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Posted June 8, 2009 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

There are many mobile security and antivirus tools out there for your Nokia Symbian mobile, but which one to choose among all these gibberish? Well the answer is simple yet twisted. If you browse a lot from your Nokia N95  smartphone and you cannot live without the 3G mobile internet and then again you share the same phone  to manage all your mobile financial and personal transactions/information then it is quite mandatory for you to safeguard it properly.

Most of the Nokia antivirus solutions or mobile security apps that are available out there in the market has a common problem, they are not your “all in one solution”. You usually have to end up installing 2 or at times 3 separate applications to safeguard information, filter important information and also to block intrusion attempts to your bluetooth discoverable smartphone. This hampers phone boot up time, consumes much more memory and also makes everything so much complicated!

Well, no more!

With Kaspersky Mobile Security installed on your S60 N-Series or E-Series smartphones device you will be able to finally have your peace of mind with a complete 360 degrees solution which can take care of all your privacy, security and virus issues.

Kaspersky Mobile Security for Nokia can restrict access to predefined contents if your handset is stolen or when the bluetooth is on, encrypt important information like credit card and account numbers on the phone, protect you with its mobile firewall from automated and manual mobile hijacking, intrusions, theft, attempts. It can also track down your handset automatically in case your phone is stolen by tracking the handset through co-ordinates based on your device’s GPS location.

This is a must have mobile antivirus application for your 3rd edition and 5th edition Nokia S60 phones regardless of how novice or expert a user you are simply because in today’s world  of mobility, almost everything can transact through the phone and not having a security measure simply can mean a disaster to your life!

Some of the awesome  features of Kaspersky Mobile Security:

Remote SMS Content Control: Remotely lock access, or simply encrypyt, or delete important contents like Contacts, Account Numbers, MMS, SMS etc. automatically in case your phone is surely stolen. Simply send a SMS with a preset secret code to your own stolen Nokia and voila! everything will be locked with a secret key and the evil can do no harm ;).

Remote GPS Location Finder: Not sure if your phone is stolen or if you left it at home on the table? Simply send a SMS with a secret pre determined key and Kaspersky will do its magic by sending you the detailed GPS maps through Google Maps. This will enable you to check the exact location of the phone no matter where it is! If you left it at home then you can check the Google Maps to see if the actual phone location is near about in your house or phone.

Silent Alert for Unauthorized SIM Change: Do you always use the same phone number on your smartphone? If you do then chances are that you use the same SIM card over and over again. One of the most common action of any thief/hijacker is that they instantly change and ditch your SIM cards so that you cannot trace them through the telecom provider.

Kaspersky Mobile Security for Nokia can let you know of any new number and SIM card details the moment someone changes or tries to run a different SIM card from your phone, (in stealth mode without the thief knowing!!)

True Information Encryption: Kaspersky Mobile Security can be set to safeguard a specific folder (s) or file (s) to be encrypted completely so that no one can access it without a valid password from the mobile phone or the PC!

A Complete Call and SMS Manager: Yes! Kaspersky Mobile Security can safeguard you from all kind of spam calls through its WhiteList and Blacklist Mode. You can choose to receive and make SMS and calls from everyone, whitelist and no one (blacklist). To find out how exactly a call manager works and which applications have even more sophisticated features please check out the 11 Top Call and SMS Manager Post that I published a few weeks back.

Spam Word Detections: With Kaspersky Mobile Security you will be able to mark specific words or part of words as blacklisted or Spam words. For example, if you blacklist the word “ever”, all incoming SMS will be automatically scanned. Any SMS (or file) which contains a word which partially or fully matches with a word you have marked as spam will be automatically deleted (or any other action you prefer).

Advanced Parental Controls: Don’t want your child to call a specific number or a specific contact or even make any outgoing calls? With Kaspersky Mobile Security you can safeguard your child from outgoing calls/SMS to any specific or all numbers which can be furthermore protected through password features.

Top Notch Antivirus Management: As expected, Kaspersky will safeguard you of almost all known virus autmatically by preventing them to access your mobile phone. This Nokia virus scanner can also trace and delete any existing virus from your mobile phone and memory card. It offers on demand and live virus signature database updates which you can run straight from your phone!

