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Posted July 12, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Greetings everyone of you good people! I know that navigation based applications or software like Garmin Mobile XT and Nokia Maps are on the hype in the growing community of the mobile industry and that is exactly what I am going to publish today. TomTom Navigation with Internal GPS Support for your Nokia smartphones and handhelds. As usual this is a free and full version of the application and is mainly focused to the Nokia 3rd edition NSeries and ESeries S60 cell phones and devices. I am also presenting you with the latest version of this GPS based Nokia and pda software, version 6.

TomTom Navigator 6 is an evolution from its predecessor TomTom Navigator 5 and TomTom Mobile 5, mixing this two to form a powerful GPS based system for your cell phones or pda. It includes some advanced useful features like marking a contact’s address in the contact address book of your Nokia smartphone or PDA so that you never get lost when you visit that address again! It also posses a speed camera detection with the complete set of maps, which is upto date to the latest versions and improvements. Also in this version you can activate the integrated expected arrival time for a specific place, this will be really handy for executives (like myself for an example) reaching a different branch of your office during a meeting in time. With TomTom enabled, you can be pretty sure that you will be able to communicate via phone calls and sms just like you do when you do not use a GPS navigator. The usage of this amazing application does not interfere with your phone’s usual phone and SMS calling/receiving facility. The guidance of this application is so great that you can drive without any thoughts of causing an accident because the overall turns and direction comes up pretty slow but just in time when you need to turn on your indicator to make a turn. You can simply concentrate on driving with a a quick glance on the phone’s dynamic 2D or 3D maps being rendered smoothly. Or, even better, simply turn on the voice Navigation feature and listen to your little partner’s direction and guidance in your language!

If you are in the UK or France or Germany or in the Netherlands then you will be able to get extra tips and stats to keep yourself one step ahead of the upcoming/potential traffic. You always do not have to internet GPRS or 3G either, the places you often visit can be saved as cache so that the next time you can save cost completely. With the Route Recalculation feature you will be able to rectify your way points and thus make the fastest way to the destination easily. It obviously has the speeding alert feature built in like the previous version and it also comes with the point of interests features. It also supports your phone’s in built internal GPS of course!

This application, like most of the other symbian applications is not network or carrier dependent. Meaning locked or unlocked AT&T, T-Mobile pre paids and post paids, Orange Mobile UK, Vodacom, Vodafone, Verizon Wireless are all compatible with this one. Nokia S60 phones like E90, E61, E62, E65, E70, 6110, N73, N80, N95, N96, N78, N81, N82 and N93 are all compatible with this one. Feel free to download after subscribing to my RSS Feed for free. You also have the option to subscribe via e-mail.


Tom Tom Navigator for Nokia Full Version DownloadTomTom Nokia navigator internal GPS download

S60 GPSTomTom Nokia Download

TomTom Go 5

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3rd edition symbian download

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  1. Massimo M.

    seeking for europe use, please tell me how i can have it

  2. Ahmed

    I went through your blog and downloaded the TomTom application. However it does not contain the GpSD.jar file which is mandatory for functionality.
    Hence, the software is not working on my Nokia 5800XM. Please help

  3. B-ry

    Doesn’t work for me at my S60. The manual says “Copy GPSd.jar” but that file does not exist. It’s a folder, but still the installation doesn’t work. If I try to install TomTom.sisx then It says ‘Unable to install’.

  4. orço

    köntör yiyor mu yoksa tamamen ücretsizmi

  5. A55HOLE

    F*CK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOTHERF*CKER!!!!!!!!!!!! no tomtom for my muthafucckin s60v2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f*ck ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. gokas

    πολύ καλό φιλαράκι σε ευχάριστο … keep roling

  7. europe navigator for mobile

  8. Jugoslav

    Mnogu blagodarnost za moznosta da ja imam aplikacijata Tomtom od koja sum mnogu zadovolen i prosto iznenaden. Posebo zaradi toa sto nekoi patista sto kaj nas se veke zarasnati sepak gi ima na mapite od tomtom.
    Blagodarnost od Makedonija

  9. sea hawk

    i install as same as show up in Readme instruction but GPSd not supporting ” unable to support this file” i setup the tomtom prefrence and add device application work then after tomtom application unable to find map :(. anyone know what’s the problem ?

    i have Nokia N82.

  10. Toni

    Hi all,
    i have installed TT6 on my old Nokia N95with external GPS. Works good.
    So i tried to install TT6 on my new N97 mini – it dont works…
    TT6 after install is shown in “Program manager – installed programs”, but not shown in Programs, so i dont can start it.
    Any ideas?

