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Posted October 26, 2008 by Chaos Inc. in Mobile Applications

After the official launch on Apple’s most popular product the Apple iPhone last year on the 9th of January 2007 just after the new Mac OS, a whole new market for this particular smartphone was born. That market have grown significantly over the last year and is still growing by the minute with the second version of the smartphone, iPhone 3G. Apple always focus on performance and features more than anything else and the best examples can be the iPod, the MacBook and of course the iPhone. Where is Nokia amidst all this? Why am I all of a sudden going from a Nokiaholic to an Apple geek?

Because today what I am about to publish has something to do with both of the iPhone and Nokia. After you read this post, download and install this mobile application on your Nokia symbian phones, you will not only feel that iPhone actually have a nice interface but if Nokia adopted a similar pattern with its symbian OS platform, it would have quite fantastic to say the very least. Don’t get me wrong, I will pick a Nokia N-Series or E-Series S60 smartphone any day of the week over an iPhone, but I do admit that the regular menu of iPhone is quite beautiful than the default symbian GUI, plus I love the Apple Mac!! Overall in terms of compatibility, user friendliness and the flexibility of the symbian operating system on any smartphones, Symbian wins hands down over iPhone.

s60 iphone style

The main appeal of the iPhone (beside the music) is its touch screen sensitivity and the ability of it to serve external interfaces as applications. There are WordPress (the platform I am using for this blog, I love wordpress btw on a totally different note) plugins dedicated for the iPhone mainly because in the states most people are using iPhone over the Symbian. Sad really because Nokia phones are still the number one deal maker and breaker in the industry and WordPress should have had something for focused to the rest of the world users who actually uses something else and certainly not iPhone. Anyway, back to the topic and what I am about to publish today will convert your default Nokia symbian menu and settings (not the core settings) to that of the Apple iPhone, thus giving you the looks of the iPhone while letting you use the much better Symbian OS. It is called Symbian Plus and it will “flip and swooop” your default Nokia interface!

N95 iphone nokia

When you install this application and restart your smartphone, you will see that the entire screen has changed quite significantly. When you enter the menu you will be presented with the fabulous little iPhone navigation bar with the animated zooming icon menu through which you can access various applications and commands directly. The animation menu depends entirely on your current symbian os edition of course. You also get the 3D sliding effect that you can see in the iPhone 3G version, it is not perfect but it is quite satisfactory considering that this is the very first version of this creative mobile application. There is another similar application in the mobile software and applications market, which I already published in the past, called iPhone style Launcher or iLauncher for Symbian S60 cell phones and handhelds. But Symbian plus is surely more powerful and intuitive than that one.


Symbian Plus also has one nifty thing which I mentioned earlier, the navigation dock bar that actually was Apple’s Mac thing and later ported to the iPhone. You can opt to have a total of seven different applications or functions there each dedicated to something different. By default Symbian Plus assigns the first icon to be settings, the second to be the mobile gaming dedicated pad. The third is assigned for going back to phone and the rest are the internet browser, music, help and refresh buttons respectively. This mobile application also lets you experience the Mobile 2.0 interface with the help of its pop up menu screens. It is really hard to describe it, but once you install it you will know what I meant lol.

nokia dock menu

Anyway, this symbian mobile application is compatible with a wide variety of Symbian 3rd edition phones including N71, N75, N73, N76, N77, N78, N79, N81, N82, N85, N91, N92, N93, N95, N95 8gb, N96, E50, E51, E65, E71, E66, 5320, 5700, 5800, 6210, 6120, 6121, 6122, 6290, 6500, 8600 Luna and Arte. All major GSM networks are supported like the Orange Mobile UK, 3G Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Cingular, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone, Optimus, Telenor, TeliaSonera, Telstra etc.

Some flicks of Symbian Plus, iPhone on Symbian:

symbianplussymbian plus

symbian plus nokiai Phone Nokia

i-phone nokiaNokia SymbianPlus

S60 Iphonenokia smartphones to iphone

iphone nokian series e series


Nokia iPhone Theme

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  1. abhishank

    series60 product id is missing??????

