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Posted October 23, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Infrared (IR) ports were one of the most overlooked feature in all Nokia, LG or Samsung cell phones in the past mainly because it was not the most convenient or fastest thing around, but also because the range of the traditional infrared ports were only a meter! With the introduction of the Psiloc IR Remote, an application for your smartphones through which you will be able to remotely control all your consumer electronic items including your home television, air conditioner, VCR, CD, DVD, Hi-Fi, your home theater system, the SAT, amplifier etc and many others. How does one single mobile software do the work of remote controllers alone? Through the use of one of the most undermined features in the cell phones and smartphones market, the Infrared!

The entire database of this mobile, remote control based, symbian software have specific codes for almost all the items made by the latest and the greatest brands including Sony, General, Philips, etc. This means with this Nokia mobile application installed on your phone and provided that your Nokia S60 smartphones comes with the basic IR port, you will be able to surf all the channels on your TV without reaching out for the actual TV remote controller or simply skip to the next song on your Hi-Fi stereo system, or even change the DVDs inside your DVD player. The obvious question one might ask is that “why exactly will I use my cell phone to change the TV channel, why not the actual remote? Is this mobile application really equipped with all the features of my existing remote controller?”

My obvious answer is because this application will turn your Nokia symbian phone into a central remote controlling hub for all your electronics. Imagine maintaing 20 remotes for 20 different electronic goods and now imagine you are controlling all the 20 through one remote and you can carry that remote, talk through that remote and even do a conference call with the remote all at the same time! Super convenient, isn’t it? and yes for both!! The second question is very easy as Psiloc IR Remote for Nokia provides every single functionality that your actual remote is featured with.

Psiloc IR Remote supports far more than a several thousand specific models of different type of consumer electronics and brands. From Sony to Aiwa to JVC and Kenwood, nearly everything is there!Β  All you have to do to get the complete functionality of your actual remote on your Nokia Psiloc IR Remote mobile software is to simply choose the kind of product you are setting the Series 60 mobile remote controller for, pick your brand appropriately, pick one of two layouts according to your phone’s screen resolution and surf away!

You have the option to save unlimited numbers of database entries literally and so it means that even when you are traveling and the place you are going have their air conditioner turned off, you have the power to start up and control the fan speed with temparature at the same time! The person who’s in charge of control will surely go ballistic because at the majority of cases they will never even imagine that it was your PHONE doing the actions lol.

The library of the Psiloc IR Remote is designed from the scratch. The huge list of devices and model numbers might make you think that the controllers of this Nokia S60 application is not one but trust me, this symbian mobile application will impress you thoroughly in this department. Plus, like I said before, you will be able to control the interface and functional buttons through your phone’s keyboard.

In very rare cases you might not find your specific model number on the list of supported devices, in such cases all you have to do is upload the model number, type of product and the brand of the product online. After the completed submission of your device’s details in the database, it will be automatically added to the pending devices list which is updated real time and before you can even get the time to log out of the site, you will probably see the configuration for your mobile phone’s keyboard there in your inbox!

All in all, the complete 360 degree aspect of this Nokia symbian series 60 3rd edition mobile phone software is one of the best organized, with easy navigation and set up. The fact that you will get a central remote for all the electronic devices in your phone means that you will be able to “do stuff” even when you are feeling way too crazy to get the actual remote control on the other side of the table. I have included a huge list of codes already to get you started and 99.99% chances are there for you to find all your products already.

Please refer to the read me document found within the download before you decide to install it on your Nokia smartphones and handhelds. I have included the latest version of this fine mobile application for you to take advantage of. Additionally, for those having compatibility issues please do try the other version that is within the compressed download package.

