to customize the screen and there is also the ported version of the official GDesk (ported from the UIQ) which can help you further. However, both of these mobile apps lack the simplicity and the core essentials that you would expect from them.

Some are way too complicated while some are plain “blunt” with their offered features. Then came the days of the Nokia 5th edition Home Screen Widgets which did solve the need of such home-screen customization based apps significantly but still a general user had to install a bunch of untested and unsigned apps on their mobile handsets to make them work the way they wanted.

For those of you who is reading this post, all these may just have vanished with this particular post today. Today I feature you an excellent, uber-cool mobile app which will make life easy for you in terms of home screen customization on your smartphones. Voyager Home Screen or popularly known as just vHome Desktop is one of a kind powerful symbian mobile app which will help you to customize the display screen or active standby screen of your 3rd edition Symbian devices like the E71, N82, N95 8gb and all others. vHome Desktop powers itself by providing you with functions and customization options on your home screen that most symbian users have not yet dreamed about!

vHome Desktop for Nokia offers you the option to easily integrate several RSS or ATOM feeds (syndication based) on your smartphone’s home screen. This all in app vHome can easily turn your Nokia symbian’s home screen into a full portal where all the information including those from your social profile to the weather condition of your location is being displayed.

vHome Customization on Mobile

vHome Customization on Mobile

Let us take a quick look at the more prominent features of vHome Desktop or Voyager Home Screen:

Quick Lock: Also known as Start Lock which is an easy and automatic lock for keypad buttons of your phone.

Application Shortcuts: Offers an option to organize application shortcuts and widgets on two rows on the home screen.

My Fav Contacts: A simple call and SMS log enhancer which displays your most called/sms-ed contacts on the home screen for one click dialing.

Contact Short Keys: Also known as Smart Keys, this option enabled you can assign a specific contact to a specific combination of number such as 2255 or 6969. When you dial 6969 or 2255 vHome automatically recognizes the command and calls up the assigned contact for that combination of number, much like an automated short key call manager.

vHome Desktop App on Symbian

vHome Desktop App on Symbian

Built in Apps: vHome comes with a number of built in apps which can fetch your local weather conditions, fetch any feed updates from any blogs and sites around the world and display them on the home screen of your smartphones. The weather details will include information about wind velocity, precipitation chances and much more which will be displayed on multiple rows.

Social Community Friendly: vHome for Nokia Symbian has the ability to fetch the updates from your social profiles located at Facebook and Twitter. It can also display those updates on the home screen of your symbian devices automatically for the rest of the day without the need of multiple sign-in sessions.

Multiple Icons and Widgets: Can double deck the home screen of your Nokia symbian with over 12 individual icons each with its custom functions and actions that you can decide upon. On devices with a bigger screen like the E71, N97 or Nokia 5800 all 12 icons still leaves the space to make the screen appear clutter free.

Search Widgets: Comes with a built in Google Search widget through you can query and display any number of searches straight from your Symbian’s home screen without the need of opening up a browser first.

Built in Color Themes: The latest version of vHome for Symbian comes with a variation of 10 different color schemes ensuring that you do not get bored at any point of time and choose the color you like whenever you feel like it.

Loads of Extras: Other cool extras are also included with this app which includes displaying of the Lunar Cycle, messing with the Operator Logo, getting the latest currency exchange rates etc.

Nokia Homescreen Customization

Nokia Homescreen Customization

Download vHome

Download vHome 3.23 (Outdated)

Download vHome

Download vHome 3.73 (latest)

Nokia Symbian N-Series and E-Series devices from the S60 V5 to the S60 V3 smartphones and touchscreen PDA handsets are supported. This includes Nokia N97 and N97 Mini, X3 and X6, 6120, N81, N80, N85, N73, N71, E50, E75, N95 8gb, N82, N78, 5700 and 5800 XpressMusic, E66, 6290, 3250, E51, E70, N75, N76, E71, E63, E65, N86, N79, N77, N91, N92, N93, N95, N96, E90, E72, E62, E61 etc.

Please do subscribe to the RSS feed before downloading this Nokia app to customize the home screen of your symbian devices. Subscription is free and effortless!

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  1. Mohammed Ashraf

    vhome 3.73 can be installed in my nokia x6 but the application does not start or do not take effect in my phone. my nokia x6 is updated with V 40.0.002 software version. somebody please help.

  2. Vhome et juste an anglais S.V.P. esse possible de le donner an français aussi Merci

    ses une bonne aplication qui permet d’avoire plusieur page et plus.je suis saftifais je donne 7/10
    il fontionne bien sur le nokia c5-03

  3. vinoth

    how to unsubcribe for vhome channels in mobile nokia c5

  4. vinoth

    how to unsubcribe for channels in vhome for my mobile c5

  5. Anish

    very cooooool App!!! 🙂 Thanks a lot…..

  6. Cool, trya this. Thanks

  7. Ken

    Love this app but need email on the home screen, how do i get this to work???????

  8. Aditya

    how to get facebook in the social homescreen plugin,, only twitter is appearing

  9. Laszlo

    Perfect and free.
    Thank you so much.
    My Question: How can I see latest “currency exchange rates”?
    Rss? Wich?

  10. Bebe

    O treaba foarte buna! Felicitari! Very good job!

  11. moji7780

    any of the versions doesn’t work on my 5800xm…..
    what should i do?

  12. thank.. thats great apps:)

  13. Hi there,

    I just downloaded the latest version of vHome, but it is not working on my nokia 5800XM. When I click nothing happens, no home screen widgets, no nothing. Any idea hot to get it working?


  14. great app!! its work on my E72, and I love it so much. thanks for sharing :p

  15. great apps, its work on my E72. thank you for sharing 🙂

  16. shj

    It would be very nice if this worked on Nokia 5230.

