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Posted November 1, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Admit it! Spammy incoming calls on your Nokia mobile phones can be quite disrupting and annoying. Call filtering can be a real pain specially when your only number is being distributed to a group of nothing to do freaks and fiends. With the latest version of Private Call and SMS Guard by Symbian On you will not only get a complete call manager to filter your desired numbers but additionally you will also enjoy its privacy features of hiding call list and multiple SMS from a predetermined set of numbers.

Private Call and SMS Guard can be considered to be the ultimate SMS and Call Manager for any smartphones that are available in the market for Nokia, SonyEricsson and Samsung.

Private Call and SMS Guard is a complete call management software based on the symbian os 3rd edition smartphones of Nokia. It has some useful functionality which includes filtering of incoming calls and SMS from ringing and call lists based on specific numbers or even based on a set of numbers. The set of numbers work quite nicely, an example will give you a good understanding of what actually you will get when you install this mobile application on your Nokia smartphones.

Consider you want to block a specific number who is giving you missed calls continuously, all you have to do is simply enter that number in the default black list and from the next time Private Call and SMS Guard will automatically reject all incoming calls from that number before it can even ring. You can further customize it and actually receive the number automatically and then reject it to teach that idiot a good lesson. This will make his/her network operator bill him for outgoing calls and will also save you from the annoyance.

Call Manager

Private Call and SMS Manager

If someone is spamming you with bulk SMS messages then you can also use Private Call and SMS Guard to either delete or hide the incoming SMS before any further action. If you hide the SMS messages automatically then it will not show up in the SMS inbox or no screen will pop up with a SMS notification but after you enter the menu of Private Call and SMS Guard you can read the SMS message easily.

However, how will you yourself know that there was an incoming SMS in the first place? How will you know when to check for hidden SMS on your Nokia symbian mobile phones? Private Call and SMS Guard makes that easy too. There is the option to turn on a very small flashing icon (its really small and blinks near the clock when there is a filtered SMS in your inbox and it is unread) which will let you to check the SMS after entering a password. The same can be done for any incoming calls!

To filter the incoming or outgoing calls and SMS from a group of people you have two options. One, you can make a new contact in your mobile phone’s contact book and add all those numbers under that contact and mark that specific contact for a specified action. Two, you can filter all incoming calls and SMS via a number code. For example, if you want to hide or delete all incoming calls and SMS from the UK or Australia or India or Bangladesh, you simply enter the country code in the call and SMS blacklist of Private Call and SMS Guard and instruct it to simply take your specified action!

Private Call and SMS Guard for Nokia symbian smartphones and handhelds also let’s you record phone calls, both incoming and outgoing on the go! It does not come with the irritating ‘Beep’ sound either and saves the voice clip of the entire conversation in your desired format. This call management mobile application also have the option to turn on and off auto keypad lock for your phone so that when the mobile phone is in your pocket you do not accidentally trigger an outgoing call.

Private Call and SMS Guard can act in a stealth mode, means it will not even show up when you press the background application running combination on your keypad (which is by pressing menu for a fair amount of time) and it will also not make appearance on your task manager. It will start up the application engine automatically in the background when you turn on your phone which makes it the perfect call manager to-date for 3rd edition and fifth edition smartphones of Nokia N-Series ane S60 E-Series.

Nokia Call Manager

Private Call SMS Manager

Smartphones Call manager

Private Call and SMS Manager

You can obviously select to all the other standard mobile application functions that you usually have in Nokia call/Keypad management applications like Webgate Device Locks or a call recorder application like Xelnex Voice Logging etc. You also have the option to only receive calls from a pre-specified white list or those you know and are listed in your contacts book.

This latest version of Private Call and SMS Guard is compatible with a wide range of N-Series and E-Series Symbian OS Series 60 Nokia smartphones like Nokia N95, N91, N81, N81 8gb, N95 8gb, N96, N93, N92, N82, N85, N80, N79, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, N71, 3250, 6120, 6210, E65, E66, E50, E51, E90, E70, E71, 5700 Xpress Music, 5800 XpressMusic, 5500, 8800, Luna, Arte, 6110, 6290 etc. Major GSM and WCDMA networks are supported like AT&T Wireless, Etisalat, Sprint, France Telecom, Airtel, Telstra, Telenor, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, Cingular, Nextel etc.




