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If you are still wondering about the release date of the latest Nokia N900 Internet Tablet, 3G Booklet and the recently announced X-Series smartphones like the X3 or X6 then you should hold on to your thoughts for now because I will update all of you in the future about their release, features and other related details when I get more info about them. For now however, you should try and get busy with whichever smartphone you are using right now regardless of it being a Nokia N-Series or E-Series one.

This post will offer you the many ways to extend and enhance your mobile phone’s battery life, stand-by time and talk time so that you can make better use of all the other amazing games and mobile applications for Nokia Series 60. More information about the remaining talk time and stand-by time of your phone means you being able to make those crucial calls when you need to rather than losing communications between an active call due to zero battery power.

Some of these Nokia apps even lets you set profile and organize your phone’s default battery consumption behavior, some informs you about the exact remaining battery time to the last minute while some simply speaks out to you when you lose a bar in the battery meter.

The featured battery related applications that I am going to feature today and that really stands out  in my opinion are: Ravensoft Battery Extender, Capree iOn Battery Timer and the original Nokia freeware called Nokia Energy Profiler which is developed by Nokia themselves.

The Nokia mobile applications should work on all Symbian 3rd edition devices (S60 Version 1, 2 and 3 or FP1, FP2 and FP3) and 5th edition smartphones (S60 Version 4 and 5 or FP4 and FP5).

I like all of these featured mobile applications as they are all very special in terms of their features and I am also confident that most of you will like nearly all of them, still if you prefer one over the other then do let us know through your comments. Without any further delay let me get into the Nokia battery applications that can really change things for the better.

Ravensoft Battery Extender:

Before you download Ravensoft Battery Extender for Nokia you should know that playing with how the hardware of the phone behaves with your battery is really of much importance, hence you should always read through the details of Ravensoft Battery Extender thoroughly. Ravensoft Battery Extender takes into account the default behavior of your phone’s operating system on its Lithium Ion mAH battery. When you chat hours after hours with your friends or when you browse the web from your S60 mobile browser or the Opera Mobile S60 browser for example, your battery uses up memory. As you browse even more it begins to consume more and more battery power which then drains your battery completely turning your mobile phone off.

With Ravensoft Battery Extender you will be able to profile down your battery consumption level according to the remaining power of the battery. Effectively it lets you select some preset profile values which can turn off the power hungry functions like your GPS or Opera Mobile when your battery meter values falls down low. With only one click you can switch battery profiles to completely change your phone’s battery consumption.

Battery Extender for Nokia

Battery Extender for Nokia

You can choose to run your phone with full force by selecting the ‘Outdoor’ profile of Ravensoft Battery Extender which will enable all functions of your phone, thus letting you share your waypoints or geotags easily through apps like Google Maps or Garmin Maps when you need to. When you are back at home you can activate the profile ‘Improved Battery’ so that it can extend the remaining battery life by automatically switching functions like Bluetooth, GPS, Screensaver, accelerometers etc or any other background apps.

There is also another profile which is Max Battery and it can trim down functions  and processes like crazy. It is most effective when you are going away for the weekend or if you are not going to use your phone other than talking or making a call. Of course, you can revert to the original profile anytime and also choose your very own custom settings whenever you want.

Download Ravensoft Battery Extender:

Download Battery Extender

Download Battery Extender

Capree iOn Battery Timer:

Imagine a situation when you have started out for a day long road trip with your friends and after one hour of being on the road you realize that  you have forgotten the charger at home. Even more of a yucky situation is when you realize that you have to make an important call to your boss and your battery dies on you just 5 minutes before the moment, but hey guess what?

Battery Timer

Battery Timer

Battery Details Menu

Battery Details Menu

No more will you have to suffer like that because with Capree iOn Battery Timer you will be able to monitor your battery power level or battery charge left in terms of minutes and hours accurately. Thus you will always know how many hours or minutes you have left before your battery turns against you which gives you sufficient time to make that important call you really need to make on schedule. This is just one example on call management of how you can utilize iOn Battery Timer, I can give you a thousand more if I had more time.

