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Posted August 3, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

One of the first thing that we are usually interested in the moment we look around to find out the details of the latest smartphones is the music playback quality of those phones. Beside new features innovation, music is the central focus for brands like Apple (iPhone), SonyEricsson, Samsung and obviously Nokia N-Series. While the Nokia N-Series default player does a good job of playing music  it certainly can be further enhanced with some stunning 3rd party music players for mobile.

Today we will take a look at one of the most feature packed standalone music application that are made for symbian phones and that can be considered to be the very best premium software available. TTPod (iPod for Nokia!) features extensive list of features which not only makes your music sound better than the iPhone but actually lets you customize the skin perfectly.

TTPod Mobile Music Player is one of the most feature packed Nokia software for music playback is called TTPod Music Player for Nokia. TTPod is built with quality in mind and offers some extra features that really makes it a fine app for your mobile music library to have.

In short let us take a look at some of the more advanced features that the English version of TTPOD mobile application brings with it:

  1. 10 band manual equalizer mode is truly working well with this symbian app and they can be controlled all at once or individually.
  2. A wide range of preset selections for different types of music makes TTPod a busy music lover’s best friend on Series 60 mobile phones.
  3. Consists an automatic mode for tagging lyrics to individual songs and these can be displayed on your smartphone’s screen automatically. It can download and attach appropriate lyrics automatically without the need of any further intervention.
  4. Additional option for manual lyrics tagging and Karaoke based line by line voice synchronization.
  5. Memory consumption during music playback is relatively low which ensures that you can switch it on and enjoy the music instantly while start browsing with Opera at the same time.
  6. Excellent play list management and support is built in. It can recognize and convert multiple formats, supports desktop and laptop based play list imports and exports.
  7. Simple user mode scrolling and song display with the navigation keys of your phone. Additional support for custom shortcuts can also be easily implemented.
  8. Extensive custom skins and UI collection are already available in blogs and forums and some of the hottest skins are included in this post as well!! Customize it the way you want and the way you feel represents you.
  9. Neat effects everywhere like customized animations on splash screens, fade out effects on pop-ups etc.
  10. Custom Visualizations are also available to download along with some cool mods to maintain and adjust font size, transparency on menus etc.

TTPod English:

TTPOD English Version

TTPOD English Version

Skins and Themes – Screenshots:



TTPod Skins:

TTpod-i-Mate Skin

TTpod-i-Mate Skin

TTpod Pure Black Skin

TTpod Pure Black Skin

TTpod Winamp Pro Skin

TTpod Winamp Pro Skin

TTpod Windows 7 Skin

TTpod Windows 7 Skin

TTPod Splash Screen:

TTpod Splash Screen

TTpod Splash Screen

TTPod Downloads:

Download TTPod Only

Download TTPod 3.60 (English Version) Only

Updated 13th December 2009:

Download TTPod Only

Download TTPod 3.61 (English) Only (latest)

Updated 2nd May 2010:

Here is the final English version of 3.70 TTPOD completely revamped and double checked in English. It is also tested to work on the newer Symbian OS phones including N97, N85, X6 etc. among many others. For your convenience I have included a signed version and an unsigned version. The new and final version of TTPOD is based and built with a new system architecture which significantly increases its performance while drastically reduces the CPU consumption. The new version also includes some extra ambiance features which were previously absent in any of its earlier versions.

TTPOD 3.7 English

TTPOD 3.7 English (Click to enlarge)


TTPOD 3.70 English (Final Signed and Unsigned Versions)

Download TTPOD Extras including Fonts, Skins, Splash Visualizations etc:

Download TTPOD Extras - Visualizations, Fonts, Skins etc.

Download TTPOD Extras – Fonts, Skins, Splash etc.

If you face any sort of certificate error then simply read through my reply to Reypogs comment. You will have no certificate errors if you follow the easy instruction given there, trust me!!

TTPOD for Symbian is compatible with a wide range of devices such as the Nokia Symbian Touch UI phones including Nokia N97, 5800 and 5800i XpressMusic. It is also compatible with Nokia N-Series smartphones including Nokia N86, N85, N82, N81, N81 Music Edition, N80, N79, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, N71, N96, N95, N95 8gb, N93, N92, N91 etc. It should work with E-Series handhelds like E90, E71, E66, E72, E75, E70, E65, E62, E61, E60, E63, E52, E51, E50 etc.



