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Posted February 25, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Nokia and Innovation are two sides of the same coin and there is a reason why! Nokia have proven themselves again and again exactly why they are the best in developing and implementing new & advanced mobile technology. Nokia’s good tendency about releasing the latest versions almost regularly for Nokia PcSuite or the Nokia Firmware Software Updater but major releases continues even to date with all their softwares. However the most buzzed up software of Nokia at present times has to be the GPS (Global Positioning System) focused software called Nokia Maps. I have already reviewed Nokia Maps version 2 twice in earlier posts of the blog and will not go into the strict details in this one. However, I am outlining the most basic changes and upgrades for version 3 of Nokia Maps below!

With Nokia’s sharing space utilizing under and as OVI we always did expect that the newer versions of Nokia Maps or Nokia Maps 3.00 will have a much closer integration with OVI Suite for maximum feature enhancement, and so it is! Beside a tighter integration with Nokia OVI maps you can now easily synchronize the mobile phone favorites and my places menu. All in all, to me  this advanced GPS SatNav tracker with 3D and 2D map views, easy and automatic position marking, synchronization are some of the more important features of Nokia Maps 3.

Nokia Maps 3

Nokia Maps 3

Nokia Maps version 3 for S60 3rd, 4th and 5th edition smartphones have introduced several new functions like:

  1. Automatic GPS positioning during the application start up. In case it does not find a validated position it will automatically switch back to manual mode so that you can easily set it up like in the previous version.
  2. Nokia has finally upgraded and implemented 360 degree zoom view for any recognizable 3D landmarks. The camera views of Nokia Maps 3 can be easily controlled by the 4 (left) 6 (right) and 5 (straight up northbound).
  3. Easy integration of the views in tilt mode, thus providing you with even more detailed views on any 3D or 2D maps.
  4. A complete implementation of the 2D and 3D views for the maps, terrain and satellite GPS navigation.
  5. A little change in the “here and there” things like GPS navigation history, favorites menu etc.
  6. The highly popular ‘My Places’ now also includes a built in ‘Help’ feature which can easily Point you to the right directions during navigation.
  7. Bug fixes of numerous amount on this version of Nokia Maps.

Check out this video demo of Nokia Maps 3 found on you tube:

Nokia Maps version 3 is compatible with Nokia E71, E66, 6110 Navigator, N95, N95 8gb, N82, N85, N96, 5800 Xpress Music, N97, N80, N79, 6650, 6210 Navigator, 6220 Classic, 6120, N78 etc. and any other Nokia Symbian S60 Os 9 N-Series and E-Series mobile phones. Nokia Maps 3 also requires you to have Nokia PcSuite installed, Nokia OVI Suite (Recommended) and Maps Loader 3.0.




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  1. Syedashfaq

    Its showing certified error contact application supplies

  2. Sahil

    I cant install it b coz its showing certificate error

  3. amit

    very ,very,good

  4. Jorge

    um excelente produto

  5. Shewal

    Look.. Wht is has done.
    i’ve installed it(it installed automaticaly in my phone memory) & it overlapd my defalt nokia map … nothing gets start,evrytime whn i try to open it says unable to open not enough memory

  6. gyury14

    Asked cetificate! I can’t install it!

  7. Alex

    Ishtiaq, Nokia Maps 3 sucks! Big time! At your reccommendation I installed Sygic on my E71 and loved it. Unfortunately, it wont install on e72. So I am reduced to using NM 3.0 and it is making my live miserable. No internet connection on your phone means you cant use the navi. And if you do have the connection, half the time it comes back with cant connect to the serves message and the other half no address found! It is horrible!

  8. Imran Ali Rashid

    Ishtiaq, are you saying that we have to sign the official version of Nokia Maps from Nokia/Ovi to be able to install it? 🙁
    I’m getting the same error when trying to install it on my 6120c via OVI.

  9. Joko

    nokia says: ovi navigation is for free.. in my phone keep asking to buy licence…. How can i resolve this…. mine nokia 5730

  10. Bernd

    Hi Guys,

    does anybody know if Maps 3.0 is supported for the 6110 Navigator? My Ovi Suit suggests installing the update from maps 2.0, but the installation always fails due to licence problems.

    Does anybody know a solution to that problem?


  11. my Nokia 5310 XpressMusic has now installed at the mobile pc suite better map …

  12. Malte

    Thanx for providing Nokia Maps 3.0. I was not able to install it with Nokia’s Map Updater.

    But, where the heck did you have the SIS files from!? Is this a hacked version or original Nokia code?

    I am not able to install Nokia Maps 3.0 with the Map Updater, I wonder why Nokia is unable or reluctant to fix this…

  13. i can’t install bcoze my software is new on N95 pls help

  14. nik

    hi! friend.
    I hv bought a new NOKIA N82.
    it has nokia maps installed.But no map is there.i have WI-FI connection in my home.
    In nokia pc suite it’s telling to download through nokia map loader it’s saying first remove memory card and install through data cable and delete map data and all those stuff which i cant understand.
    As im new to this mobile can you plz mail me the Detail steps of what to do and how to install and how to get free navigation on my cell..

  15. domi1980

    cool stuff… Thx for this very nice gift… It works fine on my n95… Many greetings from germany….

  16. vikas


    I have nokika map 2.0 Hacked. Will nokia map 3.0 have some issues after installation. (Hack getting disabled).

    Kindly reply.


  17. I have tried to install the Nokia Maps 3.0 into my nokia N95 but did notsuccessbecause of unreconized certificate error.I wnder if there is a way to install it.I have nokia maps 2.0

  18. adi_ifay

    4 me with my N82 BLACK cannot work.
    And i use map from nokia website so can’t work.
    I use firmware 30…
    Can u help me?

  19. Justin

    I’ve tried to install the Nokia Maps 3.0 into my Nokia E71 but didn’t success because of unreconized certificate error. I wonder if there is a way to install it. My Nokia E71 has Nokia Maps version 2.0.

  20. samir

    guys come on this is a cool app stop gripeing n do this… delete the cities n qf folder after installing this app everything will work fine worked 4 me on my n95 8 gb best of luck n thnk the guys at NST for bringing us such cool stuff ….. im a fan!!!

  21. samir

    Hi, this is a cool app n guys it works fine all u need 2 do is delete the “cities” n “qf” folders after uve installed the app n 1 more thing……… patience is a virtue !

  22. sadikart


  23. guozhibin

    how to uninstall?????cant find the uninstall!!!OMG!!!

  24. Parin

    even im getting the error “Not enough memory to start the application” and the application exits

  25. samir

    thanx 4 the post !!!!

  26. Me

    I also get a certificate error at the beginning of install.
    I have tried using XSign, but any apps I sign are still unsuccessful.
    I have tried resetting phone date to 2005, but no change.

    Any ideas?

  27. Jesus

    I get a certificate error when I try to install it?
    Can somebody help?

  28. tyler

    yer it says that theres not enough memory to run application, and i have a nokia n95 8gb- i have enough memory. unless it installs in the phone memory, which i have no idea how to make it go in the external memory. any ideas?

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