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Mobile Office would never be complete without you able to explore, share, read and write office documents on your mobile phones and Quick Office Premier Edition does just that! Version 5 ensures a free upgrade to the upcoming version six which is scheduled to be official out early next month in January 2009.

Without Microsoft Office life would have been so damn different, difficult. While Microsoft Office does take care of everything you need on your laptop or desktop computer, it does not offer us with any version on symbian devices and smartphones of Nokia, SonyEricsson, LG or similar. And that’s where Quick Office Premier Edition kicks in with high gears. Being one of the most important tools for students, executives and corporate bodies worldwide, QuickOffice premier edition has certainly developed and made its market in the Nokia software and mobile content industry.

It’s one of those must have mobile applications that you gotta get installed on your symbian phones and maybe because of this reason the basic edition (Quickoffice Standard) comes built in most Nokia N-Series and E-Series S60 phones. The basic edition is good enough if your requirement is only to read office documents, excel sheets or read a presentation on the move as it can decode Office files perfectly.

The latest QuickOffice Premier Edition, version 6.0 can actually do a lot more than the basic one. Quickoffice now have integrated themselves with the premium and free desktop remote access provider SoonR and they named this project QuickAccess which lets you watch real time, high definition documents on your smartphones of Nokia. I will make another post someday soon about SoonR as I personally have been using it and I can honestly say it is the most useful and convenient remote desktop utilities out there for Nokia users worldwide. Anyway, back to topic!

If you think Quick Office version 4 and version 5 for Nokia were good then you are gonna love this even more cause it has loads of features that the earlier version never offered. Quick Office Premier Edition lets you seamlessly integrate and edit your Microsoft Office 2007 .DocX documents, it does not even change the file format anyway.

Quick Office Mobile Application Nokia

Quick Office 6

Quick Office Premier (and Upgradable to Version 6 pack for Series 60 mobile phones) offers an useful File Explorer through which you can browse the entire mobile and SD memory card of your device without ever needing to load an additional application like LCG File X-Plorer. Quick Office Premier also offers the integration of itself with the mobile version of the Adobe Reader LE and Apple’s MobileMe iDisk etc. Both Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007 version are supported by the latest edition of Quickoffice for Symbian.

Quick Word

Quick Office 6

Quick Office also makes mobile printing much easier with its one button shortcut to print documents on the fly without the need of an USB cable (standard bluetooth supported printers only). You can zoom documents to double the size of the actual laptop/desktop version and in the same way you can simply change the size and types of the fonts that is the document is actually composed of. Quickoffice also supports excel sheets and lets you create fields, execute advanced formulae, change style aspects of the data, sort fields and even apply custom filters. With Zoomview you will able to customize view completely according to your preference.

Mobile Office

Quick Office 6

Quick Office for Excel or Quick Excel also lets you edit images that are in your documents like charts, clip arts etc. You can also combine Quick Office for Symbian phones of Nokia S60 with any Exchange servers (both 1.0 and 2.0) and easily attach documents with the emails that you sent out.


Quick Office 6

Lastly it also lets you easily check the spellings in your documents. With all these you also have the power to create a presentation from scratch or edit existing Powerpoint presentations in version 6.00. You can export the presentation slides easily to a projector and present the entire file straight from your Nokia cell phones!

mobile nokia symbian software

Quick Office 6

The overall graphical user experience and operational performance is outstanding and the engine of the Quick Office for mobile phones can understand the memory limitation your S60 smartphone device and thus it optimizes itself to operate in the most efficient way by limiting external elements that will be loaded the moment you open the files. When you scroll and navigate down (or up) it begins to automatically load and render elements and ditches the ones that are not being displayed on your screen.




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Download the new & final version 6.2153 Quickoffice AM without the License Manager Support here:

Download QuickOffice 6.2 without License Manager

Download QuickOffice 6.2 without License Manager

The New version of QuickOffice Premier 6 also supports Nokia N97 & 5800 Xpress Music phones beside all the rest. All Nokia 3rd, 4th & 5th edition symbian phones are now supported!!

Updated September 19th, 2009:

Also if you are looking for Adobe Reader LE and QuickOffice Premier 6 for youe smartphone then check out the download below as I have included QuickOffice Premier 6 and Adobe Reader LE 2.53 in this version:

Quickoffice with Adobe Reader LE Support

Quickoffice with Adobe Reader LE Support

At first you have to install the actual installer which is a 3 megabytes file and includes Quick Office Premier 6 and Adobe Reader LE. Once installer you will have to sign and install the other file which is included in the download to enjoy both QuickOffice 6 Premier and Adobe Reader LE on your phone.

