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Posted November 21, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

Yes that’s right! Today we are featuring two of the most used Nokia call managers and call recording apps of recent times called Killer Mobile Total Recall and Killer Mobile Blackballer for Nokia symbian smartphones and touchscreen based PDA devices. Killer Mobile Total Recall is the best selling symbian app that also is one of the very first mobile application that offered an extensive list of features so that you have complete call recording controls regardless of your GSM or CDMA network provider. Killer Mobile Blackballer is a popular call management application which gives you total control over how you handle your incoming and outgoing voice calls and SMS/MMS messages.

The updated versions of Killer Mobile Total Recall and Killer Mobile Blackballer supports the latest touchscreen devices such as the symbian 5th edition based Nokia N97, 5320, X6, 5800 XpressMusic and 5530 XpressMusic. Additionally Nokia S60V3 3rd edition handsets such as E71, N96 8gb, N81, E66, E63 and N82 are also supported!

Features of Killer Mobile Total Recall:

This version of Killer Mobile Total Recall offers the option to supress or mute the “beep” during the recording. This ensures complete beepless call recording from your mobile phones without the other party hearing about it.

Killer Mobile Total Recall records call in AMR and WAV format which you have the flexibility to choose. Recording in AMR format is recommended by me as it does the job in an efficient way without taking up memory space and without hampering the quality of the recordings or voice clips significantly. You can save the clips on your memory card or stick or choose to store them on the internal phone memory.

Once recorded, there is an option to send the recorded clips automatically or manually to another contact. You can choose to the clips with the help of MMS, Mobile internet or HTTP and via email.

Automatic naming and tagging of recorded clips are maintained within the app which ensures that you do not lose a specific clip among thousands of others. You can sort and view clips by name of contacts or time, by size of the recording or within a specific time period.

Ability to use Total Recall as a complete and full featured Dictaphone is also one of the highlight of this amazing app. You can manually customize a combination of key presses or simply assign a hot key to launch Total Recall in Dictaphone mode when you are idle.

It is easy to install and set up for full featured usage, Killer Mobile Total Recall offers a simple yet powerful GUI for managing your recordings. This application is a must have for any regular user who wants to keep records of promises made and received.

Killer Mobile Total Recall

Killer Mobile Total Recall


Download Killer Mobile Total Recall

Features of Killer Mobile Blackballer:

Blackballer by Killer Mobile is another utility application for mobile phones that are powered by the Symbian OS platform. It lets you get rid of spam calls and incoming SMS automatically without the assistance from your mobile network provider. It is also known as the fastest call rejection app made for mobile to date!

It has a built in auto reply SMS engine which can also be used as your mobile secretary so to speak.You can configure Killer Mobile Blackballer to automatically send different auto reply SMS to different contacts or group of contacts when you reject their calls.

This mobile app is powered by a lightweight incoming call sensor known as the Smart Reject Sensor. The Smart Reject Sensor of Killer Mobile Blackballer lets you reject incoming calls proactively without the need of the whole app to wake up in the background, thus reducing chances of an application crash!! It also pops up a screen momentarily asking whether you want to block it or let it ring away.

Call Rejection or Auto Reply set up is done by managing contacts with different number of lists. The maximum number of lists you can create is unlimited and is easy to manage.

Blackballer runs in the background automatically once you completely activate it. The app is not a resource hog and can run flawlessly even when you have 4 or 5 other applications running in the background or foreground.

Killer Mobile Blackballer

Killer Mobile Blackballer


Download Killer Mobile Blackballer

Both Killer Mobile Total Recall and Killer Mobile Blackballer are compatible with Nokia N-Series, E-Series and X-Series smartphones. XpressMusic versions like the 5700, 5500, 5230, 5530 smartphones are als0 supposed to work with these mobile apps.

Nokia N97, N97 Mini, X3 and X6, 6120, 6290, 3250, N91, N92, N93, N95, N96, N95 8gb, N82, N81, N80, N85, N86, N79, N75, N76, N77, N78, N73, N71, E50, E75, E51, E70, E71, E63, E65, E66, E90, E72, E62, E61 etc should be able to install this mobile application without any issue whatsoever. Still, after the installation is over please restart your phone! I have also included the user guides of Killer Mobile Blackballer and Killer Mobile Total Recall in the downloads so for detailed usage instructions check out the PDF user guides.

Lastly, please do subscribe to the RSS feed of my blog as it keeps me motivated to feature these apps to you free! Subscription is free and keeps you updated as always!

You can check out other similar call recorder and call management applications in the post about the best call managers for Symbian. Also, check out SymbianOn Private Call and SMS Manager or Psiloc Xelnex Lite which serves the similar purpose to that of Blackballer and Total Recall. If you are a security freak like me then you can also try VoxTrack Personal for call recording and Guardian Mobile Platinum edition for identity protection.