  2. MrJuan

    When I install Certficate Error appears

  3. BT

    Nice Application…



  5. Cool

    Nice! Cool UI of iPhone combined with Symbian security! Best of both worlds! The real iPhone is such a toy, that everyone worried about security should stay away from it. Unfortunately, people just do not care about security.

  6. Frankdfreak

    The app didnt work on e71 saying *app error invalid certificate contact supplier* tried installing with pc suite same thing… Second app dats not working from this site = i think u shud stop zipping this filles HELP!!!

  7. adatech

    i don’t think that its working
    try someting else bro

  8. zackie

    Nice programs..
    But how to install this programs coz the file downloader on ziper file,
    i won tutorial for installer to my phone..
    Please tell me how can i do.

  9. is compatible with N85? because I want to install it says it is not compatible, I FRME with certificates and I keep saying the same thing. please help

  10. wonderful , nice and beutifule themes that can attract everyone but i am not sure if their download is free or not .

  11. arif

    nokia 5320 xpressmusic can use it or not???

  12. Dwnnis

    looks like agud app i have 5800 and after installation and reboot nuthing changes when i goto apps i find symbian plus app i open it but i get error message saying unable to open
    feature not supported!
    then it closes please help>>

  13. Samadhan Suryawanshi

    Hellow! First I will thank u much more,
    very nice, easy, interesting, magic softwares are here,
    if u installed them with care u will able to take nice advantage of them.,
    I will recommend one nice Software for Nokia E66 holders
    That is IT-Systems-Daddys-Eye-2 & WE66 Front Camera
    Best Theme is –

  14. Bod1212


    Downloaded this and my 5800xm just says ‘unable to open, file not supported’ when i try and open it in downloads?

  15. hey i cant install this application on my nokia n95
    installer says contact the suppliart

  16. abdliuae

    you said the application is compatible with E71 BUT:

    when i installing the sis file in it, a

    • kostilus

      Hello, this app is not compatible with 320×240 screen (71 T-T).

      so it’s the best desktop app i’ve never seen

      For my e71 i’ve try
      Vhome : good but unlock pad with twice end key is very bad
      Gdesk : very good but skins don’t work with e71 T-T

      I search again and again an app like Sym+ with rotate desktops but idon’t find ……….


  17. basit

    hi mob guru i admit it
    your site is the best site
    that i ever surf surf daily 8 to 10 site daily of mobile it is the best till now

    i have a probl my e66 nokia give me a certificate problem so please give me a solution other then the usual site do


  18. Anup

    hello chaseryan ,,,,,,, if you have a s60v3 mobile ,,,,,,, then you’ve got to hack it…….otherwise most of the softwares and games found on the sites won’t work. ,,,,,,,, browse on the google for hacking s60v3 mobiles

  19. keywo

    chaseryan. Have you changed your installation settings to ‘allow all’? Go to settings, applications, App. Manager. In here, change ‘software installation’ to ‘all’. Simple! Happy Installation!

  20. otikpoko

    Dude i doff my heart for you.Your site is really awesome!
    I have successfully installed the symbian plus but i cant change the background theme.Please kindly tell me how to change my background theme on symbian plus.

  21. archimonde92

    I having some problem with installing it in my N73 and 6120 classic…
    Someone plz help me… how to install it??? can someone teach me??? someone else plz give me the instruction to install it???

    Plus, when i installing the sis file in it, a ” unable to install a protected file from an untrusted supplier” is shown and the installation is cancel automatically…

  22. chaseryan

    So i don’t understand this website. Call me a nube to symbian, but i have yet to successfully download any kind onf symbian operating system. I have the same problem as the others listed here. When i attempt to download i get an error message- certificate error :S and the download is canceled. I see that others are having the same problem but no one is offering help or directions to alternatives. I hope someone operating this site will provide some assistance.

  23. Repogs

    Pls give me some more details on how to install the sp.what about the 2 zip files?where do we put the files?

