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Posted September 8, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

You are not alone even when you are lost, you are not alone even when you don’t know the faces around, you are not alone when it’s dark, you will never be alone after you have read this entire post!!

What makes this post so special?

Well friends and foes of Nokia Symbian Themes, I gladly welcome you all to my personal project of bringing the most supreme GPS navigators available in the Nokia software market under one single post. There are plenty of GPS navigations mobile software already available to be used for your Nokia symbian devices but not all of them are of good quality. Some lacks the voice functionalities, some lacks the 2D or 3D based maps, some lacks the most important landmarks or checkpoints and some are just bad because they are bad! Lol.

Anyway, among the whole lot I found 7 GPS based symbian OS 9.1 & 9.2 applications that really stand out:

1) Nokia Maps 2.0 (..which I already posted)

2) Garmin Mobile XT GPS (..which I already posted)

3) Tom Tom Navigation with Internal GPS Support (..which I already published)

4) Route66 Mobile GPS navigation (..already published long back!)

5) Mobile Gmaps (..I am going to publish it today)

6) Sygic McGuilder (..publishing today)

7) Navigon Mobile Navigator (..publishing today as well)

Except the ones listed above, I doubt that there are any thing more decent applications or softwares available to date in the software market and since I am big GPS navigation fan/user, I think that this post is an important one for all of us.

First things first, Mobile GMaps is one of the best freeware application available to the market today.Β  GMaps uses the state of the art and updated maps from Google maps, Live Local, Yahoo! Maps and even the Ask maps and Open Street Maps. Mobile GMaps works with your internal GPS transceiver and with your built in bluetooth depending of course how you choose to use it. Mobile Gmaps features importing and exporting KML lists on the go straight to and from your cell phones without ever going back to home again. Mobile GMaps also supports live walking direction, zoom on specific locations for details, calculate or show the speed you are travelling in, location tagging, double the size of the pixel screen for better clarity, control the refresh rate of Panning and so on. The best part of Mobile GMaps is that it is small in size compared to the other similar applications and just like the others you can save maps in your phone memory or memory card to fetch up later so that it saves you your data packet costs.


google maps mgmaps downloadGmaps for nokia 3rd download

Download MGmaps:

Download MgMaps

Next in line is the Sygic McGuilder which brings a tons of features with it. Sygic McGuilder provides you with detailed maps with almost live streaming like images with on the go zooming capabilities. Beside that you can assign a destination location beforehand and Sygic McGuilder will take you there without the help of any third party. You can assign restaurants, streets with specific addresses, zip code and also the GPS position obviously. To achieve that location destination or to choose the optimum route you Sygic McGuilder for Nokia brings fine tuning features by which you can avoid specific road blocks or highways, take a shorter more dirty road and calculate then and there to see if that will take you more or less time depending on traffic data. Ofcourse this superb GPS navigator features the live location map browsing like in GMaps or Tom Tom Navigator.

After the possible routes generation in almost a quick minute you can see a preview of how it will work for you if you take for example Route A compared to Route B. It will automatically show you the estimated time of arrival for both the routes and as you move on down the road it will automatically start to calculate remaining time and so on. Sygic McGuilder also comes with the Point of Interest option so that you can tag along important points to your Nokia software like a bank and everytime you are close to a bank it will automatically pop up to notify you about it. If you are going to a family picnic or even attending a conference, then with the help of Sygic McGuilder you will be able to plan your exact route, the stoppages you might want to take, the available shopping stores you want to visit along the way and so on. Sygic McGuilder also comes with audio features and voice based directions, it comes for righties and lefties and also packs itself with a GPS log for safety reasons. All in all this Nokia mobile application is a good one to have on your phones!




Download Sygic McGuilder:

Download Mobile Nokia GPS Sygic McGuilder

Last but not the least of this Nokia GPS or Maps related application or software collection is Navigon Mobile Navigator for cell phones with Internal GPS Support. In my honest opinion Navigon Mobile Navigator is one of the most underrated Nokia software of all time. With the symbian Navigon Mobile Navigator installed on your Nokia N82, N95, N78, 6110 Navigator or N96 you can be sure that you have chosen one of the most efficient GPS based software available. Navigon Mobile Navigator supports several funtionalities and comes with quite a few superb innovative features. It has an user interface that no other similar application can even compare to as the UI is really easy to intrepret and follow. It supports 38 countries worldwide and mainly in the Europe with support up to a meter of details about certain locations and places. It optimizes itself as an GPS advisor to give you its point of view about the shortest route to your desired location. You can choose your location through several ways including City, Point of Interests, GPS locations, Zip codes etc. Like I told you before, it has an easy interface and finding things to give your input is really easy even for the first timer. The “Turn Left” or “Turn Right” are almost life like and they blinks well against the background, day or night you can be sure that you can see it properly even when you are driving.