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  1. Vikas


    Please send me the reg. code for Total recall 4.02. Trial period is over and now i cannot use it without Registration code. Please send me at IMEI no. is 352922020717863. I am using nokia (6220-classic)



  2. Vikas


    Please send me the reg. code for Total recall 4.02. Trial period is over and now i cannot use it without Registration code. Please send me at IMEI no. is 352922020717863



  3. Vikas


    Please send me the reg. code for Total recall 4.02. Trial period is over and now i cannot use it without Registration code. Please send me at

  4. creta

    please send me the reg code for total recall .(nokia e63)my imei is 35686020916349.thanks..

  5. Umar

    Plz send me total recall reg key on ny my email id

  6. HN

    please send me the reg.code of Blackballer pro 3.20.1. My imei is 354193029977035. thanks

  7. Vikas jakhar

    Plz send me reg.code of total recall of 5.05 my nokia n97 mini seriel no is 351979048640551
    my email=

  8. Vikas jakhar

    Plz send me reg.code of total recall of 5.05 my nokia n97 mini seriel no is 351979048640551

  9. Vikas jakhar

    Plz send me reg.code of total recall of 5.05 my seriel no is 351979048640551

  10. tararam

    please send registration key of blackballer

  11. Suraj

    pls send me the registration code for nokia 701
    on this e-mail ID
    help me

  12. AbdullatheefAkv

    pleas send me the registretion mobile E72.IMEI 357895046329431.My e-mail

  13. Mr Linh

    please for me reg.code blackballer for nokia c7-00. thank’s!

  14. Eren

    pls send me reg code 359056040046236

  15. militaru

    please send me the registration code Nokia E5 IMEI 358631040063646. My e-mail

  16. please send me the registration code Nokia N95 IMEI 352255018441638. My e-mail

  17. diganta

    i download zip.file of Killer Mobile – Total Recall for my n72. but when i extract file and send to my mobilr through bluetooth is shown

  18. rituraj upadhyay

    plz send registration code of blackballer & TOTAL RECALL for nokia n95 my mail id is

  19. kamel

    kindly send me the code for blackballer plz plz

  20. Unable to install a protected application from an untrusted supplier

  21. erfad

    “unable to install protected application from untrusted supplier”

    i vant install it…
    plz help me

  22. naveen

    kindly send me the code for blackballer

    plz plz send it soon

  23. Adee

    Some One plzzz send me the registration code of “TOTAL RECALL” on my following e-mail.

    love_adee at the rate of

    Best Regards πŸ™‚

  24. guru

    plz send in registration code of blackballer for nokia N81 04445 04421 is not working so send in correct code

  25. Meghana

    The registration code 04445 or 04421 is not working.Can anybody tell me other code???

  26. Hillary

    I have problems with AMR files. The files sound weird, like the sound of a skipping cd player. You can hear the tone of voice but the words are not descernable. Dores anyone knoe how to prevent this and AND MOST IMPORTANTLY – FIX THE FILES THAT HAVE THIS PROBLEM?

  27. Deepak


    This app is not compatible with the Nokia X3 phone. It does not support .sis files. πŸ™ Does anyone know a call recorder that runs on the X3?? It needs a jar file since it only runs Java apps.

  28. iddles10

    I paid for the full version of this and another peice of software from the same company (TotalRecall). Unfortunately I’ve had to contact their customer services continuously to try to get the software(s) to work. Neither of them do, and I’ve tried on two different handsets They don’t do what they are supposed to, which is automatically block unwanted calls. They work, then they stop working. You have to wait a day to get a basic email back from them listing some excuses which do not solve any problems. They refuse to refund, probably as they are in Canada and don’t feel that they need to. Waste of money.

  29. hey i’ve total recall 4.02 but i’ve not it’s reg code may u tell me that plz…………………

  30. sofia

    hey its saying certificate error in my phne 5800 xpress music

  31. rahul

    i need registration key, can u pls send me

  32. vijay cherukuri

    it is saying the file has been corrupted myne is a n72 mobile.can u please help me.plz

  33. saif

    i need registration key, can u pls send me

  34. Dinesh

    Hello Ishtiaq (Author)
    Iam a huge fan of your site and always trust on the stuff i download from your website..Recently i downloaded “killer-mobile-total-recall v4.05” and iam facing some problem with it..In its settings iam unable to set “memory card” in the “save in” option..becoz in “save in” option iam only getting 2 options – one is “phone memory” and the other one is “phone gallery” ..there is no memory card options..please check and tell me that whether this is a fault in the software or there is some kind of fault in my phone..Iam using NOKIA N73 ME..
    Please tell me as i always trust your latest stuffs and this is the first time iam facing such problem with your software..
    Waiting for a quick reply from u..
    With regards

    • Thanks a lot for the feedback bro and I am honored to have you as a fan! πŸ™‚

      About, the issue – Hmmm that is weird I tell ya. I haven’t heard that kind of issue on any other devices. Did you install it on the phone memory or on your card? Install it on the memory card if you haven’t done so already. Also, since you are using a Music Edition it is likely (not 100% sure as it differs from phone to phone) that you will be able to set up “gallery” to use memory card as the default storage. Is there any option like that on the ME?

      Lastly, if all else fails then I will recommend you to use Private Call and SMS Guard, Xelnex or Ultimate Portable Call Recorder or check out the post I made about 11 useful Call Managers for Nokia as they will surely work as you want them to πŸ™‚

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