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Posted June 19, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Greetings everyone near and far! Hope you are all doing well and happy, if not I am sure this particular free application will ease up your mind and make you go “Oh yeah that’s what I always wanted!” Today I am going to present you the famous file explorer Lonely Cat Games X-Plore, a free one for you peeps! With LCG Xplore you can view all your existing mobile phone drives, the folders and every single file including the hidden system files in a list or tree view. While exploring your phone you can open up any kind of image or text with the built in picture viewer or the notepad editor right from your phone.

You can edit any file, delete, cut or copy them in batch and rename it as well from a single menu. Also it lets you change file permissions and make certain kind of files hidden to the naked eye or by the default Nokia file explorer. If you need to send any files directly via bluetooth or infrared then you can just select that file or files and simply press send and voila! the files will be easily transferred.

If you have handy zip or smart zip/rar installed in your phone then you can also add or extract any number or files or folders to zip format without ever leaving the smartphone menu. This superb and easy application also features a task manager, meaning you can view, run or kill any task regardless of their hidden or public nature from LCG X-plore! If you have humongous memory card space and can’t always remember where you put a particular file then you can use its smart “search menu” and find the file easily.

LCG X-plore also features a built in audio and video player by which you can play your mp3s and video clips or movies without any further application installed! Lastly, it also features a very easy navigation and comes with a one button cell phone restart menu.

This application is really one feature packed and one of the most useful symbian application ever released for the Nokia symbian 3rd edition handhelds! It is compatible with every single NSeries and ESeries S60 3rd edition mobile phone including the Nokia N96, N78, N81, N82, N80, N73, N71, N76, N91, N95, N93, N92, N75, 6290, 6300, 6121, 6120, 5700, 5610, 5300, E50, E60, E51, E90, E71, E70, E61, E62 and the Nokia 3250! This should also be supported by all GSM based AT&T, Vodafone, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Orange Mobile, Hutch etc. phones as well.


LCG X-Plore Version 1.22 Download

LCG X-Plore for Nokia

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LCG X-Plore for Nokia

Latest Updates:

Here is a little update about Lonely Cat Games X-Plore: I have with the detailed review of the new features. posted the new version of the application XPlore (titled: LCG Xplore and More Nokia File Explorers) . The post also includes 4 other similar Nokia file managers for free download so please check the new post out rather than using this old one. Cheers!

LCG X-Plore & More Nokia File Explorer Apps

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  1. Tarjan

    please help me.give me only best X-plore verson for nokia 6120 classic

  2. Salat Saurabh

    giving me expired certificate error……

  3. jeet

    file has expired nead a new version of d file

  4. patrick

    i need x-plore for E-5 nokia phone

  5. giving certificate error please help me to solve it

  6. kevin

    nice one sir!

  7. arpan shah

    hi that’s cool side for us

  8. Iwan Wahyudin

    thank,i’m very like it

  9. best softwares of the world. thankyou for it

  10. mohsen

    would you please send me keygen of x-plore v:1.35 for s60 3rd

  11. Saif

    I can not install x-plore in my nokia E66

  12. Saad

    its nt workig on Nokia 6300

  13. Ameen

    I keep getting cetificate expired when I try to install to my e50

  14. thank you alot 😀

  15. Don

    good software, thanks for the share. It’s working in my N82

  16. Shuvra

    It’s grate!!!!!

  17. ramesh

    its very good yar..thanks

  18. akarshan

    its very good yar..thanks

  19. Ganesh

    Please pubish a mp3 ringtone editor for n73

  20. Dazzle

    Super little app. Just what I’ve been looking for. Works great on the Nokia E90.
    Fantastic site, glad I found it, keep up the great work.

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