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Posted May 4, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Greetings everyone. It is a good day today for all you dictionary lovers cause I am going to present to you the ultimate mobile pack of dictionaries in one go on any Nokia phone from the 3rd edition. MsDict by Mobi Systems, but the all in one version. In this one you get the luxury to choose nearly everything from Mobi Systems Dictionary and Thesaurus pack.

It is tested with several available dictionary packs that are currently offered at MsDict repository and you can also download them on the above packs (pack 1 and 2). This also includes the Audio supported editions like the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, the popular MSDict Concise Oxford Thesaurus and almost all the Collins Dictionaries, Thesaurus and Grammar References.

Please subscribe to the RSS Feed before downloading any of the premium dictionary packs. Subscription takes you a second only and it keeps me motivated to update the posts and post fresh reviews about the best stuff for all the new and current symbian smartphones and PDA devices.

The two packages below includes the entire library for mobile dictionary and thesaurus along with some language translation packs. They are  jam packed with the following packs (to be exact) in two separate packages:


Dictionary Files:
1. Acronymic Dictionary
2. MSDict Concise Oxford American Thesaurus
3. MSDict Oxford Dictionary of Business
4. MSDict Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
5. MSDict Cambridge Dictionary of American English
6. MSDict Concise English Dictionary
7. MSDict Concise Oxford English Dictionary
8. MSDict Concise Oxford Thesaurus
9. MSDict English Phrases Dictionary
10. MSDict Oxford Dictionary of Idioms
11. Irregular Verbs
12. MSDict Oxford Beginner’s Chinese Dictionary
13. MSDict Synonymous Dictionary


1. MSDict Concise Oxford-Paravia Italian Dictionary
2. MSDict Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary
3. MSDict PONS Standardwörterbuch Französisch
4. MSDict English-Spanish Phrases Dictionary
5. MSDict Oxford Dictionary of Business
6. MSDict PONS Standardwörterbuch Italienisch
7. MSDict Concise Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary
8. MSDict Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary
9. MSDict Pocket Oxford Spanish Dictionary
10. MSDict English-Spanish Pro Dictionary
11. MSDict Oxford Beginner’s Japanese Dictionary
12. MSDict Concise Oxford-Duden German Dictionary

Hope you enjoy this release absolutely! As usual, this pack is compatible with the latest NSeries, ESeries S60 3rd Edition Nokia phones. Nokia N95, N96, N93, N92, N91, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, N80, N81, N82, 3250, 6120, 5500, 5700, 5710, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E70, E90 etc. and anything else from the 3rd Edition series is compatible with this gem of a release. You first have to download the actual dictionary reader from here and then download package 1 here and package 2 here.

MsDict7 for Symbian

MsDict7 for Symbian

All you have to do is download both of them, extract them and place them in your “documents/msdict/” folder. Make sure you install the viewer in your memory card as the packages are quite big. Enjoy and do not forget to subscribe to the RSS feed to support my effort, that’s free too 😉 . Cheers!

***Updated on August 18 2009***

Here is the latest version of the MsDicta Viewer!! This one is version 7.1 and supports various cell phones from Nokia 3rd edition, OS 9.1, OS 9.2, OS 9.3, OS 9.5 and OS 9.4!! You will have to unzip the contents first by downloading the files on your laptop or desktop. Otherwise if you have a mobile zip extractor already installed then feel free to go ahead and download it straight on your phone.

Download Version 7 of MS Dicta Viewer for Nokia phones absolutely free!

Download Version 7.10 of MS Dicta Viewer for Nokia phones absolutely free!

You can now download Nokia MsDicta Viewer version 7 by Mobi Systems for your appropriate Nokia phone!! Cheers and please do not forget to subscribe to the RSS Feed before you download!

***Updated December 10th, 2010***

I have updated the files because of a request from one of you who wanted to have the older version of MSDict which is 4.2. I have now included an all in one package which includes MsDict 4.2, MsDict 5.1, MsDict 7.1 & MsDict 7.2 together. Also, I have added a zipped archive MsDict 7.2 because some of you were having problems with the SIS files download. Choose what you want and whichever suits your smartphone nicely.

The new version 7.2 includes a bunch of new features including built in transcriptions facilitating pronunciations, several lovely color schemes to choose from, hyperlinked related articles and definitions, advanced text font remapping, option to embed custom comments and notes, an extremely easy (one tap search) and powerful search engine, wildcard filters, viewed word history and much more!

