Route 66 Mobile 8.0 with Maps for Nokia

Posted March 18, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Route 66 Version 8 for Nokia symbian smartphones is one the most feature packed mobile phone application to date. Buying external GPS devices can be quite costly for some of us and it can also be a hassle to carry the GPS device around, but with the S60 Route 66 Mobile for Nokia N-Series and E-Series handhelds you will be able to integrate the internal GPS with the features that only Route 66 offers. It also includes the detailed maps of the latest streets and waypoints!

The result:

Your Nokia symbian smartphone will immediately act as a full-featured S60 wireless GPS device which you can carry around in your pocket without the need for anything extra. The entire it-bits of the installation is short and snappy which makes it one of the most popular GPS application to users worldwide. Route 66 Mobile offers amazing navigational details and pitch perfect precision which generally only a few other GPS mobile software can offer, like the Sygic McGuilder 2009 for Nokia, or the Garmin Mobile XT GPS can match.

The maps included are for Australia, USA, Europe & England, China, India & Brazil. Please make sure that you check out the tutorials I have attached inside as they will tell you the optimum way so that you can enjoy one of the best GPS experience any S60 mobile can ever offer.

Why choose Route 66 Mobile over any other similar mobile softwares that are available in the Nokia Software market?

Well there can a million points and still I will pine for more but obviously it is impossible for me to point each one out. Hence, I am outlining some of the most important features of Route 66 Mobile for Nokia which will enable you to make up your mind and compare it with your existing mobile GPS software if you are using one.

  1. Route 66 Mobile offers an intuitive and ‘easy-to-get’ interface on the smartphone’s screen which is vital as most other applications can be a pain when operating it or sometimes when accessing a specific feature. The entire menu structure of Route 66 Mobile seems to be designed for easy yet powerful mobile GPS navigation.
  2. Route 66 Mobile offers voice guidance which is clear and easy to take note of. The speech quality of the robot is quite distinct and can be a lifesaver when you are guiding yourself into a location which is extremely busy and loud, like a gathering or even China Town!
  3. Route 66 version 8 for Nokia provides you with extremely detailed 3D and 2D maps which gives you the independence to choose quality over cost or vice – versa. The color distinctions of all the waypoints and interest points are excellent and soft to the eye.
  4. Route 66 for Nokia Mobile phones will offer you to discover cool places with its auto-suggestion feature. These points-of-interests places can include hotels, restaurants and petrol stations and it even offers you to make hotel reservations on the go. This makes it a killer all in one GPS software for any platforms including Symbian OS.
  5. A complete 360 degrees camera angles. The bird view is truly a well implemented feature and it surely has succeeded to impress me. Any E-Series cell (provided it has a comparatively bigger display) user will love it.
  6. It also supports missed point recalculation in case you miss a turn and the powerful navigation can also send the changed way points easily to any of your contacts. You can also send the recent and popular visits (your visits) to any of your friends with just one single click.
  7. A huge range of additional value added services that can be easily activated including a mobile phone based travel guide, weather information & on spot traffic updates, map & speech updates, etc.

All in all the latest version of Route 66 Mobile 8 for Nokia Symbian S60 series 3rd edition smartphones will offer you some of the best features ever seen on any small screen platforms including the 3rd edition Feature Packs (FP1, FP2, FP3, FP5 etc) and rest assured you will not be disappointed at all.

Route 66 Mobile 8.0

Route 66 Mobile 8.0

This superb navigator for your mobile is compatible with Nokia N-Series and E-Series phones like N95, E65, 6110 Navigator, N82, N81, N85, N73, E71, E66, N95 8gb, N97, N96, E90, E70, E50, E51, E61, E62, N80, N79, N78, N71. N75, 6120 Classic, 6121, N93, N92, N91, N76, 5800 Xpress Music, 5700 etc.

R66 Mobile Download

R66 Mobile Download

Installation notes:

First please subscribe to the RSS feed before you download this excellent S60 symbian application on your device. The subscription is absolutely free and it keeps me extremely motivated 🙂

Now based on your location there are 2 files that you must download and install. One of those 2 files must be System and other other one should be the download below.

Download Route 66 Nokia

This is the System File & it is a prerequisite for the actual installation of Route 66 Mobile version 8 on your Nokia. You must have this file regardless of your country.

Based on your physical location you have to download and install any one of the 2 links below. If you are residing either in the United States, South America, China or Russia  then download the first link and otherwise simply download the second download.

Download Route 66 for USA, South America, China.

Download Route 66 for people in USA, South America, China.

Download Route 66 Mobile 8 for Austalia, Asia, India & Europe.

Download Route 66 Mobile 8 for peeps in Austalia, Asia, India & Europe.

I hope you will have an excellent time with this and still if you do not like Route 66 for Nokia then feel free to check out some other similar internal GPS based applications that I posted in the past.

About the Author

Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


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  5. مهدی محمدی هستم از شما تشکر می کنم

  6. This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!
    ! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Kudos!

  7. africaken

    When are going to have support for africa maps apart from ovi maps by nokia.

  8. Oliver

    Useless: you get a certificate failure when trying to install the software

  9. vassile

    hi , i need to download the maps of europ for route 66 navigator 6110 , do u guys have any idea where i can find that ? pls help

    • cikuku

      It wont install on my E72, didnt install on my E71 either. I keep getting certificate errors. when I sing successfully, I get untrusted supplier error. How can I make this work?

  10. ganeshbaba

    hi brother i want to download india map 2009 Q4 map…its should fully surrounded total tamil nadu…
    pls any body help me…i m already have tat map but its locked any body unlock tat map its should b in
    162mb…name should be in ( map file please any body help me….plz mail me for any comments….

  11. francis ayoka

    pls i need a map 4 nigeria.

