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Posted July 14, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Ahoy pirates and princesses!! Show me the gold I say aye!! Lol. Just kiddin’. One of the best part of Nintendo is the ability that you can control it with the help of your hands. Simply glide your fingers around and you will be in the menu, slide down and you are simply out of it. The touch sensitivity of WiiMote was so successful that they even introduced the Wiimote based guitar and handgun for playing games within like 3 months. Then the pda guys got it! Must say that till lately, the S60 Touch UI was almost non existent and Nokia didn’t seem to care much about it till the whole Barcelona thing. Anyway, today I am going to present you with three of the finest symbian mobile phone applications for your Nokia N95. Yes I am talking about the Nokemote, Nokia DJ and Lightsabre softwares.

They all have a resemblance in a way, they both are mainly developed for the market of the absent movement based touch UI of Nokia. Also not only that, they both are freewares! Too good to be true, I know. Also they are in beta stage of development but I must admit that they are good enough to be released already!

Nokmote converts your Nokia N95 a cloned version of the WiiMote and this lets you control its UI with hand movements, thus letting you enjoy the exclusive and enjoyable experience of iPhone or the Nintendo WiiMote. You can select menu, the messages, open up a message and send it all with the help of your hand. Every single menu becomes Touch Sensitive to say the least. Its quite fun at first, but more importantly, its user friendly when you have adapted its movements properly. You can say it is a different kind of the 3rd edition software Rotate Me which I published earlier.

A demo video should help you see what I am talking about so here it goes:


Nokmote Download

If you are a big time Star Wars fan then LightSabre is the perfect application for you. Just like the gruesome futuristic sounds of Darth Vader, LightSabre makes your Nokia groan and moan out with specific movements which you can almost assign. Its not useful by any means but rather a fun filled, experimental application or software. I am sure that in the future this particular application’s features and concept will play a big role in Nokia’s Aeon based smartphones.

A demo Video of LightSabre:


3rd edition Nokia download

Lastly I am going to introduce to you one of the official and coolest Nokia application ever, Nokia DJ Mixer. Ringtones shingtones are old stuff peeps! Be your own DJ and mix up your favorite tracks all at once. This application is real fun to mess with and you should try it out at least once I tell ya. With Nokia DJ you will be able to mix all kinds of file types as long as they are of any audio format.


Nokia DJ Mixer

All these applications are compatible with Nokia N95 and needs the official accelerometer installed to work properly. This is what really makes the Nokia 95 the crown jewel of Nokia. It comes pre built with this particular motion based sensor technology. This particular technology officially made its way to the public by the introduction of the Nokia N95. Why in the freakin hell did Nokia kept it hidden, search me man!! Only a handful of application have made its way based on this sensor based technology, examples are Nokmote, FlipSilent, Shake Sms, The official Nokia N95 DJ, Car Inclinometer, Lightsabre etc. and some others. You can download the applications like ShakeSMS, Car Inclinometer, Shake Lock and FlipSilent in my mobile applications page or simply do a search of it in my blog using the search box below or to the right side.

Please remember to subscribe to my RSS feed before using these applications, that is all I ask and that is what makes my day! All 3rd edition feature pack 2 and above cell phones from NSeries and ESeries like the Nokia N95, N96, N78, E66, E71, N81, N82, E70, E51, N73, E65, E61, E62, etc should work with all these applications. Though the Nokia DJ Mixer only works with Nokia S60 N-Series devices and handsets like Nokia N73, N76, N80, N91, N92, N95, N93, N81, N82 etc. Also the applications are network independent and both HSPDA, 3G, EDGE based phones running on any GSM and CDMA network like AT&T, T-Mobile, Orange Mobile UK, Verizon Wireless, Hutchison, Vodafone, Vodacom, Airtel, Digi, Sprint, grameenphone etc should be able to work side by side with them installed.

Here is the accelerometer for Nokia phones as well:


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  1. Oto

    Doesn’t work on E66 as it is SF sensor based.

  2. sudheep

    nokemote doesn work for n82 man…please get us the working one..


    I am luving ur work
    I just want to inform u how I will get lincense fopr emoze pro version for my n95 8gb

  4. Kavi


    The N93i is the first mobile phone to implement the accelerometer, not the N95 as said in the above article.


  5. sit

    well…i was interested in a lot of apps but when i went to install’em, come THE error…

    i tried to sign them but i’m not so good in it and i gave up soon…so…could you tell me how to install’em? (i tried with rotateMe (that i need more) and NokMote but always the same…

    Thanks a lot…

  6. raresh

    does nokmote it work on nokia n96 ?
    please answer

  7. Ramil


    You’re the man. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  8. ALDY

    if you cannot install it, then sign it on

  9. I cannot install it……plz help

  10. mark

    hi , great apps but i cant seem to get nokmote to install. gives cirtificate error?? please help

  11. vivek

    nokmote software is applicable for n81 2gb……. plz reply

  12. wapak33

    how to install the nokmote in my n95.copy the zip file or extract before copy to n95.

  13. phlanx

    Both the NokMote in the zip file is UNSIGNED.
    That’s why the

  14. Works great on N95, thank you for this great detailed post! πŸ™‚ Keep it up

  15. Rune

    Ah, had to “hack” my phone to use the Software since it is not Certificated for my phone. πŸ˜€ Now it works perfect πŸ˜€

  16. xia

    i downloaded the software but i can’t find GPSd.jar file. its not there. can u pls tel me how can i get this file.

  17. Rune

    I get the Certificate Error, Contact your provider message too when trying to install NokMote at my N95 8G πŸ™

  18. hy

    same problem fr me too….does it work on my n81???

  19. Mark

    NokMote on the N95 — “Certificate Error, contact your provider.” Any ideas? I get the error on both the unsigned and signed named.

  20. Roy Toms Lonan

    Ooooopz!! When trying to install NokMote on the n95 I got a

  21. Joey

    Got ya on widsets. enjoying the feeds everybit. thx.

  22. Pabvr81

    When trying to install NokMote on the n95 8gb I get a “Certificate Error, contact your provider” message.

  23. AAF

    Does the Nokmote work on my N73 me v4.0736.3.2.1

  24. demson

    elow!! thanks for this application, i love this information ask a new user of N-series phone,, thanks a lot ,,,

  25. Found your site through a comment posted on my blog. Am grabbing your rss feed now! πŸ™‚

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