Download MSDict 7 by Mobile Systems

Download MSDict 7.2 SIS File by Mobile Systems

Download MSDict 7.2 by Mobile Systems

Download MSDict 7.2 ZIP n Read Me Files

Download MSDict 4 n 5 n 7 by Mobile Systems

Download MSDict version 4.1 n 5.1 n 7.1 n 7.2 All in one

This is compatible with most of the latest Nokia phones like N96, N81, N82, N85, N97, Xpress Music 5800, E71, E51, E66 etc and many more! It also includes the newly introduced Nokia N97 Mini and 5800 XpressMusic Navigator edition. The X Series family (X3 and X6) and all other 5th edition devices of Symbian are also supported with 7.2.

About the Author

Chaos Inc.

Hi, I am Ishtiaq and I'm the blogger of Nokia Symbian Themes. I have been a mobile enthusiast all my life so any questions you have regarding your mobile - I'm the person to ask.


  1. yasir

    Plz Give Me 8 In 1 Ms Dict Oxford Dictionary For Nokia N70.

  2. yasir

    I Used Ms Dict 8 in 1 Oxford Dictionary.It Has Proununciation,Business, Idiom,Synonyms.pharase,irreugular Verb.Medical Dictionary.But The File is Now Corrupted File.I Cannot Get .Because Its Very Important.Can You Help Me To Get It.

  3. Vicky

    I am using Nokia 603, but unable to install package 1, as placing .pdb files in System/data/MSDictV2_201106D/Dict was not helpful. Plz help

  4. it isn’t working on nokia C5.03.. is there any solution?

  5. yo

    delete history how

  6. hello ishtiaq brother i have 6120c device. I tried to hack it but i failed .i followed many methods but all in vain. If u plz give me some guidance by msg or by email. My contact 03339382420 i will be very thankful plzzz bro..

  7. madhu

    would you mind to tell registration key of ms dict viewer 5.10

  8. Damodar

    My mobile model Nokia5130 xpress music i need ms dictionar please provide me direct link i search more websistes any one not supported plz give direct link

  9. i Cant open the Keygen. The file is corrupted please help me

  10. Elvis

    Cant download the Kegens. The file is corrupt. Kegen 4 isnt there. Please assist. 🙂

  11. I nid Help…………pls Hack my 6120. Connect me with Pls I want to enjoy this wonderfull symbian site…. Thanks in anticipation

  12. abd rosheed

    slm alkm, jazakumllahu khaeran for the app.

  13. These files are not working on N8 pls help

  14. Sagar

    Install ver 4.10 to view the dictionary

    • And should be worked with ver 5.1 as well, but incompatible with ver 7.2.
      Version 7.2 has ability to touch scrolling (in touchscreen device), whether 5.1 is not.

  15. javed

    pls upload “package 1 and package 2” in .sis file and not in .pdb……i thnk pdb is not supported in nokia 5800….thnks

  16. alanm

    i install the viewer but the dictionaries does not load,why? Already i make the document/msdict folder, but it can not read it. Help plz

  17. Yemtel

    I was able to instal MSDict on my Nokia E7 but could not load the dictionary modules because there is no directory like “documents/MSDict/” in symbian belle. Way out please.

    • You have to hack your phone in order to view system folders. Anyway, those PDB files provided in “package 1” and “package 2” are not compatible with MSDict ver 7.2.

  18. he bro plz tell me how to install in n73
    i installed many MsDict where i extract it plz reply

  19. Reddy


    Please provide latest concise medical dictionary for symbian belle.

    Thanks in advance

  20. el

    yeah great with bonus trojan! if you are sharing something make sure it’s not a crap coz you’re wasting my time

  21. Tahir

    All the dicitionariesa are working fine. Copy all pdb files in ur memory card in a folder i.e >>> e:documentsmsdict(paste here). Make these folders if they are not present in ur memory card. After that install the ms dict viewer 5.1. Thats it. It is working fine for me. If there is certificate error during this installation then you have to crack ur phone or get your own certificates.

  22. Asalamualakum all friends n specially d developer of this blog .. Please reply m how to install these msdict oxford dictionary packages into my nokiaE6 I could download them , unzip them but cant install thereafter these pdf formet files.. Thanks in anticipation

  23. Asalamualakum plz plz write any1 who knws how to install these MSDICT Dictionary packages (1/2) on my Nokia C6, as i can unzip thm bt cant install thereafter i’ll b highly obliged n may God pay thm for it

    • Wa’alaikassalaam. You can use Nokia Suite to install the SIS file.
      Once it is installed, run the app. Then choose menu Register to register the app using the keygen.

