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Posted March 25, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

What is a smartphone without its ability  of on-the-spot music playback while you are all mobile? ZERO! A Nokia user however has one less thing to worry about because this mobile application, Power Mp3, for Nokia mobile phones offers the boosting sound of an expensive audio system right on your mobile headphones!

Nearly all the latest S60 symbian phones have a built in mobile Mp3 player that comes with the factory settings, often, for us musicaholics it is never enough to just have an average music surround & playback software which we cannot properly tweak. Most probably this being the reason why men first create Mp3 players and then created equalizers so that we can handsomely change (or should I say the enhance) and control the output of the compressed MP3 files significantly. Remember the post I made about Lonely Cat Games LCG Jukebox for smartphones of Nokia and did you like the overall quality of the player? If your answer is yes then hold on tight because Power Mp3 will make it even better, far better.

Power Mp3 for mobiles actually is an excellent music player for your cell phone which is easy to customize and maintain. It supports loads of audio formats which makes it even better and easier to choose because with PowerMp3 for symbian devices you will be able to play OGG, MP3, the newly introduced AAC and M4A mobile audio formats. Most traditional mobile media players usually supports at best 3 extensions and they are all a memory hog to say the very least. Power Mp3  is also one of the very few symbian phone application which now supports all the available Nokia phones in the market.

Why choose PowerMp3 over traditional mobile softwares?

There are several factors that make Power Mp3 immensely popular and they all have their own important places. For a better insight into the world of music on mobile I am highlighting a few below:

Power Mp3 offers multiple audio file format compatibility which is really a great plus and really unique for any other mobile phone music or audio player. Currently it can play OGG, AAC MP3 among others with new formats being added into its portfolio every now and then.

It offers an excellent 10 band graphic equalizer system which can turn your mobile phone into a real monster of a music player. It also offers the spectrum view of the beats if you prefer that. The equalizers can be set to automatic or manual mode. In manual mode you can tweak every single of those 10 bands individually while auto mode changes the other bands as you change a specific band to keep a balance between the bass versus treble.

Easy porting and synchronization with basic desktop media players (e.g. Windows Media Player, Winamp, Jukebox etc.) which makes playlist sharing a breeze.

Highly innovative custom skin system which varies and enhances visual clarity of the actual application. I have included the Black screen which is modern and clean, however feel free to use your very own custom skin anytime.

Background playback support, easy resume, rewinds and forwards  are also efficient. It also is quite intuitive and ultra modern with an impressive mobile 3.0 visual clarity and outlook to begin with.

Automatic mobile music library searches and management on demand straight from your Nokia N-Series or E-Series S60 mobile phones. PowerMp3 also comes with a quality application build which makes it one of those “switch it on the background and work” making it a real multitasking Nokia application.

Mobi Factor Power MP3

Mobi Factor Power MP3 for Nokia

Power MP3 Skins for Nokia

Power MP3 Skins for Nokia

PowerMp3 for Nokia sure is one of the very best Mp3 player that has been ever made for any Symbian phones of Nokia or even others and with all those advanced features built in this fine mobile software you can be quite sure that you will fall in love with this if you are a music lover like I am.

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This mobile multimedia player for your Nokia is compatible with Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, 5700, 5610, 5320, N70, N95, N96, N95 8gb, N81, N82, N85, N93, N92, N91, N80, N79, N78, N76, N75, N73, N72, N71, 6120, E50, N97, E51, E60, E60, E62, E61, E65, E70, 6290, 6121, E90, E71, E66 etc and more from 3rd edition Symbian OS.

Cheers and have a good one!

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  1. Soumyaranjan Pradhan

    Same problem here While i update my music it closed plz send the answer

  2. semar ariati

    please i need a register code powermp3 v.1.17 … imei 357920048859134 . Please help me, i’m froom Brazil. i dont know make this… thanks.

  3. Ace vergel

    My emei no is #359738008975906 please send my registration code.

