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Posted October 7, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Are you the owner of a Nokia series 60 smartphone? Do you think that it will be cool if you can customize your cell phone exactly like the way you want? I know it is difficult to believe that you can actually customize the cell phone cases or accessories everyday but with this Nokia application that I am publishing today for the symbian OS mobile platform, you will be able to make all the settings of your phone unique in every single way possible.

With that being said, without any futher delay let me introduce to you the latest edition of a fine Nokia symbian S60 3rd edition N-Series, Xpress Music and E-Series compatible cell phone application MobiFun Software Smart Settings version 2.10. What can this Nokia compatible MobiFun Soft SmartSettings do for you and your most dearly gadget aka cell phone? It is not the most complex mobi software in this world but it certainly is one of the most useful mobile utility and phone settings based software available for any cell phones to date. Regardless of you being a technology and gadgets geek or a simple symbian cell phone user, this application is so easy to configure and activate that even the 99 year old virgin can customize it.

MobiFun Soft Smart Settings basically have many cool features:

  • It simply protects your cell phone from issues of privacy without you restricting the phone completely when you, for e.g. hand the phone to your friends because they want to ‘check it out’.
  • It lets you change the way the phone operates in terms of lock and unlock functionality. Yes with the latest version of MobiFun Soft Smartsettings installed on your handheld devices, you can change the combination of the Unlock keystrokes (typically Unlock and Star* key pressed in quick successions for Nokia).
  • It lets you assign quick shortcuts on your phone for easy, simple access. You can choose the applications to launch, no matter in what folder or memory type they are located in. It also ensures you that things like lanching applications or games or functionality like turning on Bluetooth on your mobile phone, are not accidentally triggered and launched if the mobile device is in your pocket.
  • It lets you set combo keypad strokes to access special hidden applications (depends on the 3rd party applications compatibility) which only you might know and assign. While this is a far fetched feature but it can be done.
  • Smart Settings for Nokia 3rd edition mobile devices also lets you assign an easy unlock feature through which you can configure completely, for eg. when to unlock, always unlock, under which profile etc.
  • Another cool feature of this Symbian OS based 3rd edition and Ngage mobile software is that with Mobi Fun Smart settings you can turn on the light without actually unlocking the keypad or pressing a key for a prolonged period of time.
  • You can also choose how many programs to show under the really witty Smart Mobile Menu that you can set with SmartSettings. This also lets you select whether or not you only want to show mobile application or function icons, choose the stylus or the pen option etc. The Smart Menu operates more or less like the Nokia 5800 XpressMedia or XpressMusic smartphone or pda (whatever you want to call it) drop down function. The UI are not visually rich but in terms of productivity, they are the same!

All in all this fabulous symbian mobile application for Nokia 3rd edition smartphone devices will let you tweak the graphical user interface functionality and it will also let you operate very uniquely. This is not only Handy but the handy Settings means that the new users to set it like their old handset of a different brand. This gives all the others users of different brands like the Samsung, LG, Motorola, SonyEricsson, Blackberry, Apple iPhone, etc one more reason to switch over to Nokia the next time they decide to buy a new PDA or smartphone from the shop or market.

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As always do take note that this application will work with all the pre-paid and post paid plans of your GSM or WCDMA telecom network operator and it does not uses the GPRS connectivity any point of time. All major telecom operators are supported like Nextel, Etisalat, Telenor, Sprint, Telkomsel, TIM Wireless, T-Mobile, Telstra, Optimus, Orange Mobile UK, Hutch, 3G Wireless, Vodafone, AT&T Wireless, Reliance Mobile, MTN Group, MTS, France Telecom, Verizon Wireless, AirTel, Research in Motion or RIM, America Movil, Cingular, Telefonica, TeliaSonera, Rogers, DoCoMo etc.

This 3rd edition S60 symbian mobile software or mobile application will work with all the latest Nokia Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.4 operating system. For those of you who do not know which phones are operating under those series, it includes Nokia N95, N96, the first touch phone of Nokia the 5800 XpressMusic (or XpressMedia), 5500, Luna, Sirocco, Arte, Carbon Arte, 8800, N82, N92, N73, N80, E65, E50, E51, 5700 Xpress Music, E60, N76, N78, N79, N91, N93, N6600, 6600 Slide, 6120, 6121, 3250, 6233, 6290, 5210, 5300, E90, E70, E71, E66, 6110, N71, N85, N81, N-gage, 6300, N95 8gb etc and many more.



