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Posted May 12, 2010 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Today I will feature 2 new and exciting Symbian apps that are not yet featured here at Nokia Symbian Themes aka Chaos Inc. These mobile applications should provide you with the extra customizations you always hoped to have on your S60 9.4 Symbian OS devices. These applications are developed by SPB Software group and are considered to be 2 of the most popular customization apps out there in the market.

The first application I will offer you today is called SPB Software Mobile Shell and the second is known as SPB Weather. Please remember that the SPB Mobile Shell software is still in beta, and though it has been tested, it is totally up to you whether you want to install it or not.

SPB Mobile Shell : SPB Mobile Shell for Symbian was actually first developed for Windows Mobile OS based handhelds and PDA where it was quite (and it still is ) popular among all Pocket PC users worldwide. From the feedback so far it seems that the Symbian OS version is equally as good as the Windows Mobile version with loads of 3D widgets in it. SPB Mobile Shell resembles with other Symbian OS applications like Handy Shell and the vHome Voyager Homescreen App in terms of the functionality it offers but it offers even more details. This beta application for S60 9.4 OS devices allows you to customize the home screen of your touchscreen smartphones down to the last amazing details through the use of lightweight yet useful custom widgets!

SPB Mobile Shell includes a whole bunch of widgets built in with it which makes this application your one step solution to anything related to the homescreen of your touchscreen smartphone. It includes widgets for showing your contacts with a photo in a beautiful 3D carousel slide-show on the homescreen of your smartphones. You can choose to replace or add other widgets in multiple such as a dedicated widget to update your Facebook or Twitter Status constantly on your homescreen. Other highlighted widgets include an Internet Search Widget, Wireless On/Off Button, Media Player, Appointment & Tasks Widget, Weather Forecasts & Updates Widget, Photo Call Logs Widget, Touch Supported File & Task Managers Widget, Personal Phone Profile, 3D Email & SMS Viewer, Any Phone Settings, Bookmarks, Picture Frames Widget, Smart Contact Search Engine Widget and many others. You can change Mobile Shell’s Skin as you want, edit any type of displayed icons and even change the way your menu reacts. You can even apply special effects on the displayed contacts slide-show carousel. It also comes with preset settings to make customizations easier for you!

SPB Mobile Shell - Now on Nokia

SPB Mobile Shell – Now on Nokia

SPB Mobile Shell Download

SPB Mobile Shell for Symbian – Install on MMC!

SPB Weather: As the name suggests, SPB Weather is a Symbian application that deals with all things weather! If you are thinking this is one of those simple Java applications that simply fetches weather information for your relevant cities and displays it to you, then, you are mistaken! SPB Weather is actually one of the most powerful application for Symbian and it can do a lot more than fetching weather data for the capitals. With over 10,000 different cities from around the world, SPB Weather is your one step solution to weather forecasting and weather information management on your Symbian.

SPB Weather already comes pre-installed on devices such as the Nokia N97 and I can assure you that anyone who owns a Nokia N97 will agree to the fact that SPB Weather is truly amazing as a weather forecast application. It displays the updates on a 3 dimensional globe where you can view the updates which are constantly animated and drawn on the globe itself. This feature is almost the mini version of the regular weather updates that you see on international news channels like CNN or BBC. This application performs great on any touchscreen devices (mainly because of the bigger displays on touchscreens and the way it responds to the touch commands) and it includes a nice little S60 homescreen widget which can show the weather updates automatically on your S60 9.4 OS devices. The regular forecast updates (updated 4 times a day at least – custom settings can also be set) include humidity condition, wind speed, pressure etc which can be shown for the 5 upcoming days. The final result also includes a 3 day forecast of precipitation, cloud condition, temperature updates among many other details. You can simply browse through one city to the next with a simple nudge of the finger. If you are not satisfied by cities only or if your city is not listed then you can also get updates and weather forecast with a GPS fix or Postal Code.

SPB Mobile Weather for Symbian

SPB Mobile Weather for Symbian

SPB Mobile Shell Download

SPB Mobile Weather

SPB MobileShell

SPB MobileShell

These applications are compatible with Symbian S60ย  5th edition touchscreen devices including the Nokia N97, N97 Mini, X Series smartphones like X6, 5530 XpressMusic, 5230, 5800 XpressMusic, SonyEricsson Satio, Vivaz & Vivaz Pro, Samsung i8910 Omnia HD etc.

Feel free to check out Foreca Weather and Handy Weather as well. Both Foreca Weather and Handy Weather are similar to SPB Mobile Weather in terms of functions and features and they also support Symbian S60 platform.

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  1. ishimwe sanjay dutt

    i have nokia 5230 but can’t install

  2. muarn

    try norton hack on ur phone man….it is availible on nokia m8 fan club…

  3. Hey !
    A very nice and usefull website

    Thank you Admin I like that ๐Ÿ˜€ +5

  4. Dude

    Pls dnt keep the aps & gmz which r outdated expired or having certificate error…

  5. tung

    downloading is not a problem for my 5800 Xpressmusic but when trying to install it says certificate error contact supplier. what do i do? i dont like vhome so am really looking for something better.is there a new file with latest certificate or is there a way around this error? please help.