    Thanks and regards – Toni

  11. Damitha


  12. marc

    hi just wondering, can this work on the NOKIA N95 8GB as i been looking for a tomtom devise on the mobile but cant seem to find any?



    someone please help

  13. Is working on Nokia N97 ???

  14. Simon

    Can you tell me if is my NOKIA 5800 EXPRESSMUSIC compatible for TOMTOM and wich version of tomtom??

  15. installlato tom tom senza problemi provato ed e perfetto grz mille



  17. xyz

    where is the GPSd.jar and how will be instal and run with the n 95

    • Eon1226

      I downloaded the missing GPSG.jar online elsewhere. I found it with a Google search. The application worked, but I still don’t have Tom Tom working. I get to the last step, and when I try to open Tom Tom, nothing happens.

  18. jacobsen

    How do you success install TT6 to E 71 ?
    How run all as Readme said but when I start Tomtom on my E72. There is no happening.
    Run Gpsd allerady,
    tomtom folder at root to my memory

    Mail me the hint please

  19. Nads

    Hi Frnd,wanna realy impres ur frnds,Girl frnd/boy frnd dan wat r u watng4 send
    Its absoluty free
    U vil surly Njoy it

  20. ivo

    Have you managed to install it on your Nokia E71? It seems, that there are a bunch of files missing (according to readme). Thanks for reply!!

    • Arjan

      No I am missing the *.jar file aswell, so I can’t install it

    • Eon1226

      The file is missing in this download. I actually did a Google search for the file, and downloaded it, and it works. But I cannot get the Tom Tom to work, the last step. When I try to run it, nothing happens. Any tips?

  21. Hi
    The Read me notes say ‘Install 2.GPSd.jar. Run this prior to starting TomTom’ .But I cannot find this file anywhere in the download.
    Please Advise

  22. Dragos

    guisss .. send me the maps!! plsss
    and tell me where to i have to put them!!

  23. Arjan

    2) Install 2.GPSd.jar. Run this prior to starting TomTom

    I can’t find the jar file in the download?

  24. DaFixx

    woohoo got it working on my new nokia e71!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ben

    this sw does not work for nokia n96…

    bt.sisx is installed correctly but i cant run it

    and the same with the tomtom sw

  26. mother

    if you have an N82/N95 you need to connect the gps of your phone with a fake bluetooth gps. then you could connect tomtom to your bluetooth gps and the fake bluetooth gps will connect with your real gps and it should work.

  27. Omadon

    installed succescfuly on my e51, while configuring tom tom said no maps found…
    cant find them. are they in .rar i just downloaded or do i have to find them separatly

  28. christopher

    the gpsd class is not work why ???
    answer me pleas

  29. Sam

    bt.sisx, GPSd.jar, tomtom.sisx.???…Where are the files ???

  30. peter

    Did you get it to work? I have the same issues.

  31. Paddy

    I downloaded and installed and yes I got the Device added message.
    I could not see GPSd.jar to install it(PLEASE ADVISE WHERE CAN I FIND IT). and then I Installed 3.tomtom.sisx. and copyied the tomtom folder from the 0.Copy.To.MEMCARD.ROOT.RAR to the root of my memory card. (Please clarify, what does the root directory means, I just copied without a folder).
    When I tried to run TOMTOM nothing was coming up. Please advise, How can I go ahead. Thanks Paddy.

    • imli0n

      i download it. But i cant find tha 2.GPSD.jar its a folder there. However find the repidshare link by google it says “there is no file the uploader deleted it” . Plz give me tahe download link of GPSD.jar file 🙁

  32. Vitor

    The doesn’t work anymore. The newer version of S60 firmware from Nokia is not compatible with this application. It installs, but, when you try to run it, nothing happens. So, unless somebody has an updated version of that works with the latest firmware, all new phones (like the E75) and all older phones which have their FW updated will not be able to use the internal GPS with Tomtom. If anybody has the possibility of looking into this, or to share the source code so that others can take a look, it would be much appreciated. Until then, no working TT with internal GPS 🙁


  33. Mark

    This is simply not true. Navigator 6 will not work with the internal GPS on E71.
    BT.sisx will not help you.
    I have tried everything and found that the Garmin XT is the only application that runs on E71 using internal GPS without hacks or patches.
    Although it is not as good as TomTom, it is the only solution that comes close.
    Navigator 6 is TomTom’s last version for the mobile market and they only released it for Windows Mobile. There is no money in it for them.

  34. Alexander

    Would I be able to use this software with my Nokia E71?


