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Posted September 24, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Greetings everyone! I know all of us here more or less love watching television. However do we always get the time we need to catch our favorite shows when it is happening? Not always! Me, I usually never get enough time to catch any of my favorite TV shows or movies and that sucks! However, finally I must say that I am most relieved because I found a gem of a mobile phone or smartphones/handhelds application or software which will turn your N-Series or E-Series Nokia phone into a Mobile TV!!

How does it all happen? How exactly do we watch the TV channels? Do we watch it live or they are merely clips of recorded programs which we have to download to watch? Obvious questions I know, but with this Mobile TV Nokia application you will be able to catch your favorite shows live on your symbian series 60 cell phones and smartphones. It uses the GSM GPRS or 3G or even 3.5G mobile internet connectivity for streaming the channel feeds.

The faster the connectivity of your mobile phone, the better the streaming or digital multimedia quality, simple as that. You can choose to watch your favorite mobile tv shows in widescreen or landscape mode or in the normal vertical mode. The overall audio quality of this mobile tv application again depends on your mobile internet speed. In general if you have EDGE connectivity then there will be very little or absolutely no annoying pauses in between the feeds when you are watching them live.

Mobile TV acts like a Mobile FLV player like Mobitubia or FLV player for Nokia but the difference is that the steaming is decoded through the use of DVB. This is quite a logical step in the development of the entire mobile phones business and consumer market I believe as a demand was always there and when HSDPA or HSPA slipped in as the standard technology, it was assured that we will be watching live TV on our cell phones soon!

Nokia TV App

Nokia TV App

Many network operators are already providing their very own mobile TV broadcasts like Orange Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Vodafone, Verizon Wireless etc and many more but a key drawback of all those channels or broadcasts are that firstly you cannot view mobile tv over cell phones of Symbian (you will at least need Windows Mobile or Palm or PDA based devices) and secondly, if your network carrier is Verizon for example then you cannot view the channels provided by AT&T Wireless. In many cases it is your operator or mobile TV broadcasting channel that binds you to an exclusive contract or agreement when you buy your prepaid or post paid plans that you will only watch their channels if you decide to pick on the service.

With this Nokia mobile application installed on your cell phones you will be able to watch all the independent channels as long as those mobile tv broadcasters restrict you to connect, which in most cases they don’t! So finally it is time you watch your favorite TV shows like LOST, The Simpsons, CSI etc when you are at work or you are traveling from one place to the other.

This Mobile TV software uses real time multimedia feed (not like you get for my site, it’s the RSS FEED!!!) which enables you to choose from various pre-scheduled programs with good clarity and sound quality. While some phones and PDA handhelds have an edge if they have an antenna built in like the 3rd edition Nokia N77, Samsung Omnia, HTC Touch or the LG VU then after extending it you will get even better reception!!


Nokia Live TV

Nokia Live TV

Live Television Mobile

N92 TV


Download Nokia Mobile TV


The only drawback of this Nokia based application (..ofcourse other symbian devices, BREW and windows mobile platforms are also supported) is that it consumes battery like a monster and will drain your phone out of power pretty quickly. Nonetheless, the overall positives are way above anything as pescy as this!

This application is compatible with the latest and greatest Nokia symbian N-Series and E-Series, S60 & S40 devices like Nokia N77, N78, N79, N80, N81, N82, N85, N91, N92, N93, N95, N96, N95 8gb, N6600, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E66, E70, E71, E90, 6120, 5300, 5700 Xpress Music, 5500, 6250, 6220 6310, 5200, 6300, 6121, 5710, 5610, 6290, the luxurious designer cell phones like 8800 Arte and Luna, 7360 and many more including the latest Samsung Omnia and LG VU, HTC Touch HD etc.

This mobile TV application is network operator independent as it uses it’s own feed and will work with AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Telstra, France Telecom, 3G Wireless, DoCoMo, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Digi, Hutch, T-Mobile or T-Mobility, Rogers, Sprint, Optimus, Telenor etc. Please subscribe to the RSS feed for free if you like this blog and this Nokia mobile TV application! Cheers!

If you want an app  through which you can have the freedom to stream contents from your mobile phones or touchscreen based Symbian OS PDA devices then please check out UStream which is a new app for Symbian OS and it lets you stream contents directly from your mobile (much like YouTube) and then share it with social communities or simply with your friends and families.

Nokia Live TV Streaming

Nokia Live TV Streaming using U Stream

Download UStream:

Download UStream for Nokia

Download UStream for Nokia

UStream is compatible with a wide range of Nokia smartphones including all those from the 3rd edition like 3250, N91, N92, N93, N95, N96, N81, N82, N85, N78, N79, N80, E71, E66, E75, E90, E50 and 5700 XpressMusic. The application is free and quite easy to use, furthermore, it can also be installed on the memory card unlike many other similar mobile apps that require you to install them on the phone memory directly.