  24. i want ms oxford english dictionary and ms dict viewer version 3.01 in jar format for nokia s60 3r edition.i searched it but could not find any is the best english dictionary for mobile.plzzz help me.thanks.

  25. Muhammad Naseer

    hii i hve cambridge advance learners dictionary audio pack any budy can give me its keygen ???plz plz plz

  26. Sham

    i am using the MSDIC Business it is very help full
    and this is Register version
    any one who need it Contact me

  27. naaz

    oh…… so you put a virus trojan in that zip file and uploaded…………very bad of you……..

  28. Tillakaratne

    Pl. let me know how I could get the Oxford Dictionary with the facilities of transcription, pronunciation for my N95 Nokia phone.

  29. loveflak9

    Hiii there… you rock… big thanx for this unique backage.
    I stepped back here just to subscribe to the RSS…
    but, there’s one more thing, plz… I was wandering if you can supply me with a backage of COLLINS Dictionaries… pleeeeeeeeeez
    U R the man… thanx again!!

  30. parag Zaman

    Download always say access denied,
    how could i download msdict

  31. korni

    Hi there…

    You have done a great job gathering all these up!

    I have the following problem though.
    I have the MSDict 7.02 Viewer on my N97
    and I have installed the collins dictionary
    (but I got both of them from a different location)

    When I try to put your dictionaries to my folder where the old Collins dictionary is
    and then try to open the App it just doesnt open.
    Then I delete the newly added dictionaries and it works like a charm.

    Do you have any suggestions?
    regards korni

  32. SAHEED

    plz tell me how to register msdict synonyms dictionary on my nokia6670 cause i need it to complet the rest of my life.

  33. ankur

    plz tell me how to register msdict synonyms dictionary

  34. N5230

    The all in one package is not compatible with MsDict viewer 7.0+

  35. tahir

    not working on my nokia e 5, ms viewer 7.2 does not pick any dicitionary, how ever ms viewer 5 works just fine

  36. Ali william

    i have x6 nokia , the msdict v 7.2 open ,no installed dicitonaries…. i copy medical.pdb to c:documents/msdict/ …. still not work
    help me please cause i need these dict. so much

  37. E63

    thanks for sharing. same problem just like “Apple says”. after installation of MsDict Viewer & successful registration on memory card, I shifted all dictionaries from both packages to your mentioned address on memory card. but, it is not working. what’s problem?

  38. vhh

    Do I need a key to use these or are they unlocked? thanks vhh

  39. madhup

    i was this pack since 2009 thanks

  40. jamil

    its only dictionary viewer but its not registered now tell me how to register so that i can use it. Thanx

  41. mvp_mark

    why it keeps on saying everytime i download the file, msdict viewer 7.1 7.2, files of ***Updated December 10th, 2010***, that it has a malware, key gen was traced to have a malware by AVAST INTERNET SECURITY 2011

  42. Apple

    I have installed the MsDict 7 on my Nokia X6. I am not able to view the dictionaries. How do I add dictionaries to my MSdict? I dont have MSdict folder in my c:\documents?? Help!

    • Julius

      The version 7 viewer has some problem i believe. Try and get version 4 or 5 viewer and it will work. I once experienced a similar problem.

  43. ziz

    pls i tried downloading every thing on th epc.. problem is im new using win rar..i downloaded the vierwer already but the packages just wont install..nb using nokia application installer

  44. nurshafizah

    did we need to go online every time when we want to use this dictionary?

  45. Hocine Algerian

    The dicts added there:

    1. Pocket English Dictionary 9th ed.
    2. Concise English Dictionary 11th ed.
    3. Concise English Thesaurus 1st ed.
    4. Concise Medical Dictionary 6th ed.
    5. Concise Hachette French Dictionary 1st ed.
    6. Concise Spanish Dictionary 1st ed.
    7. Concise Paravia Italian Dictionary 1st ed.
    8. English Acronym Dictionary OLD
    9. Business Dictionary 1st ed.
    10. English Phrases Dictionary OLD
    11. English Idioms Dictionary 1st ed.
    12. English Mini Dictionary 6th ed.
    13. Bible Dictionary 1st ed.
    14. English Synonym Dictionary OLD
    15. Concise Russian Dictionary 1st ed.
    16. Cambridge American English 1st ed.
    17. Cambridge Advance Learner Dictionary 2nd ed.
    18. Concise Duden German Dictionary 1st ed.
    19. English Pro Dictionary OLD