  35. Angel


    I tried to install bt.sisx unsuccessfull. I have a message “invalid certificate”.

    thx for help

  36. Ilari Aarikka


    I have TomTom Navigator 6 official and purchased version with Europe maps. I have Nokia E75 mobile phone with internal GPS, but I can use the software only with external bluetooth GPS.

    Can you help me to get the internal GPS working? I really like TomTom, but the GPS is only negative issue.

    I tried to download use the 3.tomtom.sisx packet from you, but it will not work in my mobile. I would we happy to pay to get TomTom working with internal GPS.

    Best Regards,
    Ilari Aarikka

  37. Tomas

    Will this work on my nokia 5800?

  38. eva

    Have same problem with N85: installing the bt.sisx, it does not say device added.

  39. Frank Lee DeRainged

    1) Copy bt.sisx, GPSd.jar, tomtom.sisx and the “TomTom” directory from the Copy.To.MEMCARD.Root.rar file to the root of the memory card
    2) Install bt.sisx To the card, to the phone please be specfic ?
    3) Install tomtom.sisx To the root ‘/’ of the card or to the root ‘/’ of the phone or some other folder??
    4) Run bt from the applications menu (this apparently can then be uninstalled)
    5) Run GPSd from the applications menu
    6) Run TomTom from the applications menu Which says it cant find the maps! made a copy of the map to every F**king folder on the machine and it cant find the map!!

    The Nokia E90 gives you the option to install an App where you want but I’ve installed it everywhere I can think of an still no maps

  40. dave

    ive got a n85, when installing the bt.sisx, it does not say device added. how can i get round this? is the the file itself? or is it just not compatible with the n85??



  41. Was0382

    I cant fing the gpsd.jar. i downloaded this from another place that had it, it istalls ok and it workd, but cant seem to find maps.

  42. gary

    Install Instructions:

    1) Install Run it. It should say “Device added”
    At this point you can also uninstall it – it is no longer needed.

    2) Install 2.GPSd.jar. Run this prior to starting TomTom

    3) Install 3.tomtom.sisx

    4) Copy the tomtom
    to the root of your memory card.

    5) Run TomTom. Choose Yes when it asks you to switch on bluetooth. Go to Change preferences, Show GPS status, Configure, Other Bluetooth GPS receiver, and select the

    * You need to change the preferences every time you start tomtom. It won’t
    remember that you were using the internal GPS*

    * If you need to switch from internal, to an “external” receiver, you may need
    to click on “tomtom receiver”, and then “other receiver” to get the list of devices again.

  43. Shane

    i am having the same problem as Santi and Zee

  44. Steven


    I am attempting to install TomTom 6 on a Nokia N85 but I can’t install bt.sis. It does install but the execution does not do anything. No new device is added.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

  45. Zee


    Thx for the app.
    But I have the same problem as Santi.

    Please help

  46. Santi

    I have got in trouble trying to install the Tom Tom 6 in my Nokia N95. I downloaded the ZIP file and I followed the installations instructions but I didn’t found the file GPSD.jar in the ZIP, only a folder called GPSD, so I installed BT and Tom Tom but when I run the last one it told me that it didn’t find any map. Can you tell me what am I doing in the wrong way? Thanks.

  47. JJ

    Ah, screw u all this!

  48. Alex

    I just got my hands on Nokia E71 and would like to transfer my copy of Tomtom Navigator 6 from my old Nokia E61. I copied all the content from my old memory card to the new one, but seems the application is not installed…TomTom Home software on my PC is recodnizing the Map but not the application. WhatI should do to make it working.
    Thanks in advance.

  49. yarinci

    I want to download tomtom or garmin but I could not it. I registered my email, help pls. thanks

  50. Hi, I installed the software on the nokia e71 and the GPSd shows dont find any clients. Why???


  51. Mark

    Guys, forget trying to force TomTom to use internal GPS on E71 & E66. It does not work with the current hacks out there.

    My suggestion is to go for Garmin Mobile XT v5. I just got it installed two days ago and it works very well with internal GPS on E71.
    It is not as appealing as TomTom but at least it works.

  52. leetsnail

    Hi All,
    does it work on nokia E66? i am having a hard time setting it up.
    I was unable to pair the bluetooth device to b-gps, it is grey out.

  53. steve

    followed the instructions and Tomtom starts but is stuck on intro screen – rotating world map. any sugestions

  54. Willem1

    According to the webside of tomtom the following Nokia phones are covered with the standard program:
    Nokia E61, E70, N73, N80

    According to Chaos Inc the following phones are supported by this hack: “Nokia S60 phones like E90, E61, E62, E65, E70, 6110, N73, N80, N95, N96, N78, N81, N82 and N93 are all compatible with this one”.