Please do follow the exact steps shown below:

Psiloc Mobile Remote IR

Psiloc IR Remote

Some product demos and walk through:

Free Downloads:

Download IR Remote Full Version for Nokia


This latest version of Psiloc IR Remote with full database support and easy uploads os compatible with a wide range of cell phones including Nokia 3rd edition phones like Nseries based Nokia N96, N85, N75, N79, N78, N73, N95, N70, N80, N81, N82, N76, N77, N71, 6233, 6290, 3250, N91, N92, N93, N6600, 5800 Xpress Music, N95 8gb, XpressMusic 5700, 5500, E50, E51, E60, E-Series powered E66, E71, E61, E62, E70, E65, E90, 6120, 6121, Luna, Carbon Arte and Arte, Sirocco, etc and many more. Additionally some 3rd edition Symbian OS 9.1 Samsung mobiles, LG, Motorola, and SonyEricsson handsets are also supported. Major GSM and WCDMA netwok operators like AT&T Wireless, Telstra, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Orange Mobile UK, Cingular, 3G Wireless, Hutch, Nextel, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, MTN Group, Airtel, Reliance Mobile, etc and many others all are well supported.

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Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. dhyey

    pls add this app version for nokia e5

  2. dhyey

    pls add this app for nokia e5

  3. Andrew

    Please send me licence key of ir remote v1.03 imei – 357919046775326 at stvudi@gmaΓ¬

  4. Victor

    Please am in need of iremote code on n81 my imei is 356834025401417.Thanx.

  5. Victor

    Please am in need of iremote code my imei is 356834025401417.Thanx.

  6. Please send me licence key of ir remote v1.03 imei -358973013825167 at bittumeen20@gmaì pliz

  7. saman

    i install this app my e71…but i open it
    Ferture not supprt.. Why this? Help me

  8. jemal

    my e71 imei is 354856047821449
    plese send ir lcence key my email

  9. jessie james

    good day phone is nokia n73 ..and my imei is 356438013954864…can you please help me to unlock this application .thank you πŸ™‚


    FAYYZ BHATTI – 12.03.13
    dear sir i need to register key ir remoteand this is my IME number NOKIA E66

  11. need key for nokia E71 imei: 352924029236457 pls help me, my mail is thanks

  12. utpal

    how to working nokia n73 mobile

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  14. Jaison

    give me remote database for HYUNDAI TV

  15. Mehul

    hey can any one please email me the signed sis file….?? please…..
    i need it badly….:? please please please……!! :/ πŸ™
    my email i is
    please send me…. :/

  16. someone teach me how to sign a certificate/app. Email is

  17. tried to instal it on my n95. But keeps failing and giving a notitification that the app is unsigned

  18. nebel

    nice app
    could you may create a file for LG 37-lf-65 or is there any way to create the file on my own, recording the signals from the remote?

  19. Arates

    N95 simpal pleaz why d,not work?

  20. rockz

    does it wrk ΓΆn c6-01? anybdy plzzz. . . . Telllllll

  21. Vlad

    after i install the archive and run the prog from my e51 is telling me that is necesary a license code pls help

  22. Balwinder

    I have nokia e71 and i downloaded psiloc ir remote version 1.04 but it does not work bcz it always ask about licence key so plz can u send me licence key for psiloc ir remote or crack version.i will be thanks full of u.

  23. Welcome

    I bougt a the software a year ago of which it did not work on my nokia e66 now I have nokia e65 how can I transfer the software to my nokia e65?

  24. Thanks very useful….Thanks…Thanks…Thanks…Thanks…Thanks…Thanks…

    I need philips 15PT2526/

    Works on E71…really thanks……..

  25. dadang

    Thanx, Mate! maybe i can “joking” to the television next door πŸ˜‰

  26. SMAr2wo

    Thank youuuu!!!!! Is working for my n95 8gb!! Working to my Philips LCD Tv, and Eurocolor TV (i tested only this 2wo)

  27. jayville

    where do we upload our devices which is not included?

  28. I would like to know if the N8 has a Vibrate Function that will please my Pusssy and my looose Bumm Hole?? thanks nerds πŸ™‚

  29. thaths gud im trying to register

  30. james

    what the fuck? it says it support N96..but.. NO dont lie dude!!

  31. gfunk

    guys. Ths software works gr8 on my N80…its cmptbl with infrared build in device’s

  32. good pm brothers! can anybody send me a product key of psiloc ir remote 1.04 for nokia e71, my IMEI is 351940036393462? tnx a lot! pls send on my email ad tristan_realce at the rate of

  33. how i can in mobile?there is no sis file.

  34. endri

    i’ve difficutly on singing the unsinged files.i can’t find dhe certificate file to run the process..???

