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Posted August 11, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications


  1. pp

    all programs bool shittt dosnt work same proalem all time.don’t this job leave company.fucking nokia

  2. chandu

    i download d app,bt i get certificate error.could you recover it

  3. chule

    this is unsigned application must be signed if you like to install you need some program to download and register on some web page to get certificate key but

  4. chule

    search on google for how to signed app beacuse this is unsigned must be signed in order to install.

  5. Max

    I’ve been looking for something like this for some time, but I cannot install it. I get a certificate error.
    Is there anyway I can work around it?


  6. Mariam

    I tried to download the 0.55 version and i couldn’t. It said “Certificate error.” Am i doing something wrong or is it a problem with the software?

  7. aerogirl

    Version 0.54 worked great for me – just installed it, put in my username for AIM and Yahoo, and it worked instantly. No problems connecting or anything.

  8. Nads

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  9. I use Slick IM for quite sometime and cant find the conference facility, is it only me? Im using Nokia 6630 which is 2nd ed S60

  10. heav

    unfortunately cannot chat using facebook account

  11. Bob

    What a supid arse review… how old are u? 15?

  12. balaji

    good software

  13. Tony

    Description and images look good, but seems to have the same trouble as Agile Messenger – I can’t get it to connect.
    No matter if I use the wireless or 3G connections – I always get Host not found for Yahoo! MSN and GTalk.
    YMTiny (for Yahoo!) and WMP (for MSN) have no problems connecting – so I know it’s specific to these multi protocol apps.

    I enjoy getting your posts about these new things and I find something useful once in a while – but there’s something going wrong here. So far I’ve only had trouble with Agile and Slick (not that I’ve tried everything).

    You could’ve also mentioned that this is alpha software that will be unusable, and under different licensing, when the full release comes out 😉

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