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  1. innosca

    Please I need the registration for smart settings, I am Using a nokia E5

  2. Stephen

    Pls send the regsituation code for my smart settings sofware

  3. zaraloewe

    i really like to download the smart setting apps for my n73 but still always access denied..i have this apps before but it ws corrupted since my mmc got a virus..hope the mod cn help me.. i want to have this apps again.

  4. ronnie

    hey please provide me with the serial key of smart settings 2.50 because the trial version ends in a few days

  5. Harun

    hey whn i installing this software in my nokia n73 there is an error like certificate error plz contact application supplier…plz help me…what can i do now..

  6. Shreya

    i keep gettin a ‘file corrupt’ msg. please help.

  7. avinash

    dude ur site s d coolest symbian software site ive seen ever…i ve 5320 xpress music…i tried to hack my n gage games n its not workin…ma fone has a flash but only works in still camera mode…i tried spoton n other softwares but i cant use d flash as torch…plz help me…

  8. Ahmed

    hi i had nokia E95 i can’t istall any themes on it anyone can help me how i can do that i download many themes but not work the cell phone always say ask the origin or say not work

  9. glami08

    Hai…. Can u get me smart settings tat supports Nokia N95?

  10. mahandry

    sugoi desuka ne?

  11. smartsetting there is no option of defult lock disenable

  12. Mohd. Uzair

    Well…I am visiting this site first time…and finding that this site have have all the necessary softwares…but…as i have’nt check out yet wheather the softwares are trial or not…if they are not of trial…then no doubt it will be the best website !!!

  13. Kunal

    Can someone plz help me out as this software tht i had for n72 has been accidently disabled…can someone help me enable it…

  14. cheejing

    Hey i know why u got CERTIFICATE ERROR cause i’m using nokia N95 and i send my application to my friend and it says CERTIFICATE ERROR too. So i think ur phone doesnt work S60 software like Nokia N95, E95 these kind of N and E Phones are S60… U better find a page which u can download ur phone’s application… My friend are using Music xpress too. But i dont remember which he got 5700 or 5300 something like that 2.

  15. swaid

    hi, i downloaded almost all softwares from this site.wowww all r kooool…im using nokia 5700 xpress music phone.. the problem is on most of the softwares it says that CERTIFICATE ERROR: CONTACT THE SUPPLIES.. can anybody tell me the solution for this,,,, plz mail me it will be great…

    • vee

      Hey i’ve got the 5700 all you’ll need is to download drakkarious2.01 fp1 follow all instructions and install… all your certificates errors will disappear…. I’ve got no problem using it… but still use it at your own risk if you don’t follow the instructions… can’t give you the link make some net search…

  16. honey

    I just tried these applications on my NOKIA N95.But while intalling, I got n error msg “Certificate error”.I tried again after changing date but face same as above so Help me if anybdy can. REGARDS.

  17. saleh13

    hi thanks nothing work on my n95-1

  18. vampirebloode

    Hey man, I can’t seem to install it on my N95-1. I think it needs to be signed… :'( Can you upload or email me a signed version, please? Thanx

  19. Shakil

    Thanks bro ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. @nokia – They are quite okay actually ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. application is good but their is lots of complains related to uploading. Kindly solve this issue so that I can download on my Nokia handset.

  22. @enakans – Hi Enakans, N70 is not a 3rd edition device, its a 2nd edition phone and is not supported by this particular application.

    @adi – thanks bro, did you try to toggle the date to 2007 and install it?

    @shakil – The file is compressed for size issues, so please use Winrar from (Freeware) to extract the contents and then your E90 will say that it’s supported. Cheers

  23. file corrupted when installing on my N70!!!

  24. adi

    great site man,it really is, one of the best for nokia symbian owners….. i have problem with this application,i get the Certificate Error when i try to install it….
    does it need to be signed before ? if it does i’ll have to skip it ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. shakil

    Just tried to download this but i get “Unsupported!” error message. I have a nokia e90

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