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Posted May 12, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Hello everyone! How are you all doing this fine day? Hopefully all goes well in symbianville for sure! Been a little bit busy lately with some “issues” that popped up, still am busy so cannot find the time to design some new themes at the moment. Though I do think I will be free very soon and will be able to design some more Nokia themes for you. Anyway, I am going to add a request today. A request for the most efficient Nokia mobile browser called Opera Mobile version 8.65. As usual, this one is compatible with nearly all the 3rd Edition devices and handsets so feel free to download and use it to your advantage in the phone. Compatible phones include, N71, N73, N76, N77, N78, N80, N81, N82, N91, N92, N93, N95, N95 8gb, N96, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E70, E90, 3250, 6120, 5700 Xpress Music, 5710, 5500 etc and many more. I also published this particular browser in the past, but some people told me that they have problem installing .rar files and that for some it showed some “virus”. I also fixed that, however did not find any virus in my desktop. Also, checked this particular one on several desktops with several anti virus software including Norton Symantec Anti Virus and did not find anything fishy. So I think this one will work for everyone for sure.

What can Opera mobile actually do? Well it is a proven fact that Opera Mobile 8.65 is the fastest, most sophisticated and secure browser for your S60 Nokia mobile phones. It has the ability to render Flash Lite 2.1, show you text wrap when you select to view in desktop mode, address bar web search, save image, files and content directly to your memory card or phone, send bookmarks through email, mms or sms and even browse in two or more separate windows at the same time!

So what are you waiting for? Please grab my RSS feed for free to support my effort, that is all I ask and then grab it for your Nokia symbian phone right here:

Download Full Version of the Opera Mobile Browser

Download Opera Mobile 8.65

Updated 13th December 2009:

Yes! Finally I can update this post with the latest version of Opera Mobile which is Opera Mobile 10 for Symbian which brings a whole lot of improvements with it including Tabbed browsing, Fast – Dial, Inline – Editing of Forms and Fields, a much faster web page rendering with the help of the Opera-Turbo, Auto Completion, Touchscreen Keyboard Support, Custom Shortcut, Dedicated History and Bookmarks Managers and much more!

Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia

Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia

Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia

Opera Mobile 10 for Nokia

Obviously, version 10 is supported with many more devices that its previous versions and the new models that are officially supported by Opera Mobile 10 are N81, 5630, E63, E66, 5800, 6220c, E51, E52, 6720c, E55, N82, N86, N95 8 GB, N96, N97, 5320, E72, E75, N78, N85, N79, E71 and more. Please do share your experience with this new version as it will help all of us πŸ™‚

Ciao peeps and also do leave comments if you can πŸ™‚ Enjoy!

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  1. thanks, its works on my nokia e63

  2. Praise

    Please help me with operamini 8.65 code this is my serial number:354212037633768

  3. Will it work on my nokia n80?

  4. Thanks for the opera mobile..

  5. hala miniopera the best

  6. pine

    I really need opera that is valuable web browser now a days .

  7. Taimur Raza

    hello, how r u all? Please help me out registering my opera 8.65

  8. Roshan Acharya

    Thanks a lot . Now I use it with simly……………………..

  9. Vahid

    i need help with my opera too,
    my imei is 356387029373744

  10. ALam

    I need your HeLp
    PLease HeLp Me too…
    My IMEI is 351964032009708


  11. berick

    registration key of 359362007318083

  12. dhanabal

    plz send to me opera 8.65 reg code imei 358984016303045. Sms or mail me 9578728560. 9952527284. dhanasuga@gmail.com

  13. maya sari

    i am now feel so frustrated for i have tried to download opera mobile 8.65 straight from my Nokia E72 for many times.. it was succeed, however, i got stuck when i have done installing, it requires me to fill ‘registration code’…?? how am i supposed to know? or should i purchase for that… and it cannot be opened, yet… i’d be grateful if someone could help me… thanks beforehand…

  14. arad

    i need help with my opera too, my imei is 355739029702713

  15. hamid from iran


  16. Kabayan

    Hi chaos i need help with my opera too, my imei is 359807017296406 would u help me.

