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Posted October 29, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Easy and fast mobile Internet connectivity and configuration are my basic needs from my Series 60 Nokia smart phones. Today I will talk about one of the newest symbian mobile application that has been introduced to the mobile software market, the Psiloc Connect. After the simple installation of Psiloc Connect was over with, it immediately made my life easier and helped me to connect with you my good friends who are visiting this Nokia themes portfolio mobile blog, but I will discuss that later on someday alrighty?

Before diving into the Psiloc Connect mobile application I want to personally share something with all of you. Today I got a call from another fellow Bangladeshi who is into the internet thingy and I came to know that he actually visited and liked my blog so much that he managed to find my cell phone number in some way and call me quite immediately. I was so surprised!! I got the proof of something I always believed in and am thankful for that to God once again. What I believe in is that: without the community’s comments, e-mails, RSS feed subscriptions, e-mail subscriptions, Facebook wall posts and other active participation I would never have been motivated to bloggify in the first place. Every single one of you who are reading this, please know that even though I might not manage to find the time to reply every single comment that you leave behind but I absolutely try and read every single one of them whenever I can. I thank you for all the praise for taking Nokia Symbian Themes by Chaos Inc. to what it is right now and I also sincerely apologize to anyone who might feel I have been rude with in the past, I honestly never meant to. Nokia Symbian Themes is truly grateful to every one of you for visiting this blog often!!

One of the many core advantages of using a Nokia mobile phone is its convenient compatibility with a wide range of computer or laptop hardware devices. We all dig the Internet more or less and I openly admit that I am one of the ‘more’ in that sentence. Yes, I am totally addicted to the world wide web or the Internet. Especially, I love to surf around and read articles, blogs, feeds etc using my cell phone’s Internet capability of accessing them through the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and GPRS (EDGE, 3G, WLAN etc). When the first mobile phone was introduced to the consumer market who would have thought that today true mobility will mean so many things at once? Taking it a step further is today’s Nokia software Psiloc Connect.

In one line if I had to describe the task of Psiloc Connect then I will probably say “by using Psiloc Connect on your Nokia smartphones you will be able to establish an easy and efficient connectivity to the web and through your mobile internet feature”. Automation is the key word nowadays for any business or individual and Psiloc Connect not only enhances your mobile automation but it also makes use of the available resources intelligently. With its built in engine able to differentiate between the existing speed of any available internet connection for your mobile, you truly will be one step ahead all the time. Nokia truly has done an amazing job by acquiring Symbian and Psiloc Connect uses that to its advantage.

Access Point Settings are one of the most difficult things to maintain and choose from on any Nokia smartphone or S60 handhelds. Nowadays we have 3G, EDGE, GPRS, WAP and of course the availability of WLAN integration with your Nokia phones, even 4G will arrive the scene for everyone in the mid of next year (One of the wireless mobile market leader Sprint has already introduced 4G mobile broadband Internet through the use of WiMax at some places though!!!). As good as it sounds trust me that it might turn out to be entirely different. The monthly phone bill is something which is limited up to a degree for any Nokia smartphones user and if you are tight on the money (like I am lol) and love to surf with Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, SkyFire or the built in Nokia WAP browser, then it can be quite heavy on the pockets. Psiloc Connect ensures that the available internet which is applicable with and for your Nokia smartphones are being efficiently utilized. It also ensures that you are not being annoyed every time you want to connect to the mobile Internet from your Nokia smartphones device.

With Psiloc Connect installed on your cell phone’s Symbian OS platform, you also will be able to save the mobile broadband internet usage costs significantly. It automatically uses WLAN before using any other access points on your phone. This way you get the best surfing experience with the fastest connection available and also save on the mobile data charge. You can configure it to connect to the mobile broadband internet according to your choosing if there is not WLAN connectivity at your end when you need to surf through. To show how much you actually save in terms of data charges it has integrated a ‘bytes counter’ menu which simply does what the name says, count how much bytes it saved by using Psiloc Connect. As an example, consider that you are browsing the mobile internet through your WLAN connectivity. Psiloc Connect triggers itself the moment the request is made to connect the application to the web and launches its mobile software engine to decide and compare the given range of connectivity. It then establishes the most cost effective and optimum access point while simultaneously computing the number of bytes transferred in the background. With that total cost it compares the amount of bytes you otherwise would have been using if you were using the mobile broadband Internet through a 3G or GPRS access point connections.