Updated October 7th, 2009:

Yes! I have updated QuickOffice Pro with version 6.2 which works a hundred percent on all Nokia Xpress Music 5800 and 5300 touchscreen devices. The new version also upgrades the built in QuickOffice version of  any Nokia N97 or N97 Mini phones. If you get a certificate error like “Cannot Install a Trusted Application from an Untrusted Supplier” or “Certificate Error: Certificate Expired” then please get yourself  a self signed certificate along with a key file and sign it with the Self Signer App. Trust me, it is as easy as a pie!

Download QuickOffice N97

Download QuickOffice N97

QuickOffice for Nokia Symbian 3rd edition and 5th edition smartphones and mobiles support almost all the standard document formats including DOCX, DOC, XLSX, XLSM, XLS, PPT, PPS and TXT and it is compatible with Office 97 to 2007! Precisely, Symbian OS 9.1, Symbian OS 9.2, Symbian OS 9.3, Symbian OS 9.4, Symbian OS 9.5 smartphones will work with any of the downloads available on this page.

QuickOffice Premier supports all the latest versions of Nokia N-Series and E-Series smartphones and handhelds including Nokia N97, N97 Mini, N95, N96, N95 8gb, N91, N92, N93, N81, N82, N80, 6120, 6121, 6290, E65, E90, E71, 6110, Nokia N85, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E66, E70, N76, N77, N75,N73, N78, N79, 5700 and 5500 Xpress Music, 5800 Touch UI powered smartphone of Nokia and the newly introduced Nokia N97  and other 3rd edition  or 5th edition mobile phones from Nokia and several other brands.

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  1. maj

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  3. kadri taiwo

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  4. Osadolor Andrew

    Please i need the cracked adobe reader for my N97

  5. fasmir

    please key 5800 phone ime no 354182026931574
    my mail mohmedfasmir@gmail.com

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    my phone nokia e71
    anyone know which software is not suitable

  7. thanks for you application. but i am not install. my phone is show certificate error. what will i do? please suggest me.

  8. Sajjad jafari

    Hi..thank you for the appilaction.. But the quethion is that is there any way to use quick office for free? I mean without any payment

  9. I have lost my ID for download quickoffice pro 6.Please send me again ID. I have paid already 14.99$ for it!!!

  10. I am installing quick office premier on Nokia E62.

    Giving Certificate Error.

    Kindly let me know how to get self signed certificate with key file? where can i get it?

  11. ajay

    pls develop ms office for nokia c3. After buying my nokia c3 .iam totally disappointed because it does not supports for any docs. There is s40 reader but its useless for my files. I think c1 is better than c3. Becoz c1 will supports for some office files.

  12. Ari

    is there other way to get full licence for quickoffice pro v6.2? i mean without buy the pricey licence from quickoffice provider. please i need it for my N97 mini.. thanks.

  13. tamil maran

    I want quick office for my Nokia C6-01 model. pl suggest where to buy it.

    thank u

  14. erick

    hey, a ver si me pueden ayudar… trato de instalar los quickoffice q vienen acá pero mi c5-03 me pone error de certificado o certificado caducado…. ayudenme estoy desesperado!!!

  15. KAMAL . D


  16. it doesn’t work with n73!!

  17. Chirag

    I want quickoffice for my nokia n97mini pl help Me

  18. Anna

    Kindly explain this one for your users, “If you get a certificate error like “Cannot Install a Trusted Application from an Untrusted Supplier” or “Certificate Error: Certificate Expired” then please get yourself a self signed certificate along with a key file and sign it with the Self Signer App. Trust me, it is as easy as a pie!”

  19. kateeka

    Please do help me with wares that will make my N97 function properly.
    Especially Quick Office and Acrobat PDF
    Thank you.

  20. G velu appanoor

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  21. Syed Wafiullah Muslim

    Dear All

    I have recently bought Nokia C3.00 mobile. I need quickoffice and adobe reader for it. Any help would be highly appreciated.

  22. Joe

    Am still un able to load it on my c3 and l love to have this office suite on my phone

  23. LEE

    it is not working with nokia 5233
    message appears and software not compatible with your device.
    please help me.

  24. farshid bashari

    I ‘m Iranian.
    I thank for your app.
    please send me new app and theme.

