NDrive Real GPS Navigation for Symbian

Posted May 23, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Easy to navigate through with features including true detailed navigation, voice based guidance system, on the fly zooming and a crucial support for touch based  smartphones of Nokia S60. With touch based interface now becoming the standard to follow and implement for all the major brands like iPhone, RIM Blackberry and of course Nokia its an important step for any 3rd party applications to offer touch based support.

NDrive for Nokia is set to be the primary competitor to existing GPS applications like Garmin GPS Navigator, TomTom Navigator and Route 66 Navigation etc and it sure as hell looks like that it will give them a fair competition to say the least. It offers visual and voice based spoken instructions for any turn you want or should take regardless of how small, tight or big they are. It supports multiple languages and for each of your set location it provides local information related to that waypoint like restaurants, taxi services, hospitals, movie theaters etc. According to your specific needs you can easily categorize them, add them to your favorites and get their coordinates, post-codes, cultural and historical specialties etc.

It has two preset profiles namely, the personal and business profile which you can set to automatically  find information related to your specific needs. For example, the business  profile offers information related/preferred to businesses like banks, stock exchanges, airports while in personal profile you will get information related to personal entertainment needs like fast food restaurants, shopping centers, museums etc. You can also choose in which unit you want the information to be displayed e.g. mph or kmph.

Nokia N-Drive GPS

Nokia N-Drive GPS

Main Features:

  1. Auto Zooming: NDrive GPS adjusts itself automatically depending on the speed of your traveling so that you can concentrate on your driving. You can also specify a fixed zooming view in case you want your maps to have a default view throughout your journey.
  2. 3D Landmarks: Automatic landmark is another great feature with which you can view a complete 360 degree angle for any important or notable point of interest. The rendering of the landmarks are truly top-notch and are easy to rotate to have a better understanding. Details of the landmark is also displayed once you focus on them.
  3. Multiple Themes: There are several different kinds of templates (or skins) that you can choose depending on the light and environment conditions or the brightness of your screen. During night you would want to choose a bright scheme as it will greatly enhance readability.
  4. Power Integration: NDrive for S60 Symbian OS comes with 3 power managemement options which lets you control the back-light the way you want. It also offers a speaker as you would expect. For some specific places likes London, States, Finland etc it also offers true real satellite image based navigation which truly surpasses Assisted GPS and Enhanced GPS experience in all ways.
  5. Easy Navigational Bookmarks: With NDrive for Nokia 3rd and 5th edition phones bookmarking your personal favorite point of interests along with the preset favorites are as easy as 123. You can add, edit and remove point of interests and favorites on the fly and share them with your friends on the fly.
  6. Multiple Routing Modes: Nokia NDrive GPS comes with 3 different route calculation options. The shortest option will provide you the shortest route to the location, the fastest option will calculate the way through freeways and highways with the minimal traffic conditions and lastly the pedestrian mode will show you the shortest route to your location by foot. Through Nokia NDrive GPS you can also select to ignore or accept the tolls that may exist within your route.
  7. Hot Map Add-ons: Add-Ons are also available through which you can set a predefined ‘alarm based’ speed limit, calculate your speed against the legal allowed local speed limit etc. You can also be automatically alerted when passing through a safety camera zone. Other specific add-ons include 12 hour or 24 hour based clock display, time zone adjustments, turn off image navigation and display text based details only.
  8. Packed with Extras: Beside the addons I previously mentioned with NDrive you can explore the list of recently viewed places and checkpoints, get information about any postcodes, categorize POI or Points of Interest based on your preferences. NDrive also lets you receive and make calls, sms etc while you are in GPS navigation mode.


For sure, Nokia NDrive GPS comes pack with features and add-ons that should result in it being a big hit in the smartphones industry. It is fast, accurate and relatively lightweight than other similar Nokia GPS applications like Garmin, Sygic McGuilder, TomTom Navigator etc. and seems to be getting better already. Soon enough we also hope that it will integrate the Touch OS capability of Nokia 5th edition which apparently is still in a beta version. All in all this mobile application NDrive GPS should impress you with everything it has to offer and I surely recommend that you download it asap.

I have included a complete tutorial with the download just in case someone testing a GPS application for the first time has a good time with it without getting all lost. Additionally, I have included the location of all the maps that is currently available for NDrive including those of the entire Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, USA, Americas, etc.

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The NDrive Real GPS Concept Demo Video:


The NDrive GPS for Nokia (and Samsung) –

Download NDrive for Symbian

Download NDrive for Symbian

NDrive User Guide:

Download NDrive for Symbian

User Guide Symbian

NDrive NMaps or Audio Supported Maps:

Download NDrive for Symbian

Download NMaps

Some 3rd edition Samsung phones like the Samsung Omnia HD, i8910 etc are also supported beside Nokia smartphones. A complete list of Nokia phones that are currently supported to work with NDrive are Nokia N95, N95 8gb, N96, N80, N73, N79, N90, E63, N82, N81, 5600, 5700 Xpress Music, 5800, 5730, the 6110 Navigator, the brand new Nokia N86, N85, 6210, 6220, 6120, E71, E70, E50, E66, E62, E61, E65, E90, E61, E61i, 6124, N78, N79, N77, N76, N91 8gb, N92, N93, N97 and more.

Cheers and keep rockin!

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  1. Witillos

    Some one knows how to install it? I have all the parts downloaded from the 3 links now how to install?


  3. carvalho

    I can not install on drive on my nokia 5800 as I do

  4. dik


  5. Jirka

    Hi all, here many people are answering about the certificate error, but nobody says which steps are needed to follow after sign the application. After sign the applications, I have installed the Ndrive and pips .sisx and once I run the application appears “unable to create the data path”

    Is this problem appearing due to I have to copy the folders in the zip file into the mobile? If so, to where I have to copy? Hope somebody who knows how to install it can explain step by step!

