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Posted July 28, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Showing you the way wherever you are, that’s what Nokia Maps offer you for your symbian 3rd edition smartphones. What I am bringing you today is something I know that a lotta of you folks have been wishing for so here it is, finally! So what is Nokia Maps? Well Nokia maps is Nokia’s official and finest GPS based, voice guided application developed mainly for the S40 and S60 N-Series and E-Series devices. It was previously in the beta stage and was secretly developed by the Research and Development division of Nokia before it was finally made public after it was confirmed to be stable.

More than 200 different countries and all their navigational details are supported and are also available to be downloaded straight for the Nokia official site. With a voice based guidance you can actually preplan your destination, find way points, restaurants and any special places on the go. You can save the data on the memory card for viewing later by the Nokia Maps Loader. This has its good uses as it will seriously reduce internet charges if you do the navigation from a WLAN based connection. You can easily tag any location for finding it easily in the future. As a driver you will have your very own navigational companion with Nokia Maps 2 as this one can instruct turn by turn of what’s next in the road. You can set the time interval, the voice clarity etc. Finding ATM machines to withdraw cash or to pay your credit card bills will never be the same with Nokia Maps 2 installed as it easily detects all the available ATM machines around your house and tell you exactly the easiest route to take!

There is also a built in search box which lets you search any place, tags etc on the go and its really easy to use it overall. The mapping itself is really pretty slick and simple, with almost all types of view available including a satellite view, a hybrid view, a 2D view and a 3D view. It also have a drive and walk navigation feature, loads of downloadable multimedia city guides which really will be very much useful for tourism purposes, and lots of other innovative and everyday features. Also if you have location tagging enabled then you can share pictures/images on Google earth and Flickr! And if you are a blogger like me, then hubba hubba… Nokia Maps 2 is just what you need!

This amazing GPS application is for you to download free once you have grabbed my RSS feed for free. This application comes built in with Nokia N95 8gb as much as I know but all other 3rd edition application which lacks this built in application can install and use it to their advantage. Mobile phones like Nokia N96, N95, N81, N82, N73, N93i, N80, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, N72, N71, N70, E90, E70, E66, E71, E61, E62, E65, E60, E51, E50, 6300, 6290, 6220, 6210, 6121, 6110, 6120 and 5700/5710 Xpress Music are supported. However I am only attaching the 3rd edition Symbian OS 9.1 and 9.2 version for you to download from here. You can also download the maps and Nokia Maps Loader straight from the Nokia Maps site. This amazing application is network independent and should work with all the carriers including AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Hutch, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Idea, Airtel, Telenor, Orange Mobile UK, Vodafone, Vodacom, Sprint Wireless, Orascom etc. and more. Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Do check out the videos below and you will have a clear understand of what Nokia Maps is able to do! Cheers!




Maps Nokia



Download Nokia Maps

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  1. Mohideen

    Need Maps(India & srilanka) for my N82.

  2. mattias

    when i try to install nokia maps 2.0 the install says sertification error. please contact programprovider. what must i do to install the nokia maps 2.0?

  3. aditya

    from where i can get microsoft office for my n72 and reply fast

  4. Asad Khan

    i have downloaded the nokia map for my n96, but it is asking for licence. what shall i do.

  5. shohag

    I nead nokia maps2 plase send me. Thank You.

  6. jared

    if i buy the nokia 6210 can i use the GPS with a pre-paid thru telenor????

  7. ilya

    hi,for some reason i cannotpaste tom tom folder to the root of my memory card.can someone help me out what to do with this?

    nokia e62 is my phone
    thanks in advance.

  8. daniel

    hey do somebody know where i can download maps for this i need the benelux maps thank you

  9. G-UNIT

    i meant hurt…

  10. G-UNIT

    change ur date 2 2007 or evn 2000!! it aint gonna hurst ur mobile lol

  11. muby

    hey i cant seem to be able to find the maps for the nokia 6300, does anyone kno where i can get them from? plzzzz help thnx in advance

  12. muby

    i cant get the maps for my nokia 6300 is there anyway possible??? plzzzzz help

  13. luke

    I have that same,my old nokia maps gone and this won`t install.

  14. kirk nolan

    i tried installing and my phone wouldnt install the licence manager and the nokia maps cause they are rar files but now i cant go onto my maps at all and the sat nav has gone. can u help me please

  15. netean

    yes tried changing the date to 1-jan-08, to the same day but last year. Then tried 1-02-08, then 01-03-08 and so on. but still it throws up the same error

  16. Netean

    just won’t install no matter what I try (on n95)

    always gives a certificate error.

    tried changing dates, tried re-downloading the free original from nokia.

    you may have more luck on your phone, but I’ve spent ages trying with no success.

  17. boy

    i tried to install the application but I failed 🙁 ..when i tried to install the basic maps, it cameout the error certicate error.

    what suppose i need to do.kindly assist me asap


  18. Yash

    thnx a lot bro

  19. aaf

    hey. do this works on my n73 me. i have updated and nokia maps was with the new firmwire. do i it if i install it. i dont wonna destroy my phone. please answer. sorry my bad english.

    • Your english is excellent aaf! I haven’t tried it on N73 Me myself but my friend did and he told me that you should be fine… but, still the decision is entirely up to you. Cheers.

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