  24. XxxxxxxX

    that happens ‘cuz it is not a .sisx file in order to do that you need the s6o3rdsigner……

  25. raouf

    please help! It gives me a certificate error when i try to install the sis file! Who can i instal thing without my pc?

  26. works great on my nokia e51

  27. Milesh

    i phone on nokia symbian in installation giving certificate error in nokia n73

  28. zaibi

    i m having the same certificate error problem
    plzzzzzzzzzz help?

  29. Hrx

    I have a little problem while installing this applications….at the beginning of instalation an error pops out and it says certificate error :S
    can someone please help me 😉

  30. Henry

    Hi..i installed this sis to my tube nokia 5800..it said symbian plus featured not support, can u help me…i like iphone feature..

    and btw..what is MBM wizard and MBM tools use for ? ..

  31. When i installed this on my mobile, i got an Certificate error. Can any one help me…

  32. ok, It is very good for everybody to take. thank very much.

  33. BCN954LIFE

    When downloaded straight to the phone from your site the extracted .SIS file will not run for reasons above. Set the date right back to 2004 and still no love. When downloaded to the PC the zipped files are corrupt/missing huh? Not sure which way i should be downloading etc but neither is no good. Little help??

  34. mariara

    on my nokia 5320 says error , please help me i want to install it on my phone 😀 thanks

  35. It is very great. Thanks

  36. panaff

    Is it works on nokia 5800 express musik?

  37. julio hernandez

    hola como estan este es un super aporte es muy funcional y divertido para cambiar el aspecto de nuestros s60 pero como hago para cambiar de skin como los que se ven en la parte superior ehh y existe una version mas aVANZADA GRACIS POR TU ATENCION

  38. H

    I also have similar certificate error problem. I have read the tutorial pages and still no luck. Any other suggestions please? Thanx…

  39. vikas

    i phone on nokia symbion in instalation giving certificat error in nokia n73

  40. Mo7$eZ

    every time I try to install the application on my mobile (N73-ME) it gives me an error.
    how can I overcome that error ??

  41. thnak you very much for sending all these free applications. i tried many of the applications on my phone ( nokia e71 )but they didnt work !!!
    tnx again

  42. H.F

    i phone on nokia symbion in instalation giving certificat error in Nokia E66

  43. Kira

    i phone on nokia symbion in instalation giving certificat error in Nokia E66

  44. bb2688

    i phone on nokia symbion in instalation giving certificat error in Nokia E66

    pls reply me bb_zai@hotmail.com

  45. nasiru

    plz need help with installation cos it gives me cert. error

  46. siosos

    I’ve a certificate error on installing file .sis.
    On nokia N78.
    Any idea ?

  47. i phone on nokia symbion in instalation giving certificat error in Nokia E51

  48. varman

    hi friends this application is so cute but it does not work this app is errored.can enyone send the original app please thany you very much

    this is my email address varman.style@hotmail.fr

  49. ardi

    hii,, i have a sertivicate problem in this software,,
    any idea? please reply to my email

  50. CreativeNit

    Hi friend. I downloaded the file,but when opening it it says error,unexpected end of archive,the archive is either in unknown format or damage. I downloaded it 4 times…and got the same problem when opening it. Please help me as i really want this application…I already talked to my friends about it. Please help me. Thanks.

  51. Hi! How do I install this? Please email me the steps. thanks!

  52. certificate problem..can u help me? please..thx

  53. louienelle

    i also have the same problem.. What should i do?

  54. Liviu

    Hi, could you please help? CERTIFICATE ERROR……

  55. certificate problem . Can you help to pass this hurdle . It looks like so many persons have the same problem .


  56. anis ridzwan

    im also having certificate problems when i install. anyone can help?

  57. mata

    i have a certificate problem, when i install
    an idea ? please

  58. nkl

    cool stuff works really well!!!

  59. richmond

    Hi! How do I install this? Please email me the steps. thanks!

  60. not instalizing


  61. koc

    hey anyone pls find solution for this… i even changed the dates and installed.. its comin as same error

  62. Plaka

    Certificate error, why nice programs are not signed?? Can anybody post a signed version of this program?