  17. Dev

    After I saw my Nokia phone X6 is listed here I downloaded the vHome. But while installing it gave an alert that the current device (X6) is not supported. 🙁

  18. wil it work on my nokia 5530 xpress music?
    because its not mentioned in ur compatibility list but its says for sybian phones!!

  19. tanya

    will it work on my nokia 5530 xpress music..cuz it says on all symbian bt its not mentioned whr u say its compatibility list

  20. aum

    i love u man! U rock!!!!

  21. Errr, how do I install/download? File downloads as a text file on my xpress music…

    I WILL TRY…..
    THNK U

  23. Ruzin

    Need help with the certifficate PLEASE I’m desparate using E51

    • santosh

      for certificate goto site cer.opda.cn/en
      here sign in and then reguest for your mobile certificate by give imei number and your model
      after that load your certificate and download self signer software …..and u can learn from this site

  24. kul_heaven

    ive signed it, installed it on my 5800 v 51 unhacked. it doesned work.

  25. Sameera

    I know I’m late to the party. But can anyone point me how to get facebook or twitter in home screen!

  26. Tim

    Hi i am trying to install Vhome Desktop on my Orange X6 16GB but I get the error code: 2153775105. Help

  27. uccfar

    how to change themes or access add-ons using vHome 3.23
    Thank you

  28. claro

    i think it’s gonna be perfect for my E90! haha XD

  29. Neyo

    How good is d application

  30. vHome is a free app that add features like search,weather,news, smart
    dial, full screen wallpaper to your home screen.

    vHome works with all s60v3 phones, 5700/6220c/N95/E71/E75 etc

    you can also download from Files section

    v3.7 update:
    0. You can now send twitter from vHome
    1. on fp2 modelsa, screen will not flick after quit menu
    2. Data counter feature in Start-More
    3. vHome now automatically connect to WiFi first
    4. Now displays USB indicator
    5. now N95-8G/N96 displays left/right selection key
    6. support left+right selection to lock keypad
    7. support BT key and profile key on E72
    8. support 5730/E75
    9. added vNewsReader for home screen news, it’s basically system
    browser with page up/down feature. just press 4/6,space or volume key
    to turn pages
    10. many other small fixes,updates

  31. ddnnn81

    not work on n81 ,show certificate error.
    i try all appln……………

  32. How do I get new clock style or themes? I dont like the default clock.

  33. haha

    lol^^ the fool…”this game is not compatible”….hah lol

    man there is no chance to win this game….cause your brain is out of order!!!!bim bam baaaammm

  34. rafik

    oh….this games are not compatible with my n95 8gb ???…!!!!!tell me what.s is wrong or send me a msg in skype in rafik290001

  35. rafik


  36. Ashok

    Certificate error on my N95 8gb. Can some one help. this long awaited application fr me.

    Thanks in advance

  37. usb

    well i try installing it on my E63 but it says certificate error, whats the problem?

  38. tsiki

    Doesn’t work on my Nokia 5800… 🙁

  39. vince

    hack your phone using hellox guys…..just google it…

  40. james

    Hi, when I try to install this (e71) it says certificate error, I’ve tried with all the files provided.

  41. Hi

    can someone please tell me what’s the difference between sign and unsigned apps…
    just can’t find that info anywhere…!
    And is it better to install sign or… unsigned?

    Thanks a lot

  42. hello
    i got this application from another site
    and it is successfully install
    but when i switch it and change its settings as i want
    it doesn’t have any effect on my n73 mobile
    if any one know the answer , plz write to me quickly as possible
    thanks for all

  43. drawk

    try drakkarious software…it will help ya to install any unsigned software without goin for a lengthy procedure….cheerz

  44. cameron

    hay please can some1 tell me how to let the app install.i get the CERTIFICATE ERROR
    how do i get past this.thanxxxx

  45. germaine

    what site can i create an email account that provides u with an activation code alos?

  46. jje

    Not working on hacked 5800 XM .
    Installed but does not work in any shape or form despite messing with settings .


  47. Jakelong

    Its showing crtificate error. Whats the problem please solve i want this software.
    But I appriciate and thank you for all these wonderfull-wonderfull software and games which are amazingly free. Please keep it up and get providing these softwares to us.
    THANK YOU…..

  48. pacey

    How can I install this application to my phone?

    I can`t signed it

    Symbian signed said: FAILURE: Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not allocated to the account holder matching this email address

    What I should to do?

  49. bionic.fresh

    thanks for the update man.

    uhhh cud someone plz point me in the direction of adding facebook and twitter updates on vHome v3.23?

  50. bionic.fresh

    it doesn’t look like it’s fully translated-wen i go to choose the feeds i want displayed on home screen, all i see is “[]” where there shud hav been words.

    i don’t kno if that’s why i wuz unable to find the option for displaying my facebook stuff…
    i may as well revert to the previous version, cuz this as granted me no new features, in fact it has don worse.

  51. bionic.fresh

    it doesn’t look like it’s fully translated-wen i go to choose the feeds i want displayed on home screen, all i see is \[]\ where there shud hav been words.

    i don’t kno if that’s why i wuz unable to find the option for displaying my facebook stuff…
    i may as well revert to the previous version, cuz this as granted me no new features, in fact it has don worse.

  52. s.izeman

    Will not work with my hacked 5800. What

  53. system32

    mate, what version is this??? 3.0.2c or 3.0.0 becoz when i installed the app, in the \about\ section v3.0.0.

  54. neonoafs

    IT DO NOT WORK ON S60V5…you guys do not test the apps you post here before say it works in any phone?….SAME THING happened with TTPOD you psted here before…

  55. my phone is n73

    when install it
    it appear


    if there is any one who know the answer of it

    plz tell me quickly

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