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Posted December 30, 2010 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Today it is all about applications! Not just this n that applications, today’s post is about two supreme Symbian mobile apps on productivity that anyone will want  to have their hands on. Today I will feature 2 special applications that will work with the latest Symbian^3 smartphones like the N8, C6, C7, E7 etc besides the usual S60 v5 5th edition & S60 v3 3rd edition Nokia handsets. Today I am featuring all the latest versions of these applications and they should work flawlessly without any issues whatsoever with the above mentioned devices. The Nokia apps that will be featured today are QuickOffice AM 6 for Symbian^3 OS, 3rd edition/5th edition devices & MobiSystems OfficeSuite 5.40 for S60 5th edition & 3rd edition smartphones.


MobiSystems OfficeSuite 5.40 – The latest version of the mighty powerful document editor for Nokia is finally here. With MobiSystems OfficeSuite 5.4 you will be able to view & zoom documents, edit DOCX & XLSX files on your S60 v3 & 5th edition devices. Previously 5th edition smartphones were not supported by Office Suite however the new version that you will find here will work with all S60 5th edition Nokia touchscreen smartphones like the N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5530, 5800 etc. OfficeSuite 5 offers you the option to use advanced Word Document features like embedding multimedia & images, table formatting, use True Type fonts, password protect sensitive documents (protection for both Word & Excel) and much more.

OfficeSuite 5 also includes the support for advanced Excel editing functions like summations, sorting, stat analysis etc. It ensures that no file extensions are changed in anyway when you transfer docs & spreadsheets to and from your pc to phone to pc. Additionally, it also supports PowerPoint PPT and PPS files support which lets your presentation always viewable. Last but not the least OfficeSuite now supports syncing & uploading/downloading your documents through the online Google Document Editor.

Quickoffice Office Suite N8 Images

Quickoffice Office Suite 6.03 – Quickoffice Office Suite 6 is by far the most powerful business application of our times! It instantly converts your mobile into a mobile office by allowing you to edit, view, send & restore all the most important document formats straight from your Symbian OS mobile phone. What more? This version also supports Nokia N8, C6, C7 & E7 beside the Nokia 3rd & 5th edition smartphones. It supports document formats that is used by Microsoft Office 2007 (DOCX, XLSX & PPTX document extensions) & older. Whether editing important office Word documents or Excel based salary statements or even when performing a quick touch up over your Powerpoint slides, Quickoffice Office Suite 6 makes editing a breeze.

Desktop centric documents will never lose their original format when you edit documents through Quickoffice 6. It also supports online document sharing as easy as 123 allowing you to share at multiple sites including Google Docs, Dropbox etc. It supports complex formula calculations, direct cell view, preserving data integrity & structure, insert/delete rows for Excel spreadsheets. When working with Microsoft Word Documents you can edit docs on the fly, insert transparent images, insert tables, change fonts etc. It also offers you the flexibility to edit, view, optimize presentation slides straight from your smartphones. What more? Quickoffice Office Suite has a built in powerful File Manager, a document password protector, zip archive extractor, PDF file browser & a file organizer.

Both MobiSystems OfficeSuite 4.5 & Quickoffice Premier Office Suite 6.2 were featured at my blog in the past, in fact you can check them out as well. Also, a newer version of Quickoffice was also posted in the past (Quickoffice 6.2 Premier) but that version does not support the new Symbian^3 devices like the N8, C7, C6 & E7. The Quickoffice 6.2 that I posted in the past only supports S60 v3 and S60 v5 devices. This 6.03 version does support the 3rd edition, 5th edition & the newly introduced Symbian^3 devices though – tested! Before you download any of these applications please subscribe to the Rss feed for free – that’s all I ask.

QuickOffice Premier n MobiSystems Officesuite

QuickOffice Premier n MobiSystems Officesuite

Some of the smartphones that supports these applications are : N8, E7, C6, C7, E72, E71, E70, E63, N97, N96, N97 Mini, 5800 XpressMusic, 5530 XpressMusic, 5230 & 5233 XpressMusic, N95, N95 8gb, N93, N73, N92, N82, N81, N80, N85, N75, N86, N76, N71, E90, E60, E61, E62, E65, N79, 6120 etc.

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  1. Zahir

    I delete data from quick office but not delete so u tell me how I can delete data Nokia n8 from quick office

  2. Roberto

    Wrehe is a button for downlloading this program?

  3. deepak

    quick office is not working…. for nokia n95………. it is saying that certificate error contact application supplier………

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    i want more

  5. Saurabhkureel

    kya nokia 808 fel model h

  6. Deepak mohapatra

    you have made a very good web site i rate it 10out ot 10 for avaling apps

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    where is download button

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  9. Atik

    Smartmove my very nice

  10. Khan

    I download the quick office . But when i m trying to instal it on my Nokia N86 8MP it gives certificat error please tell me what to do.

  11. thanx for the the uninstaller

  12. I downloaded the uninstaller but its saying certificate error

  13. toseef86

    i it is giving certificate error then first set your date backword like 2011 to backward 2009.then install it…..!!!!

    • vivek

      that is done only if it says “expired certificate”, but this one is “certificate error, contact application supplier”.. now what?

  14. vivek

    it says “certificate error, contact supplier” on N73

  15. dear sir,

    Thanks in advance, i.m trying to get office suit from your site for my nokia c6..
    But it is not loading in my device, i dont what to do, please guide me.



  16. i love nokia

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  17. i love nokia

    I have Nokia ,i want quickoffice with edit document

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    i want quickoffice office now

    While i can buy against my talk time balance.
    Please, sms as early as possible

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    i want quickoffice with edit document but i dont have credit card but have debit card.
    While i can buy against my talk time balance.
    Please, sms as early as possible

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    i want quickoffice with edit document but i dont have credit card but have debit card.
    While i can buy against my talk time balance.
    Please, sms as early as possible.


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  23. sikander

    Hi, I have Nokia e65 and i am facing same certification error

  24. sikander

    Hi, I have Nokia e65 i am facing same certification error

  25. I downloaded ttpod on my E90, and i tryed to install it it says erro contact application supplyer. Ans me pls

  26. Resently I buying in E63 , this is werest in the nokia mobiles please don’t buying this

  27. Ramani

    Hi, I too have a Nokia C5-03 and am facing the same certification issue. Can someone please tell me how to overcome this problem?

  28. terence0575

    This is a great app, I so need it.

  29. Hey, I have a Nokia C5-03, with Symbian 06^5th edition and I tried both th 5.30/5.30 version and the 6.03 version, but everytime I tried to install them it said certification error. Please tell me what to do!! I’ve been looking all day for answers and I couldn’t find any… 🙁

  30. ray

    please help i realy need this app . its showing certificate error when i try to start the instalition. i am using N8

    • Jero

      Try MobiSystems OfficeSuite 5.40. I had same certificate issue with my Nokia C503 while installing MobiSystems OfficeSuite 5.30 & Quickoffice Office Suite 6.03

      Wish you luck!

  31. deepak


  32. Abiaka

    They are both not compatible with n86, i have signed them but after installing nothing happens when i click the icon, and it also says not compatible with the handset while installing

  33. jigglerjohn

    Hi, Do ^3 applications like this need signed? i.e. do I have to go through the certificate process that I did with my old S60 phone again for my new N8?


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