  63. Shayan

    Hi there,
    I have installed iphone for symbian on E50 and it prompt me with certificate error.

    Plz help me out.


  64. deken

    Hi, I am using N81 8gb . It shows certificate error

  65. kittu

    Hi, it just won,t install on my N82, FW30.0.0.19!!
    any idea why ?

  66. wrk13s

    Hi everyone, i have the nokia 6220c and i am trying to install this application. i have made sure that my phone is set to allow all apps to be installed in app manager, and i have tried to revert the date on the phone but i continually get the error message Certificate error Please contact application supplier does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue, the phone is not branded at all.

  67. Gans

    Hi, I am using N73 ME. It shows certificate error…help me pls…i am same problem in psiloc connect….and one more thing can i get a activation code kaspersky mobile security 7.0 my trail period of that is over…need your reply as soon as possible …i hope a lot of our other friends also have the same query….

  68. RJ

    I have the E71 and would like to use this application. Please let me know if there is a Symbian Plus version for 320×240 phones? Also….

    … How do you resolve the Installation Error message?

  69. Sanjay

    HI, I m using N73 ME.. This is telling me “Certificate error. Contact the … ”

    What should i do ???????

    Plz help me…

  70. AAF

    1 – Add an App or Game to your folders
    2 – Delete an App or Game from your folders
    3 – Move an App or Game icon
    4 – Exit from the menu (i guess)
    5 – Duplicate an App or Game icon
    6 – Change the background
    7 – Change the view to Icon or List view

  71. @josh909 – Thanks a lot for the feedback bro!

    @Nayrb95 – And thanks a lot to you as well for helping out good man!! Really appreciate it.

    I myself hope that a stock english version will be out sooner than later. Let’s see what the tide brings us.

  72. Originally Posted By nayrb95Well.. I’m hoping that a better version of this is on the make. And please.. have it in English too next time.. =)

    yeah, i’ve played about with it but until a more polished and customisable version is released, i’m leaving it alone – great concept but at the end of the day it looks kind of like a menu you would find on a fake iPhone. lots of potential though.

  73. G-UNIT

    need in english :'( plzzz :((((((

  74. nayrb95

    Customize the icons? nope, sorry.. Though i’ve noticed that the icons, appear to be the same as what your currently applied theme shows. Well except for the java ones.. it gives you that particular orange icon, which i consider ugly.

    Well.. I’m hoping that a better version of this is on the make. And please.. have it in English too next time.. =)

  75. Bader40

    Another application that gives an certificate error!! any ideas on this one?

  76. 1: Mark – you need to hack your phone. Google it and you’ll see what i mean.

    2: Nayrb9 – thanks for the pointers. Do you know how to customise the icons? I’m guessing it has something to do with the MBM tool included in the download?

    Originally Posted By Nayrb95Ei josh909.. had this app for weeks now.. and i’d say the interface looks really cool. about the menu.. its not english.. and you can access it by doin a long press on the center key of the navi key. thru this u can organize the applications in the menu.
    4=i haven’t figure it out yet.. sorry
    6=theme (background)
    7=change menu view

  77. mark

    i install the application but when im in the midle of instalition theres an error coming up and saying up online cert. Error you must cont. The supplier how can i mange this problem.

  78. Nayrb95

    Ei josh909.. had this app for weeks now.. and i’d say the interface looks really cool. about the menu.. its not english.. and you can access it by doin a long press on the center key of the navi key. thru this u can organize the applications in the menu.
    4=i haven’t figure it out yet.. sorry
    6=theme (background)
    7=change menu view

  79. thanks for the post – i downloaded and installed though it did tell me it wasn’t compatible with my phone (N95)? anyway, i continued the installation and everything seems ok.

    quick question: in your screenshots above, the 3rd down on the left shows a menu (Chinese) that i’m assuming is for settings… how do i access this? maybe i’m missing something obvious? will this also allow me to customise the wallpaper/icons etc? i’m getting a mac-esque blue wallpaper at the moment…


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