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    Please helppppppppppppppppp!

  26. I did all my afford but nothing worked.

    Dowloaded and send it to my Nokia N97 through the bluethooth, Final the certificated erroe.


    Is there any one to answer me how to have this quickoffice without any thing?

    Please your need your help.



  27. pankaj

    i have n76 nokia device and i want quick office with free license for my phone….will you plz provide me………..

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  30. Arnab

    Installation failed. Certificate error all happening. If I download directly through OVI then installation failed. If I download through desktop and then transfer through bluetooth then certificate error. I am tired.

  31. what is cost for downloading Quick Office 6 to N900?

  32. Please let me know immediately whether nokia n900 can be upgraded with Quick office 6?
    As it is Linux version will it get upgraded with QuickOffice 6? Without document editing and viewing N900 will be useless for me.

  33. c-series

    does this work for the c-series as well, the c6 in particular? thanks!

  34. Mee

    I can’t do it. the Secman thingie comes up, and are ready to be installed, but it just doesn’t work. Do anyone know why?

  35. abdul

    superb application guys download it. first u have to install sec man in this only is there and then open sec man and restart your device and again open sec man install root certificate and know you can install this unsigned application and also all unsigned applications.

  36. kandarp patel

    thanx a lot quick office is installed greatly on my N73 ME and it works.

  37. viswa

    i want to buy 5235 ,whether this office applications can be used in that phone , kindly help me…

  38. Sebek

    Hey Chaos. I managed to get the app signed by cer.opda, but I have problem installing it into my n97 mini. the phone says “Update Error” and that’s it, no go. Could you help mi with that please?

  39. sheppy

    its really great the consumer court will punish nokia one day definetly.
    costliest phone in nokia doesnt hav the pdf/text/doc/docx/xls/xlsx/ppt/pptx reader.
    wjhat is the use of the phone.

  40. abdul basit

    I am also an old nokia user. No doubt nokia is a pioneer in phone engineering, but nokia 5800 is my last nokia phone, and i wont be purchasing nokia. Now i understand why nokia is on the verge of bankruptcy despite having good phones. They are doing a viral marketing, they have software issues. Now a nokia buyer has to see if the phone is equipped with the desired software. Coz they have one software on one phone and skip it on another.

    hey Nokia its better for u to install same bundle on the same OS series. There should be same softwares on all s60 v5.

    BTW Fuck you Nokia.

  41. Charles

    I cant install. it says “protected application” please help 🙁

  42. its not getting install in my nokia 5700 xpress music

    i need it plzzz help me out or lem me know of any other software that might help me in getting office
    coz i want to open pdf formats file n .ppt n pptx and docx or doc files too

  43. katie

    i want to know how can i make a self signed certificate for the quickoffice i downloaded for nokia 5800 pls help

  44. katie

    i want to knw how do i make a certificate for quick office pls help me i hav a nokia 5800

  45. Sivakumar B

    Dear Mr Siavash,

    This is why I said Nokia is simply cheating the phone buyers. One of my friends had bought an N97 about 11 months back at a price of Indian Rupees Rs.31,000/-. Now the same phone costs only Rs.23,000/- ! A difference of about Rs.8,000/-. The phone is the same, with the same config of 32 GB. But still the N97 lacks a PDF Reader (only Trial version as mentioned by you is pre-installed by NOKIA). I have taken up the matter several times with Nokia and I am now fed up with their irrelevant, inconsistent, and foolish replies. In one of their replies, they foolishly said that Nokia 5800 XpressMusic does not require a PDF Reader at all! This illustrates how irresponsible and how foolish are the team answering the genuine grievance of the customer who buys the phone with great expectations! Besides, I got a reply that since they wanted to reduce the price of the phone, they have omitted this PDF viewer. Then I asked about N97, a premium phone model in which certainly requires a PDF viewer. I got no response from their end. This is why I am of the view and strong belief that NOKIA IS SIMPLY CHEATING THE CUSTOMER BY LISTING OUT IRRELEVANT EXCUSES. ONCE THE CUSTOMER HAS BOUGHT THE PHONE, HE GETS FOOLED!

    Please give WIDER PUBLICITY to these genuine issues in almost all forums open as well as registered. Let people know about the cheating by NOKIA. Please give wider publicity to potential phone buyers NOT TO BUY NOKIA AND GET CHEATED!.


