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Posted June 4, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

 Sygic Mobile GPS for Nokia is one of the most powerful GPS applications to date and they seem to be getting better and better with every new release. Sygic McGuilder GPS Navigation system is a well known brand in almost all the major markets which supports GPS connectivity and tracking including the Windows Mobile and External Car GPS. If you have never heard of Sygic and you claim to own a spanking new Nokia then you have a long way to go!

For those of us who are into GPS navigation specially from their mobile must already know that I have posted about Sygic in the past already. It was not a dedicated review of this GPS software, nor it got the limelight it deserves today I will try and focus on the features of Sygic Mobile GPS for Series 60 smartphones, so without any further delaylet us begin then!

Features and Perks:

  1. Sygic Mobile GPS 2009 version 7.71 renders maps smoothly and quite beautifully.  If you are on a 3G network then you will have a blast rendering maps at a phenomenal 20 frames/second on your N-Series or E-Series S60 devices like Nokia N97 , E71, or the 5800 XpressMusic.
  2. Dynamic detailed map navigation with an easy to understand clear turn by turn instructions and automatic discovery of services/hotspots/point-of-interests etc  makes it a complete information depot for any location you want to explore properly.
  3. Speedy routing and re-routing capabilities that are rarely seen on a mobile device are offered by Sygic Mcguilder’s Mobile GPS. It has certainly one of the most detailed maps for Europe countries like UK, France, Italy among many others to begin with.
  4. Intuitive direct maps will make you feel like the GPS navigation is being assisted with the help of a  ‘live-map’ everytime you want to reach a specific destination. Sygic Navigation software for symbian operating systems offers instant details to all your points on map thus making your re-routing a joy ride.
  5. With Sygic McGuilder GPS you can be there even without actually being there! Know what I mean? No!? This awesome gps navigator can show you a preview of the route you gotta follow to reach your desired point on map. You can check to see the available modes of transport, toll crossings, arrival and remaining time estimation, ferry conditions and even if the road you are going to take has an unpaved finish or a paved one.
  6. Custom Points of Interest calculation and its ability to be shared makes Sygic users a community driven initiative. Like you do in Google Earth, you can simply customize and share your personally created POIs with anyone in the community. Plus in Sygic you can set up alerts for any upcoming POIs for better time management.
  7. Remote desktop and laptop management from home makes you plan better plan your trip and saves you some unnecessary expense as well. Just like in Nokia Maps you can load the maps through the OVI Suite, you can now download and load Sygic Maps through your desktop pc.
  8. Fun little extra features like activity logging, world clock and other nifty features are always being added to mobile software so that you can enjoy a  better experience through Sygic GPS. It also supports bluetooth connectivity for tracking.

Compared to other similar GPS apps in the market today Sygic seems to be a strong contender already and that is not a surprise. With its technology-tingling support for assisted GPS on Symbian devices specially of Nokia it sure seems to head for the right way. They are also offering regular updates of the existing maps where you can have access to the latest detailed maps that Sygic has to offer.


Sygic GPS

Sygic GPS



All in all if you are using a Nokia S60 3rd or 5th edition smartphone you should download Sygic and give it a go as I am quite sure you will love it. The easy to understand interface will help you jump up a slot in terms of quick usability compared to Garmin or NDrive GPS which also offers support for assisted GPS or more popularly known as A-GPS.


Sygic Navigator with Assisted GPS

Sygic Navigator with Assisted GPS



There are two options that I am offering:


You can either download version 7.71 with a few default maps below. If you have any old version already installed on your Nokia 3rd and 5th edition phone then you can skip this download as this will suit folks who is installing Sygic for the first time on their phones.


Download Sygic - With Maps

Download Sygic – With Maps

If you have already Sygic GPS installed on your symbian smartphones then you can skip the download above and rather download this version:




Please subscribe to the RSS feed for FREE before you download and also please go through the entire tutorial on how to set it up for different S60 Nokia phones like N95, N96, E71, E70, N91, N93, E50, E51, N92, Nokia N80, N82, N85, E60, E66, 6290, 6120, N95 8gb, N81, N76, N77, N75, Nokia N73, N78, N79, the E-Series E90, the brand new N97 N-Series mobile device etc and others.

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  1. Rani Gupta

    Hello sir, im downloaded all in here. Also india.rar. Please help me how to use india.rar data. Please please . . . Thanks

  2. Sam

    hi, i have tried downloading every version of Sygic and tried them installing on my E90 but non of it works. version 9 and 10 says after installing ” DISK ERROR” when i click on Sygic icon to run the application and all the rest versions says something ” can’t install from untrusted provider”

    any help regarding “DISK ERROR” thing will be much appreciated
    thanks all

    • alex

      I used version 7.71, Build 3630D …and it worked on both E71 and E72. Maps are getting a little outdated for NYC but still works better than native nokia maps which forces you to use the data connection even if you download maps into your mem card!

      let us know pls if you find a working newer version of Sygic.

  3. willer

    ele navega sem oso da net

  4. hosein

    hi were is map for Sygic

  5. Tarsila Marsili

    I could not install the program on my nokia 5530, it appears that is not compatible with my phone.

    • almeladze

      Guys, I installed Sygic as well. Had tons of problems figuring out instructiones, locating missing files and maps. Eventually made it all work. The truth is, you are better off purchasing the soft than spending so much time figuring out what, where and how. And after all of it was done, it was too slow. I’d pass the street where I needed to make the turn, before the damn thing advised me. It was soooo disappointing!

  6. alex

    Had tons of problems installing this soft. Certificate issues are causing all kinds of problems. After weeks of trial and error finally installed Sygic. However, I have no clue what it means to edit the mlm file to suit my needs. A little clarity in the instructions would be much appreciated! anybody got any ideas?
    I was further disappointed not to find any US map downloads. Any ideas where I can find it? Lastly, is this navi so much better than Garmin XT?

  7. Martin

    My nokia 5800 is not instalin the actual symbian \sygicMobile\ file properly i have done all the correct steps until the final instalation, and when i instal it, it says it is not compatible or will not work on my mobile , PLEASE HELP

  8. tibi

    Hey, hat the same probles as Jerome, my phone (E71) won’t install the Sygic.Mobile.v7.71.3630.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Unsigned.Cracked.Read.NFO-BiNPDA file. Can you help me? Thx

  9. jerome

    Few problems here
    Would appreciate a few more details with the instructions
    I extracted the zipped memory file to the memory card on the computer – I think, at least that was the path a selected on winzip – but when I went to view it there was no sign of the files so don’t know where they went
    Next instruction said maps in memcard/root/maps I created a Maps file on the mem card and have moved the whole maps link folder to it. Is that right?
    But I am completely stuck with the instruction “edit the file “Sygic Mobile 7.71.mlm” so that you are good to go.” No idea how to do that or even to start.
    Tried by passing that and just installing Sygic Mobile 7.71 using nokia PC suit but got error message about wrong/failed certificate or warrenty
    So pretty lost
    Any help on offer??

  10. Ethane

    Awesome man! This is the best blog for any nokia owner. My sygic works wonderfully in my home at london. Thnx and i will visit again soon.

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