  4. Anees

    I need reg. Key for powermp3 player. My imei no. Is 357413049831872

  5. nasir

    i need girl ass key plz send some1

  6. ali

    nokia serial358082015048172 registration code for power mp3 player

  7. Migara

    Im looking for the registration key for Powermp3 1.17. Imei is 359351031497831

  8. kazi ripon

    please send me registration key for nokia 5800 xpressmusic. Power mp3 version 1.17. IMEL 354183024835312

  9. Blaze

    The equalzer’s not working in version 1.00. Is there any other version with functional equalizer?

  10. Muhammad Muaz

    I need power mp3 key for n81 8gb imei 356442014114528

  11. nishchal

    Does it work with Nokia E5-00?

    plz just reply who knows how to active it…..

  12. Amit

    Bhai log tention mat lo power mp3 ka cade hai 250 nahi to 255 dabao chalu hone ke baad
    call karna dosto 7620432235

  13. abdul ahad

    My Mobila E51 I need power mp3 rigistered code…IMEI:35933002551290….pplz send me.

  14. rohit

    please send reg code my imei is 354863021722098.

  15. d.abubkr

    very good

  16. uzair

    my imei no. is 353391041111473
    plz send me reg code

  17. muzi

    m imei is 352061024992576 need registration key for power mp3 player

  18. muzi

    my imei is ,,352061024992576 need registration code for power mp3 player

  19. Shabbu

    Most of the softwares were expired or not able to use software owners think that after expiry we should buy @ high price :)but if avail free use because most of the softwares comes in phone with default and no need to buy.

  20. My power mp3 require reg code my imei is 358973018377578

  21. Snz

    Reg. Code for Nokia E71 of Power mp3???

  22. uche

    please I want to be registered

  23. Pius

    My power mp3 require reg code my imei is 356406023310062

  24. Muhamad Ali

    My Mobile N73 EMEI No 357652015124693 I want key for power mp3 V 1.16
    Power mp3 trial Version is Good

  25. men its not working in my handset! this file is not supported

  26. basanta sapkota

    i once installed it in my mobile nokia e71 but the trial period of 15 days is over.. now it is asking the registration key with me.. can any body provide me the key..?

  27. syah

    all softwEare in this are EXPIRED DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATENTION!!!!!!PLEASE RENEWED ALL PRROGRAM TO CAME BUSISNESS WITH VVIP SYAHIRAN…UNDERSTOOD……SON BITCH…FUCK YOU ALLL HUMAN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  28. Pieter

    I have installed Power mp3 on my Nokia E75. When I select an album it only plays the first song and then shuts down the program. Why? I want it to play the whole album.


    • SHAH

      you r big fool. That folder contains more then one file. there are two files. try another one it will be programmable.


  29. Will life be the same as it is now?

  30. Lavin

    hey i’m using 5230.. 4me it says its not compatible wit my phone.. I tried all 3 apps…

  31. Hemadri

    Hi This is extremely nice… But does it ask for a Serial or reg Number…..In your Zip Folder, there are 3 files . one file I installed and is working… what are the other 2??


  32. vinodh kumar

    wow its superb man really a fantastic website for all nokia users i really love it good job guys

  33. Player works fine and the skin is the best.

  34. cesmanp

    the powermp3 its want i have been looking for it great. with one minor flaw it dont play wma but i can live with that because it work fine otherwise


    ALL FILES CURRUPTED???????????????????

  36. joseph

    i cannot update my music. why its not working

  37. Prao

    Its a .sis applocation and does not work on my n79 phone, plz provide a .sisx application

  38. zoli

    hi, it’s a nice program, but th EQ its not working!!!why?

  39. fred

    no eq really puts a damper on my mood. pls fix.

  40. Aaron

    same problem here too, the application closes everytime i try to update music.
    pls help, thanks.

  41. enry

    Yeah..mee too…I cant update the music..it always closed

  42. ezra

    i cant update music? everytime i choose update music it closes.

  43. RedEye

    Installed Power Mp3 on my S60 V3 FP1 phone, the Nokia N82, and it says that there is ” No Equilizer in this VERSION 1.00″

    From the looks of the screenshot you posted, would have been really good if the Equilizer version was available for S60v3 FP1 phone owners..

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