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Posted October 15, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Hello everyone! Will try to keep this post short and to the point. For the majority of us Nokia OS 9.1 3rd, 4th or 5th edition symbian smartphone users buying a phone with a moderate to high price range have its kinks. Either you have to choose a Nokia S60 smartphone which is mainly forcused for gaming on the mobile like  the N-gage or N81, or you can focus to the media part with the N79, N75 or sometimes the business side of the phone like for E-Series phones.

While most of us who really are doing a regular job, we usually go for the entertainment focused cell phones. This keeps us at bay when it comes to mobile gaming at astounding speed like you might experience on the N-Gage platform. So far there was not really a real strong solution to all these until today!! Today I’m offering you to download one of the most important applications of our times, The Nokia N-Gage platform application for a regular S60 symbian series cell phone like the N73 or N80.

The basic fundamental of the smartphones like the N81 and the basic features of Nokia N80 varies significantly. While most of Nokia N81 or N82 N-Series owners knows all too well about Ngage gaming on your handheld, the majority of the people don’t! For those this fine application is all you need to convert your Nokia N95 or N73 to a Ngage 2.0 compatible mobile phone! With this application installed you will be able to play and startup up the hidden engines of the Symbian 3rd edition phones which actually triggers up when it realizes a Ngage mobile game like the Lament Island or Creatures of the Deep is running on the phone.

One might say that this is the only platform you need to run N-gage 2.0 games on your normal Symbian series 60 which does not have the n-gage compatibily built in by Nokia during the final shipment to the market.  This extremely important mobile application to make your 3rd edition symbian phones Nokia Ngage compatible so that you, the end users, can play the Ngage games like Star Wars Force Unleashed on your S60 simply by installing it and running the game installer later.

More of a tweak in nature, this standalone Nokia mobile gaming application will work with the majority of mobile platforms which currently lacks the symbian OS Ngage platform. If you are a true mobile gamer fan then this is exactly what you need and you need it asap! This will also let you save the Nokia mobile games on the flash memory card of your smartphone and if you have N-gage 2 platform already built in. For those who do not have it build in, then you know you want it specially when it will make your Nokia HD mobile gaming ready.

As always, this wonderful mobile application is free to use as long as you subscribe to my feed which itself is free!! I know, its cool isn’t it?

Compatible with all the latest Nokia N-Series symbian 3rd edition handheld phones like the Nokia N95, N73, N78, N81, N82, N93, N91, N92, N96, N77, N76, N75, N71, N6600, N81 8gb, N95 8gb, Xpress Music 5700, 5800, 5610, 5500. Nokia 3250, 6110, 6120, 6121, 6124, 6210, 6220,6290, 6250 etc. E-Series Nokia business focused cell phones like the E90, E66, E71, E61, E62 and others sometimes support it and sometimes don’t depending on the Nokia firmware version and the current mobile specs.

All GSM and WCDMA networks in the USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, Bangladesh, Romania, South Africa, France, Germany like the T-Mobile, Airtel, AT&T Wireless, Rogers, Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, 3G Wireless, Orange Mobile UK, Hutch, Verizon Wireless, DoCoMo, Telstra, TeleSonera, Optimus, MTN Group, MTS, TIM Wireless, Etisalat etc are all reported to support it and you really should not worry about the network operator or carrier.

Please check out the images below for a quick overview of how Nokia N-gage 2.0 application for Nokia 3rd edition symbian smartphone devices work:

ngage app downloadngage

ngage mobile appplay ngage game on s60 3rd

n-gagenokia gaming application software for mobile

Download the Nokia N-gage Application below:


Always keep your mobile phone’s firmware updated via PcSuite to be safe as well.

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  1. Rayees

    nokia n86 ngage application how to download and install please help me 8143103183

  2. ebube joseph

    when i try installing the n gage application i do get a file curropt

  3. Chris

    Hello there, this is my first time & am glad to be here. I use nokia E61i & I simply like games. I’ve tried installig N-gage 2.0 repacked by you it says file corupted, also tried “N-gage 2.0 with patch&unpatch” which I recieved through bluetooth it say “unable to install”. How can I overcom this. I have multiple installsevers in my c:/sys/bin, (server91 for E61i,N73…etc, server92 for N81etc and server for E50) can this be a problem.

  4. Dixon

    How do u install it n.gage ??

