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Posted September 15, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Watching high definition movies on the go, that is what this post today is exactly about! More or less everyone I know or I ever met in this world likes to watch movies. Whether the language is English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi or Bangla we all love to catch a flick every now and then. The last movie to bring down a roaring hell on lalaland aka Hollywood was the Dark Knight and I got so carried away that I searched the internet all over so that I could publish you the official Dark Knight smartphones game, which I did of course earlier. After watching the DVD and Heath Ledger’s phenomenal and out of the world acting as the Joker I even got a bunch of his artworks. If you have missed that film then do not worry my friend because today this application I am introducing to you will let you watch high quality widescreen movies on your Nokia multimedia computers and handhelds on the go!

Smartmovie version 3.41 for symbian devices and smartphones is one of those must have software that your cell phones should have installed from the get go. It takes the multimedia experience to a whole different level and if you have a N-Series Nokia phone then the experience is tripled to say the very least. The fun of watching movies on the cell phones is quite different that I must agree. It is a completely seamless experience and Smartmovie is not just another video player for your cell phones, it is much more!

Smartmovie by Lonely Cat Games will let you manage, create, delete, edit and convert videos for your cell phones and will let you take it around with you wherever you go. Smartmovie 3.41 also lets you play foreign movies without any problems whatsoever as this amazing multimedia application for Symbian phones and Windows mobile smartphones supports the power of subtitles. One of the very few application in any class that actually plays the subtitles exactly with the right timing of the movie frames.

With Smartmovie 3.41 installed on your devices you can watch movies in widescreen view and in full screen, meaning it supports both the landscape and portrait mode for viewing the hour long movies. It converts the movies from your laptop or desktop via the pc based software video converter which has several options built in for several types of devices. Choosing the right Nokia phone screen resolution can be a daunting task, but with Smartmovie installed it is just a matter of one click. It automatically optimizes the video for the best output so that when run the movie on the mobile handhelds and smartphones it gives you the best picture and sound quality.

If you stop the player when a movie is running to pick up a call, Smartmovie automatically resumes play from the last position when you begin to watch it again. Even when you turn off this application and resume and switch off your cell phone and turn it on again for e.g. one day, Smartmovie will still prompt you to resume play from the last position, ensuring that you do not miss a single second of action while efficiently reducing the hassle to find the last position of playback.

The PC converter that comes with Smartmovie has built in Direct Show which lets you download codecs by automatically detecting the format of media which is a fine addition in this version. The conversion, like I said before, is really quality oriented as it has a bicubic interpolation engine and though you might think that it will take a whole lot of time to convert a movie entirely but in reality if you think about it, it’s really fast because Smartmovie converter can convert movies at 5 times the speed of the playback which is the standard even for a desktop computer media converter.

Smartmovie also lets you control the contrast and brightness for a particular video so that even if the quality of the actual video in the DVD is not that good, you can still adjust the easy to control parameters when playing the movie in your Nokia Symbian OS mobile phones.

Some screenshots:

SmartMovie - Nokia

SmartMovie – Nokia




It supports the Symbian OS 3rd edition and second edition phones with added capability to play movies in Windows mobile and palm. The converter for the desktop also supports different operating systems of Windows including XP and Vista. All Nokia symbian 3rd edition S60 N-Series and E-Series cell phones like Nokia N81, N82, 6300, N85, N6600, 6600 Slide, N78, N80, N79, N71, N72, N73, N95, N95 8gb, N91, N92, N93, 6120, 6121, 6290, 6280, 6288, 5700 Xpress Music, 5300, 5200, 5500, Luna, Arte, Sirocco, 3250, E90, E50, E60, E51, E61, E62, E71, E66, E70 etc are all well supported. All the major GSM and WCDMA network operators like AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Virgin, 3G, Orange Mobile UK, Hutch, Cingular, Telstra, Optimus, Airtel, Rogers, Telenor, Reliance Mobile, etc will support Smartmovie. Please subscribe to the RSS feed before downloading and using this application, that is all I ask. Subscription is free!! Ciao!

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  1. gutr

    fucked app.making full 2us dnt try to download

  2. Tried to install the smart movie on my phone but got certificate expired notice.
    My phone time is correct and is even set to auto-update

    What could cause this and how do I resolve this?

    2. Seems one cannot use this app without purchase?

  3. hi,
    thanks for the smart player but its saying expired certificate while i am installing on my nokia 5235.
    plz… help me out……

  4. apurba

    sap ke mara pass ha.

