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Posted February 10, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Recently the entire open source community of the mobile & wireless industry have taken themselves a step further by releasing and developing the finest free and premium mobile applications and utility systems that are exclusively focused towards the mobile phone users. Adobe FlashLite was one of the major breakthrough for the Nokia symbian smartphones community but Python (An open source programming language for Mobiles & other devices) along with its  PyWidgets (Suite of widgets to be used with Python) and modules have taken it a step further, much much and much further actually.

Python for Symbian powered mobile phones lets the developer take control and develop a great number of widgets, modules etc. These modules and widgets can be easily transferred or downloaded on your cell phones using the Nokia PcSuite or OVI etc after which it can perform the desired function flawlessly. The ability of Python to interact with the Nokia (and other mobile phones) phone’s core operating system have allowed the developers to come up with a creative GUI every time.

Python for Nokia

Python for Nokia

Specifically, the Python suite can interact and modify with the phone’s menu, forms, list boxes, fields, dialogs, notes, color, font, and many thing else! Not only Python can modify the internal elements of the mobile phone but it can even integrate internet features into the phone easily. With the Python widgets you can easily read the RSS feed (for example my one) straight from the internet without the need of another 3rd party browser. It can also be given access to the phone calendar, cell id or BTS, contacts etc.

Python PyWidgets with Modules for Nokia

Python PyWidgets with Modules for Nokia

Such a huge range of application flexibility truly makes Python an absolute must to be installed on your Nokia smartphones regardless of the feature pack it uses. So better get it now!

Widgets for Nokia

Widgets for Nokia

To make your Python experience better I have included a huge pack of widgets, the entire suite of the PyWidgets that are compatible with version 0.6 and over hundreds of the modules that are currently available in the Nokia software market 🙂

This is version 1.91 of Python along with all the widgets!

Nokia Python with PyWidgets and Modules

Nokia Python with PyWidgets and Modules (version 1.91)

This Nokia software is compatible with S60 3rd edition OS 9 phones. Feature packs that are supported with Python and PyWidgets S60 9.1, 9.3, 9.2, 9.4. 9.5. Smartphones including Nokia N-Series, E-Series and Xpress Music handsets are all supported. This includes Nokia N95, N97, N91, N96, N92, N93, N95 8gb, N85, N82, N81, N80, N78, N79, N77, N76,  N75, N73, E71, E50, E60, E61, E65, E66, E71, E90, E62, N71, 6290, 6120, 6121, 5800, 5700, 5500, 5610 etc and others!

UPDATED March 01 2009:

Here is the updated version of Python , Python version 1.92 for Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.5. Please do note that this download is only the Python installer and it does not contain the widgets with it.

Nokia Python with PyWidgets and Modules

Nokia Python with PyWidgets and Modules (version 1.92)

If you want the widgets along with the latest version of Python then you have to download both the latest version and the old version of the file, then install both of them one after the other (or in other words simply download both the installers and install the first one first, the second one second lol).

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  1. osson

    I realy love your site,i am using nokia e63,which i hacked it recently and its been working fine,pls can you mail me link on how to know the full functions of python and its widgets,thanks

  2. avinash

    i have a ques!!i have nokia e72(unhackd).i have installed python runtime and scriptshell (ver 2.0).. then i installed some of the listed apps like shake sms, lightsber moolan. but wen i click them they dont start..y??

  3. ASTER


  4. Kanthi

    Pyrhon_Its not working on my N79 mobile. Tried many times with different website downloads. I need to install it sucessfully. Please let me know.

  5. jd

    thnx best symbian site with cool dloads

  6. Daniel Serodio

    Now that PyS60 2.0 is out, will you update this package?

  7. glen

    tried installing on m n79…it says update error…what to do???

  8. callum

    how do you actually install python to my 5800 phone using the later updated python ?

  9. mike

    hi im getting the same message on n95 , tried to turn back date on the phone-doesnt help. suggestions ?

  10. alex

    Hi, I’m trying to install just the widgets but my nokia e71-2 flashes the “certifiacte error” message. Is there a way around it?

  11. Iskandar

    I have problem installing Python 1.9.4 + Python Script and the Python Applications i.e Standby Extender. The python installation and the Script is done in C:\ path, the same with the standby Extender App. After installing the application, I’ve try to run it.. but failed, the application wouldnt run.. Idont know what is the problem…. my Nokia is N95 (12.01) RM-159 V13.0.017 . Is there any way to correctly do it.. or is there a guide/manul for installing python in N95.. Help me please…

  12. ahmadph

    I can’t find the appropriate version of python for N96 and I can’t use python applications on it.any solutions?

  13. archimonde92

    Hi Chaos,
    Help me!!! I cant launch pyWidget on my N73!!! i had installed python and pyWidget, but when i launch pywidget , nothing happen…… The pyWidget icon is on my menu but i cant launch it!!!

  14. nima

    Thanks for all your effort. You are doin great job. But I get problem installing python on my n95 8gb. Its says required pips library and python runtime. Do I need to get additional support for python? Plese help me install it. I am relly very eager to have all these amazing pywidgets on my smartphone

  15. Prayag

    Dear archimonde92
    Kindly download these two files from
    install Python for s60 first and the PythonSriptShell in the phone memory
    restrart the Mobile terminal

  16. ayman

    cant install in in my N85, any idea how to make it work in it. it gets installed, but when i install an app it says ‘ python for 60 missing ‘. any idea whats wrong ??

  17. John Mabry

    I as well need pips etc. If you could take the time to send of informative links – much appreciated. I have installed Python but as you know my N82 needs more to work from.
    Thank you in advance for any of your knowledge you could shoot my way!

  18. trfdc

    Hi Chaos,
    Could you PLEASE email me the wiki link on how to install Python and the modules on my E71.

    Much thanks, amazing site!!!


  19. Ogie the pogi

    Hi Chaos,
    I just downloaded Python ver 1.92, can you please give me instructions on step by step installation on my N82. Sorry but i am just new with this python things and widgets. When i unzipped the files, i don’t know which one to install. Thanks a lot for keeping this great site.

  20. archimonde92

    can u tell me how to install in nokia 6120c,i installed this python successfully but i cant open it… it required PIPS libary and python runtime,where can i find its???

  21. hi bro,
    the archive gets downloaded but is damaged and doesn’t work!
    i hope u’ll get to it!

  22. anders

    Hi, could you mail me that link too, and does this work on the 5800 xpress music? the other pages i found doesn’t mention this phone..


  23. brane

    can you tell me how to install it
    i have nokia n73
    thank you

  24. Stefan

    Am getting certificate error when installing on E71.
    App Mgr set to All-Software Installation, Off-Online cert chk

  25. halje

    its impossible to sign the pywidget 0.6, how come?

  26. Saeed

    wher r u long time no thing new

  27. kunal shah

    the files containing over here,do not installed on my mobile(E50) using all the signing apps!!!

  28. iam happy for this site

  29. Parin

    Hi Chaos!
    As I’m new to this Python thing, could you plz spare a little time and explain in breif something about the widgets and modules that you have included in the attachment (I mean the purpose that they serve and which ones should I install on my N82).

    PS.: You are doing a great job, keep it up.

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