    The E71 isn’t mentioned anywhere, so just read the posts and don’t get angry that the program doen’t work on your phone!

  55. tim


    • All the answerr :)

      Well what you should do i try to sett the year to 2006 and then trie to install it again i should work fine :D:D

  56. Tim

    Stop giving false info this software doesn`t even install on a E71 type 9.2 v3.1 does not accept this software.

  57. Pedro

    Tomtom working but no maps and i cannot find maps to download can anyone help!?


  58. malex

    E71 users – TomTom will not read the GPS data from GPSd.jar no matter what you do. I got TomTom working perfectly with an external GPS but not internal.
    I think the solution may lie in re-writing the GPSd application.
    If I could only get my hands on the source code…

  59. mohamed

    hi I downloaded on my e71 and n95 8gb ..on e71 tomtom won’t open.on n95 8gb,keep reounding tomtom screen any suggestion?pls

  60. rajhi

    hi, can anybody pls email me maps for email is

  61. ming

    so will it work on nokia 6210 navigation???
    the bt file will instaLL but does not load up

  62. simon

    the bt file on the n95 just says found device, and displays a blank screen , it works when gps is turned on and then hidden , and then tom tom is used this is brilliant best free bit of kit for the n95 thanks,

  63. ming

    i got a nokia 6210 navigator when i try to run the bt file it doesn’t do anything so what wrong???

  64. lin

    dosent works on E71. 🙁

    anybody already found the solution for E71 ?

  65. Pingme

    @kf22 – Could yuou send me the Map you used please. Say Maps not found after installing.

  66. Pingme

    @simon – Could you send me a copy of the Map you used for you TT6 please. I have finally been able to install but problem now is it say ‘No Maps Found’.

  67. russ

    i have e71 which i cant get my tomtom to work on doe anyone have any ideas



  68. simon

    hi deniss email me and ill send you a copy of maps ive used

    cheers simon

  69. simon

    yes works fine

  70. Deniss

    installed tom tom 6 ,but no maps found can anyone please help

    write me as soon as possible pleaseeee!!

  71. simon

    yippeeeeeeeeee it works bang on , much cheaper than nokia maps,
    all i need is a phone holder and car charger.

    cheers simon

  72. jets

    This is for TT6 and symbian phones with internal GPS recievers. Only thing is I managed to get this installed on 6220 classic and failed N82 fails gonna try now on N82.
    Looks like a load of crock to be honest… Can the writer provide more support on this???

  73. kf22

    tom tom works on the n95 with the internal gps, google it to find out how
    its not difficult to install either its one drop on the card

  74. Hi can some one send me a copy by email of this file mines corrupt,

    cheers simon

  75. R

    My vote is on Garmin MobileXT.
    Works very well with internal GPS.
    TomTom is better (in my opinion) but requires external GPS.

  76. Desert Storm

    I have downloaded and tried to install on my Nokia E90, and received a message that, the software is not compactible. Can u help me to get it installed on my mobile. And which is the best internal GPS supported navigator

    Thanks for your great work always. Keep going on ur good job

  77. priyansh

    please tell me the directions how to download navigator for nokia mobile 3500

  78. R

    This does not work on FP2 phones. N78 etc
    You can use external GPS but not internal

  79. alerte

    I have install TomTom application and I have done everyting how it is written in instructions but I have somekind of problem..

    When I start the TomTom I have message “no map found”…

    Can someone help me with this, thanx

  80. Mckensy

    Hi Guys, Just trying to install this on an E-71 at step 3 (Install tom tom) I click on tom tom app but nothing happens! Any suggestions??

  81. Gnana

    It’s working. Thanks a lot!

  82. Sim

    Can any one advise how to use this tomtom with external gps receiver over n95? I have done the installation but it hangs on waiting gps device

  83. sirmais

    TomTom works on E71, but it doesn’t use internal GPS. any suggestions?

  84. voltairecarlos

    I want to purchase tomtom for nokia E71. how do
    I do this?

  85. carlos

    Hi all,

    like stan got a nokia e71 and the tomtom that we are discussing will not work. Thank you for the download but cannot utilise it.

  86. hasan

    can any one tell me how can i get the tom tom map full version for uk.

  87. well i just dled it! hope it works on my N91 8GB! any comments on that?