    * 32454-19525: Concise English, Pocket English (actually any key below can be used for Pocket engl)
    * 32454-19946: Concise English Thesaurus
    * 32454-15095: Concise French
    * 32454-15245: Concise Italian
    * 32454-16767: Concise Medical
    * 32454-16553: Concise Spanish
    * 20335-00505: English Pro, English Mini (this keygen can work if concise eng, pckt eng is already reg)

  46. How to use the Dictionary

    1..Download the package 1 and package 2
    2..Extract both packages to Mobile Memory card location i-e E:/documents/MSDict/
    if documents folder doesn’t exist create it then MSDict forlder.
    3..Install MSDict Viewer version 4.2 or version 5
    4..Enjoy All Dictionaries

    note: MsDict 7.1 & MsDict 7.2 will not read pdb format / not compatible

  47. Hi Shalom,
    Pls I have searched online but cannot find msdict viewer 4.2 to download.Can you suggest a site I can download the software?

  48. Julius

    This is surely a one stop download site for all nokia symbian users…thanks bro. But i have a problem with the msdict v7.2 viewer. I have successfully installed it and downloaded the packed documents (pack1 and 2) and saved them in E/documents/msdict. Yet it is not detecting it. What can i do bro.,bcos i am in dieing need of a dictionary.

    • Shalom

      Get the MSDict 4.2 viewer and use that.When installing,change your phone’s date to 2007,then install. After complete installation,return your phone’s date to normal. All the pdb dictionaries work fine in the 4.2 viewer and there’s no limitation in number of times or days to use it.

  49. Atihcnas

    Ive got a Nokia X5-01…i loaded the newer version i.e. MSDict Viewer 7.2..but wen i tried to install it, i got d msg “Certificate Error.Contact the application supplier.” Can ne1 help me wid this?

    • Shalom

      First,check your Application settings to allow your phone install all softwares,and not just trusted ones. If that doesn’t resolve it, backdate the phone’s date by a year or two and try to install it.

      But my own tested and trusted advise,would be for you to get the viewer version 4.1 or 4.2 and proceed with installation instructions,as stated.

  50. Julius

    I installed the viewer successfully and arranged the documents in the folder as directed,but the viewer is not viewing the documents. Please i need your assistance.

    • Shalom


      My advise is for you to ditch the 7.1 viewer and try to get the 4.1 or 4.2 viewer. The pdb files all work with the viewer without glitches and it’s easier to install without the days’ restrictions.

  51. Emmans

    Please send the KEY… I cant use mine anymore… Pls reply

    • bachelor np

      if you dont get key, try this. From a file manager(xplore) go to C/system/data.find a file named “MSSN”.If u are not sure delete all the files in that folder. Thank me if it helps.

  52. Emmans

    Please send the KEY…. I cant use mine anymore…… Pls relay

  53. sara

    i liked the web page,easy to download!

  54. just change the date to 1-1-2008

  55. ashwani17

    In my handset N73..some Certification expired error..while installing what to do..

  56. dante

    same with me. follow the instruction. it run but can not find any dictionary.

  57. spook

    their is one slight problem i have done what u have said but cannot see the dictionary

  58. Kimberly

    I really would like to have this in my phone. However whenever when i extract the file like what you said. A pop-up notification shows me that i can’t extract the file, and this is what it says “C:\Users\Kimberly\Documents\ Unexpected end of archive”

    do you know what can i do about it?

  59. estou pensando
    num dicion

  60. estou pensando num dicion

  61. Sumanta Sarkar

    Though I installed the mSDICT Viewer 7.01 & then Copied all the .pdb files to documents/msdict folder,
    The Viewer did not show anything. If I wished to change dictionary then the viewer shows the option “More Dictionary” on online. Not in offline.

    • Juan

      =) I’ve found a way to deal with the E71 E72 problem being not able to read PDB files.
      To all of you out there who has been facing this problem, pls go ahead and download cracked version of Msdict v5.00.. I don’t know why it has to be this version but it ABSOLUTELY worked on my nokia E72, which means, it will surely work on E71 too….

      And, the dictionary files shouldn’t be in PDB files but instead, SIS files(wierd huh? Which means, all of the above packages will be useless on E71 and E72 =(…….).

      You all can download the signed medical dictionary if you want it, here

      and the unsigned Msdict viewer, here

      And remember to note that most of the Msdict viewer downloaded from the internet needs to be signed prior to installation. So, gotta learn it if you don’t know how to.