Beside having an awesome menu appearance, Capree iOn Battery Timer provides you with precise info like letting you know the exact amount of time left to complete battery discharge, the time and date when the discharge will occur, your average battery life cycle per charge etc. It conveniently provides access to the information of battery charge on the display screen of your phone as a home screen widget.

Download Capree iOn Battery Timer:

Download Mobile Battery Timer

Download Battery Timer

Nokia Energy Profiler:

Nokia Energy Profiler is a freeware application that is based on the 3rd edition and 5th edition N-Series and E-Series Symbian OS platform of Nokia smartphones. Nokia Energy Profiler also supports Touch UI based Nokia smartphone devices. I am guessing that Nokia Energy Profiler’s compatibility will be extended for the newly introduced Nokia X-Series phones very soon. At its core, the Nokia Energy Profiler is a Nokia freeware through which you will be able to gather detailed information about any application’s energy consumption rate. This will help you to determine whether keeping a mobile application running on your phone is worth the power it consumes.

Nokia Energy Profiler is mainly aimed towards any S60 mobile application developer and theme developer to examine specific functions or bugs in any application’s power consumption behavior. However, because of the interactive display and pretty graphs of Nokia Energy Profiler many end users find it of much use as it helps them to maintain and better profile their symbian device’s installed applications.

Nokia Energy Profiler

Nokia Energy Profiler

Nokia Energy Profiler shows detailed information about several features of an application on its phone including the individual and cumulative power consumption level, the voltage redundancy of the application, RAM usage level, process activity levels, both GSM network, WLAN and WiFi signal strength, 3G internet packet transfer speed and ip network speed.

Download Nokia Energy Profiler:

Download Energy Profiler

Download Energy Profiler

All Nokia 3rd edition Symbian devices including the Nokia N97, N95, N96, N92, N91, N86, N75, N82, N81, N80, N71, N73, N77, N78, N79, N85, N76, 6120, 6290, 6110, 5700, 5800 XpressMusic Touch UI, N95 8gb, 6121, 3250, Nokia E72, E75, E71, E70, E90, E66, E65, E63, E62, E60, E61, E50 and the recently announced 5800 Navigation Edition are supported.

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Mobile Apps for Battery Mgt

Mobile Apps for Battery Mgt

Please let me know if there are any other applications that I may have missed in this list of battery management mobile apps for Nokia that you think should make this list of Symbian applications for Nokia mobile. I have already added another Python application called Battery Voice which speaks out your battery status every time you lose a bar on the battery meter of your phone’s display so leave Battery Voice out as that is more of a  fun little application.


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  1. tame mane betri status no softwar moklo chodinav.

  2. iOn Battery Timer is NOT accurate at all, and kills the battery too fast. Have it deleted from my E90

  3. i want make a theme by own way

  4. ashy

    “certificate error contact supplier” even after makin th settings…..wt cn i do abt it??

  5. alex

    I tried to install iOn Battery but after I accept it a message pop that the application is untrusted and can’t be installed 🙁

  6. Takizawa

    This’s rock, dude!

  7. Sunseeker

    Why doesn’t Capree iOn Battery Timer work on my E51? I tried installing it a couple of times and after I accept the fact that the application is insecure I, get NO error but the installer just quits.
    Any ideas?

  8. John

    I am in looooooove with the ravensoft battery extender app, very useful.

  9. Juan

    Hi, I downloaded iOn Battery Timer but it wont install. I get a file is protected by unknown provider or something…

    Please help me. I need this app.

  10. slickfiz

    Yes, same 4 me. It says application protected, what shud I do??

  11. Jazzy Fizzle

    Brilliant website, many thanks for the effort put into it.

    I have installed both Ravensoft Battery Extender and iON Battery timer without any probs, but i am now experiencing a slightly bizarre situation where my N95 8Gb battery level indicator permanently shows that the battery is full, and running Nokia Device Status reports 100% charge – even though i know full well the battery isn’t fully charged as i have been using the phone.

    If i restart the phone it corrects itself until the next time I run the battery completely flat. Has anyone else experienced this?

  12. HARRY

    install first da secman to avoid file is protected by unknown something something..okay!! then install to your PC the Root sign..

  13. Sunseeker

    Hey, the link to Capree iOn Battery Timer does not work. You should go check that out, I’m getting a 404.

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