Regular symbian 3rd edition mobile devices like 6120, 6121, 6290, 5700 XpressMusic, 5230, 5500, 5290 etc. should also work with this phone application and all the tweaks.

Please subscribe to the RSS feed before downloading this English Version of TTPOD for Nokia symbian phones.If you want to check out some of the similar media players for Nokia that are designed by 3rd party developers then please do check out the Mobile Media and Entertainment section. You can also try Power Mp3 which can be classified as one of the leading music player for Series 60 Nokia mobile phones.


About the Author

Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. Please help me and settle this problem, is not comfortable with my device (nokia n97) please get me perfect one.

  2. samson

    sir pls according to Raybog comment he said u have to harcked on phone and den it ok. But hw do i do dat on my e63

  3. need ttpod certificate please send on my email.pls sir….

  4. prince

    plz help, i can’t install the ttpod i downloaded from this site, am using a nokia 5233 phone n it says certificate expired

  5. Olomo Israel

    I tried to installed ttpod on my nokia 5230 and it was showing certificate error. Please what can I do?

  6. Akubude Clement

    wen I tried installing it after a while, it told me certificate expired contact the supplier

  7. mazhar

    Asslam o alikum bhaio mere pas solutaion hi iska mujhy add karo facebook pe my email of facebook ..mera number ye hai +923156166322…………..Asslam o alikum how r u all? hope fine i have 1 solutaion for error certificate will work 100% sure just add me on facebook i will give you solutaion my id show below ……

  8. shine

    in c6 not compactable?

  9. Onoja godwin

    I download ttpod theme on my E71X nokia phon but when i want to open the file it refews to open

  10. randimbtol

    I install TTPod_s60v3_v3.70_en_signed on my Nokia 6120c. The installation runs but after it stops . It say that “Unable to install a protected application from a untrusted supplier” Could you help me please?

  11. Asplat6 not work in my nokia5235

  12. Bach

    sertivicate eror there, help me

  13. som bebe

    dies ivchno

  14. som bebe

    i cant download ttpod in my nokia e5. Pls help me

  15. I have tried changing dates;but ttpod is still showing certificate error on my nokia n97-mini
    what should i do now to install and enjoy this software on my cell???

  16. Tarviito


  17. shahnaff

    ttpod does not install in my nokia nokia e63. why????????????

  18. shahnaff

    ttpod does not work in my nokia e63. plz help me about it.

  19. ndi

    you need to sign it with YOUR OWN certificate.

  20. Deepak

    When instal any ttpod in my nokia n73 i get certificate eror please solve this problem

    • Ibrar Hussain

      U need to instal “binpinda hacking kit” before instaling other .sis files. (not sure about the speling of binpinda).

  21. emilia

    ttpod is gr8 seen it in a friend’s phone am really trippin but i can.t seem 2 download it in my phone. A little help pls.

  22. i need ttpod certificate please send on my mail

  23. iwan setiawan


  24. Avais

    ttpod not working on nokia e63. it gives certificate error

  25. Kevin

    The ttpod doesnt work on my nokia 5230,is there any way 2 make it work?

  26. isma

    i can’t download this item. Why?

  27. durlov789

    when i installed it .. it show me update error ..

  28. no1

    I’ve tried everything….but it still doesn’t work…..what do I have to do?

  29. manu

    updated ttpod version’s zip is not working corrupted

  30. kiwey

    Maybe you shuld use free signer
    the step by step direction and manuals are here
    i had try it and it works wonder full
    try it and you can direct sign apps on your mobile and install them.
    thumbs up for the guys who made the free signer

  31. kiwey

    i like this player and use it every time.
    the first time i used that player was for j2me on my sony ericsson s500i and k800i and c709.
    and now i had ever searched a player for symbian and found these on this page and it works wonder full.
    thumbs up guys good work and can you tell me who can i download the skins and visualisations please mail me


  33. dwi

    I,m having problem Sstem Error

    I’m using nokia E51

    plase Your advise please…..