  5. thuan

    the first we need hackphone and then we should use software

  6. salim

    I need a linces key.

  7. MnM

    Crap! Expired Certificate ๐Ÿ™

  8. rahul

    my phone is X6.. All the games and applications here are not supported in my phone please help.

    • nteminio phone is nokia X6 too..did u find anything useful for playing alla types of videos?i have the same problem with u about these applications.Thanks

  9. rahul

    hi..plz send of the game sky force reloaded full version and a video player which can play all sorts of HD formats

  10. ajm.thasmin

    i want to kasparsky key pls send to me my email pls

  11. ikram

    plz send me 5310 expressmusic mobile software on my Email plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. komy

    please sent me smart movie 4.15 full version&licence key 358082011900194

  13. Hossein

    Hi, Please send to my E-Mail address this things:
    1.Code of LCG X-plore v1.51
    2.Code of Adobe Reader LE v2.5.496
    3.Code of LCG Jukebox v2.72
    4.Code of LCG ProfiMail v3.28
    And 5.Code of LCG PhotoBook v1.41
    Very Very Thanks.

  14. plzzzz sent me core player for nokia 6120c with code

  15. plz sent me smort movie player wih code

  16. plese sent for nokia e71 serial no.351940032567697

  17. wazed

    please send me license key for 353757044860391

  18. licence key for356994014500049

  19. please send me smart movie 4.15 full version & licence key 356994014500049

  20. Dear Sir/Madam

    please can you provied me free smartmovie player software for my mobile nokia N81

  21. sundresh

    i want avi.player for 5230 nokia

  22. aswin

    pls send smartmovie full version for nokia e 71

  23. plz send me smart movie soft wear for nokia e72

  24. Please send me the serial

  25. sunil gola

    i want avi player for npkia e71
    coz 4.15 old iss not working in my phone

  26. rahul

    plz send me license key for my n 73 smartmovie

  27. can you please sen me a key gen for this software thanks”

  28. Bijay

    after i installed this on my laptop, i get an message asking for the unlock code. what do i do there? please help!

    also, what is the best configuration to convert the videos for nokia n97?

  29. aiman

    thank U so much…

  30. snanaycej

    how can i get a license key, please? do i really have to purchase it or there’s some other way to acquire it for free? thanks in advance

  31. jays

    hey.. i try to instal the software on my phone but my phone keeps saying expired certificate. this really annoys me.
    what can i do to install it on my phone?

  32. smart movie n73 3rd culiction send me

  33. tyler

    hey everyone whos still struggling with this, wot u have to do is install the smartmovie-pc bit of the file onto the computer, the phone version then gives you the code for the pc and then the pc gives you the code for the phone, simple.

  34. Abhi

    Hi !!
    I hv also tried all the combinations but it is saying Invalid license key !!
    Plz help

  35. Abhi

    Hi !!
    I have also tried all the combinations of 0000 or 12345 or … but it is saying Invalid key !!
    Plz help

  36. Sharl

    i want to ask something before i install this program?
    is it support fast forwarding and rewind?

  37. Dude

    That’s unusual.
    Try with 0000 or 12345 . It should work.

  38. ccy

    hrm..i have tried several times with different amounts of text but it still cannot unlock the program…why huh?

  39. Paul Saptari

    Download your application with the great hope of entertaining myself. Let you know the progress later. Thanks anyway.

  40. Dude

    @ alphaflight (and again)
    @ alphaflight :
    You can register it with any key.
    A little bit of curiosity is a good thing my friend. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  41. Do i have to buy this software? Because it ask me for license key.

  42. do i have to buy this software? because it ask me for its license key.

  43. @johnckyap – Glad you liked it John! Do visit again!

    @Dude – Thanks a lot yet again bro!!! Much much much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Dude

    If you’ve installed any previous versions of the program ,uninstall them before installing the new version.
    Both files run without problem but try to install the latest version
    (3.41). In case you encountered with a “expired certificate” error , just change your phone date to sometime in 2007 and try to install it. There shouldn’t be any other problem. After installation you can change your phones date to normal.

  45. CJH

    Dear Sir,

    I also keeps getting update error. Furthermore there is two sis files in the zip file. I can install one that’s but it requires unlock code.

    Please advice.


  46. Tyler

    i keep getting update error when i load the application, can anyone help?

  47. johnckyap

    Great site ! Tks for the software !!! Really makes my day with the wonderful features .

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