  62. thanks for such a splendid software but sir do you have any KG or other patch for the audio files of oxford concise dictionary for mobile actually i have these audio files but these have stoped work after 7 days and i have not their key kindly provide me some KG plz

  63. akhan

    send me the key

  64. iDictionary is new generation free mobile dictionary application. iDictionary provides you with prompt word spell checking and definition, thesaurus, besides helping you to improve your vocabulary, all in one. It turns your handheld into a mobile teaching instructor that is always at hand. Wherever you are; at home or on the move.

  65. iMobile offer free mobile dictionary for all Java/WAP supposted mobile phones. .

  66. I had created MSDICT COllection including all dictionaries only in one installation…
    here it is…

  67. vicktor

    Please assist me to make the good job work. I have tried to install the view and yet it cannot read from the pdb files.

    Please pls Assist me.


  68. No…..It does not work in n73…..theres some certificate error….please help me….



  70. Shalom

    yeah,i have kinda the same problem with Vahid.I use an E71,and I have the viewer 7.01 installed.I downloaded all dictionaries but the viewer doesn’t seem to locate it anywhere on the memory card.Putting them in ‘documentsmsdict’ or other like folders don’t work.I really need thy help,cos I got all the above dicts and the viewer but there’s no relation between the two…:((…..Gracias…

    • q

      samez happening wid me too. if u find a solution jst lemme know as well

    • rajiv

      i too having the same problem, infact i could not figure out the problem so i downloaded it twice but i went in vain. is there anyone who can help me fix this problem, my handset is nokia E71, i have downloaded msdict viwer nevertheless.

  71. Gustav

    Brother this is one of the most biggest contribution to the Symbian society, my greeting and thanks for all your effort.
    Sincerely from Mexico

  72. Waqar Adil

    This is not for 60v3 actually..

  73. vahid

    how can i change the pathname for the pdb.files?
    ‘coz i’ve cpied them(only the package1 though)but the viewer doesn’t show them.

  74. Shailesh

    Hi, the viewer 7.1 just installed fine on my nokia 5800Xpressmucis but couldn’t add .pdb file any help???
    i need it real bad 🙂

  75. Pappan

    Not detecting the pdb file. Please advice.

  76. sothoan

    thanks for all of this dictionary but when i install msdict viewer 7.01 it’s trial version can u upload full version or upload crack for MSDict viewer

    more When i install some application it doesnt work it shows certificate error pls contact application supplier just lots of application as well.

    Can u tell me how could i do?
    or u can send to

  77. Greetings buddy,

    You have given a list of several cell models in your page but u have not specified much about N95
    I have invested about half an hour to download package 1 and 2 as well and if they will not work on my N95 8gb. I will be really frustrated.

    Let see, just being positive….

  78. Hassan

    Hi I am Hassan from Iran I was seeking for this dictionary for a long time !tnx i owe you! it was excellent one and easy to access just a click tnx a lot .

  79. claw

    tnx, it had been so long i trying to get this dict. finally i got one worked for me tnx again.
    by the way MSDict Viewer 7.01 works good with E90

  80. Muhammad

    Worked Perfectly with my Nokia N93.

  81. User100

    I can install the software even the latest one but the software cannot detect the pdb file. Should improve a lot the software not working. tq.

  82. TechSavvy

    Gr8 work buddy.
    I was searching for MSDIct viewer quite for a long time for my Nokia E51 phone but unfortunately any of the piesces that I got did not pass the certifcate check in phone. But this one (the older version) is working but unfortunately the newer version posted here is not.

    Any way the older one is enough for me for now.

    Ice on the cake – I’ve got a big bundle of dictionaries.

    Thnx and keep it up.

  83. kkstiongson

    hi! i dont know how to generate code 4 ms dictionary viewer..

    what’s that IMEI needed for generating that code? tnx a lot..

    • Muhammad

      type *#06# in your mobiles home screen, this way you can get your phone’s imei code, use it to generate the registration code for your msdict7.

  84. Hi,Im using N95, I’m having a hardtime downloading ms dictionary…….


  85. hello,
    would u help me to get a free download ms medical dictionary for my nokia 6120, pls

  86. hello,
    can i have a free download for nokia 6120 please…

  87. s.s

    when i try to install the applications it tells me application protected against untrusted supplier.

    what should i do?

  88. avi

    Thanks for uploading ………..

    Its Working…………………….