    Thank you for your kind attention!

    • Cikuku

      Guys, there is no need to struggle with signing the application file. It is available for free from Ovi. For some reason, Ovi offeres limited number of maps and some of them are not even trials. Anyone has any idea where I can get the latest US map for free or trial? I am interested to see if it is worth to replace my Sygic with this NDrive. Anyone?

  6. Ruud

    Is there is specific instruction? When installing NDrive ‘m getting ‘certificate error’

    • nick

      If you’d flip through the thread, or even be looking on this site at all, you should know that nearly everything here is cracked and unsigned, requiring you to either have your own cert/key to re-sign applications, or your phone to be hacked and ROMPATCHER to be installed so you can patch your installserver to not require signing.

      If you have any questions about these things, do a little google searches. It’s a whole process that cannot be explained in a commentbox.

      Good luck!

  7. dennis

    Could please update route 66navigator maps has Q2 for 2009 has been released.

  8. fuzzbuzz

    I fixed the previous problem.

    It was happening because I hadn’t installed the “pips” file first.

    Now NDrive loads fine, but all the buttons only have “?????” (question marks) on them, no words.

    Any help is appreciated.

  9. fuzzbuzz


    I installed the application. It installs fine, but when I try to run it, it just pauses for about 10 seconds, then nothing happens. The application never loads.

    Any ideas why?

    Thanks in advance

  10. Dennis

    Thank you for the ndrive. After installing the application Ndrive It gives a error message saying unable to create data path. And could please let me know where can i find Australia maps and India maps. Thankyou

  11. martin

    How do i instal this

  12. keth007

    thanks so much for the best application GPS
    it’s done and working properly for nokia Xpress music 5800 …..fast and stability
    but i need Lao map or how i get it

    thanks in advance

  13. dare01

    how do i instal this on my nokia n82 when i start instal message is certifikate error where i can found and how that



    • well for certificate error, just change the year in your phone.. ie: its now 2009, go and change it to 2007 and then try or 2008… in many cases this helps out… hope it works. have a nice time

      • SN

        Dear Sir,
        I tried changing the year to 2006.. but still have certificate error..please help….

        • nick

          For certificate errors you have to sign the software with a key/cert that has your phone’s IMEI in it.

          Please look into guides to acquire your specific ker/cert from imobile or OPDA.

    • Just Sign your application using Root sign application

  14. adi

    help,i have e71 ,and it work ,….but i cannot type the city/address when i want to navigate with my keyboard ..

  15. sts

    Works perfectly on my E71, mutch better than others GPS apps. Hack the phone installing HelloOX_v1.03. Make sure the ROMpatcher gets installed (sometimes it doesen’t install at the first time, then you have to try again). Now you can install unsidned apps.

    • adi

      help,i have e71 ,and it work ,….but i cannot type the city/address when i want to navigate with my keyboard

  16. G-roc

    hey, i signed the NDrive, followed all the directions, but it my n82 is saying that it cannot install a protected file from an unknown supplier or something. help

  17. paul grundy

    I have an E71 but have a cert problem. How do you ‘sign’ the software?

    • SPM

      it’s difficult to explain here how u can sign the software. For sure u need a certificate correspond to your phone emei number. Certificate is given to symbianware developer. But if u’re lucky u can get “hack” certificate from various hacker especially from china. Just googling around. good luck!

  18. Spdrman

    Heyy ndrive dnt have INDIA maps as well!!!
    or does it??

  19. Nicole Leduc

    I have purchased the North American maps and when I try to enter the serial number NDrive gave me to activate the maps, the software accepts the first digit which is a number but does not take the second one which is a letter.

    Is there anyone who knows how to work around this problem? Thank you.


    • nickfd

      Hey Nicole, can you tell me which of those north american maps correspond to the uppermidwest? I don’t want to put 2gb of maps on my card if i don’t have to.

      Thank you!

      • Nicole Leduc

        The North American maps are split into the following:

        1. Canada
        2. Mexico
        3. USA CA OR NV WA
        5. USA TX OK AR LA MS
        7. USA TN AL GA FL NC SC PR
        9. United States

        Hope this helps.


  20. james

    ok for some reason ndrive have no australian maps!!! WTF?!?! no maps of australia???

    oh well

  21. james

    the maps download doesnt work…

    • Nicole Leduc

      The download consists of a list of sites where you can download the maps. Open the file and you will see that it is a text file with quite a few web addresses. Of course, after you download them from the sites, you will need to purchase them so that you can get an activation code.

      Hope this helps.


  22. samir

    oooops!!!! did i do something wrong the app says “unable to create data path ” helppppppppppppppppp!!

  23. samir

    oops !!! did i do something wrong the app says ‘unable to create the data path’ helpppppppppppppp!!

  24. samir

    Hi skej, use drakkarious to hack ur phone then u can install almosy anyhing u want hope this helps.

    • Nicole Leduc

      Do you know where I can get a copy of Drakkarius. I have downloaded a version but it would not install on my E71.



  25. samir

    thnx for the app !!!

  26. nickfd

    Does anyone know which maps of USA correspond to which parts of the country? I don’t really want to put 2gb of maps on my memcard if i can just focus on where i live and travel. Thanks!

  27. Skej

    When I try to install NDrive on my Nokia E71 I get an error message telling me that it can’t install because the certificate is unsigned. I have set the option in my settings to not check certifictaes, but I still can’t install.

    Any suggestions?


    • spm

      r u sure u signed this software? U need to sign the software prior to install. It’s work great on my E71. Faster loading than built-in nokia maps.

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