  34. ic blue

    i want tt.pod for c6

  35. Afolabi james

    very nice one

  36. Sameera

    @shawon you can hack your e66 firmware before install this. you can use helloox 2 for that because it is on touch solution and you can unhack easyly bu useing it again.

  37. Yeah.. I download the latest version from here.. Tested On My Nokia E71, After succesfully installation, when you try to open this TTpod it showing ‘system error’ what happend then? Something wrong? Crack version maybe? Or incompatible version with S60v3? You guys have to solve this soon.. We are waiting for worked version, thanks for providing us download..!! – Dunixi

  38. jainil

    after install this ttpod i cant open…

    • Musta susi

      Did you install a chinease patch? Look on your phone’s app manager for “Chinease”. If you can’t find – install the chinease patch then.

  39. paulo

    bro my 6120 classic is very hacked and it installed but when i tried to open it says system error and i have done all what you said but the TTPOD.3r1 cant be replaced please help me i really need this ttpod please

  40. Musta susi


  41. dcsy


    I have tried all 3 versions and none of them work on my n97. Tried the patch, I also get ‘system error’. Can someone please advise?

    Also, I wonder if this music player allows to play seemlessly between tracks without any gap, just like i-pod. ATM Nokia music play has a second break between songs even if they are meant to be continous or played seemessly.

    • Musta susi

      Same problem for me!!!
      I’ve installed this app on my N85 and when I launch I get this “system error” messege.
      On my N95 however, it worked fine. I wonder why it doesn’t work on my N85 too, even though they writed above it should..
      And I’m not should about the gapless or even crossfade between tracks features – that I’d be happy if they add.

    • shawon

      i have a big problem.i install this app in my nokia e66 but it said untrusted suplier.have u any answer in this problem?can u help me?

      • mawire

        guys and gals u need to hack yo phones first. So that the system error untrusted supplier wil be eliminated. Google how to do it but i love the hellox method. Gud luck. Enjoy symbian to the fullest. Check out ttpod v3.8 on If u need help email me mawirepower at the rate of

  42. chandra

    why ttpod v.3.70 not support to open mp4 ?
    the older version that i use support mp4

  43. Mohammed

    Hey crew, im having problem installing this music player.Pls i need help,or better still Upload the latest version of this tt pod player for 2010. Every time i try to install it ,its says certificate error, or expired certificate. pls help me out immediately

    • wizardofwinds

      dude its the latest juz keep your clock some 6 months back u can solve the problem ok
      and for system error you have inslalled the 5th edition softwate on your hand set which might be 3rd edition

  44. ganesh

    hi..i have nokia 5800….i installed ttpod_s60v3_v3.70_en_signed.sis….when i click on icon of ttpod it gives me ”system error”. Please help me…

  45. Emil

    I know it’s a bit late since this entry was posted almost 9 months ago but I still hope to get some help.

    Trying to get TTPod to work on my Satio, I have installed it correctly but I keep getting “Systemerror” when I try to start the musicplayer. The .rar-file only contains 2 files for me, a signed and an unsigned version of the v3.7 TTPod.

    So what can I do in order to get TTPod working on my Satio?

  46. Shahidullah

    it’s don’t work on nokia 6120c
    when i open that it’s say System error
    what can i do now?

  47. hearthrobes

    when i am installing this it showing error massege “install base packege first” what its mean how to rectify this problem…..please help….thanks in advance

  48. iverson

    ttpod is bst

  49. zack

    this dosnt work on my nokia e71 it just says protected application fr untrusted …

  50. anees

    hi i have a nokia e55 but this will not install.the smaller files say certificate error and the larger file say protected application fron an untrusted supplier? please help thanks for your time!

    • first go 2 yor applicationmanager then go 2 option itshow there setting then go 2insideb it will show there online certificate check after that make it off it will your tt pod

      • Griffo

        I already had the Online Certificate check set to off and Software installation set to all on my E55, but still got the untrusted supplier error message

  51. nisan

    its very nice u just use it

  52. Nur

    Nokia 6120c error certificat

  53. iMand


    i’m using a 5800xm with fw v31.0.101

    when I install and run the app…the app doesn’t open in fullscreen, just a portion of the screen is used by it. And then I can’t use softkeys…and I can’t use the program “at all”.

    Is any extra (from the ones you provide here) needed to be able to run the program successfully?