    • Hi my friend,
      You’re exactly right.. Its better to use software cracks for these silly services.
      That file I’ve sent the link, has upgraded my trial period (of Adobe Reader) up to 11 million days!!!!
      And even, this works for un-hacked N97 Phones. By the way in my Idea PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BUY NOKIA PHONES, IF NOT THEN JUST CRACK THEM.
      All the best,

  46. Hi,
    Dear Sivakumar B, I’ve got the same problem with my N97. the 30 days trial of my Quick Office Adobe Reader has been expired and i’ve got nothing to do with this!!!
    In such a smart phone by the price of approximately $500, I didn’t expect that i should pay for a BUILT IN FEATURE again!!!

  47. izzabel

    Thank you very much! I was looking for this app for a long time. And works perfectly

  48. Elie Reboisson

    I bought your Quicoffice recently and I copy from my laptop a PowerPoint personal project and I couldn’t hear the music that I add and also the scrolling is only manual.
    Is it normal?

  49. rajdeep

    quick office installation error

  50. Eric

    why i cannot install quick office after i download the softwear it will say error

  51. biltong

    Hey, need some help. How do I : “then please get yourself a self signed certificate along with a key file and sign it with the Self Signer App. Trust me, it is as easy as a pie!” I don’t know how to “get myself a self signed certificate” Can u help?

  52. i wanted quick office for my n73 mobile phone and i got it
    thank you
    very much

  53. amar

    j aimerai bien avoir le site pour telecharger quick office pour mon nokia 5800xm

  54. Nirman Doshi

    Hi Sivakumar,
    I had decided to buy 5530 express edition.. but after reading ur reply.. i’m little concerned becoz I at least want PDF reader and Quick office softwares to work with.. without which i will not like to prefer any phone..
    isn’t there any way to download a crack version of both these softwares?

  55. Harikrishnan

    when i try to sign the application “QuickOfficePro6.2-Unsigned.sis” in https://www.symbiansigned.com/app/page/public/openSignedOnline.do it shows an error msg like” FAILURE: Submitted .sis file uses a UID that is not allocated to the account holder matching this email address (0x20027f01 0x200002b6 0x200002c4 0x200002e8 0x2000748e 0x2000981a 0x200002cf 0x2000032a 0x20007434 0x2001f7fe 0x2001e7d2 0x2001e7dc 0x2001f802 0x2000030a 0x20007436 0x2001e7d4 0x200002b5 0x200002cc 0x200002ca 0x200002c8 0x2000744e 0x20007442 0x200002b7 0x20007450 0x200002d2 0x2000031b 0x2000742c 0x200002d6 0x200002f8 0x2000742a 0x200002fc 0x2000030d 0x2000742e 0x200002db 0x200002f9 0x20007430 0x20000302 0x20000310 0x20007432 0x200002ec 0x20007467 0x200002b9 0x200002be 0x200002bb 0x200002bc 0x200002bf 0x200002ba 0x200002bd 0x2000748b 0x200002c0 0x200002c3 0x200002e3 0x20000315 0x200002c2 0x200002e2 0x2000031f 0x200002c1 0x200002e1 0x20000322 0x20007454 0x20007451 0x200002ea 0x2000032d 0x2000745a 0x20000308 0x2000745e )”. can u pls explain what is it and tel me how can i sign it myself? awaiting a quick reply

  56. Sivakumar B

    Certainly, Nokia is simply cheating customers by not providing even a PDF Reader without limitations even in N97 and 5800 XpressMusic models. I contacted Nokia several times and every time, they are simply listing out utterly irrelevant, unreasonable excuses for not providing the most essential software like QuickOffice viewer and a PDF Reader without period limitation. But instead, NOKIA will continue to bundle UTTERLY USELESS games pre-installed in the phone software, which consumes the precious phone memory and which again cannot even be uninstalled by the user even if the customer does not want such an utterly useless stuff in his handset.

  57. I use nokia 5800 XP and I can’t install quickoffice premier 6, it always certificate error, so how can i do to install it.

  58. lordraydem

    I can

  59. suraj

    Dear all ian use mokia e 50 i wont to upgrade my quick office my version is 3.0 ple help me to free updated .

  60. Sartaj Singh Rana

    Hi , i am using Nokia E-71 ,I have upgraded to quick office premier.I did not found it good.With this Phone has become mesh.Even the songs ,photoes,documents and Notes has also moved to diffrent drives.The previous version 5 of quick office was good and simple.could any body tell from where to down load old version of Quick office.I am also not able to run google Maps which was runnig exalently after downloading from Google,which is free for moblies.