  35. marcio

    its not work on nokia e61



  37. Vinod


    It is not working on N70. tell me how it will works on N70

  38. Karlos

    Are you aware that although you list a number of phones for which this application will work, a number of those phones are NOT fitted with an IR sensor? Eg Nokia Xpress music 5800 – it does NOT have a sensor. Check your phone’s manual before downloading this software based on the compatible phones listed

  39. gajendra

    thats good

  40. cassio

    hi there

  41. vtypal

    Do NOT download this!!! Scanned with Avira Antivirus and has been detected TR\Agent (malware!!). Shame πŸ™

  42. Isn’t there and already signed app for download available?? IO can’t seem to install it. I am a dumbo πŸ˜›

  43. gaganbansal

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  44. mohit

    can any body plz tell me licene key for psiloc ir remote key my imei is 354855021844419 n my email is

  45. my e51 imei is 35899701 1410680 plese send ir lcence key my id

  46. YASIRN73

    Thanks dude for this wonderful software. I was able to intall it in ma N73 & E51 but was not able to add database for new remote from C/data/codes from my filemanager saying ‘unable to open the file’. So plz provide me way by which I can do that. Also can u give me whict remote database I can use for operating my TataSky (Satelite TV in India) & also there is no option for any projector, so plz provide infomation regarding it..

  47. Nokia n82 doesn’t has infrared. remove it from tags…

  48. naser

    my ime 359738006243689 pls key

  49. Aniruddha Shinde

    Psiloc is a very very beautiful softwear for nokia e50

  50. sam

    dear can you please generate psiloc irremote v1.03 for nokia n95, imei number 352255017514260

  51. sam

    dear can you please send me license key for psiloc irremote v 1.03 for nokia n95.Imei is 352255017514260.

  52. my e51 imei -358997011410680 ple send me key my id

  53. gile

    353640015505965 i want a licence key for n73 plz.

  54. ameer

    helo sir i want ir remote key number my ime numbers 351959031769872 plz sir help me.

  55. Phil

    Could you have the kindness to give me the key, please?
    My IMEI is: 356059030407015 Nokia E71
    Thank You

  56. my e51 imei is 358997011410680 please send licence code thanks my eamil please sent

  57. ramesh

    please sent licence key my e51 imei 358997011410680 ple send licence code,key,registration code

  58. alex

    Please give me the key. My IMEI No. is 352924020397589
    i am using NOKIA E 71

  59. mukesh

    Please give me the key. My IMEI No. is 359542015503913
    I am using NOKIA N95 8GB

  60. ramesh

    my e51 imei is 358997011410680 please send licence code thanks

  61. please give me the key….my imei :352916028138882 nokia n73…thx

  62. tarun

    how to install in e 71, give me key, full is 100%free or vcjhargable

  63. monil

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  64. amjad

    i like this

  65. davor

    pls send mi a code i heve n73 my imei 358973016403673 my email is

  66. Goras

    Can some1 help me with code?? My IMEI: 359568013734937 thx

  67. lateef

    i have been unable to download the remote control please show me hpw

  68. Please read the Read me Installation guide that is included in the archive.

  69. kledi

    i can not find the codes please help me

  70. rz

    please send me code for nokia n80 thanks

  71. iwant n73 tv remote control ir uuseing application full vershion ple send me my id

  72. bobby

    I’ve downloaded psiloc remote control, but I still don’t understand the explanation on how to install it. Could you show me with pictures for installing it?my phone is N73.thanks any way.

  73. karawajo

    hi there thnx for software…please can you send me a registration code for my Nokia N93 my imai is:358842001613747….
    please write me in my e-mail
    thnx alot….
    best regards

  74. can you give me serial number for my nokia 5500 sport….thanks very much
    my imei is 351854010083041

  75. DORU


  76. Asep Nugraha

    Please take me code license for this application!!
    Imei : 351851018087065

  77. marge

    hi i was looking for this software for quite a time but could you please send me the license code?
    I’m using N73 ME . thank you very very much !

