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Want to hide some of your private incoming and outgoing SMS from your mom, friends, wife or girlfriend? Want to hide a contact or a specific SMS from a contact with a hidden notification of their arrival which only you can understand or be noted about? If that is your case then TrustMobi MobiMessage Encryption is the perfect and free solution for automatically hiding all your incoming SMS with optional encryption. This is the first mobile app that we are featuring here which is a free solution for taking care of your privacy from everyone.

The other application that we are featuring here is also a very useful mobile app to say the very least and it is called TrustMobi MobiShield Antivirus. MobiShield Antivirus for mobile is a free solution which takes care of all your virus related issues on the smartphones automatically. Mobi Shield anti-virus is the perfect solution for someone who is looking for a reliable up-to-date anti-virus software for their PDA or smartphones and also want to be safeguarded against incoming mobile viruses including all types of Trojan SMS and Bluetooth Viruses.

TrustMobi Mobi Message: TrustMobi Mobi Message is a free symbian app for Nokia 3rd edition and 5th edition based Symbian OS smartphones and PDA devices. It is the complete solution for anyone who wants an all in one mobile SMS management application for hiding, deleting, creating and maintaining a threaded SMS style inbox. Additionally it can hide and encrypt special messages from a specific contact or a group/list of contact. This is done with the help of a “list” called the VIP List which will serve as the center point for this software’s action towards an incoming or outgoing sms (including Draft messages and Sent SMS).

MobiMessage and MobiShield

MobiMessage and MobiShield

Mobi Message Features:

Hides incoming and outgoing SMS automatically and selectively.

Encrypt and Decrypt all or selected SMS messages automatically or manually.

Replacement of normal SMS inbox with a threaded style SMS inbox for Chat and IM enhancements.

Bulk forwarding and redirection of any encrypted SMS or regular SMS to any contacts or group of contacts.

Block and Protect from Spam and blacklisted SMS.

Personal customization for all notification of incoming and outgoing SMS.

Two sets of password can protect you further! You can disclose the first password to someone (like your husband or wife etc) if situation requires you to but still they will not be able to see the hidden messages in the hidden or a second level password protected Inbox which only you know about.

TrustMobi Mobi Message

TrustMobi Mobi Message

Download Trust Mobi MobiMessage

Download Trust Mobi MobiMessage

Trust Mobi MobiShield: Trust Mobi MobiShield is a full fledged and free mobile anti-virus and security software with which you can protect your smartphones and PDA from all kinds of harmful mobile viruses and infected SMS messages. It protects your Nokia N-Series, E-Series and X-Series smartphones by running on the background of your phone in real time. Just like a watchdog TrustMobi MobiShield can block and filter incoming bluetooth connections and messages from your phone which assures  uninterrupted and security enhanced services from your mobile.

Mobi Shield Features:

Protects your phone from harmful viruses and trojan SMS automatically.

Provides a real time engine Kaspersky Mobile Security and ESET Antivirus for Mobile to block and safeguard your symbian at all times.

A very fast scanning engine ensures a speedy result for manual and other comprehensive scans.

Detects and deletes malwares and other unknown threats.

Relatively comes with a low memory footprint for 24 hour background protection.

Automatic GPRS and WAP updates of scan engine and signatures with and real time statistics.

MobiShield Antivirus

MobiShield Antivirus

Download Trust Mobi MobiMessage

Download Trust Mobi MobiShield Anti-Virus

Well how about a bonus app for Nokia? You can also try TrustMobi MobiCall which has the exact same features as TrustMobi MobiMessage does but the difference is that instead of automatically hiding SMS messages on your symbian, MobiCall hides and rejects the voice call!

TrustMobi Mobi Call is a free Nokia call Manager and though it is not the most powerful call manager out there that is made for Symbian but unlike those it is a free call manager for Nokia. MobiCall provides the basic functionality of a call manager by maintaining a call blacklist which can effectively reject or hide incoming and outgoing calls made to and from those blacklisted numbers or contacts.

MobiCall Features:

Automatic rejection or call hiding or auto-replying functions for incoming calls from blacklist (the blacklist is known as VIP List).

Easy to manage and set up, with automatic start up of the call manager in the background once activated.

Different types of built in modes including a Meeting Mode (auto reply through SMS) and a Sleeping Mode.

Double password protection for incoming calls and viewing of the actual call logs.

Free application and requires much less phone memory consumption compared to some other call managers.

MobiCall - Bonus App

MobiCall – Bonus App

Download Trust Mobi MobiMessage

Download Trust Mobi MobiCall

Both MobiMessage, MobiCall and Mobi Shield Antivirus are supported by Nokia X-Series, N-Series and E-Series based S60 symbian mobile phones like the Nokia N97, N96, N95 8gb, N95, N93, E71, E72, E75, E90, E50, E51, E60, E66, E61, E62, E63, E65, N91, N92, N93, Nokia N81, N82, N85, N86, N97 Mini, X6, Nokia X6, Nokia 5800i, 5800 XpressMusic, 5700, 5530, 5500, 6210, 6290, N71, N73, N75, N76, N78, N77, N79, N80, 6121, 6120 and 3250.

You can also check out other free Nokia anti-virus and call managers that  are out as the best and consequently featured by us as well. Please subscribe to the RSS feed before downloading these mobile apps on your Nokia symbian phones. Subscription is hassle free and costs you zero bucks. Cheers!

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  1. Hm, I’m currently using KMS. Is MobiShield Anti-Virus is better than KMS? And does this need any activation or serial key?

  2. michael

    Here How it works!!!! First of all you have to do is SEARCH for OPDA sites where you will get your Certificate and KEY in 3hrs of submitting ur Nokia model number and IMEI, run associated Apps like SIGNSiS.exe to REMOVE your certification Errors!!!! you can use the same method for installing Themes and Applications like this.

  3. same problm…not suported 4m unwn supplier in my e63….help sm1

  4. wad

    i cant install it on my e63!!!! it say unprotected supplier!!! wth?? i’ve done everything. switching off the online certificate and it still fail to install.. and no one is a really great help here

  5. Nads

    i keep getting an error saying that it cannot be installed and something about an untrusted supplier…how come? Somebody please figure it out!

  6. kd

    it says unable to unstall a protected item frm an unprotected suuplier…..m using e63!
    help me out!

  7. kd

    ya mine is also showing certificate error!

  8. qusai

    hello how r u

  9. You will discover your essential points information in netqin.

  10. rahul

    hi, please suggest me mobile antivirus for model:Nokia 3110 classic. i am using for GPRS

  11. Chetan Joshi

    I want this app for my xpress music 5800, but error occured as Certificate error! in Trustmobi.mobishield.sis and unable to install a protected application error occured in

    Please help me out on above erros

  12. putts

    i like these app.even if i’m wonder those can use with n97 fw 20.0.019 but i’ll try, thank you verymuch

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