  61. Farhan

    I tried to download and install all these files into my N97 but they would not install. Every time during the installation it gives me an error message.

  62. QuickOffice Premier 6, Is it free?

    No, It is trial.
    Please go to http:://www.quickoffice.com for other info.

  63. sreerag

    i am using nokia 5530 xpress musiq i want to install quick office.. plzz help me.. hw to crack it and install

  64. Andres1208

    Que bien.. Buena esa.. !!

  65. Gopal

    QuickOffice Premier 6, Is it free?

  66. Bhaskar

    Dear All,
    I purchase NOKIA N97 mini but sad NOKIA does not provide full support of quickoffice. The trial version of quickoffice does not seem as excited. Scrolling thorugh the scroll bars are realy very difficult and the documents jumps from here to there. Document also open in a small window that takes away the pleasure of reading the text on full screen. It would have been better if the document opens in full screen with free flow.


    • SK

      You are absolutely right. I fail to understand why manufacture can,nt supply applicable software for free for high cost mobile sets?

  67. heemo


  68. alok

    its saying ”unable to instal protected application from a untrusted supplier”
    what to do?

  69. AT

    for the latest update, it says ‘update error’ even though I signed the application. can u help?

  70. maximum distorsi

    I’ve been search all cracked quickoffice pre 6 in many site, but doesnt work’s at all. now i’m hope from this site i can enjoy quickoffice pre 6 on my n97, thanks 😀

  71. DP

    Hi I have tried to install this application in my Nokia 5800. Bu error is coming & is not getting installed.

  72. cf3

    Install after self-signed, but not working, “Update Error”? Any idea? The built-in version is V6.2.240… Thanks!

  73. rachelle

    hi i was having a problem with the installation…. I says that the file is corrupt after uncompressing the file… Would apreciate the help… Thanks

  74. van bowie

    thank’s for these great apps. but, is it free or a trial??

  75. Arturo, it would help if you spoke English on this forum.
    Then perhaps we can help you.

  76. Vlachni gweeb avroons, est unftim mingella ma “Nokia 5800” – quas varch en pudenda?

  77. afzal

    hi i m using 5800 quick office not able to install so ple help me

  78. Gille

    pls how do install dis quickoffice 6 premeir for my uiq3 device

  79. Shruti

    Is this application the same one as provided in Nokia E63 package?

    Also the downloads that you provide, are they free/ demos/ free for a certain period of time?

  80. Ben

    hi, i’m using N97. I get the

  81. binoj bhaskaran

    hi, i am using nokia 5800 exp music. but not able to install quickoffice premium. IT SHOWS CERTIFICATE ERROR. PLEASE HELP.

  82. Hi I musing N96 can you help me how can i increase my battery timing i hav 950 mAh battery which battery you suggest me

  83. Samid Daivd

    I get the

  84. I tried to install quickoffice on my nokia5800 Xpress and it says there’s an error. please advice me on how to intall it.

  85. melanie

    hi,, i’m using 5630 xpress music can you help me, on my phone when i get it it already installed a quick office then when i tried to upgrade it., and when the trial version already finish i can’t even use it ,. i try to use your application but it failed to load

  86. sachin

    i have nokia 5800. Downloaded quickoffice premium eddi. But on installing got measage ‘certificate error ‘ . What i have to do? Pls reply me, l want it immmmidiatly.

  87. Stuart Curtis

    I have paid and downloaded quickoffice premier 6 but when installion finished I got following message “installation error”
    Please help. I am using Nokia 5800

  88. kyle

    I need help, I try to install into nokia 5800 but cannot with error message ‘certificate error’. Please help.

  89. It works great. thank you very much.

  90. js

    do you need to pay for this Quickoffice v.6 before being able to use it? I have nokia 6120c phone. Thanks, for your reply.

  91. Dick Edward

    Please advise, i can’t run the quickoffice application v.6., i already downloaded it, i try to run it and it says certificate error contact supplier. I’m willing to pay if its not free i just need this application, pls reply to my email. Thanks

  92. Dick Edward

    Please advice, i can’t run the quickoffice application i downloaded it already frm this site, whn i try to run it, it say’s certificate error.contact supplier. Im willing to pay if its not free, i just need this application, pls reply to my email, thanks.

  93. allen

    hello, l try to install the latest version of quickoffice on my Nokia 5800 but im getting a certificate error. What do i need to? Please help me. thank you.