  6. Rahul

    Am able to download all apps provided in ur website but none of them were not opening/showing this is unsupourted content in my nokia 5230s60v5 plz mail mee original format/sis format coz the rar/zip ones are not opening my phone

  7. hey boys if u have problem with spb u can contact with me 8000424390 ….parth patel i have some solution for it

  8. Raju

    Mobile shell is not working in my c6 mobile. certificate error

  9. lena

    hi, could tell me that how can i hack up my phone?

  10. ekajekajekaj

    Hi! I just downloaded the SPB Mobile Shell. When I tried installing it, what it says is

    “Certificate error: Contact the application supplier.”

    What should we do in order to have it worked? Thanks in advance.

  11. Shubhai

    hey in whic file to save this in cell coz dis is a winrar file.
    Plz help me

  12. Sandy

    Spb shell weather soft is not working on nokia 5233 certificate expired.

  13. hossein

    hi plz help me is not work for nokia c7

  14. ayush

    the cirtificate has expired. it wont work

  15. ali

    is this registered version or needs to be registered

    please help me thanks

  16. zyle

    does it work for n5233???

  17. David Perry

    Why does my N8-00 keep shutting itself on and off all the time?

    • Tweezy

      That happens to me too, I’m confused what the reason why and it really annoying.
      While playing game, there’s no problem.. but when your browsing through your homepage, messages, etc. it hangs and restarts.

      I hope someone know how to fix or at least avoid it, like any application that helps to prevent the hang.

  18. Alok

    Its Showing Me Certificate Expired error..Please update

  19. raju

    It is showing certificate error. help me.

  20. MiBan

    On my C6-00 is missing home screen widget. Help please.

  21. SMohsin

    one word sexyyyy, very kool app for nokia C7…

  22. rakesh

    fantastic application,it z very use full……..

  23. very nice app,works fantastic on my n8..thanx to administrator..

  24. Shewal

    Hey thanx dear. I love ths application

  25. PV

    Is this full version of SPB Shell ?

  26. jj

    the freesigner.sis is also expried certificate. what do i do??

  27. this is 4 evrybody,who gets certificate error,…
    Go to site cer.opda.cn/en/index.php via google….
    Create an account and apply for cert. On the site

    U will b asked to enter ur mobile model,IMEI….after that click on apply cert. It will take an hour for accomplishment….once u see a tick mark in the site…u will be able to download….cer. And key. For ur mobile…in the site there will b written for mobile:signer.sis
    Download it and open it,go to options,settings, then change the cer. Path to the cer. File u have downloaded….do the same for key….after this click on options,add file,and add the file which was giving certificate error!….the software will sign the file….now run the software and enjoy……!

    • hey we are not supposed to release our EMI no. its jus lik our secret code know.. are sure about it that if we dont face any problem. then i’ll go a head,,,

  28. i try to install on n97 mini but cant, always receive certificate error, kindly help

  29. star

    you can get 2 files(.key&.cer) for signed any (sis) app in this site: cer.opda.cn/en
    and log in to this site…after click on Apply Cer and input your phone model & IMEI.

  30. dhauez

    im using sony ericsson satio…after i compressed and put it into installed files in my mmc…when installation,its say contact application supplier and certificate error

  31. prabhat

    is it for 5233?

  32. Saurabh

    how to get the signed full version of this spb shell ???

  33. nepster

    not so good on my vivaz..so many bugz ๐Ÿ™

  34. Shiv

    Well I have tried it several times but vain. I am able to download the s/w and sign it, bt some of the features are disabled, to be frank the basic feature like changing the profile, browsing files are disabled. Is there any way to get all the features?

    Otherwise must admit, an Awesome site.

  35. rajesh

    can any body has still got the solution to overcome certificate error problrm of spb mobile shell. Kindly mail me at rpmehta99 at the rate of ovi.com

  36. ceven

    can someone just fix it so we can install this file in one piece… i cant do either one of the signing crap and im f****** getting mad i missing out on this great file!

  37. shishir

    certificate error as usual on my n97 mini…..plz give me som solution fr this universal promblem….thx

  38. chris a

    Dose not work on n97 i have signed it and installed it to my phone but all it dose it load i left it for 4 hours and still the same propblem can some 1 help ??

  39. u need to hack yur phone,using heloX

  40. Think its supported for certn s60v3 devices!

  41. ZIARAT

    certificate error on my e63

  42. Cedric

    Looks cool, but i have also a certificate error…
    What to do to properly install these apps?

  43. nepster

    there is a certificate error..PLEASE, how to sign it? how to install??

  44. Thanks..There is a certificate error…need to sign it before installing..The application looks pretty good…better from all the others available out there

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