Also, if you want to know how to set up Sky TV manually using WLAN on your cell phones of Nokia N-Series or E-Series then check out the tutorials section!

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  1. Cris Bang

    my colleague was searching for UK UKM last month and saw a web service with a searchable database . If others want UK UKM too , here’s a

  2. John T

    I have a Nokia N8-00.
    I want to watch TV on my phone.
    Is this the correct app?
    I tried downloding it but I got ‘expired certificate’ message.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Or know of any web sites that stream TV directly?

  3. awwad

    i want to conect world

  4. Mobile TV concept is quite newer one and now people are getting used to it. People can enjoy their serials or sports match while they are on move and travelling. Different handset has different application and users prefer to take the mobile phone which permits them to enjoy Mobile on TV.

  5. ik ben in turkije maar ik wiel nederlanse tv kijken mag dat?

  6. Pls help!!!wen i start installinq,,it shows me,expired certificate,y?pls help,plsss…

  7. is mobile tv is comptable on nokia C5 -00

  8. Apeh isaiah

    which software will i use to watch live tv on my nokia 5530

    • Apeh Isaiah

      i have downloaded USstream of the live tv but it’s not working on my nokia 5530 xpressmusic. When i start installation, it show certificate expired. Help

    • Anil

      i have downloaded USstream of the live tv but it’s not working on my nokia N97 mini. When i start installation, it show certificate expired. Help

  9. Thanks,this rocks.but how compatatable is it with e50.

  10. Lone

    Ustream shows certificate expired on my nokia c5-03

  11. Utkarsh

    Is mobile t.v is cmpatible with the 5233

  12. Muhammad Sabir

    hey bro,, i have downloaded USstream of the live tv but it’s not workig on my nokia 5530 XpressMusic, when i start installation, here come the error

  13. ashish

    veri nice

  14. Download youtube for nokia n95

  15. Sufiyan

    Very good post

  16. yamahamama

    Network times out on my E72. Too bad, I’ve spent hours looking for a tv app.



  18. r u in the usa i have tmobile n it will not connect

  19. Karim

    How to solve the problem : could not conect to server : -33
    any reply


  20. ~the file is corrupted~ is all that i got on my nokia e 61

  21. jabir

    great ,exalent

  22. Pete

    Could not conect.

  23. cangri

    this never connects

  24. Great content, thanks for the download.

  25. mike

    could not conect to server : -33…..not working …in new york

  26. higgy

    where do you put the SIS file in which folder ?then how do you start it up?please help friends

  27. Bilal Agha

    you better contact your service provider for the facility to be provided to make your set able to catch channels. Service provider will allow you to see channels then this firmware will work hope it answers you!

  28. yipes

    doesnt work period – quite working about one month ago. do not waste your time.

  29. netG

    me also have the same problem.. network time out:33 and the other aplication of livetv i also get the could not conect to server : -33

  30. nuri

    i get same problem
    The massege :
    Could no conect sirver : -34
    I am in libya

  31. Thanx dude….It works like a charm

  32. Gerald Munar

    “Network timeout -33” error came out. Does this work in the philippines?

  33. higgy

    do you have to install this download in a certain folder iv a nokia N95 8 gb and cant understand where to put the file help please chaos

  34. how do i put channels on this thing?

  35. vikas

    agree with KR, I also see the same problem.
    Any clue on this ???

  36. kr

    I’m having trouble getting connected; I’m using a WLAN network and when I try to connect, it gives the “connecting” message, after a while, a “network time out” message pops up and I’m unable to connect. Am I missing something?
    I dont know if this matters but I’m from Mexico

  37. arfan

    I can’t download this. I click on the button that says download nokia mobile tv, and i get this exact page appear again.

    Please help

  38. @Arzin – Winrar is just like WinZip, only better, you can download it for free from Win-Rar and from next time do mind your language.

    @Cori – You sure can bro, and its not a stupid question at all 🙂

    @dual sim mobile phones – I am glad you found it useful! Cheers!

    @Zak – Its not that easy bro, while I can easily make it compatible for mobile but certain restrictions in wordpress will not let me forward Mobile Phone or Wap based browsers automatically to the wap version. Still I am working on it. And by the way, you can easily browse this site through WAP. Just enter this address in your wap browser:

    Cheers and thanks for the suggestion.

  39. Arzin

    What hell is RAR file. Why the files are RAR mode. Pls solve it as soon as possible

  40. Cori

    Sorry if this question might sound stupid but other than 3G networks
    can I use wlan instead for the app?

  41. Zak

    If you want some feedback on your site,

    I think you have great content, but there are major problems associated with downloading files through your mobile phone browser. can do this perfectly

  42. Cheers!Fantastic article and simply superb.
    Presentation of the article with picture makes easy to understand.

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