  88. darien

    installed tom tom 6 ok but no maps can anyone please help

    • john

      I got my maps by searching tomtom utorrent maps and following that link to piratebay. If you go straight to pirate bay it wants you to sign on.I have a nokia e61. it works great. I did not need the gpsd.jar file for my nokia external gps.It take a long time to download unless you have a fast connection. Nearly a gig. i used Utorrent to download. and a free winrar program

  89. John

    I finally got it to work on my nokia e61 with external gps. I did not need the gpsd.jar file. I downloaded the maps of US and Canada using uTorrent(FREE).

  90. stan

    i’m pleased to hear that someone got their TT to work with the E71 =)

    i haven’t been so lucky yet! =( what version of TT are you using? how did you install it? over nokia pc suite or did you just move the file to the memory card?

    let me know! =)

  91. elmo

    Looks cool.
    Is everything free on your mobile when you use its features, no hidden costs?
    Does it work on the Nokia N95 8GB?

  92. bubble

    tt6 works for me with E71, but not the patch to use internal gps. like said before, after tomtom is patched, the soft doesn’t wan ton run (tried with 6.2 and 6.1 …)

  93. Jigglerjohn

    I can see no sign of the maps – are they in the download under another name? When I run TomTom, I get the no maps error – anyone get around this?


  94. stan

    Does anyone know if the new Nokia E71 supports TomTom? I have TomTom v6 that DOES work on my E61, but same version DOES NOT work on my E71.

    Can anybody tell me why that is since both run on S60?

  95. Willem1

    @jazzyblue: T receive GPS signal, you need to be outdoor. In your house, the Nokia will not find the signal 🙂
    By the way: how did Aldy find the maps?

  96. jazzyblue

    anyone can help to advise….

    Aldy install the above Tomtom application on my Nokia E65

    Keep prompting searhing for GPS Signal…

    Is it true that we still need to buy an EXTERNAL bluetooth GPS in order for it to detect signal or work?

    I am very new to this & hope someone could advise…

  97. stan

    I can’t get TomTom to work on me new Nokia E71 🙁 I followed the steps and tried to open the installed TomTom application but it just won’t open up.

    Does anyone know why????

    Please help.

  98. jazzyblue

    pls advise…

    Tomtom configuring but prompt ” no map found” ?

    Anyway to download the map ?

    how to do it ?

    Pls help

    • Jazzyblue

      Aldy installed & got the maps..

      But my Nokia E65 keep prompting for ” searching for GPS Signal ” …..

      Must i buy an additional External Bloothtooh GPS in order for it to work?

      Very lost …. anyone can advise please?

  99. Thanks a lot for letting me know!

  100. Noel

    its wurkinnnnnnn!! at last!!! Thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhannxx!

  101. Yes, as far as I can tell it does stan…. 🙂

  102. stan

    hello??? anyone visits this site?? can the author answer please to my question above.

  103. stan

    Does this really work with internal GPS on S60?? I have Nokia E71 S60 v3 with internal GPS, does this version of TomTom work on it?

    please help!

  104. Chri

    Found the gpsd.jar file here –

    Installed it on my N82 and the program (GPSD) runs, giving latitude and longitude. TomTom runs but won’t connect to internal GPS receiver despite selecting what should be from the device list.

    TomTom works with my external Bluetooth GPS receiver and Nokia Maps works with the internal GPS receiver.

    Any ideas?

  105. baldi

    does it support the E90?

  106. Hardeep

    Where is the GPSd.jar file please..??

  107. Willem1

    Just google for the GPSD.jar file!

    My N82 is in repair, so can not try it myself 🙁

  108. Willem1

    Just google for the gpsd.jar:

    My N82 is in repair, so can not test it 🙁

  109. Imraan

    Does this (Tom-Tom or GarminXt – Mobile )include map for South Africa

  110. art

    hey guys, pls help me with this app.. =( i installed this app with my n95-8g den after installation , i run it and then there are no maps.. after unzipping the rar file , there are file to placed in the mmc , so pasted it on my mass memory but still no maps.. =(

  111. ace

    thanks a lot…
    the only problem is, that I need an external GPS with my N95… anyhow it is very nice…

  112. Craig


    Yep missing GPSD.JAR, Ive been waiting for this for ages, please post missing file.


  113. Jazzyblue

    Sorry but where is GPSD.jar? I can only found the folder, but not the

  114. meta

    Err, where is GPSD.jar? I can only found the folder, but not the “.jar” file…
    Btw, I was suppose to install that before installing Tomtom, right?

  115. cindy

    hey why cant i upload all the files for TOM TOM 6. The notes say to upload bt,sis, d-gps but i can only upload teh bt files as teh rest will not upload saying that windows does not know the file that created it. so i have bt and tom tm installed in my applications E61, but only the tom tom opens with a picture of a swirling map then it goes blank after 30 seconds any help ??

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