    I installed the app, and then the patch to run it (unhacked phone in my case). Nothing else.

  54. diane

    i like ur application but when i installed it, it appears certificate error… pls help.. i like this application..

  55. doc5jude

    D response i’m gettin from mine each time i try 2 install in my e51 is- cannot install from an untrusted supplier. Pls wat do i do?

  56. f9

    Is it gapless playback ?

  57. zubair

    hey,there is certificate error occured when installing the app.please tell me how to install it.

  58. sk.azmi

    not voice volume mute

  59. derbali

    looking good

  60. longboy

    This will not install. Wrong sertificate and secure app, will newer install. This is a houx.

  61. ben

    bro, u say it 4 file, but I just found 3 files, where is the note

  62. smith

    I unable to install in n86.

  63. voyer

    works great!! install the ttpod then the chinese install and you woulnd’t have any troubles with it, of course you would need to properly sign it or to have your phone hacked to install it flawlessly. enjoy!! Its a very complete application… thank you for the download!!

  64. Hey it’s looking very good. Nokia set is the best for me. mobile music is very nice. thanks for sharing this… 🙂

  65. esteban

    it is working finally. ttpod is really great so thnx nst

  66. zak

    doesent work at all wont even install, this is total crap!!!!

  67. Its very nice but i unable to install

  68. Its looking very good

  69. angry

    hey, i saw your answer, like copy that file into resource/apps with a phone explorer the problem is that it says “can’t open file” when i try to move it to that folder.. i guess it doesn’t let me do this because it’s a system folder, how do you work around that?

  70. Help!!! how can i install ttpod player into my nokia 5730XM. i tried everything you posted but still i got CERTIFICATE ERROR!

  71. roy..

    1…wat r we suppose to do once we download the ttpod extras……
    i m clueless…………

    2…secondly ther are 2 files to install…one install the player and one install sum chinesse…
    which one is the correct file………….

    3..i get chinese letters sumtimes which i cant understand…help me remove it….

    4…how to get the theme similar to one shown above resembling the iphone style…..

    pls help….

  72. raimy21

    where is d steps to install??

  73. RuffRyder

    hi there,

    done everything as you stated above but…you forgot to mention that some symbian devices have write-protect enabled hence the error when trying to overwrite the *.r31 file. “Can`t open file!”
    i use X-Plore on a Nokia E63

    any ideas on how to overwrite the file?


  74. i cant’ install the ttpod mobile music to my e71 how can I do it?

  75. why dont install my e71?why

    • reypogs

      hey bro good day!i’m reypogs and i read your comments about TTPod.we have the same problem before and i found a solution in order to install it on my E71.first, you have to hacked for mobile and after that everything is ok.


    hi,i cant install to my phoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e71?why?


    hi there, it dnt even install on my phone (6120c) both .sis fies say certifcate errer. contact application supplier. also i cnt find the ttpod signed.r31 file. what shall i do please help me.
    my imei is 356252011324917. please email me

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  78. Fred

    Look. I have tried and tried to install this program. i keep getting cert error on my e71. i have tried putting the install file on my phone with the files i need to replace. i have tried installing from my computer. i have tried everything. please give me a DETAILED list of everything i need to do to install.

  79. akwin

    it is not working on my 5800? anyone can help?

  80. mycker

    cert expire cheat u explained cudnt work! watz next bro?

  81. Rony

    Is this compatible with 5320 xm? I can’t install. It says certificate error. Please help me.

  82. yeah!

    ok guys
    connect ur device through cable and put it to “data transfer”
    once ur done
    open the memory card folder and do what said

  83. archimonde92

    problem with install on my n73 and 6120 classic
    a “unable to install a protected file from an untrusted supplier” shown…

  84. bean

    gOOD!!! it’s very gooD!!

  85. repgs

    hey bro,the ttpod is working now in my E71 FW300.21.012.its awsome.tnx bro hope you have some more to come.anyway,nokia E71 same as mine is hackable by now.

  86. Ganesh

    i have a n73 music edition..i have installed the application but wen i try to open it…it says system Error…help me yaar…

  87. Andre


  88. NOCIV

    I love the application but can not install on an E51, I followed all your indications but can not find resource / apps, please help me!
    p.s. I like your work!