  89. Wamundila

    I salute the owners of this site cuz you re great

  90. Wamundila

    The software here is very beneficial

  91. Joe

    Does it work for Nokia 5800 Express Music?
    If yes, can you please upload more Duden English-German German-English dictionaries?

    Thanks a lot Chaos!

  92. Redtherdonz

    Does it work on 5800???

  93. nick


    Everything works well on my N73 and thank so much for your contribution.
    But the only proplem is most of the dict are trial version.
    How can I use them permanantely on my phone. Please help!
    Appreciate your effort.

  94. gluglu

    installion on a N85 is failed. Phone says “software from unknown untrusted publisher cannot be installed”.
    How can I fix the problem?
    Thx for the informaton

  95. joejambon

    thank you

  96. minoti

    i want to download a mobile english dictionary for my nokia 5220 xpressmusic.

  97. asanka

    Phone says that the signature has expired. What can I do?

  98. Bunthorn

    Thank you for a great share for us.
    I don’t start to install them yet, but say thank u first. I hope that they all work properly on my phone.

  99. Jerry

    nice love it

  100. tarzanthedj

    32454-16767 or 32454 0 16767

    These codes are iivalid. What more can I do to register all the must dictionaries….

    Thank you very much for your help in advance.

  101. MM

    awesome! works brilliantly on my 6210nav 🙂

  102. jibbie

    after installing the viewer to the mmc,copy the required .PDB files to this folder on the mmc…Documents/MSDict then paste them inside it.if it doesnt exist, create the folders,capitalising MSD and normalise ict.
    *Note the capitalised MSD then small(no capital letters) ict.Regiter it with following key: 32454-16767 or 32454 0 16767.
    +2348023913292 or mail me with this header “jibbie S60 help” n
    takia.nice site, even though this is my first visit.wud get back here as often as possible.

  103. reign

    how do i download this?

  104. ashok

    hi I installed the ms dict viewer 5.0 version it worked fine but i can not find the documents/msdict/ folder to paste the dictionary pdb packs iam very confused. please somebody help me i really need this on my phone

  105. reign

    how do i download this file? does this really expire after 30 days?

  106. very interesting dude

  107. aNdy

    ur programs are all worth downloading. but, i still have problem in installation because the it is expired. i’ve tried to changed my date for several differnt date, but i always fails. do any of you have suggestion?

  108. Laven

    Where is the download link?

  109. drogie

    hi guyz..
    could u tell me how to reister diz dict for my beloved nokia e51

  110. jameel

    i need this pack ,but i am not able to see the download,please suggest me how to download this pack .and i have 3230 nokia,is this compatible to my phone or not.please send your response as soon as possible.thankyou.

  111. eyesonly

    thanks alot you guys are awesome

  112. Mohamed

    Can some body please tell me how can I register SlovoEd dictionary for my nokia E61i. If any knows please help me how to register it. My e-mail ID is

  113. Prashant

    I was able to install all required dictionaries, but those worked for 30 days only.
    Is there any way to register the dictionaries for unlimited usage?
    If so, pl. mail me.

  114. Glen

    I tried installing the MSDict Reader/Viewer, (.sis file), but it’s giving me a message on my cell saying that the certificate has expired. What do I do?

    And where am I suppose to copy the pdb files, because I don’t have enough space on my cell phone, but I do have space on my memory card and have copied it already, is that ok?

    Please help!


  115. ashok

    this thing is a trial version all the dicitonaries expired after 30 days is there any password or such thing to regester

  116. thanh

    thank very much but why i can’t down it

  117. Brilliant! The best website for free softwares.

  118. ahmad


  119. dahenar



  121. Don

    you just need to copy the dictionaries that u want. If its not working, then check that viewer is installed in memory card or not & the pathname for the PDB files is correct..

  122. Invincible

    hey thanks for the help.

    it just worked fine after restarting the phone.
    i had installed the application on the mem card…may be the cell was too close to my windows machine 😉

  123. n81

    can this dictionaries be viewed in mobipocket ebook reader?

  124. prats

    you just need to copy the dictioaries that u want. If its not working, then check that viewer is installed in memory card or not & the pathname for the PDB files is correct..

  125. ashok_2303

    I cant find this on the site page to download the all in one dictionary

  126. Invincible

    Hi, thanks for the uploads.
    Application installed properly, but i am not able to add dictionaries to it.
    i copied the required dictionary files to the location you mentioned.

    Do i need to copy all .pdb files or just the ones that i need.
    Thanks for your help.

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