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  1. pranesh

    sir i need callmanager regstration code i am using n73 hand set my imei no is 351851012628013 pls send me urgent

  2. Dr. Sandeep Mehta

    Hi SIR
    I am a great fan of this software and used it on 5800 gladly.. But I hv changed my Mobile now.. I am using Nokia N8-00 now…and unfortunetly this application is not running in it… I hv tried its every latest version… Suggest me what to do,I want it urgently.. Waiting 4 ur reply on my yahoo mail id
    please help me sir
    Dr. Sandeep Mehta

  3. Zulkifl Qureshi

    This is an Amazing site as i had never visited ever , bt may i get the registration code for this app…my ImeI is 352026025584920….

  4. shiffana

    please anyone tell me sms hider software for nokia c2-03 mobile pleaseeeeeeeee

  5. asma

    i need the full version for free….ive been all over google but in vain…..pleasssseeee help me out…i need an call manager with the resigtration code..

  6. Laura

    I have installed it on my Nokia 5800, but it says it’s not compatible with it and it also appears to have certificate problems. Could you help me please?

  7. Panoptes

    Certificate error reported – no explanation or fix provided – a waste of time and effort!

  8. reeta

    same problem
    certificate error
    what can i do

  9. rd

    how to download this software for 5800 Xpress music

  10. Gaurav

    unable to install, showing “Certificate Error”

  11. lucky

    there is sum prob n installng ths software… plz helpi need ths sftware

  12. jane

    same problem using nokia 5530. i downloaded the file but i cannot install it. it says that the certificate is expired

  13. sanjay kanade

    I am hving mob. E71 nokia, my EMI NO. 354208038129327, I need registered code. kindly arrange the code which I badly in need. pl. help SOFTWARE NAME – CALLMAN, for call & sms hide

  14. vivek bhattarai

    i have nokia 5230 and during installation it says that this software has certified problem. so can anyone help in that

  15. Mja

    Wonderful guard but it keeps throwing up a certificate error message on my nokia 5230

  16. Atif

    I have N85 & I have Certifcate Problem during installation. Can any one help pls.

  17. nishant

    whats the input password for private call manger

  18. joe

    i have a 5800 Express Music and cannot install this software cause mobile show, that software has certificate problems.

    What do i have to do to have this soft running on my 5800.

  19. Harry


    i have a 5800 Express Music and cannot install this software cause mobile show, that software has certificate problems.

    What do i have to do to have this soft running on my 5800.

    Thank you all.

  20. Chuck

    This is an amazing application but can you please give me the registeration code:

    My IMEI No 358240039507074

    I am using Nokia E71x

    Thank you so much.

  21. Dani

    can you please give me the registeration code. My IMEI No 354203032680318

    im using nokia n86

    thanks a lot

  22. can you please give me the registeration code. My IMEI No 351851018768318

    im using nokia n73

    thanks a log

  23. orland

    can you please give me the registeration code. My IMEI No 356255013219712..

    im using nokia 6120c

    thanks a log

  24. orland

    can you please give me the registeration code. My IMEI No 356255013219712..

    thanks a log

  25. Frank Gyamfi

    Can u please give me the registration code. My IMEI is 353546022012186. My phone is Nokia N73

  26. hitesh

    its too good

  27. adi

    hi….. friends i m getting some problem in getting these software installed in my nokia e 71 as i m trying to install the software some message is coming certificate error can u guys please resolved this problem for me or if m wrong anywhere can u please help me out
    thanku 4 the concern

  28. mahesh

    I am using Nokia N 95 8 GB . Please anyone provide me the free registration code

  29. vishnu

    i am getting the reoly exoired certificate….. anybody help me please

  30. Zulkarnaen

    Please give registration code. my IMEI No. is 353660012592899
    I am using NOKIA E90

  31. Lars Engberg

    Please give registeration code. My IMEI No. is 351940031277868
    I am using NOKIA E71
    Many thanks

  32. Aziz

    I tried to install but it says certification error. how can I solve this issue and install the sw on my n81 cell phone.

  33. Aldi

    Please give registeration code. My IMEI No. is 353659011221880
    I am using NOKIA E90 2GB
    Many thanks

  34. bala

    hello can u snd me d password ma iemi no is-356406018592468

  35. mukesh

    Please give registeration code. My IMEI No. is 359542015503913
    I am using NOKIA N95 8GB

  36. mukesh

    sorry wrongly copied n paste

  37. mukesh

    Please give registeration code. My IMEI No. is 356983014308354.
    I am using NOKIA N95 8GB

  38. Israeli

    Hello, is this program suits also nokia 7210? (not 3 generation)

  39. RahulohaR

    please give me registration code IMEI No. is 359568019545923
    i am using nokia n73

  40. Anoop mahato

    Please give registeration code. My IMEI No. is 356983014308354.
    I am using NOKIA N95 8GB

  41. Anoop mahato

    Please give registeration my IMEI No. is 356983014308354.
    I am using NOKIA N95 8GB

  42. ahmed

    i want the password

  43. Cervellina

    This is the old verson with several bugs, because can’t filter MMS/EMAIL…don’t be compatible with the new s60 mobile phone.