  89. Carlos

    My Nokia N80 rejected the installation.

  90. putts

    I got “feature not supported” on my N97-1

  91. Tushar bhatnagar


  92. Doni

    Hi Bro….the apps is working on 5320…..but how to install the TTpod extra? alot of folder… confusing me….please help.

  93. Reypgs

    Hey bro it really dont work in my nokia E71 with firmware 300… but it works in my other cp which is nokia E65.its very cool.tnx bro.

  94. putts

    i got “feature not supported” when i open this app. on N97-1

  95. highrule

    I cannot install in my N95 8GB

  96. putts

    already installed on N-97-1 but when open ” feature not support”

  97. neonoafs

    I tried to install on 5800XM but it said “Not supported function”, whats that?

  98. Andre

    I tried to install in 5800 but it said “Not Supported Function”, does it really work in 5th edition ?

  99. samir

    what an idea sir ji !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best app ever thanx

  100. Reypogs

    I got a certficate error even i signed it.does it really works in my nokia E71 with firmware 300. . . . .?

    • To resolve any certificate error:

      Please open a file explorer and browse into the following folder of your phone: resource/apps of your phone.

      Once you are there locate the file called TTPOD Signed.r31 (.r31 file)

      Now replace that file with the TTPOD Signed.r31 file provided by me in this zip download.

      After replacing the file, you are basically done. Still, it is preferred that you restart your phone and open TTPOD normally to be 100% sure..


      • hy

        ic ant even install both the files..alwaiz certificate error…. and i cant find the TTpod signed 31 file…….hmmmm pls help…tq…

        • I have just checked from my end and I can assure you that I have included the file accordingly.
          Please check again because after extracting the file you will end up having 4 files:

          2 of them are SIS files, 1 is a text (notepad) file and the other is the TTPodSigned,r31 file which you have to swap as mentioned.

          • rohit

            hey ya i found the TTPodSigned.r31 now what to do with that?

          • rohit

            still its saying certificate error, i am using my nokia 5800. what to do help me out in installing ttpod?

          • aakash

            i have download all versions u provided none is working..
            well that first version about u r talking..
            i have found all files in zip folder but after the failed installation and certificate error i am not able to find that .r31 file in my resourse/app folder..
            and patch is not working..!!
            can you give a xplained step by step guide…cuase i need this player very much..!!

      • reypogs

        hey bro.i tried to browse resource/app in my phine but i cannot locate the ttpod signed using xplore on my phone or pc suite but still i cannot locate.i tried also relocate the ttpod signed.r31 to resource/app of my phone using xplore but i got an error c:/resource/app cant be open.pls help me in a broader way which one to install first and what apps do i use to relocate the ttpod.r31.

      • tariq


        plzzzzz tel me how to open a file explorer and browse into the following folder :resource/apps
        on the phone,,,,,,,,,


      • dyann

        i tried a lots!!but cant!!how??

      • sani

        how can i replace with other one

      • ANEES

        hi do you simply replace it with the same file ? help needed urgently thanks!

      • lucas

        i can’t install ttpod 3.70 on nokia n86..someone can help me???

      • B Jay

        I’m using a nokia5233 which is a symbian s60v5 device, but many applications don’t work on it even if they are made for the same os. Please give me some kind of solution. And I am unable to find resource folder on my phone through its default file manager.

      • filaa

        tell us how to install this application first…. how are we supposed to find “TTPOD Signed.r31 (.r31 file)” from “resource/apps” folder without installing?

        while installing we get the certificate error.. so please explain in detail….

      • Rawal

        but cant extract a file ttpodsigned.r31 into c<resources
        neither file ttpodsigned.r31 pre-exist in c<resourses<apps in my N8.
        m using x-plore 1.56.
        plz help me!
        ttpod is my favourite music player.

      • Iddi halidi

        Where is that zip file with the sign?

    • cheffred

      Need detailed instructions for cert fix please. cannot install on my E71x without it.

  101. Rodrigo

    Certificate error!!

  102. Maxximo

    Hi there, the zip file contains four files, can you please indicate the procedure to install this. I tried with “TTPod_s60v3x_v3.40 English by Chickenz.sis” but it says a certificate error… pls help

  103. hy

    certificate expireddd!!!

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