Still if you feel that you are better off listening to the commands then you can instruct Navigon Mobile Navigator to switch itself to the voice mode. It supports speed assessment and calculations, shows you the remaining and expected time which are fairly accurate under almost any circumstances. The maps are based on 2D views and 3D views depending on how much you want to use up for data packets. 3D views uses much more internet packets and unless you have an unlimited plan for internet, I personally do not recommend it although the 3D view is really awesome! You can plan your routes before you can even start for the journey and tag along to certain places so that it notifies you about them when you are close to them. The door to door navigation almost works like Nokia Maps 2 but I must admit that Nokia Maps 2 is fairly much more efficient and easier to implement when it comes to this particular feature. The overall graphics are better than Garmin GPS XT definitely, but Garmin Mobile GPS XT surely covers more locations. It even has a friend finder through which you will be able to see who else in your contacts are nearby when you are crossing a road or driving. All in all Navigon Mobile Navigator is a wonderful application for symbian 3rd edition devices and smartphones.


Navigon GPS

Navigon GPS

Download Navigon Mobile Navigator:

Download Navigon for Samsung and Nokia

All the applications are compatible with Nokia N-Series and E-Series S60 3rd edition Symbian OS 9.1 and 9.2 devices and smartphones including Nokia N96, N95, N95 8gb, N82, E90, N93, N93i, E71, E66, N92, N91, Nokia N80, 6110 Navigator, N77, N76, N73, N75, N71, E70, E65, E62, E61i, E61, E60, E50, 6290, 6121, 6120, 5700 Xpress Music, 5710, 5500 Sport and Nokia 3250. N79 should also be supported the moment it officially launches. All 3G or Edge based GSM and WCDMA network providers like AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Hutch, Orange Mobile Uk, Telstra, Airtel, Cingular, Sprint, Vodacom, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, Reliance Mobile, Digi, Telenor, Orascom etc are supported. Please subscribe to the feed before downloading and using the applications, subscription is free and painless too! lol. Feel free to comment and post your feedback. Help each other when commenting as this will be really appreciated! Cheerios and have fun peeps!

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  1. adrian

    do you have to have a GPS to download this programs

  2. Zen

    Do you have navitel with full version ?
    Thanks 4 ur help

  3. Peter

    I have a Samsung I8910 which runs the Symbian O/S. Will the maps install ans run on this phone ? I have tried several times downloading Sygic Maps, Route 66, and Garmin Xt and I have not been able to activate or install any. Your advice would be well appreciated. By the way I live in Spain.
    Many thanks

  4. Irshaad

    Nokia maps and garmin xt doesnt need a data connection, so no costs involved when using the gps application, the rest all connect to the net to download the maps as you drive, which sucks.
    I came to this article looking for applications OTHER than guidance applications, like perhaps mobile tracking, or any other use one could make of the built-in gps besides guidance… Guess I was hoping for too much..

    • David

      Sorry, but your statement “the rest all connect to the net to download the maps” is not correct as the article mentions under ‘Mobile GMaps’

      “just like the others you can save maps in your phone memory or memory card to fetch up later so that it saves you your data packet costs”.

      I cant comment on all the others, but ‘Mobile GMaps’ offers ‘Stored Maps’ feature, as I have used it on my Nokia N95 8GB, without connection to the Network.

      You do have to do a bit of work, creating the maps you want, at desired zoom levels, then upload to a folder on your phone, that the Stored Maps’ feature of ‘Mobile GMaps’ then accesses.

    • Alex

      Wrong! Nokia maps 3/Ovi maps, or whatever else you want to call it, does not work without an active data connection! It can only give you directions if it retrieves routes from the internet. Been using it for 2 months and honestly think that it works more like net based navigation than a gps! If you have any doubts you can try to verify this fact w nokia customer service but GOOD LUCK with that. it took me over a month to do that!

  5. pranav

    i want latest full maps of india for nokia 6110 navigator.

  6. Tom

    Does anyone know of any GPS software for a Nokia (preferably the N97) that also logs the data?

  7. saile

    We appreciate the fact that this place lists all the different GPS software for our smart phones BUT we would appreciate and would be nice is was clearly stated which ones are AGPS that one has to pay a monthly fee and which ones are pure sattelite GPS that one does NOT have to pay a monthly fee. One such known software is the GMXT (no monthly fee), is there another one? I want to believe that most of us do not want to pay every month a fee for gps when we can have it for free.

