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Posted November 26, 2010 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications
Slide Unlock Nokia

The Nokia apps that I bring you today are pretty much similar to each other and they are simple touchscreen based keypad unlockers that will take care of your homescreen customization and slide based keypad unlocking needs (know what I mean?!). Most of the applications are based on the Nokia accelerometer functions while a few are not but it is usually imperative that your Nokia devices have the accelerometer function built in. Almost all the 5th edition S60 9.4 Symbian OS have this feature built in so you should be fine if you have one of the 5th edition touchscreen smartphones. So what are you waiting for? Want to convert your Nokia keypad locking feature just like that of iPhone or maybe even better?  Read on then…

Thinkchange nUnlock : One of the most popular slide to unlock screen applications out there is nUnlock by the guys at Thinkchange. Thinkchange nUnlock allows you to configure your homescreen completely and then integrates the slide to unlock feature. You can easily customize what is being displayed on the homescreen including the wallpaper or the background, phone indicators, clock or time displays, font colors and more. It includes the flexibility to change the transparency depth or the opacity limit of the slide unlock bar. Additionally, it also comes built in with features like automatic keypad lock and automatic launch when you restart or power on the phone.

Smartphoneware Best Screen Locker : Smartphoneware Best ScreenLocker is another fine application that can meet all your slide unlocking needs and more. In Best ScreenLocker you will be able to display the current local time of your place and view the the number of Calls & SMS that was missed by you. It includes the option to customize the wallpaper or background image of the locked homescreen. You can even customize the sound to be played when you slide to unlock or lock the phone. By default the application runs in the background and automatically starts itself when you power on your phone.

Epocware Handy Keylock : This application doesn’t allow you to slide and unlock your keypad however it provides more security to your smartphones by locking your locked homescreen keypad by a number combination that you can easily set. Lightweight and extremely user friendly makes this app a winner among password protection keypad based applications.

SPP Slide Unlock : SPP SlideUnlock is a powerful slide based keypad unlocker that enables you to add other plugins and skins to change the look and functionality of the the entire application. It includes powerful features like changing the keypad’s light intensity/duration, an anti theft alarm, one touch phone restart button etc. Unlike all the other applications out there that are being used to lock/unlock the homescreen keypads, SPP Slide Unlock includes several keypad unlocking layouts that are all based on touch based movements. Thus you change the way your phone is unlocked easily with the use of this powerful feature rich application.

DigitalFootmark Lock Screen : Though it is still in beta stage, the Lock Screen by DigitalFootmark is a powerful symbian application that not only unlocks your touchscreen’s homescreen with the finger slide but also packs itself with lots of useful features. These information are displayed on your phone’s locked status screen and includes the display of missed calls, e-mails & sms, calendar entries, battery status, blutooth & WLAN availability indicators and relevant GPS indicator status information.

PhonePhreak Software PocketSensor Automatic Keylock : Pocket Sensor Automatic Keylock is an useful Symbian application that uses the proximity sensor of your touchscreen smartphone to detect where the phone is currently located. If and when the phone is located in your pockets it brilliantly locks the keypad of your smartphone automatically. Not just that it automatically unlocks the keypad once you take the phone out of your pocket thus enabling you to skip the manual keypad lock press entirely! Easy to configure and starts automatically when you power on your smartphone.

Slide Unlockers

Slide Unlockers

SBSH Pocket Lock Express : Similar to Pocket Sensor Automatic Keylock, Pocket Lock Express by the SBSH guys uses the proximity sensor of your phone to determine if your phone is in your pocket. Once it positively identifies the location it automatically locks the keypad and when it identifies that you are taking the phone out of your pocket it magically unlocks the keypad so that you can use your phone instantly without the need of unlocking the keypad manually. Additionally it is extremely easy to enable, configure and disable the application and it even starts in the background automatically.

MyKeylock : Another excellent customizable application that allows you to unlock with the slide of a finger. Lots of custom skins are available for this application particularly and it is also another feature packed application which can be used for variety of purposes. Includes a restart phone feature, ability to apply custom skins, also utilizes sounds while lock/unlock and that can be changed easily. Most importantly, it uses the proximity sensor extremely well by allowing you to use some built in gesture control movements to unlock or lock your phone and you can even use custom gestures to suit your personal needs easily. Also includes double taps based unlocks, anti – theft alarm and much more.

Thinkchange Fingerprint Scanner Express : Thinkchange Fingerprint Scanner or Fingerprint Express whichever you want to call it is an awesome fun application that can literally use your fingerprint to unlock the keypad screen. Well, though that may sound exciting the application does not actually uses your actual fingerprint to unlock the homescreen lock. Rather, it works by matching the number of preset beeps that occur from the moment you put your finger on the pop up window or scanner. You will have to configure the number of beeps you want to set to unlock the keypad, for e.g. if you set 3 beeps to unlock then all you have to do is take off your finger from the touchscreen after you hear 3 consecutive beeps and the application will unlock the phone for you. A funny way to fool your friends I suppose?

Nokia Slide Unlockers

Nokia Slide Unlockers

All these applications should work well with all 5th edition S60 9.4 Symbian OS Devices including the 5230, 5250, 5530 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, C6, C7, E7, N8 and more. Please check out other great Symbian applications in our mobile applications section. Please let me know your experience through the comment form below. Cheers and do not forget to subscribe to the feed for free!

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