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Posted August 18, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Life is finally in 360 degree mode! Literally too! Ever wondered how beautiful life will look like if you can capture what’s all around you, in front of you and behind you and even at both the sides at the same time? I know it is kinda hard to even imagine this but it is now possible to have a third eye with your Nokia smartphones in hand and this superb and creative application installed in it. Today I am publishing the most sensational and intelligent application ever built for any kind of symbian OS based 3rd edition smartphones. It is called Panoman and it lets you do things that no other application ever can. Let me get into the details real fast.

Panoman creates a 360 degree panorama with your mobile camera phone in your hands. It’s fast and easy and the engine is virtually a einstein itself. All you have to do is take the phone in your hands and rotate yourself to a complete circle and voila! the scan engine intelligently captures, generates and extracts you a flat image of your surroundings in a single picture. This application snaps the scenery at real time and lets you enjoy the image with true clarity, no noise or blur or whatsoever. It also lets you edit your panorama on the go just after you have captured it. Not only that with Panoman you will be able to watch a landscape mode preview of the image that will be fetched if you finalize it. This version of Panoman is 3 and it also has a major improvement in its heap size or in other simple words it will let you snap around 12 frames in one rotating session!

It is quite obvious that if the Sun is in front of you and you rotate yourself then there is a strict possibility that your end panorama based image will have a dark side and a bright side right? Wrong! Panoman also have automatic and manual image exposure correction and with this application in your S60 phones, you can be sure that the end image will bear a constant light and exposure in it. It also have built in white balance through which you will be able to fix the color tone in accordance to the overall light condition. So in a cloudy day there will be more white to make things more clear and precise in the image. You also get an image capturing sound when performing a 360 degree session and it will let you save the image in the memory card of your phone or in the phone memory, whichever suites your handsets and devices better. If you are carrying a super duper phone like the Nokia N95, N95 8gb or a Nokia N82 then you will also be enjoying the Auto Focus option. This will let you take your image without you messing it up, a shaky hand and some missed steps might result in losing focus obviously which the auto focus of Panoman can handle quite efficiently.

The intelligent scanning engine integrates so well with your digital mobile camera that it actually “anticipates the next move” after every single frame, thus letting the symbian OS create a dynamic and parallel image. The overall shading doesn’t break at all which is quite unbelievable and I have no clue on how it actually is possible, but it sure is possible!! Tested! Throughout the whole panorama, Panoman maintains a constant color tone and image brightness which is really vital for the quality of the end image. Panoman really pulls it out without any issues at all and it pulls it out in style!! Enough blah blah from me, just take a look at how it works and how the images look like and you will be so satisfied yourself that you will surely get it right on about now!


panoman images

pano man screenshot

bit side panoman

bitside panoman

bitside pano man

nokia image application free download

3rd edition softwares

nokia free applications symbian images

Panoman Optimization:



mobile images

auto focus mobilerotate nokia

As always in this blog, this application is mainly made for Nokia 3rd edition phones only. All the major N-Series and E-Series S60 based 3rd edition cell phones like Nokia N71, N73, N75, N76, N77, N80, N78, N81, N82, N80, 5700 Xpress Music, 5710, 6121, 6120, N91, N92, 3250, 6290, N93, N93i, N95, N96, E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E66, E70, E71, E90 etc should all work smoothly with this fine symbian application. It is carrier independent and should work with both CDMA and GSM based network providers like Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint, Rogers, T-Mobile, Nextel, Virgin Mobile UK, Vodafone, Orange Mobile UK, Airtel, Orascom, Telstra, Hutch etc. It does not require the usage of your GPRS, 3G or Edge related internet services so no extra bill either. Please do not forget to subscribe to the feed before downloading this innovative Nokia application free! Cheers!