  12. Sum1

    FILE CORRUPTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Sum1

    where are the maps for south africa

  14. rich

    Hi just downloaded the bits but where do i put them on my phone as downloaded onto my laptop ? sorry not very good with tech!

  15. cris

    do i have to pay when i use it?

  16. Birgitt

    Where I have to copy the *.map files to?

  17. hey man

    the north american/china maps don’t come with the software you so gracefully uploaded. if you have them, please provide a link.


  18. hey man

    i think the one for north america and china is actually western europe. i do not have maps loaded for north america at all.

    please upload north america maps if you have them.


  19. manu

    You are fooling People here by claiming that these maps are having license for India map.

    It is locked for map of India

  20. manu

    first of all, for those who r getting certificate error, plz sign ur app as it is unsigned

    I downloaded the second part i.e. for India but I cannot find any map for India

    Plz help me with this

    • manu

      You are fooling People here by claiming that these maps are having license for India map.

      It is unlocked for map of India

  21. mustafa buzgulu

    Not that i appreciate this great offer but why the hell there is no installation instructions with the folders?! i understand i need to change the Installation date or something….what the hell does that means and how am i going to do that? Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions of installing on my phone (nokia n95 8gb)? thanks a lot!

  22. Russell

    I have downloaded your route66 maps and system files to my computer and transferred them to my n6110 .
    when I try to install a message come up certificate error contact application supplier !!!.
    What am I doing wrong ????.
    Help would be appreciated

  23. Valerie Nelson

    Dear sir, I ahve a nokia N95. I have tried continually to install either route 66 Version 7 & 8 with no result. Every time I attempt installation, I get the message of certificate error, contact vendor.

    The phone was supposed to come wtih Route 66 & i have never been able to use it or find any assistace for it. Please help. thank you.

  24. premjo

    i could not install. help me . my system is nokia n82. how i can instal it .. i want road map of india

  25. yeshwanth

    i have downloaded system file and also my country file please tell me how to install the system folder into the phone i have nokia navigator 6110 .

  26. Drawk

    hey lemme knw whethr it wud b available offline??

  27. oliver

    Please tell were can i find maps of south africa

  28. appooran

    Hi, I have downloaded the system folder and the USA map. Could you please let me know how I can now copy and install the system folder (where) and the mapszip file in the phone. Thanks alot in advance. Regards


  30. Hareesh

    Hi help me out with india map i tried many time but it shows service not available

  31. Please… give me a link where I can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of Route66 maps of South Africa 2008 Q4 (you can email me)

  32. ilya

    how to install route66 on N78? For what is the system folder? Please help

  33. Prasan

    Is there a map of Sri Lanka. Please help me in this.

  34. chandra

    anyone can upload Malaysia map.

  35. Jan

    i have did instal europe version on mt nokia n82 but if i want go to europe it says i need to download that map and i download it then it says unable to connect to the ROUTE 66 server please try again later could someone help my please? 🙂

  36. Tim

    hi there, i really need help with the installation here because i don’t understand how or what to do with this file??!!!! please someone help me with this thanx a lot i’ll really appreciate it…. sorry i’m all new with this kind of stuff

  37. Niek


    thanks for the stuff:)

    really like it

  38. Michael

    How an where do i change The Installation date? I really tried everything!!! THX

  39. vin

    can these be used on e63?

  40. abc

    how to get asian map?

  41. vinnigevark

    South Africa!!!! Plzzzzzzz

  42. vinnigevark

    And still waiting to hear about maps for South Africa?????

  43. Emy

    Im trying to install and already copy and paste the system files in the app folders on my E66 but I got “Certificate Error. Contact Supplier”. Ive change the software installation to ALL and OFF the Online Ceritficate Check. The Installation date has also change to year 2006. Am I missing any steps?

  44. You have to have a hacked phone or sign the SIS yourself for it to work on your mobile 😉

  45. 123

    place system file at where?

  46. 123

    system file is for wat?

  47. Parin

    Hi all,
    Needed to know about how do I download maps for India.
    Appreciate if someone could reply to my query.

  48. bob

    hi,i need indonesia for route 66,help me plz,thx

  49. kungfunun

    I keep getting an error saying that the certificate isnt valid. I

  50. MIkku

    will this thing(route 66) work on my nokia N76. I installed garmin and thats not working> I don’t get any signal on that.

  51. omgwhat

    It keeps saying that the certificate isnt valid. I’ve copied everything to the phone. Help please? 🙁

  52. samir

    CHAOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. samir

    chaos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    • Guido

      You got any reply yourself? I still do not manage to install Route 66myself.
      Did you succeed after all?

  55. Hans

    Any maps available for South Africa?

  56. TAHIR


  57. iluvlolo

    Download files, extract them, then copy into the phone memory. Then run install from the phone. If you use Nokia application installer it wont work. the second download contains the dot sis file.

    • Maggot

      iluvlolo, could you please email me slightly more specific instructions? I downloaded the files,and I was only able to unrar the maps d/l, the system file “unexpectantly stopped”. Could you give me a hand? Thanks in advance. Maggot

    • cikuku

      iluvlolo, I am having similar problems. Even after I copy the sis file to my memory card and sign it, it wont install due to certificate restrictions. Once it told me that it didnt like the untrusted supplier. If you actually managed to make this GPS work, do you mind giving detailed instructions? I am using E72. Please email directly at almeladze at the rate of thank you in advance.

  58. iluvlolo

    Just installed it on my N95 8GB. works fine.

  59. gljansen

    Garmin 2008 & Nokia 2009 maps OK on my N95-2 8Gb, but this Route 66 is not accepted …..
    Any suggestions?

  60. kungfunun

    This is greatly appreciated, however i cant get it to install, just like the other gps apps. has anyone else managed to?

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