  94. calvin

    thanks a lot works like a charm
    you are really superb guy

    all your applications work very well

    i just can thank you
    your applications fill my n95 8gb and brings life to it
    well thanks a lots and keep up your work

    see you soon with great new applications

  95. Tina Chang

    I downloaded this new version and installed on my E63 fine. However, the fonts size for each folder enlarged. Is there a way to change it back to normal size?

  96. Sanjay Singh

    I tried installing the QuickOffice in my Nokia XM5800 but I get \certificate error. contact application supplier\ and am therefore unable to install it. Please could you help. Thank you.

  97. kushal

    I need de serial..please this is de IMEI 353964014984066

  98. Riana

    Hi, thank you for the software. i however still get the

  99. Manuel

    I need de serial..please this is de IMEI 355740024096739
    This my E-mail; manwell111@hotmail.com

  100. Mc Deem

    Can’t install on my N81.
    \Certificate error. Contact the supplier\.
    The supplier of this product is less understand of a principle \ease of use\. And absolutely no respond for above problem. Regards.

  101. px lim

    can`t install it on 5800xm

  102. dsmas

    for 5800xm it says “install base package first”

  103. dsmas

    says” install basic package first”

  104. dsmas

    hi, just before initialising install, it says “install basic package first”. (ofcourse after good certification). kindy post and email

  105. Nedim

    I can`t install it on n81 8gb…
    It says “Certificate error. Contact the suplier.”

    Please help… In both versions this is problem…

    • arjunr

      hey guys. For installing this you need to have a hacked phone and a previous version of guickoffice installed. This is an upgrade.

  106. abhishek

    I also can

  107. Bralex

    When i try to install on Nokia 5800 appear

  108. nonie23

    I also can’t install this quickoffice…. it says ‘certificate error.contact the application supplier’….

    anyone can help me??…

  109. carla

    Can I install this to my Nokia5800ExpressMusic? I can’t seem to.. :'(


  110. Badri

    Am unable to instal this application to my N81. I have been trying it since its release!!!! There are two download files available (one updated on the 12th of June), do we require quick office installed before to instal this update? or is this update alone is sufficient ???! Also, if someone is successful in installing this application from the site…. it wud great if you provide us a step by step process to install…..! thanks in advance to whoever helps!!!

  111. Helper

    first get development certificate and key file from opda.net.cn. Use internet explorer 8 to translate the chinese to english.u first have to register yourself.seach google about the steps.then install a signer tool avilable free in the net.then sign quick office.then install in ur phone.this updated cracked file overwrite the existing quick office in ur phone and will make it to full version.so u will find the app in the office folder of the application menu.enjoy

  112. shein

    pls help me, coz everytime i install this program an error always occurs saying that “certificate error contact whomever… pls help.. tnx

  113. jorge


    I want to know if there’s any software to save the information in the case that my cellphon eis stolen. thanks

  114. Jorge Mario

    Dear Sirs,

    How can I get this sofware , I mean, how can I pay for it if I am in Colombia. I also want to know if it the commands can be done by the keys. For intstance, ctrl V = paste etc. Finally, how can I cope with the msn on my cellphone?

    Thanks in advance,


  115. Jim

    I’ve already tried this one. You have to have the base package so that you can install the this application. I think the releases made by Quickoffice is to update the version which is pre-installed in some nokia phones that’s why you really have to have the base package installed in your phone (you can download it in some file sharing sites other that this one). If the problem is about the ‘update error,’ you could try to hack your phone using secman 1.1 so that you can update it. I’ve tried this with my phone 5700. If thing doesn’t seem to work, just consult the experts here in this forum. I just happened to know something about this.

    ..thanks for uplaoding…

  116. Vera

    I can’t install antivirus,always don’t open in my nokia 5800,why?,and Pls send me antivirus again for nokia5800express music tq

    • Bralex

      When i try to install on Nokia 5800 appear’s “update error,” and i already have my phone hack.
      Could it be because the base package i have install on my phone is “old”
      Is there any recent base package?
      Help please.

  117. ken

    hey all…can anybody help me…hiks…when i install this application,the error appear n said “update error”..>.< how can i install it?i instal my 5800 with quick office 4 (i got from nokia menu download) and now i want update to v6…plz help me n sorry for my english

  118. Henry

    I cant install also in my tube nokia 5800XP, need base package first??/ i dunt understand it ?
    can u help me ??