When you are in the middle of surfing and for some reason there is a failure of your WLAN connection, it automatically switches the access points to the second most cost effective and fastest one in the background and so on. When and if the WLAN connection is back it again switches itself back!! To provide you with these nifty mobile broadband internet solutions straight from your smartphones or handsets, Psiloc Connect will create a new Access Point on your 3rd edition S60 Nokia mobile device after you install it. True automation? Heh! You bet!


Psiloc Connect is compatible with Nokia N95, N95 8gb, N81 8gb and N96 obviously. This efficient mobile software is additionally compatible with Nokia N73, N71, N81, N82, N80, N91, N92, E62, E65, N78, N79, 5800 Xpress Music, E90, E50, N85, N93, N75, N77, E51, E60, E61, E70, E66, N76, E71, Arte, Luna, 5700, 5500, 6290, 6233, 6120, 6210, 3250, 8800 etc. and any other N-Series, E-Series or S60 symbian phones. Both the WCDMA and GSM network users will be able to use this application. Network operators like O2, AT&T Wireless, Cingular, T-Mobile, Etisalat, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, TeliaSonera, Nextel, Orange Mobile UK, Virgin Mobile, TIM Wireless, Zain, MTN Group, MTS, Telstra, Sprint, Optimus, Grameenphone, Aktel, Airtel, Warid Telecom, 3G Wireless, Telefonica, Orascom are all expected to support and work side by side with its new access point settings flawlessly.

Psiloc ConnectPsiloc

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Download Psiloc Connect

Download Connect 2.0

Last Updated: 17th July, 2009.

I have just updated the download with the latest version of Psiloc Connect which supports payable networks like Walled Garden based on the WISPr framework.

It will certainly help you save a whole lotta mobile internet bill as it will connect through a WLAN access point automatically instead of using a 3G point when available.

Cheers everyone! Godspeed!

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  1. Erik

    Hi, I have downloaded this file to my Satio (Symbian S60 device) but it doesn’t work, so then I tried to uninstall it but it won’t let me, any ideas of what to do?

  2. sagit

    does’t want to download on my n81.

  3. HoShanG

    Thanks very much mooah

  4. nick

    or will connect even if there is no default wifi conectivity

  5. nick

    does this apps compatible even if my phone has no default wifi connectivity?

  6. manu

    hey. . I am using nokia n73. .i am not able to use this app in ma phone. .after installing the .sis file i cant install the patch. .when clicking on the icon it shows “no wlan”. . Plz do help me. . .tell me the way how to use this. . .

  7. Cond_cool

    Hello ppl, i see that my mob nokia 5310 xpress music does not support .sis file, though being called a s60 mobile.. I’m not able to use a wide variety of apps n games bcos of this. Kindly help..
    Any possibility of convertin .sis to .jar or .jad.. I’m missing .sis

  8. Benjo

    how to sign the unsigned sis file? anyone can help me on this?

  9. this is an unsigned application so u need to sign ๐Ÿ˜€
    great work Chaos Inc.

  10. Jos

    Hi, I’m testing Psiloc Connect but I also use HandyWi APN as a default access point for all applications. HandyWi allows me to store login date for hotspot accounts. Psiloc Connect and HandyWi do not cooperate well enough. I want Psiloc to check whether HandyWi APN is connected first and then switch to any other Wifi connection and then switch to GPRS/G3. This means three switching levels in stead of 2.

    Or … Psiloc Connect should be able to store Hotspot account data.

    Does the registered version of Psiloc allows the access point settings to be edited or is the trial version exactly the same as the licensed version?

  11. Certificate error on my N95 8GB, please can you controll the file and tell us how do install this.Thank so much

  12. Shuvo

    How do you make it save the point?I cant save the access point.

  13. wenel

    You have to firstly follow tutorial steps published on this site to enable installation of this kind of files.

    Interesting program, but the same functionality can be achieved without installing it – just configure the device to ask, which access point it should use. The benefit of this approach is less RAM consumption and in longer perspective – greater battery life to next charge.

  14. da_patriot

    I would love to give this tool a try, but I get a certificate error.
    Here’s what I did:
    1. download the archive
    2. unpack the archive
    3. sign the .sis file with SignSIS
    4. run the file

    I get as far as instructing where to install (phone memory)….after 2 seconds it gives me a certificate error.

  15. @Carl – Hi bro, thanks for the feedback. Actually to install this successfully you will have to follow the tutorials first and sign it ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Carl

    certificate error, dude!
    what to do?

    I tried it on my e90.
    Thanks anyway

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