    • Alex

      Yes, Sygic is just as free as The garmin XT used to be. And it is awesome! Love on e71 but cant get it going on e72. Unfortunately, sygic doesnt have traffic updates. BTW, did anyone succeed in using Sygic on e72? Also, what happened to Route 66 and other navigation descriptions (e.g. Garmin XT)?

  8. azrin

    hi. i want garmin for my nokia N78.
    plz help me. . .

  9. Darran

    Hi i have a Nokia N97, i dont know what i am doing but i would like a voice sat nav for my phone and need to know how to install it step by step. i know i am clutching at straws cos i am asking a lot but if anybody has the time i would really appreciate it.

    Many Thanks


  10. Michael

    You did a great job. It’s a good collection of all GPS softwares.
    Thanks for all your efforts indeed.

  11. Sisu

    Is there any of the navigation softwares you listed compatible with Nokia’s E71-2 internal GPS (No- network, no server dialing, just free satellite reception based navigation…) Thanks.

  12. apies

    i just wanna to know which software maps can use for nokia N95?\
    & how to clean the virus from nokia N95 because i already use F-secure but still have virus
    after i connect to pc

  13. serfree is corrupted!

    Please reupload.

    Thank you in advance!

  14. geoff

    hi, can you take me a pw to the CE maps?

  15. Tyler

    hey, can anyone provide me the password to access the australian maps please!!! thanku

  16. G-UNIT

    i cant understand anything from that website if u can post the passwords here or a url that can directly take me 2 the passwords that would b helpful

  17. da.honk

    uh-oh damn, URI recognition voided the pw, just leave out the http
    it’s just “” without the quotes and protocol.


  18. G-UNIT

    nvm nvm lol those maps needs a password!!!!!!!!

  19. da.honk

    @Chaos Inc. – okay, take your daily portion google and you get it! the solution is:


  20. da.honk

    @Chaos Inc. – really nice bro, would be even nicer if you could provide the password required to extract them archives πŸ˜€
    thx man!

  21. G-UNIT

    i mean instead of using the operator internet can i connect my phone through wlan n download maps from it?? n i got a problem with co pilot its askin me about its activation key n its not provided plz help me in dat 2,,,,,thnx

  22. @Tyler – Tyler I got what you are looking for, enjoy!!

    @G-UNIT – What exactly do you mean bro? I am confused πŸ™ about what you are saying lol.

    @Edison – Hiya Edison, I just posted the maps πŸ™‚ Check em out πŸ™‚

    @Shuvo – The GPSD is there, look deeper πŸ˜‰

  23. G-UNIT

    kk nvm ppl can i download the maps 4 sygic mcguider from wlan through my phone if yes plz tell me how,thnx

  24. Edison

    @Chaos Inc.- I tried to look for Australia maps, but i cant find any thing! Could you help or show me where to download these maps ! Any Applications!


  25. G-UNIT

    need help installing sygic mcguider on n95 8gb plz,,,,,thnx

  26. Shuvo

    Where is the gpsd.jar in thr tomtom app.It isn’t findable.Please help.

  27. Limon

    Please help!
    I’ve installed the Sygic McGuilder on my N95, but it fails with an “unexpected error” while loading…..
    Thanks in advance.

  28. @billy – Hiya Billy, you have to download the maps externally. I just posted the original application as the map files are really big!! Lol. Adios and enjoy!

  29. @allenkeynyc – Garmin have already been published in this blog earlier. Simply search and find it πŸ™‚


  30. billy

    on he nokia E65 when i open it it sez the system couln’t find a map ??

  31. Tyler

    Please guys, an Australian maps link for the sygic. Its a desperate cause, i want this program so bad

  32. which, if not all, function the best without using internet data connection?
    as far as i know, garmin mobile xt doesn’t require data connection for live navigation,


  33. Tyler

    is there any australian maps for the Sygic_McGuider, cos they only have links to european maps

  34. da.honk

    ok fixed.
    thx for the work and all the nav soft!

  35. da.honk

    MGMaps download link doesn’t work

  36. netean

    tried Navigon Mobile Navigator, as it looks lovely.

    The instruction talk about first of all signing both applications (zip file only has one file)
    then it says you need a ha***d phone?
    then you download the maps: except the url given requires username and password (only username is supplied in the instructions)

    Am I just being a noob?

  37. tom

    love it…. i use this site for last 4 yars…

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