  5. jakeii smith

    hey uploader of ngage
    Can you tell me did this want anything more (without ngage) to play games on my nokia 5800XM
    Please tell me

  6. jakeii smith

    hey why dont you sign it

  7. nike.xtracool

    bro please sign it .please please please please…………………… it’s a request

  8. nike.xtracool

    bro please sign it .please please please please……………………

  9. Rishi

    I love playing n-gage games. I have installed and played many games on my n73. My favorite game is ONE. But ya know there’s kinda BAD LUCK. The new set of games like Powerboat Challenge(which is not yet cracked) can not be installed! I’ve installed NFS UC trial and even played but cannot install Powerboat trial! It shows a message that the latest n-gage app is required. Can this be fixed by any patch or do we really need to upgrade?

  10. dayat

    its say,unable to install.please help

  11. Rado1991

    Boris please tell me how instal ngage, in my phone (5530 xm) it’s doesnt work please tell me 🙂

  12. Rado1991

    Boris how u run ngage on 5530 xm? In my phone this doesn’t work please tell me what i must instal this:)

  13. Denty

    hye..im using n78,hacked n my dvces mmory remain around 59 mb,i tried to install n-gage games in .n-gage ext but it say memory not enough..mmoryy card have space around 239mb remains.how?need any software to install n-gage games?

  14. Rishi

    Yep! I enjoy playing these games. But I am unable to install Brothers in arms in my n73-ME. It shows ERROR 10147. Please help.

  15. popifrex

    Amazing!! IU saw on youtube playing on a e65, I got one but games don’t run it says the game was closed error 805306368, on more info it was saying “kern exec ____ 805306377…

    Please help me…! I was trying to play resident evil degeneration, star wars the force unleashed and system rush evolution…

    Thanks to everyone !!

  16. Bullshit! cant run games offline!!!

  17. Rishi

    Cool! Runs smoothly on my n73-ME. But can’t I run n-gage games on my phone directly(offline)?

  18. It is work on my 5530

  19. super my mobil is colpts

  20. R

    how can I install n-gage on nokia 5800 ..
    because website in the n-gage, no data on nokia 5800..???

  21. julius

    is there any software for my nokia n-gage to be upgraded…just love my n-gage and i want some upgrades for my n-gage….please send any feedback in my email… juliuscasiano at yahoo dot com dot ph

  22. mina

    thxx alotttt

  23. satyanjoy

    Like your very much.Yesterday bought a E51. Can I able to install Ngage 2.0 or Nage 1 games in this phone ? I have not upgraded my firmware yet.

    Thanks 🙂

  24. guozhibin

    how can i install this to my 5800…everytime is can`t install(have signing)

  25. bilal

    when i install the n-gage game on 6120c it successfully installed but when i play an error 18

  26. can anyone help me how to play n-gage 2.0 on samsung sgh-i550. because i already successfully install n=gage application and games too. and when i start the game it says error. please help me everybody! because i really want to playing n-gage games

  27. mach 8

    will this work on samsung symbian s60’s? like innov8 or i7110?

  28. kunalrulzz

    dude!!the problem is that the game gets successfully installed on mobile (which ever related to n-gage).but the problem is that when i start the game it says excited error or some other error written (x220423342).please help me whoever has posted this application…
    this error is for all n-gage games……

  29. Satfan001

    Doesn’t the N96 already have the N-Gage app pre-installed. I have one and its got 3 demos loaded and one game free.

  30. Originally Posted By agasd
    damn f***** corrupted

    Please watch your language, this blog is also visited my teens. And it is not corrupted at all, you will need Winrar to first undo the archive.

    @sh00ter2 – Of course it does, I mentioned it in my post bro. Cheers!

    @Minime – Yepp it sure does, please read the post first. Thanks for the comment anyway.

    @Dunde – No it is not, please first unzip it and then try to install. Cheers.

    @kunalrulzz – Thanks a lot bro! Peace!

    @paulz – Hi Paulz, please read the post. I clearly mentioned it is compatible with the 3rd edition devices 🙂 Keep well and thanks for visiting.

  31. agasd

    damn f***** corrupted

  32. sh00ter2

    Does it work with an E71?

    • CdW

      Iv installed it on mine but the screen ratio is not right for it. Its too long and too thin, like a N96 screen size, and I havent found a way to adjust it.

  33. Minime

    Does it work with an E51?

  34. Falkz

    when i try to install a game it keep saying i need to update, how im supossed to do that?

  35. kunalrulzz

    after installing games they dont work!!!!!!!!!
    please help me!!!!!!
    i use E50…

  36. Dunde

    I can’t install it. File Corrupted. 🙁

  37. kunalrulzz

    dude u rock!!!!!!!!!!

  38. paulz

    compatible with my N91 or not??

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