Kaspersky Mobile

Kaspersky Mobile

Kaspersky Antivirus for 3rd edition n 5th edition

Kaspersky Antivirus for 3rd edition n 5th edition

All in all Kaspersky Mobile Security and Anti Virus is most certainly the most comprehensive security suite that you just have to have on your smartphones to better safeguard yourself and your spanking new Nokia from all kind of “security issues” regardless your location or country. Whether you use your phone for business or only use it to browse your Facebook account, without Kaspersky your important information are not safe!

I mean, think about it: The latest version of the Kaspersky Mobile Security Suite can save you from mobile virus, known petty thieves while also safeguarding your incoming and outgoing calls (and SMS) by filtering  them. It even lets you apply Parental Controls!

This Nokia application will work with any GSM Series 60 phones from Nokia that are either bundled by your telecom operator like Verizon Wireless, Orange Mobile, AT&T Wireless, Hutchison, O2, Vodaphone (inc. Vodaphone UK), T-Mobile etc. or even if your mobile is unlocked just like mine is. The automatic virus database update should work on all mobile internet technologies including the advanced 3G internet services, EDGE and GPRS.

Updated: October 7th, 2009:

I have updated the post with the latest version of the Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.051 which should also work with any Nokia OS 9.4 and 9.5 devices beside the regular Symbian OS 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 devices of Nokia. Please read the attached ‘Read Me’ file that I have included in the new version of the download below as it contains the detailed instructions of how to install the unsigned installer successfully in case you are not a pro.

Download Kaspersky Mobile Security for Symbian

Download Kaspersky Mobile Security for Symbian

Kaspersky Antivirus for Nokia is compatible with a wide range of S60 handsets including the 9.1/9.3/9.5 Series S60 OS devices of N-Series and E-Series 3rd and 5th edition operating systems. In other words Nokia N95, N95 NAM versions, N95 8gb, the brand new Nokia N97, N96, N93, N82, N81, N80, N85, N79, N78, N77, N76, N75, N73, N73 Music Edition, N71, N6600, 6120, 6290, N91, N92, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E71, E90, E66, E70, 5800 Touch UI Xpress Music, 5700, 5610, 5230, 5200 and others etc.

Before you download please do subscribe to the RSS feed. Subscription is free and it motivates me to post regular updates 🙂 Make sure you read the tutorial inside t he archive before you install as it will help you take advantage of the advanced features completely.

Also, feel free to check out similar antivirus applications for your mobile or check out the last post I made about Kaspersky’s previous version. Cheers!

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    • hey u can get the KMS 9 from Faxtel Systems (I) Pvt Ltd.we became the National Distributor of KMS 9 in india.
      Prakash Kushwaha
      Contact No.8010482321

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    • It is not dangerous at all, you should get yourself a better antivirus software if you are using AVG.

      The file contained in the first download above contains the file through which you can sign any unsigned applications using a self signed server.

      What gain will I ever have to mislead you to something “dangerous” bro? Only when you are satisfied, I am successful and that certainly cannot be achieved by being “dangerous” to any of my visitors.

      Anyway, I have updated the installer with the new version of the file today and included only the actual Kaspersky installation, the license file and the detailed instructions on how to install and self sign the antivirus in a way you feel comfortable.

      Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope you will realize the facts straight. Cheers!

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  71. Thanks for letting me know everyone! I have fixed it completely right now and I hope to see some happy faces from you guys 🙂



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    • Are you serious? I have fixed the link as requested and pointed out in a comment earlier. The previous download was broken because I got disconnected when I was uploading the file on the server. It seems that you are most surely not interested to be actually thankful to anyone including me for whatever you ever receive free, I respect everyone’s opinion regardless of how negative or positive they are and I hope you do the same.

      Just don’t take advantage of it and spam the blog. Respect others, their effort and their right to have the content free. As for the installserver file, I really have no clue why you are being irrelevant without it. There is no issue with it whatsoever, be logical.
      Like I said, I have fixed the download link above, go ahead and try it if you have some bandwidth left. Make friends, do not lose em man! Best of luck!

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