    The newest version 5.1 have been released on the official website,

    the newest version 5.1 adds several new features and bug fixes from the previous version,supporting all the S60 mobile phone. it is more stable, using less memory, the features for the protection of the information are fully strengthen, it’s perfect

  44. arzoo

    plz send me registeration code .my imei no. is 354835014764212.

  45. Lai

    I try to install PrivateCall_SmsGuardv3.20.sis to my nokia 5800, is showing out expire certificate, i already try change my hp date follow the note… please advice me how to do… thanks

  46. Handoko

    please send me password to manage sms, call records and file security. I am use Nokia E90 communicator with imei 353660013271238. thank you

  47. password is
    old password


  48. gauri

    pls provide the password for this software. i m using E51

  49. Downloader

    excuse me, can i know what date did you put to be able to install it?

  50. David

    Hello guys, this applications works like a charm on my Nokia. Read the Read Me file inside the archive for steps to succeseful registration of this Nokia Call Manager

  51. Wamundila

    send me the activitation code my imei no is 357933003139186. Thanking you in advance

  52. ajay

    send me activation code my imei no is 356994011083171

  53. gaurav

    plzz send me the code of call manager for N73M

  54. Gus Leo

    Please, sent to me the activation code

    Thank before

    Best Regards,

    Gus Leo

  55. Robert

    plzz send me the code of call maneger..plizzzzzz

  56. tanisha

    plzz send me the code of call maneger……

  57. Farrukh

    Please send me default Code for Nokia 6120 🙁

  58. stev

    sent me the registration code please?

  59. Tara

    Sent me the registration code please..?

  60. mail me activation code of call Manager

  61. Nazaruddin

    please e-mail me the registration code, ok, thanks

  62. BT lame

    can you tell me how to get the registration code please?many thanks,

  63. b khimani

    please e-mail me the registration code

  64. david yallouz

    how do i register produc t? What is the code?

  65. Aditya

    how 2 register

  66. Aditya

    Please tell me the procedure of register the product.

  67. aslam

    plz mail me activation code,


  68. Tara

    what the code in registration..?

  69. Melvyn

    I’m currently using nokia n96 and i’m not sure if this application will be able to work on my cell. Will feed you guys the result after testing it.

  70. kenken

    hi guys can you send the registration code to my email

  71. bhushan

    if its asking a registraion code reinstall it on the exixting 1
    dont uninstall the existing call manager
    after this ull b able to expose ur sms

  72. dhistud

    guys same problem.registration key…REQUIRED!!!

  73. kotka

    hi, i ned a registration key of this software

  74. jon

    this software is good… thou my registration has expired do you know whats the Registration code for nokia e90?


  75. keat

    I am having same issue as DSe93 any solution?

  76. hi , i want the registration key of this software…can ne1 help pls!!!
    mail me at xxx

  77. DSe93

    I have an N78. When I press on the program to open it, nothing happens and an error pops up saying something like “menu function not featured”… When I open the menu I cannot navigate to anywhere, the cursor if frozen. I have to turn the phone off and on to work again.

    any help?

  78. Wicky_C

    The default password “123” as help function stated.
    but pls go to active mode–>Protection password and key in ur new password.
    Pls try.

  79. ganesh

    hi what is the password? This cannot work with out it,

  80. Wicky_C

    Great application and installed sucessfully to N958GB
    * The default passwaord can be changed by ourselves. just change to own password.

  81. Wicky_C

    Great software and installed sucessfully to N958GB.

    *The default password can be changed by yourself as nayrb95 mentioned earlier.

  82. SKB

    Is there a password or license key for this software? It sounds to be good. There are others ..Advanced call manager, Handy Black List Etc….I have used both of them. Can anybody mail me if there is a password?

  83. Rob

    Please whats the default password? I just downloaded this stuff and need the password

  84. stemo

    it doesn’t work on N,s impossible to start the app after installation

  85. ShaDow

    I not able to install the file “PrivateCall_SmsGuardv3.20.sis” coz it gives me error message that the its from untrusted supplier…What should I do..?

  86. @nayrb95 – Good to hear you solved it and this application was of use to you. Cheers and keep in touch!

  87. nayrb95

    ahhh.. haha.. ok.. i get it now.. hehe i just had to set it up first and any codes would do.. it works now.. =)

  88. nayrb95

    umm.. can you tell me what the default input password is? can’t seem to get it work without it…

  89. nayrb95

    great.. just what i needed.. thanks =)

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