  119. marthcib

    if u have that problem, u should change the day on ur phone before 15/05/2005 , i thnk so, hope it will help… good luck

  120. Thank you very much and it is very much.

  121. dollyputta

    even I have the problem certificate error on Nokia 5800.

    • Chris T

      Have u guys solve the problem when installing Quickoffice, it shows Certificate error? I have that prob too and duno how to resolve it.

  122. Oscar

    I also have the same problem of certification error to install Quickoffice

  123. Elaine

    Yup, i’ve got the same problem about certificate error when i tried to install it into my nokia 5800 XE. Please help. Tq

  124. xcxdx

    hello… Nice update and thanks.
    But can you just help out on how to install the file ?
    As said above it says untrusted supplier but in my case it gives certificate error and after signin the file it still doesnt work. Do you require the specific certificates and .key files for this ?
    Kindly help
    Nokia n95(12.01)

  125. snake

    i cant install.there comez an error of “untrusted supplier” or certificate

  126. Kreissu

    Watch out, don’t install it.
    It takes 350kb more of RAM than that the previous version, it takes 4mb more of C: than the previous version, It can’t read 16gb microSD, And it doesn’t appears in the application manager, you just can’t uninstall it and can’t reinstall the previous version. Now I have to format my N82, THAT’S COOL.

    • F

      Honestly dude, I don’t think that’s reason enough to keep anyone from installing it. The extra ram or space on the phone internal memory are insignificant to me, if you consider all the benefits of the updated version. Plus, I couldn’t uninstall the previous version either, so, nothing is changed there too. Oh, And I don’t have a 16gb microSD…. and it sure works fine with my 8gb memory card… so, again, no reason to keep my old version 4.0.something… 🙂 I can only thank the site’s admin for posting this app! 🙂 keep up the good work man! Your site is the best!

  127. d

    i have a N73 music edition S60 3rd phone.. the post 9th feb appl does not install on the phone and the pre 9th feb gives the error ‘unable to install protected object from untrusted source’… Can I get some help on that…

  128. Mike

    I can’t get it to work on my E71. It’s saying “unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier” or something to that effect. Can anyone help? I have all of the necessary settings in place.

  129. Pema

    When i install in NOKIA E61i it says certificate error. contact the software vendor…. Why is it so.. any option??

  130. Eric

    Why after signed with cert from cn site, at installation I was prompted that the application is for development?
    Is it because the sign cert or the application posted is a beta or development version?

  131. king

    Guys, set the date of your mobile to the year manufactured and u’ll have no problem at all…. give it a try

  132. Krist

    Hi, I tried to install but it said “Certificate error. Contact the supplier.” Why’s that happened? Thanks before..

  133. johnny

    What do guys mean by SecMan..i see two files: one named illusion and the other file.id.diz…can someone explain step by step how they got it to work. I have en E71 .

  134. Javi

    I dont know how to install it? I got Nokia N95.

  135. idam

    yes also the same quastion how we can install this application in no problem at all…
    pls show us how thanks.

    the new user of N5800

  136. Yemi

    Thanks. I downloaded but could not install into my Nokia 5800. It’s giving incompatibility error.

    Please how do I install it?

    Awaiting your reply.


  137. Bobola

    I f-ing love you dude….omg!!! 🙂 THANKS, DANKE, MERCI,

  138. Shamik Saha

    I need a software to edit and create documents and worksheets in NOKIA 5800.

    Please suggest

  139. Akhil

    You need to have earlier version of quick office installed to upgrade to v6.0

  140. HopeX

    I can’t install it on my 5700!
    what can I do?

  141. arpit

    quick office installed in my 5800……..but it is not working properly.i am not able to make a new doc.can u help me……

  142. fareed

    can quick office install to nokia 3120 classic?

  143. dswwong

    How do I install this downloaded file to my 5800 ?

  144. Prabhu

    Hi Friend,
    I am unable to install this to my E51
    Need help

  145. blaxid

    I try to install it in Mokia 5800, but it doesn’t work. maybe yu have tips or solution about it?

  146. alems81

    hey man….i need help with installing it in nokia 5800, could you help me please?

  147. AK

    Thanks for Quickoffice 6.0
    working in my N82 Thanks man!!!

  148. RK

    I have installed Quick office 6.0 on my Nokia E51. It is working fine. No problems. It also works as file explorer to open any file including system files too. It is one of the most wanted applications for my phone.

  149. Ovidiu Solomon

    I installed secman but with quickoffice it said that “can not install a protected aplication from an untrusted supplier”. Please tell the move i should take.