    My email

  78. Ethan

    Can i also get the activation code, i have an N73 ME, myIMEI is 359568018515893,


  79. sklj

    i like softver,can you send me licence code for Nokia n73 please πŸ™‚

  80. i want this software i like this software b’coz i lose my remot control if u send the of this software i pry to good for u

  81. Amir

    hey can u send me the licence code nokia E60 IMEI 356219001706445.thanks

  82. ufik

    please send me the licence code for a nokia E71.IMEI 354855026147776

  83. please send me the licence code for a nokia n73 thanks

  84. amar

    can you please send me the licence code for a nokia n95 phone for an application called “irRemort”, thankz.

  85. Luminihazan

    Hi amusing N73 music edition, Its amazing its working fine with Samsung TV, am thing about to control my laptop hp dv6500 to control the movie everything,pls make a solution for this, another thing i dont know whether the problem with device or software its working with certain distance, thank u

    • duaine

      hello please can you tell me how to download onto my n73 and what does it have to be converted into another format and what one?

      thankyou very much wb

  86. Nurr

    Hi can you please show me how to download the IR Remote on my Nokia N80 & will it work on there?

  87. vishwas

    m using E90 IMEI no.:353660010139016, could u plz send me the license code for IR remote,


  88. Sachith Darshana

    thanks a lot i like this very much.

  89. han's

    Hi there,
    Please can you provide me with the license code for IR remote. I am using Nokia E90
    , IMEI: 353660012719922. Thank u very much.

  90. nheld

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  107. junker

    i’using nokia N73
    IMEI 353546021061432

    please send me the license for psiloc irRemote
    thank you!

  108. scott

    i’m using nokia e71 please send me the license for the psiloc ir remote thank you

  109. Edem

    Pls send me the license code. I’m using E51, IMEI:354193027986509

  110. zenzo

    I can’t unsigned since i don’t have the certificate and key.. please help me.. thanks

  111. arint

    hi im using nokia e51
    pless send me license
    my EMEI 358997013552232

  112. kartikeyI


  113. hendra

    hi im using nokia e90
    pless send me license
    my EMEI 353660011978313

  114. Razzm

    Please can you provide me with the license code for IR remote. I am using Nokia E90 communicator , IMEI: 353660011466160

  115. JIGZ

    usefull apliication

  116. vedtam

    Hi, does these people really recived a proper key for irRemote??
    I need it so badly too…:(

  117. awan

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  118. papal

    Hi I’am using E51 please send me licence code

  119. nurul

    i’m using nokia N95 please send me the licence code. send to my email…

  120. WAQAS


  121. i am using 6120c please yell me licence code

  122. S

    I had installed all. The program is running liberated. I had located the codes on a subfolder under c:\data, but it’s not working!!! I only had the standard codes and the program call me to “refresh” connecting to web…
    I try to “execute” a code using file manager, but doesn’t work!!!
    What can I do to solve this ??

  123. i am glad to talk with you,i need your help,i use nokia 5700,my imel 353965012364185,i need code psiloc ir remote
    thanks so much

  124. i’m glad to talk with you,i have a problem,i need your help.i use nokia 5700,my imel 353965012364185,i need code of psiloc ir remote
    thanks you so much
    ym! or

  125. Wicky_C

    Thanks for the great software, I installed sucessfully 2 N95-8GB.
    But wondering why the codes not functionting when I open it? it pop up a message that the file not supported? I save the code as follow instruction: C/data/codes
    Would it possible I installed the IRremote to mass memopry instead of pnone memory, pls help?

  126. Tiberie

    WOOWWWW, WOOOOW, MAN! T-H-A-N-K YOUUU!!! For this site! Very appriciated. I’m amazed. It’s such a refreshing site to stumble upon! Didn’t expact this quality of review and software goods.

    Keep up the GREAT work!

  127. Hmmm thats weird my good friends! πŸ™ I checked it and its working ok here. Did any of you tried to sign it and install it and then install the database separately overwriting the stock one?

  128. hi

    nice demo you got bro!
    are there any other companies beside from psiloc that has ir remote for n73 phone? i want a free downloadable.

  129. Tyler

    has anyone found that when u install this that xelnex lite doesnt work anymore?

  130. vikas

    I followed the instructions and installed it, but it doesn’t work. When I lauch the application, it just doesn’t do anything .

    I am using n82.


  131. G-UNIT

    I installed it successfuly n started right at the 1st time but i try 2 start it again but it say IRremote is not supported n cant start it again any1 can help plz tell me,,,,thnx

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