Updated 19th July 2012 (new version uploaded, virus notification in Mcafee fixed):


Want something much more simple and straight forward or want to take simple 90 degree images of your friends and families and the nature? Then you can try Resco Photo Viewer! Or check out the free mobile applications page for a variety of free Nokia applications. Or better yet, use the search form on the right hand side or below to find your application out of everything else! What are you waiting for again, turn people turn and snap!

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  1. alone

    how i download apps?

  2. BM

    Got virus in sign sis.rar …….

  3. Lilou

    Bardzo dobry program tylko potrzebny jest registration code


    ok, I’ve bypassed the registration step, but now the problem is that I cant open or view the pano. pic . it’s totally pixelated and distorted. Which software Do I need to open the panoramic image I’ve made??


    Useful app, But ask for a registration code when I try to open it, what is the reg code? thanks in advance

  6. Rawbirth

    @suraj.. E72 cam have panoramic shot option, u evenb dnt need this..

  7. Mr Tali Goder

    Why can’t I load “Panoman” from this cite to my N95? and there is no link at OVI-Store…

  8. SMAck

    woow. 360′ , at 5mpx with auto-focus (n95 8gb)!! but for users with no accelerator graphics will work with a pixel limitation (640×480 is working 100%)

  9. i know this is cool application bu i cannot install it in my cell phone it says data corrupt hlp pls

  10. suraj

    i install this on my e72 but it show a ”’certificate error”’ message pls help me…………………..

    i know this is a pretty application but it is not installed on my phone pls help me …..
    my email id is ””

  11. rahul

    hi, i cant install ths app in my n 73 plzzz help me install it

  12. ifissi

    App works great on E71!!

    Thanks πŸ™‚


  13. ifissi

    App works great on my Nokia E71.
    When requested for the registration code, I entered 0000…. may be anything will be accepted.


  14. izhar

    i downloaded it and extracted but i couldnt install please help me

  15. aminour

    good luck

  16. aminour

    Hi ,please I can instal it on my nokia n95 8gig??? ,if I can, please send me the application,because I can’t instal it with this site ?? ThanK u very much…

  17. Ashley M

    Installed the app fine, All you need to do is sign the app (Search up how too)
    But you need a registration code…

    So i can’t use the app.

    Installed on a Nokia 5800 XM

  18. Nima

    please help me
    i coudnt instaLL

  19. Nims

    I coudnt install it on nokia n82 what am i doing?

  20. Rajesh Gatty

    i downloaded it and extracted

    but i couldnt install

    please help me

  21. Rajesh Gatty

    i have downloaded it, and extracted

    but i couldnt install

    Please help me to install

  22. sliverchill

    hey! ive downloaded it… then whats next??



    It’s Works Perfectly On Nokia N96, Nokia N95 & Nokia N82.
    Tested Personally.

    Tanking You.

  24. Eric

    i downloaded it and all but i un-zipped it

    now what do i do all it has is:

    – BiNPDA
    – file_id.diz
    – bin-5189

    please help!

    • Revex

      You should also have 2 .sis files , put them on your mobile and install (or install thru computer) , then open first keygen and write key down , then open panoman program in app’s folder and write key there. Have fun.

    • WHOIM

      Hi Friend,
      I Don’t Know Which Handset Is Yours.
      But if You Wana Install This in Your Phone then First Hack Your Phone Or First Sined This Unsined File By Using Sing Software.
      If You Don’t Have It then Search On Net.

      Sorry If you Don’t Understand This Prosidure.If You Fails To Do That then Contact Me on
      With Full Details of Your Nokia Handset [ IMEI,Software Version Etc.]
      I Try To Help You.

  25. thnx man .. it works on my N95 8GB … it’s perfect .. u r the man πŸ˜‰ …

  26. but how do you install it??

  27. Barry

    Panoman is ok but why do I get a blue/purple shade across the whole image? How do I get rid of it. Any advice please?

  28. dan

    I have been searching AGES to find this hah!

  29. Ankara K

    Hi There, Panoman is in the card, but everytime I install, it shows “Unable to install” could you kindly assist me on how to install Panoman. Thanks in advance.