  150. ~Nokia Experts~

    follow this menu path:

    Menu, Tools, App. manager, Options, Settings, Software installation, and change this to

  151. San

    Can’t install on my E65.
    SecMan and QuickOffice both give same error :
    “Certificate Error. Contact the Application Supplier.”
    I tried with dates in the past, didn’t help.
    Experts please advise.

  152. PIR 319

    Can anybody please teach me how to install this on my nokia e71


  153. anshul

    can i install in n73 music edition?

  154. KAS

    You may get Quickoffice for your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic from the Download! application in the main menu of your device or from this link:

    Ref: http://support.quickoffice.com/index.php?_m=knowledgebase&_a=viewarticle&kbarticleid=303&nav=0,7

  155. Sahil Gupta

    🙁 same with me…plz tell me a solution….

  156. Paul REE

    You must sign this app by own cert.

  157. ken

    yes, ssame with me..can anybody help me?

    • Ankur

      Hi Ken

      Can you tell me if 5800 already comes with quickoffice? As in, from what i got to know was that it has trial version of quickoffice that helps you see the excel and ppts … Please confirm. Thanks

  158. manish

    I cant install quickoffice on my n5800, its says

  159. rjgagate

    I cant install quickoffice on my n5800, its says “unable to install protected application from untrasted suplier” pls help thanks..

  160. mujahid

    this is not install in nokia E90 please help this is verry importent to me……..

  161. adi

    its such a shame that after having done such amazing work, you havent closed the loop by giving us the activation code. hope you’d understand the frustration..

  162. ijun

    please give me activation code… thanx

  163. Raj222

    Very very good site.
    but pleses give me activation code
    my email:avi_deshmukh222@yahoo.co.in

  164. Raj222

    Pls..give me Activation code

  165. badjoras

    how i install this application on my n 78?

  166. killeroy

    i got the same problem with badri..need to install base package first..can anybody help us

  167. Badri

    I tried following Abhinav’s instructions… and ended up getting INSTAL BASE PACKAGE FIRST error… any luck to resolve this???

  168. rippy

    plss help..i installed sec man..then follow the stepS..and when intalling application on n73 UPDATE ERROR COMES

  169. winston


    QuickOffice Premier 6, does not work on E71… failed on installation with an unknown error.
    Any workaround ? .. please

  170. tony

    Hello rom the sunny Greece. Id like to thank you for the good apps & themes you providing.I have the E90 communicator and it was very difficul for me to find some reliable application in the net.

  171. tony

    From the sunny Greece Id like to thank you for the good apps & themes you providing.I have the E90 communicator and it was veru difficul for me to find some reliable application in thr net.

  172. 666

    chaos Thank you so much for your cool applications & themes. I hope to get more that will be compatible for my N95 8GB unit.

  173. 666

    chaos help me, i cant install it on my n958GB.
    I really need this application for my daily task.
    Thank you very much in advance!

  174. Jerry

    Please how to install this? i already followed Abhinav steps but still can’t install it. The problem is when i couldn’t open the secman file, it just said wait for a moment but nothing happened. Thx

  175. alvian

    chaos help me, i cant install it on my n81,it says install base package first. i have install the secman and follow the instuction,but stil the same. help me,cause i really need this application get installed on my device.

  176. alvian

    man this is a great app. thanx to u chaos………….

  177. Abhinav

    Its very easy, there r 2 files in this. Firstly install the SecMan sis file on ur mobile, now open this file & turn off the Security. Now install the root certificate. After this try to install the Quickoffice sis file, leave the SecMan open in the background during this.
    Thts it !
    Hope this helps

  178. Ging

    Originally Posted By Abhinav@Abhinav

    pls help me! i cant install this to my N96 >,<

  179. Abhinav


    Hey I finally managed to install it.
    Thanks u r great !!

  180. kris

    Awesome, thanks!
    This is great software, worth any price!

  181. Abhinav

    How to install this ? It says unable to install application from untrusted supplier.
    Plz help

  182. ec

    Originally Posted By laurentiu radui left you one message yesterday, i cannot install this “quick,,,6” on my n95 8gb.how can i do this?

    I have the same problem

  183. laurentiu radu

    i?m looking for help..see above

  184. laurentiu radu

    i left you one message yesterday, i cannot install this “quick,,,6” on my n95 8gb.how can i do this?

  185. Jack

    Thank you. It was what I’m looking for!! Thank you!!

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