    • Kabayan

      I try the 1st ten digit of my imei as it said on read me text, but still it’s not working. Some one mind helping me

  17. manan

    the code … 1121805122 worked for my brother

  18. ^_~

    help me i tried the first 10 digits of my imei nut its still didnt work..plxzzzz helpp..


  19. bongz

    hi friends can you send to me the regestration code.. my imei 35777000210472. tnx alot..

    • manan

      just use 1st ten digits from the generated key not of ur imei….. it should work …

      bongz ===== 1538413322 try it …

  20. Dazzle

    Chaos you roockk!!! Thx alot!!

  21. Sebastian

    Hi Chaos. The key works fine :). Unfortunately opera does not really want to work on my n95 8gig (nam- if it makes any difference). It just keeps disconnecting while trying to load some pages. Don’t know if you can do anything about it, since on opera page, people complain about n95 compatibility too. Unless… you could work your magic and fix it :). Untill then I guess I will stick to mini.
    In kind of a closing, just want to let you know (what you already know), you have a great site and you provide a great service to the community πŸ™‚ so thank you.

  22. Jessica

    Thank you so much! Google gears only works on the full version, not Opera mini. Hence, you are my hero

  23. Mazursky

    Never mind. Thanks. I got thru. Wonderful application. BTW, I have most of your application on my fone. Thanks again

  24. Ledrimar

    Scratch the previous comment, I just realised what “take the 10 first numbers” wasn’t referring to the IMEI number.

  25. Ledrimar

    The registration code includes the letters “FFF” but I cannot enter them on the registration screen (only numbers are allowed) , what could be up?

  26. please send me the registration code

  27. AriE

    please send me a registration key to my email.
    my IMEI :359365001607906

  28. operaman

    worx fine on N82
    thanx πŸ˜‰

  29. Eddie

    Please send mea r

  30. EmmaFS

    Code working gr8.
    Thanx. πŸ˜€

  31. Arun

    Thanks friend, I suffered lot for this to get this right. Thanks buddy.

  32. Reign

    Finally! a fully working version dunno how ya did it chaos but you rock! thanks heaps…:-)

  33. islam

    realy its great work from you thank you alot

  34. abhi

    hey guys..i entered the 1st ten digits of my imei 4 registration but cudnt register..plz help me out i dont knw where i went wrong..tel me hw 2 do it..thanx

  35. shaheen

    can anybody pplease gimme da correct code for full version

  36. snader

    Thanks a lot!! registered with first 10 digits of code, no problem

  37. Hi
    I installed the browser but couldnt find out hot to register?
    Please will you tell me in detail how to register after installing.
    This is a sincere request to you
    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Chums

    Registered at last. Perseverance pays.:-)

  39. Thanks a lot for helping out waratna! πŸ™‚

  40. waratna

    [quote]Help please, How do you enter the fff on reg code? I am using N95 8gb[/quote]

    you do not have to enter the “fff”.
    just get the first “ten” digits of the numbers you’ve generated using your phone’s IMEI.

  41. Dazza

    Help please, How do you enter the fff on reg code? I am using N95 8gb

  42. Chums

    How do I open the file. Not able to register.

  43. Chums

    How do I open the file inside the file. I extracted the exe file. But was unable to register

    *edited by Chaos Inc.*

  44. Chums

    At last could download it on my N73. Now the other file won’t open.

  45. waratna

    hi guys. im using an e51. the browser is good but i cant enter any link inside a webpage. can you guys teach me how to? many thanks

  46. Chums

    I browsed through opera mini. Subscribed to the feed too. But was unable to download. Read and download. But couldn’t find the download option. And how do I register it

  47. iceman

    just type the first 10 numerals and OK!

  48. saurabh

    kewl application..

  49. Cassim Ebrahim


    Key generate for Opera gives a FFF but registration key does not take alpha

  50. I have gone to a million places looking for full version of Opera, you are wonderful Thanks heaps!

    *comment edited by Chaos Inc.*

  51. Classic 6120

    executed full version there is letters “FFF” but cannot see the ALPHA

    *edited by Chaos Inc.*

  52. Supercrazy

    Thanx a lot fantastic site

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