  30. d

    the software does not install on my N73 music edition phone… error msg .. ‘unable to open file’..

  31. mads

    Everybody! i’ve found a bunch of license codes that works! but you gotta be fast. the codes only work 2 times!


    Contact me by E-mail if none of them works! πŸ˜€

  32. Mads

    Everybody! i’ve found a bunch of license codes that works! but you gotta be fast. the codes only work 2 times!


    Contact me by E-mail if none of them works!

  33. Tiberie

    I can not install this application nor any app. that has to be signed with own certificate, because one can’t get certificate without paying for it πŸ™

    Any thoughts… i’ve searched the internet for solution but wit no joy.

  34. abcd

    plzzzz…….i am getting a message which states that it is a corrupt file……..i really want this app….plzzz

  35. hvm

    Hi.please send cer.file for panoman for nokia n73.I downloaded panaman.

  36. hvm

    please help me for certificate file

  37. stitha

    i like the application

    but when i try to instal it im my n73

    “cretificate error contact the application supplier” is comming

    pls help me…..

  38. j_666

    I liked this software but when I tried with my N-95 8gb but appears corrupt How can I have this work with my unit? Anyone plzz help me. Thanks!

  39. aaaaaaa_1

    @G-UNIT – when i use the file signsis.exe
    it require the certificate file, not the code certificate

  40. G-UNIT

    no need 4 any certificates 4 this 1 just put ur date bak 2 2007 n then install it n activate it with any numbers u want it worked 4 me =]

  41. san@raj

    dear buddy
    I have download panoman file but when install file currupt on my Nokia N95 8gb mobile.
    Pls send me reply how could i use this software.

  42. Maxximo

    This a real great software!!!.. You have to install the other Security Manager installer in you phone first in order to be able to do any other application that is in this zip. After that the rest is just a single SIS installation.

  43. Thabojan

    Sounds like great software. I’ve dowloaded it to my PC. What do i do from here? I’m new to this so instructions would be appreciated. Thanks

  44. tomernassi

    I dont have certificate file, can someone help please..


  45. praseth

    I can’t not set up this software(Panoman), because (certificate error). my phone is N82

  46. aaaaaaa_1

    certificate file required

  47. sunnyjay

    Need cert file in order to install

    Could you please provide that file to us πŸ™‚

  48. alerte

    Can someone please send me the certificate file??

    I need it to finish the instalation..



    I have install panoman ba its asking for registration code…

    I tried to make that code using BINPDA SignSIS but I dont have certificate file, can someone help please..


  50. igor

    hey program not work i could install it on my 6220 classic πŸ™

  51. Rob

    i need code too

  52. Hong Konger

    I couldn’t install it either and i changed the phone date a couple times. Can you help please.

  53. Calvin

    hi, may i know how to install this application? I just can’t seem to install it properly. tHanks! :b

  54. Calvin

    Hi Keenan. May I ask what date did you put on your phone when you installed the PANOMAN file? ‘Cause I tried it but it still says “Certificate Error Contact application supplier”

  55. antidote for irony

    oh,but in the file pack there’s a signSIS.rar..wat was it for?i opened the file and there’s a sign.exe which require the certificate file.. Where can i get it?

  56. Keenan

    Hi friends I installed it successfully by first unraring the file by winrar from my laptop and then changing the date of my phone before transferring and installing it. Works nicely without any problems after that. Thanks a lot to Chaos Inc. for this freeware πŸ™‚

  57. joey

    yes, instructions on how to install would be helpful.


  58. KEV

    entire files are corrupted and invalid for my N95 8GB.please explain to me how to manage it successfully.thanks a lot.

  59. antidote for irony

    yess…need the certificate file..plzzzzz

  60. maxximo


    This is the seond post about this… Pls provide the cer file, it cannot install without the current invalid certified.. hope you can help

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