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Two of the most important functions for anyone of us who are Series 60 Symbian smartphone owners and mobile geeks are our ability to mess with the ‘inside of the phone’ and to manage ‘what goes on’ in it. However, Nokia always being consumer friendly tends to keep things simple and straight-forward for the end user.

Thanks to the mobile apps that let us run commands that mimics the PC functions like ALT+CTRL+DEL and “Show Hidden Files and Folders.”  Like the regular desktop or laptop Windows File Explorer or the famous Norton Commander there are quite a few mobile apps that brings PC like File Explorers or File Managers and Task Managers into the small screen of Symbian OS.

It is hugely because of these fantastic mobile applications that we are able to install 3rd party untrusted, unsigned applications on our symbian phones without any certificate expired or file corrupted messages!!

The official Nokia guys seems to assume that stuffs like hidden phone memory processes, .dll or .bat based firmware system files, .exe based files etc should be hidden from the average mobile phone user as they can pose a significant threat to the phone’s operation if modified or accidentally deleted.

For people like you, me and anyone named Dexter (not Dupree!) the  fun only begins when the default rules are skipped. People like you and me want more control on how the phone’s operating system or firmware behaves and stuff like whether or not we can dictate which background applications and processes should run, what version of applications can be installed yada yada yada!

There are several freeware and regular paid mobile software that are out there for functions that let us control functions such as browsing deep into our phone’s content, moving files around etc. Today we will take a look and feature the best ones of such mobile phone explorers that are out there for the taking!

Featured File Explorers

Featured File Explorers

Lonely Cat Games X-Plore:

Lonely Cat Games X-Plore (popularly known as LCG X-Plore or just Xplore) is not a stranger in this file browsing category of mobile apps. In fact LCG X-Plore is the most successful file explorer to date for any 3rd edition symbian OS smartphones.

LCG X-Plore brings a bunch of important utility based functions to the smartphones that was otherwise absent to the average Nokia user. LCG X-Plore has a nice GUI which makes it even more appealing to users and the font it carries to display the contents of a drive are nicely adopted towards the smartphones making everything easy to read and execute.

LCG X-Plore

LCG X-Plore

Features of LCG X-Plore:

  1. Excellent tree based view of all the contents of the phone’s memory and memory card.
  2. High performance browsing engine lets you browse your phone smoothly, including files in compressed archives.
  3. On the fly modification of file properties or attributes including the modification of the file’s name.
  4. Let’s you create and save any new blank file and folder anywhere within the drives.
  5. Comes with an integrated image viewer,  audio player, video player to make things easy for you.
  6. Clear differentiation between each of the drives, protected ROM files or core system files being automatically restricted etc.
  7. Easy to use functions such as copy, cut (move), delete, paste etc. for both the files and folders.
  8. Instant two click commands “like Send to Bluetooth or Infrared” are very nicely integrated.
  9. Instant extraction, execution and archiving features for any compressed zipped (also .RAR and .JAR files) or unzipped item.
  10. Integrated back-end browsing for the entire “Messaging” menu including the files in the Inbox.
  11. Loaded with “Two click functions” like displaying your phone’s hardware details, rebooting the phone etc.
  12. Comes with a built in Hex Editor, Word and Text Document viewer and editor.
  13. Comes with a powerful task manager and system process viewer, which lets you kill or start any process easily.
  14. Comes with multiple GUI colors and skins, highly customizable.


Updated – 2nd January 2011

You can download LCG X-Plore after subscribing to the RSS feed, subscription is free!

Download X-Plore

Download X-Plore 1.34


Download X-Plore 1.51

Download X-Plore 1.51

FExplorer Pro (FEP):

Another similar and equally fantastic file explorer is the Pro version of the FExplorer called FExplorer Pro or FEP in short. This pro version is also compatible with 5th edition and 3rd edition symbian os phones.

Features of FExplorer Pro Version 2:

FExplorer Pro let’s you:

  1. Search individual files and folders that are located on the memory card or phone memory.
  2. Take screenshot of the phone’s display screen easily and save it in multiple formats.
  3. The new version also offers the much awaited tab interface for managing views.
  4. Use the phone’s backlight as a Torch.
  5. Comes with a built in bluetooth and infrared manager.
  6. Create, Rename, Copy, Paste, Cut a single file or folder. Batch Copy, Paste, Cut functions are also available.
  7. Change the authority attributes of any file or folder inside the phone.
  8. View all the system files and hidden folders with descriptive information.
  9. View images, videos, slides without the need of any external app.
  10. Listen to songs, clips, ringtones etc. without the need of any external app.
  11. You can restart the phone with just two clicks from FExplorer 2 menu screen.
  12. Dump, Compress and Optimize system RAM or device memory.
  13. Compress, Extract and browse Zip formatted archived files without the need of external apps.
  14. View phone’s info, hardware details and network info of your service provider.

There are many other functions that FExplorer Pro let’s you do which I am not mentioning here. I hope that you will find them out yourself and let us know about your experiences with FEP.

FExplorer Pro

FExplorer Pro


Download FExplorer Pro 2 Beta

Download FExplorer Pro 2 Beta

Final Version of SBSH File Explorer Pro 2.0:

SBSH File Explorer Pro 2 Final Version

SBSH File Explorer Pro 2 Final Version



Close Competitors:

There are several other Nokia File explorers that are closely following behind X-Plore and they must be mentioned for the better:

Active File: Active File Explorer is a free file explorer for 3rd edition devices which has almost all the basic functions you can expect from a standard file manager like Cut, Copy, Pasting files and Folders. One of the most unique features of Active File is the multiple “Tab styled” tree view menu which makes browsing through folders and  bulk copy paste functions a breeze!

Y-Browser: Y-Browser is a dedicated free Nokia S60 file manager which brings almost all the functionality of X-Plore except the built in audio and video player. The default application Y-Browser comes with the basic functions and features, however, advanced functions such as sending file over Bluetooth or Infrared, Inbox Menu Browsing etc can be achieved if you install the plugins I have provided.

FExplorer: One of the most used apps of all time has got to be the standard version of the amazing file explorer FExplorer Pro 2.0. The standard version is equally great and is created by GoSymbian for Nokia Series 60 samrtphones. It includes nearly all the functions of LCG X-Plore except the multiple UI Style changes. This version of the app will never expire and should work smoothly on any device of Nokia.

SysExplorer: One of the earliest mobile file explorer for 3rd edition phones of S60 Nokia devices. Lightweight and brings all the basic functions of a file explorer and should be preferred by anyone who lacks phone memory or memory card space.

All the files above including the 4 file managers above and the LCG X-Plore Nokia mobile application is compatible with Nokia N-Series and E-Series based devices including N95 8gb, N91, E72, N92, N82, N85, E61, E62, E63, E65, N86, N73, N75, N76, N77, E66, E70, N93, N95, N96, N79, N80, N81, N97 Mini, N71, E50, E51, N97, N78, E60, E55, E71, E90, 6120, 5700 XpressMusic, 5800 XpressMusic Touch UI, 3250, 6290, 3120, 6220 etc.

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